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  1. Ahhh how I want my computer fixed so I can see all of ya again. Q.Q stupid laptop going poof... T___T
  2. On the actual game: 7.5/10 -It lost points on being poorly optimised for combat, lack of forethought into outfits "clipping", FPS drops due to memory leak from the game, also repetitive dailies. On the publisher: 4/10 -Bots running rampant, lack of publisher doing anything about it. -Hidden patches which publisher doesn't know about beforehand. -Publisher not communicating with community effectively to better the game. -Rushing content to the player base, while the majority of the players are not able to keep up. -Publisher going back on their wor
  3. -Lack of actual benefits to continue having "premium" vs not having it -Lack of game being optimised (GHS anyone? LOL) -Lack of NCsoft paying attention to their customer base -Overflow of Bots in every game mode In reality having premium really isn't worth the cost of it. Plus seeing how players have been compensated for NCSoft's lack of knowledge about the game, kinda urks me to not wanting to renew my premium. Also...a better game is on the horizon already, one which has many more elements I enjoy. ^_^ (Just waiting to find out who the publisher will b
  4. While it's a nice gesture for those who by the 27th have upgraded their weapons. Everyone who has not done so by the 27th is basically screwed. Now the 27th would be a good time, had content not been shoved so quickly in the 1st place. Though with the amount of content many of the playerbase does not and probably will not have their weapons upgraded to get compensation from NCsoft. Gem Hammers being clarified on their description is a nice thing, and a good step. However all who had already purchased gem hammers should be compensated. not just those which have h
  5. Some people bid high cause they want an item, some do it to troll. Either way the people who don't win the item make money. If someone keeps spamming to raise the price, then they deserve what they get. The best thing for people to do is: . . Use common sense...wait it's not common anymore....GG
  6. You do know I want to throw stuff at you right now right? Maybe a few cookies, and a pie to your face.
  7. Lucky!!! I haven't even done 10...but you already found out first hand what my computer did last time..lol
  8. Haha. You shoulda played Ether saga when people married one another. I had friends who played both males and females and marrying gave a port to your spouse option. Needless to say they would randomly port to one another to kill each other. :D (Then again I didnt play JD when it came out as I was still on ESO at the time..lol)
  9. I'm for it, but only if the married couple gets a special emote to where they can carry one another. :P
  10. Answer: Very Useful Nothing like getting "chi cost" free skills, and instant cast skills. ^.~
  11. Payer's aren't leaving due to "the cost" to level gear per say. What many are doing is leaving to play KR servers, due to the NA version not being very well set up for gearing up. In KR, you gain more gold easier than in NA. In NA, you gain less gold, but have the same prices. (Thus causing more time of "grinding" to upgrade.) In addition, in NA content is being rushed out so quickly, that few players have time to catch up to the gear level they are supposed to be at by the time the next patch with new content comes out. It is basically making i
  12. I heard great things about the distraction event on Sunday. Grats to the members who won, and Thanks to all who participated!!!
  13. Poh has specified times Crimson goes to SSP in force.
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