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  1. Assassin gets melted too fast/weak?

    mostly u CAN'T beat a summoner so just pass it to your teammates. if you're stuck against one use your fire mine and poison and stack as much poison as you can on both summoner and pet. I'm pretty sure it's useless because 80% of your stealth can be broken by summoner retarded spam, hell in diamond arena summoners can break all of your 3 stealth moves in one go which is crazy, so u can't do much against them because you need your stealth to start your combos. Some assassins head straight to the summoner ignoring the pet and trying to deal lightning rod combos which is so stupid. you might beat a noob summoner this way but a good summoner will pin you down using the pet and literally destroy you while you're on the ground. anyway "scummoners" are op. the force master deal is one thing, u need to be patience because force masters can block your approach skills 90% of the time. whenever you get locked get into stealth. the only thing that should worry you about force master is their 24/7 healing which is bad considering that you use poison for heavy flat damage but on the other side most of the force master manual hits can be used against them since they are ranged class so they lack the view of your hand sign decoy counter which pretty much will put you in stealth almost all the time if the force master not pro enough to break your stealth like scummoners lol
  2. REALLY picky players

    you just need 40% crit or higher and 170% crit damage or higher. I think I can go up to 230% with few buffs. breaking boss defense and controlling it is your main role but if your team isn't as reliable then you'll have to do the damage in addition to controlling the boss which is very hard and takes time. if you get aggroed then you either have more than 100% threat or your teammates have as much threat as you do which is bad because destroyers for example should have most threat to aggro while you on the other side do damage. Anyway dungeons are not suppose to be one-man job it's about teamwork
  3. Scummoner vs Blade Cancer hmm from my point of view I've seen lots of summoners crush blade dancers no matter what they do, and they don't even lose health at all. that's diamond pvp btw
  4. Ideas for long hair?

    wrong section. you may as well post it on korean forums because western ncsoft is just a publisher not developer.
  5. Another week and another post of mine this time I'm asking the eternal question of when NCsoft will fix the arena ? This is pretty much how it's going in the arena in this game to you all new to it: Destroyer/Blade Dancer = spin 24/7. KFM= daze and stun 24/7. Force master= heal 24/7 and Scummoner is op. However, each class has its counters which seems a good thing \o/. like KFM can stop destroyer's spin and crush em with combos eventually, which isn't the same case with blade dancers. force masters can deal with blade dancers and destroyers too, and I don't wanna talk about the op scummoners again. It seems that the majority doesn't play blade master anymore and assassins are easy targets when u break their stealth. So how do u wanna rank up in tag matches ? 3 scummoners all the way to platinum. how do u wanna rank up in 1v1 ? blade dancer spin to platinum. And btw between the two spins of blade dancer and destroyer, a blade dancer will mostly win, however, I've seen scummoners destroy blade dancers in gold and diamond matches and they never lose health \o/ unlike force masters healing, they don't have a pet that is twice quicker and pin you to the ground to death.
  6. REALLY picky players

    first of all, calm the hell down. now I don't really care if you work or not I'm a college student and I have part time job as well but I schedule my game hours right, and I don't do dungeons everyday but when I do it I'm prepared to run through literally 100 people to complete the dungeon. also what the hell are you talking about ? 12 hours probably on first thrasher because every single teammate joins does not have 5 pieces of bloodshade soulshield and killed instantly by either poison or howl. on the other hand why the hell would I not complete a run instead of RQing like a noob loser just to find another team and leech all the way to get a soulshield piece or two to get better ? LOL if you're logic was a living thing I'd hand it on wall and shoot the hell outta it. and btw since you're new here dungeons are not the only source to get gears and stuff. u can check out my stats in game. after all I got my set and I don't make myself look cheap and noobish by leaving early or RQing because of whatever problems there.
  7. Obsidian Serpent droprate...

