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    As a LBD myself i consider that this class has the most means of escape, whatever type of cc would be inflicted upon a LBD. About LBD`s ability to induce cc, it has a wide array of choices if you go down certain skill paths. LBD also has many iframe skills, skills that make you invulnerable whilst the skill animation is on-going, yet again you get this only if your go down certain skill paths. Sure the cooldown timers are really big considering other classes can spam a block, but very good timed skills on LBD can make you invulnerable or cc your enemy constantly. Edit: I must specify that i do not have alot of pvp experience ( not really into pvp as a play style), my review comes from tanking bosses which can be done really easily after a lot of practice and knowing your enemies animations to certain skills.
  2. Stupid maintenance time

    Every normal person... I work night shits and i just home from work, this is the only time i can play ^^ Every company hosting a game has scheduled downtime/ maintenance during less populated server hours, server location night time... going to correct myself, every company that actually respects their community.
  3. New RNG Box in Shop!

    I have played games that went completely down hill when any sort of RNG boxes were implements, have it with cosmetics, consumables, tradeables and untradeables. First of all where is the promised no NRG item shop stuff? Second of all, how can NCSOFT blatantly advertise this game as 'Truly Free' , what kind of third grader type of scam do you think you are running here? Get your sh*t together, asap. Here I was trying to overlook the obvious and painful lack of customer service and support. The utter lack of improvement towards some really big issues that are affecting players in game experience and also some really snowbally stuff that is going on that will have severe repercussions a few months in. Guess we'll have to go with baby steps, so yeah, NO TO RNG BOXES!
  4. I must admit that I am totally in love with this game, it actually got me hooked like no other in the past few years. No matter the praises that i bring to the game, I cannot turn a blind eye to a few features that are missing and are really starting to affect my experience in game quite a bit. For future reference, I am playing on EU -Wild Springs server, member of the Cerulean faction. 1. While this in dungeon bidding system is truly unique and as a concept really fair and self sufficient, it is abused too much.. way too much. From people changing loot restrictions right before bosses die, to people that wait until the very last second to increase the bid by 1 copper, to people that increase the bid price on cheap items to insane amounts and leave the dungeon so that the people spamming the bid button get ripped off. 2. Bots/ gold sellers. While i understand the plague that bots and gold sellers represent, and I fully appreciate the efforts put into resolving this issue and also not minding blocking every single one of them and then cleaning up my block list the following day. I must confess that I am starting to notice new severe issues that they cause, for example: - Bots being active on the marketplace/auction house. Whenever i want to sell and item which is of considerable value, and i post it at a price that is just a bit lower than the average for the last hours, it always gets bought instantly and at certain time interval between actually posting and the item being bought. All of this makes me think that bots are actually abusing the system and shuffling through the market for certain items that are undervalued for their worth and insta-buying them. - Gold spammers that spam faction chat. Although annoying, they are really easy to deal with, block->report-> next day release from F4. I am more concerned about the gold sellers that actually make it to the point at which they join a faction to spam the faction chat, this implies that in the current state they can only join the Cerulean faction (since Crimson is full), and personally I am starting to feel the ripples of this effect more and more while in Misty woods being constantly jumped on by countless Crimsons on all the channels available during really late hours of the day ( 2am to 6am). Whilst this whole issue can be viewed as just a bad experience in one night, let me assure you that I have experienced this every night for the past week, during weekdays and also during the weekend. Crimsons are full, and Ceruleans are full of bots, which alters the balance even more. 3. I would really like to be able to see who it is that I am buying an item from the marketplace, it feels really strange seeing 5 pages of 1 moonwater transformation stone at the exact same price that could potentially be sold by some character named: fhgshgdjgs. 4. It would really be helpful if a Clan Log sort of feature existed, meaning that members of a clan could actually see who contributed with what, when, and how much. 5. We need to be able to kick other players from a party, a simple vote to kick from party system would do, its very frustrating dealing with afk`ers in dungeons almost every time. Anyone having the patience to read this wall of text please provide your insight and your constructive criticism. I want to be proven wrong as some issues listed above have me a bit worried about how the game will further develop.

    Complaining about not getting a 6? The hell is wrong with kids these days
  6. This game needs to come to Xbox one!!!!

    pc master race
  7. Die 20 times doing Blackwyrm

    Exact same thing happened to me yesterday, pulling in 30-40k dmg before i died and then at around boss 18% i get this bug and couldnt revive.. used the Escape option and all of my dmg contribution seemed to have reset. No reward, no achievement, no daily quest done. This bug needs immediate attention.
  8. Contributing for an hour, just zerging out of my mind, being able to pull in 40k+ of dmg before actually dying. after which rinse and repeat. Died when Blackwyrm was at 15% after which i couldn't use any of the 4 options you get to revive ( i was wearing faction uniform), the only way i could actually revive was by pressing Esc --> Escape option, i got back at boss when it was around 8%, boss dies and i get no reward. I actually called Pest Control after I encountered this bug. Edit: Also my daily faction quest for killing blackwyrm was not done, so overall this 'not being able to revive bug' needs immediate attention.
  9. Iksanun server clears Wyrm !!!

    Congratz, quite an achievement. We also cleared it on Wild Springs a few days ago.
  10. I would have to agree with you on this matter. In whatever issues you have IRL with customer service/ disrupts in services or anything of the sorts, you get refunds/discounts or extra stuff for a limited time. What I really cannot understand is why in every gaming community people close their eyes when they are obviously being ripped off and furthermore even support this sort of behavior from the providers. It all comes down to the fact that whenever a company that has a monopoly over a certain product, in this case of BnS for EU and NA, they can basically do whatever they want because people will be coming back to them if they want to play this game.
  11. Queue Shit

    Just create a new character on a different server from the list..
  12. Queue Shit

    If you have the money buy it. If you don`t have the money and don`t want to wait in queues, play on a different server. If you think the game is 'shit' then by all means leave, this community does not need people like you.
  13. Can not connect to server.(200)

    Nobody knows whats going on about this issue, everyone that logged off has it. Btw Mods keep deleting any discussion related to this topic so yeah, every little problem gets put under the rug without solutions so far
  14. Failed to connect to server.(200)

    i`m having the exact same issue on eu, server Wild Springs. And yes mods keep deleting topics related to this problem.