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    how is your ping tho?

    im from asia currently using WTFAST PREM im getting 160-200ping depending time of the day , anyone here using any good free/paid vpn-pingbooster would be nice if you can share better ones tyia.
  3. Character Profile Picture

    so i cant use customize ones now? only the one from bns photo shoot?
  4. necro lab dailies

    im at chapter 33 now w/c is the end point of main quest atm . im having problem with necro lab daily quest? do i need to buy the item needed to active the quest on merchant? or drop from mobs? or is there any other way to make it permanent like other quest when the server time reset it would be there?
  5. looks like its back because i cant Buy it !
  6. HMSkill problem

    HELP ON THIS!!! Igot the Quest and i cant buy the item needed!
  7. BNS ABC Game

    V for Viridian
  8. Tainted Lab Daily?

    where is the merchant i got the same problem..
  9. Need guide for the new dungeons

    i did all i see are 4mans . i want to see boss pattern not how they kill the boss instantly :X i mean thier so geared for the dungeon already.
  10. Need guide for the new dungeons

    anyone got a link for guide for the new dungeons? just want to learn or have insight about them thankyou i tried looking on youtube . the only available are 4mans? w/c is not great since i never played this game before i mean the new dungeons thankyou in advance..
  11. i really need some help regarding my username forum

    send you a message thankyou
  12. its been 2months since release and i still cant change my username it keep saying i cant edit my own profile? any help i pm the support months ago and no help..
  13. The Yun thread

    1st time seeing this thread this is my Yun Blade Master.
  14. About WTFast Configuration

    up for this i need this also!
  15. to whom it my concern for some fking reason i cant edit my user display name it says i cant edit this profile.... i even submitted a ticket and all i got is false promises..