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  1. Haha. You shoulda played Ether saga when people married one another. I had friends who played both males and females and marrying gave a port to your spouse option. Needless to say they would randomly port to one another to kill each other. :D (Then again I didnt play JD when it came out as I was still on ESO at the time..lol)
  2. I'm for it, but only if the married couple gets a special emote to where they can carry one another. :P
  3. PM me :D I'd rather not annoy everyone on the forums haha...
  4. Sorry no clue what GMT+8 is, but I doubt its just a max of the 4 clans you know of, online during that time. True you yourself may not have the time to sit and organize everyone on Crimson, however what about starting with the 4 clans of 8-12 people each? That would give a base core of 32 to 48 Crimson Legion players to start with. (Which is a pretty decent number.) Now I am not sure how many a single channel can hold player wise. (However if I remember correctly when my guild held a clan photo we couldn't get the 71 members who showed all into 1 channel.)
  5. (By the way I do applaud you on being a player who would rather have a challenge than a free hand out like so many on CO.) -Inc wall of text- Part of the issue is being outnumbered, however that can be overcome. (Heck we though SEA time was completely out numbered by CO, however yesterday we found out we can fight and do the event, ect...) The thing is you have to rally everyone together and fight, get players to "want" to spend their time fighting instead of sitting in their daily dungeons. (Get everyone on same page, communicating, organizing,
  6. Well Crimson has an alliance which was formed, and they do run the pvp dailies. (During NA prime time) Also Crimson on Poh set up dailies this morning, we just picked a channel and called all out who were online. We got a decent number and ended up winning a channel. (We did it during SEA play times.) It takes initiative to start something, and you have to also remember the content is new, so many might be leveling still. Crimson Legion also has a discord, where people from multiple guilds go to.
  7. If you believe everything on a website just because it goes along with your views, then none should bother their time pointing out how the game is not pay to win. Everyone has their own view of what Pay to Win means. (If you start reading through all the links google brings up you can start to see it's not just black and white as some believe it is, and many have varying opinions on it.)
  8. It's Pay for convenience, or PLAY to win. Not Pay to win. (See my previous reply.)
  9. Pay to win: Able to gain an item/skill/gear/ect... via ONLY real life cash. Since the skills drop IN GAME, and you can get it from farming, or saving up IN GAME currency, the item is available via in game means, therefore it is not Pay to win. (As Pay to win would have it only available through buying it with real life money from a cash shop and not being able to farm in game.) Now this game is Pay for convenience: Pay real life money to gain gold quicker and have the convenience of gaining the skill/item quicker than those who do not pay. However
  10. Maybe as a happy medium for the wardrobe for F2P, vs P2P would be: Add the wardrobe free for all users, however add it to where it is an account wide wardrobe for all premium players, so they do not have to buy a costume a 2nd time, or mail to their alts? Also allow it to only be used from anywhere for players paying for the subscription, and only at a NPC for free players to be able to use the wardrobe. Thus allowing all to use it, however the convenience of using it anywhere, for any characters on an account being linked to subscriptions only.
  11. Actually Free to play is just fine, since paying gives you benefits which add to convenience. Especially when you can only play 1 character at a time in game. Free to play: Inconvenient to make multiple accounts to switch between to have more than 2 characters. Pay for More characters: You get the convenience of having more then 2 character slots. As for subscription: BnS has it. As for the game not being worth 5.00 to you, it was well worth the money for me. Though thats all opinion. (And I didn't wait for free to play
  12. Well you can increase character slots by buying the item to do so. If trying to do it 100% free then make a new account. The company has to make money somehow without causing the game to be P2W.
  13. I agree that the costumes/weapon skins should be for every new character. The boosts, bags, and so on not be.
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