    my friend got it in her first try. I don't even like the outfit it looks stupid but she's a collector, however, another friend of mine got it in his .hmm I'm not sure 40th or something
  8. REALLY picky players

    yeh this is so sad. I usually do bloodshade in 5 hours or so. if I do it with faction mates it takes around an hour because none of them leave. the thing which is clear and obvious is the community is full of zerg kids who look for easy and cheap wins and if they can't they'd just RQ. if u ever join in one of my runs don't worry we'll complete it no matter what. good thing is there's no time limit on dungeons so even if it takes 12 hours to complete I'd be still proud that I'm not some noob kid who joins in to bid so high on soulshields and then leave.
  9. Is this pay to win

    pretty sure next summer or at least by the start of lv50 update. we're not in 2005 era anymore lol MMOs die quickly and by the time this one does NCsoft will force cash items to ensure stable profit. this is how it goes in this world.
  10. I aint gonna spend 2 gold on a key to get a dagger that I'm not even using. I only need it to be able to enter blackram supply chain dungeon through cross server because it's almost impossible to find a team otherwise. if you're wondering, it's not about the money it's solid principle. don't spend resources on broken features in game because you're highly going to lose more than you going to win. though time is more valuable but in my case I put money over time.
  11. it's time for my weekly post, or whenever a maintenance is undergo, which probably started by others buuuuuuut I believe the majority have been through this for while. Trying to complete dailies but interrupted by a huge raid of opposite faction. or after you have done dailies and ready to turn em in you find out that your faction camp is completely destroyed, and worse thing that it happens on every single channel of the server. on my server the crimsons take over but I'm not upset with it. I'm a chill person who loves to troll hordes of losers of enemies because I'm in nowhere to find a raid of my faction to hold them off. Anyway here's the deal doe: whoever joins the crimson is only for red outfit because it' Lol it's so lame. and I honestly don't know why people join cerulean, but the point is there's no actual motivation set by game systems themselves, instead it's just player's style or opinion about this or that faction. another thing is how game balances factions so let's say 100 players joined cerulean which capacity is 100 but only 1 of them active while 99 are offline most of the time. the game will say that the two factions are even based on the amount of player joined regardless of how many are active. which is a crucial thing on battlefield and boss raids. there's lots of suggestions but mine is simply setting a time restriction for whoever under specific rank, if you're not active within the time period you get banned. because it seems that ranks are the only feature in game that shows how active faction members are, however, it's insufficient because people care only about soulstones and whatnot so there gotta be something more to determine who stays and who leave to keep factions balanced.

    I support this post with a huge image of mine I just wanna let people know that it's not about a single RNG box now or later. the fact that ncsoft is relying on RNG methods is fearful and people must know how bad RNG is. if you're thinking you're supporting the game this way, no you are not, you're just encouraging the developers to make more RNG boxes which eventually will have in-game breaking items. it's the same exact thing that happened in Archeage they first released couple harmless RNG boxes then they flooded the game with them with crafting items and materials that you're suppose to farm by hard way and long effort and struggle, but this made it affordable through cash powers and made the game enter p2w phase eventually. I might be one of few who has no hope in game developers in general, they all lie and they all work just for themselves, but if u do then that's too bad. what's more to come if they heard the noise and rants we make about RNG is that they will try to adjust the % of boxes and even may reduce the quality of items but hell no they will eventually release what they want AND THEY WILL BREAK THE GAME REBEL and if it doesn't work then RIOT
  13. 20 skittering tunnels runs, at least as I didn't track how many runs I did, just for dokumn dagger to enter supply chain dungeon via cross server. it's stupid and lame and makes me wanna strangle a tree every time I think about how I spent hours to get the specific class weapon.
  14. New RNG Box in Shop!

    but it's RNG...jesus do u even know what RNG is ? it's one of the deadly things that breaks any MMO. I myself not gonna bother talk about one single chest but I have strong feeling that others will come in next updates which will be the end of this game,
  15. punching myself constantly because I woke up early to find servers down while I still have dailies to do. good thing that I have one hour before reset.