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  1. BSH 4-6 man personal experience.

    1 book every 10 run? is this a joke on me? i have 114 run and have yet to see one.
  2. I've seen no book nor wig... 114 run bro. and some sees both in 8 run and below.
  3. BSH hair acquired !!

    can you please go kill yourself? I'm at 114 run w/o having seen any book/wig.... .-. im so about to die.. dshfaofa Someone donate me a wig qq
  4. Invasion of Chinese Destroyer bots

    it has always been overpopulated by them. they should bring Japan Login script
  5. Invasion of Chinese Destroyer bots

    i dont think bot would pay the montly sub.
  6. Its 50+ 50 + 50 every achievement.
  7. the 24 man costume is just a zebra painted recolor. BsH 4man give the pitch black latex version.
  8. I dont think they'll add it since Cobalt widow wig already take the character hair color. so it's like the custom gangplank.
  9. 89 run cleared and 0 wig saw, 1 costume, 1 mask. this loot rate is pure bullsh*t I saw the wig on a guy though... so it exist...
  10. BSH 4man 1st boss bug

    It;s Enrage timer, you just dont have enough dps to do it.

    We have to riot so they change that..... 5g per fabric... what the actual ***&(*^%^*$ ...
  12. New RNG Box in Shop! say no to RNG

    SAY NO to rng box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hackshield is just a backdoor program for korea. it's useless. every western company should get rid of it. it's malicious.