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New RNG Box in Shop!


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This is actually something that really really pisses me off. I fell victim to the compelling rng boxes in vindictus many times and lost out, spent a ton of money for absolutely nothing. They did promise this and they did lie.


This is the first thing that has really made me lose respect for NCSOFT. I used to think they were the best free to play mmorpg company there was, I thought they did an amazing job with gw2. Gw2 had no cancer boxes, now blade and soul does. Now I can compare NCSOFT to Nexon. 


Please do not buy these boxes, I wish that NCSOFT would not put this cancer on their store. I was honestly happy that this game didn't do RNG boxes, but now they do. 

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For me I love costumes. 


I don't mind supporting a game by having subscription, I don't mind buying cosmetic items. 


However I dislike RNG based items for cash. If I wanted to gamble I can go to multiple casino's around my area.

NCsoft adding in a lottery box for anything so soon into BnS's gaming life is very disappointing as the only way to obtain an item. (It really reminds me of how PWE does with their games, and why I avoid that companies games no matter what now.)


BnS doesn't have a very friendly system as it goes for using costumes across multiple characters, as it is. (Which is fine.)

In addition BnS doesn't have a friendly way for non subscribers to store costumes. (Sure we can all deal with that.)


However the tipping point for me, is I would rather straight out buy a costume for money, then ever spend money gambling to get a costume. 


Now if NCSoft were to add a costume into their shop as BOTH a buy out right, and lottery option, then I wouldn't be nearly as disapointed. As it would give players a choice:

1. Buy the costume for 10-15.00 USD

2. Spend 1-2.00 USD on a lottery box and hope you "luck" out on getting the costume. 


That way players could choose, and the gaming company could make money off of either option, without the backlash of the RNG boxes. 

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I'm one of the RNG boxes buyer in NA Tera. Yes, I want to look special and not run in a party with 5 other characters wearing the same dress. But in Tera you have the CHOICE to be a big spender and really want a rare, dyable, tradeable costume from a RNG box or you just buy a price-fixed, non-RNG $10 smartbox with fixed colors costume from the cash shop.

This way I also have the choice to spend either real money or ingame gold. I could even convert real money into ingame gold and buy the costume for a (more or less) fixed ingame gold price. Not much RNG in this, because it's tradeable via auction house.


But this NCsoft RNG box... reminds me of EU Tera/Gameforge.



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1 hour ago, Sarumonin said:

As someone who is Rank 8 almost Rank 9 in Premium, I must say I am disappointed with this approach. I feel now that NCSoft has that new MOBA coming out, they aren't giving the game it's full attention and potential... I will continue to play for the community and because I love my members (Over 400 clan members) and I love the game in general, but this RNG system? I detest it. 


"Oh hey a costume, you can't get it anywhere else but let me tell you something though! If you spend 2 dollars you can get it, but here's the catch the drop rate is low! :D Now with that in mind you can keep trying, and you'll be able to get it, WHOO! *400 dollars later* Oh still didn't get it? I'm so sorry :( Try again it's fine, you'll get it next time, I promise!" - NCSoft


If this is the case now, I can only imagine how bad it's going to be with Sparkling Wings, Adornments, etc. It's 100% supporting gambling. It's getting as bad as TERA with it's RNG Box system..


I know I am only one voice, one opinion and one fan that can be disregarded. But here I am, hoping to the stars that RNG Boxes will be removed immediately. I would buy all the items in the box in the Cash Shop without any RNG BS. It sucks, but this is my own thoughts. I hope that the system is removed and we can just move forward with a fun game! :) 

New MOBA? First time am hearing this :o

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39 minutes ago, Vikayu said:

Well, they do not put gamechanging stuff in these boxes.

I would agree but it does not apply here.


This is like saying that small bump on your hand will not eventually grow into a tumor. 


Many-a-games have RNG boxes and many people do not exercise well-enough self control. Others do it for exclusivity. You can make a lot of money within a short span of time, why not? It's all simple business ABCs. If it sells well, more RNG boxes(including game-changing stuffs; refer to Nexon) will get released. If it fails, games are being produced left and right & it is not difficult to discard one and release another.


Edit: I might as well add, I hope NCSoft reconsiders the release of RNG boxes. Even if they keep it in, I do hope they consider removing all in-game items within i.e. keys, unsealing charms, stones blah blah blah and replace with item mall products. The current box is what I call "Pay to Win", subject to every individual perspective and definition of pay-to-win.

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Awww why NCSoft? I freaking trusted you! Dont do the same bull... Archeage under Trion did.

I freaking love this game...its amazing and I truly enjoy playing it and I also love the costumes. And I even spend my money on them because I honestly dont mind spending 20 EUR on a costume BUT I hate those RNG Boxes. I burned my fingers in Archeage on those RNG Boxes and to be honest, I wont spend a penny in the Shop if they dont freaking remove them.

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I have played games that went completely down hill when any sort of RNG boxes were implements, have it with cosmetics, consumables, tradeables and untradeables.
First of all where is the promised no NRG item shop stuff?

Second of all, how can NCSOFT blatantly advertise this game as 'Truly Free' , what kind of third grader type of scam do you think you are running here?
Get your sh*t together, asap.

Here I was trying to overlook the obvious and painful lack of customer service and support. The utter lack of improvement towards some really big issues that are affecting players in game experience and also some really snowbally stuff that is going on that will have severe repercussions a few months in. 
Guess we'll have to go with baby steps, so yeah, NO TO RNG BOXES!

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13 minutes ago, Unskilled banana said:

I don't see that box as p2w so who cares? It doesn't give you the better gear than others.


but it's RNG...jesus do u even know what RNG is ? it's one of the deadly things that breaks any MMO. I myself not gonna bother talk about one single chest but I have strong feeling that others will come in next updates which will be the end of this game,

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You get things like Moonwater Transformation Stone by spending money and not 5g (3g now) for 1, by this very simple fact is already basically "pay to win". Of course, every individual has their own definition of pay-to-win.


Not worth debating. Don't bother.

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It's useless to discuss, i gaved up even on my personal forum post, there are too many troll or child who have played probably only 2 online games and are too unexperienced to understand that it's the begin of the end, i do write it again by the way in cap lock




but i already see the dumb answer "i'll buy 50 of them" or "as long is not p2w i support the game" and they don't realize that are supporting the crash of the game

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