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  2. lol ok, because bots' wont temper market price too. ignorance is such bliss
  3. About WTFast Configuration

    Didn't realise I had replies here, sorry that I have not been checking. SG3 -> WA6, my ping can reach as low as 160 depending on server time I guess. Just as bad, but yeah I believe it's impossible too. TW server, I run on stable 40. That's right, NA servers.
  4. Hundreds of accounts are closed a week, cool story bruh GM with censored name. @Rukkirii , @Lock6 , @Bronn , @omeed , @Hime , @Youmukon First of all, I apologize that I have to tag each and everyone(maybe not all yet) of you representatives of NCSoft. I refer to the above screen capture by another client(customer). The so-called "game surveillance" does it's job of banning "hundreds of accounts a week", pray tell why are the same speed hackers, reported with undeniable evidence more than a fortnight ago still roaming around with their hacks today? I wish not to doubt your integrity and attitude towards the this *subjectively* serious issue, and if you are not the management leading your support team, I suggest you apply some pressure towards the person leading the support team because I believe there may be some serious issues going on over at your support team. With the consistent appearance of the very same hackers, daily, for the past 3 weeks reeks of lies, incompetency and makes it that to be the above captured response is purely "lip service".
  5. General Ping: 250+ WTFast ping: 200+ Country: Singapore Changed ports, connected from WTFast servers closest to home and closest to Server (Dallas, Texas correct?) but ping never goes any lower than 180. I really appreciate some insights on how I may get the ping closer to 100, better if under 100.
  6. yay DPS Meters!!!

    Personally have no issues with DPS meters. I would love to have one as well to know how BAD my damage is against the same class with equal equipment. Rotation aside, it's more of ping differences. Oh and here we have people say ping don't matter for some classes, lol. Get real. Ping makes a world of differences. In any case, the only thing that will make me dislike dps meter are people with ego issues. "lol noob dps" "lol my dps higher" "lol git gud"
  7. Well, this is the best MMO ever!

    The only aspect keeping this game away from "perfect" for me would be the high ping. Heck, even if they released an Oceania server right now and with my current progress in the game, I would gladly let it all go. Might I also add that given the *actions* -lol- taken against bots, I very much would bot if I could get a legitimate source.
  8. Names removed because of a *silly but understandable* policy requirement.
  9. 400+ AP requirement is in my opinion, dumb. However, where else can a group of random people gauge your capabilities? Think about it for a moment; you're a group of random people who have never met ,you have no idea how well that person controls their character and skill rotations and you can only base on tangible results that is available at that point of time (equipments) and let that sink in for a while. Personally, I neither leave when I see people with low HP nor check people equipment but I can tell you how irritating it is when people keep dying over and over making it seemingly a 4/5 man run instead of 6. This is not an issue but again, what if time is an issue for someone else? It's all interlinked one way or another. This post isn't meant for pointing fingers but if you felt a sting you're probably one of those who thinks the world revolves around you. That or everyone is supposed to be a psychic to know what goes on in your mind.
  10. I know the common one is discord, and that some people thought the English version of raidcall is dead, but no it is not. From what I understand, discord cannot stream music but allows voice comm. So here is my question, have anyone considered doing a cross server/region raidcall for everyone to use, especially in times of maintenance?
  11. I am not going to argue with anyone, but by "pay to win" definitions of each individual word means you pay to get an advantage over another person that does not have the ability to pay. Paying for convenience is the way I see this. Might I also add that the currency exchange rates average about 1:68, if someone really used NCoins to purchase, say 300g... 20,400NCoins, that is USD250+, I want to laugh at those people. Oh while at it, there are so many people looking for "instant gratification". Meanwhile @ NCSoft,
  12. Show off your characters!!

    Seeking inputs!
  13. Discuss Poharan's Gender

    This group too.
  14. NA Servers Sudden Lag Spikes

    Same problem @ Yunwa.