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  1. Junghado's Hat/Tilt Mode >=(

    Got it in under 10 looks ugly, plain, and overly huge. I don't know why you would want it. A waste of your time. You'll wear it like for a week and never put it on again.
  2. Where do you get souls from?

    typical online troll
  3. Grand Harvest Square - Suspicious Merchants

    Then go earlier, but yes when the first raid came I was in ch 1. Went to 4 for clanmate. Decided to go to 7 with them. Then when it came only ch 1-5 lol. Was surprising for all of us.
  4. NCSoft .... Please MORE OF THIS

    or u can just go to youtube and look up similar song and continue on ur way with the quest.
  5. Yeah, I'm glad it came out in Korea too. March 16 2016 I do hope we get it though. Tired of my male gon look but don't want to restart a new character. I just hope it doesn't cost a lot, we all know it will though. I'm okay with $5
  6. It's not pay2win. What a poor excuse.
  7. Weapon Progression Guide

    I don't get why all these players are complaining about how they announce it so late. Players have been talking about the weapon path change for a month now. No excuses. Maybe you guys should be reading your faction chat and be socialize and not cooped up. Read forum,Reddit, and use Google. They even did live stream. Sure, they didn't give good enough information but there are a lot of sources where you could of gotten your answer.
  8. Give them until lvl50 comes out. If bots are still here, take action.
  9. Failed to upload character photo how come I still see players with profile picture of their character up...???
  10. LAB performance issue

    Happens to me too. Idk why
  11. Mainly to force masters

    I seriously don't know why Fm run around so much when they have aggro lol. Do they not think about other players having to chase them? When I get aggro on my Fm I just go into thank mode. Ez af with Fm's dodging q,e,ss, and ice. It also makes u look like a bad ass because almost all FM will run around like chickens when they get aggro.
  12. NEWSFLASH Ani cancel wasn't on purpose. Player just found out about it and it became a common thing. Technically, it's still an exploit and a glitch to allow faster attacking.
  13. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Reminds me of H1Z1 issue. They said f2p, not crate but days later crate was put in and players were furious. They gave bunch of players their refund. GG. Don't say things you aren't going to keep.