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  1. some told me they do?..
  2. does our ranks all reset(Again?...) ???????? just wondering....
  3. 1. WE NEED VOTE KICK FUNCTION IN DUNGEONS. EVERY TIME I GO IN DUNGEON THERE IS A DESTROYER BOT 2. I haven't seen one yet(due to rank prob) but destroyer bots in arena are dropping soulstone prices. MAKE IT STOP PLEASE>...
  4. I have full points in blitzblade, SOMETIMES, summoenrs decide to just ignore it and go into stealth when they are defending....... UHH...?
  5. Assasin: Holy crap million stealth I can't see them noooooooooo Blew my tab he 100-0 me QQ - how to counter: don't let them stealth?... Blade Dancer: TAB? WHAT? SPIN? RESIST EVERYTHING? -please I swear you do have enough skills to either cheese them or have unblockable CCs to get over with. Furthermore they can only use tab 5 times if you stop giving them free chi by hitting them or getting hit by their 1 which is easy to resist Force master: STOP FREEZING ME OMG infinite CC COMBO -how to counter ...... don't let them KFM: I BLEW MY TAB HE 100-0 ME OMG ......... -how to counter don't blow your tab... Summoners: OMG SO MUCH HEALZ SCREW THE KAT -how to coutner 1. kill the cat or 2. kill the summoner or 3. just hit and run(BEST WAY EVER) Destroyer wow smash deal 11k dmg crit hit...omg.... red spin op -how to counter 1. don't get near them when they red spin 2. stop blowing your tab for wierd stuff Blade Master: how come they got million CCs with little cooldown and a burst? thats most balances BS ever -how to counter ..........get good seriously I can complain about every single class if you give me time. So stop complaining and my best advice I can give you: stop blowing your tab for wierd stuff.. done
  6. BD vs KFM pls help T_T

    best piece of advice I can give you is most unblockable ccs they have are ones that they need to get far from you. don't give them distance and spin their ass off, while constantly trying to catch them off guard iwth your V and 2
  7. Reason: There are too many people who are AFK in dungeons in entrance, just bidding as boss is killed. Too bad noone can do anything about it. Some things to be careful when implementing system: 1. If they get more than majority of votes they are kicked out. 2. People in same guild's votes count as 1(No matter how much there are) This should stop people from abusing the vote-kick system if it is implemented. However we definitely need a vote-kick option. There are so many people(90% of the dungeons that I play) that go afk, and sometimes, just bid at the end for moonwater tears and stuff.
  8. I really hate the camera control

    I like it except for when I'm going against summoners
  9. cash items not tradable?fix this crap ncsoft

    you can't trade skins in league either
  10. they were in service in other regions for 5 years or so..????????
  11. ....... I just don't get it.... 1. Massive ping changes this doesn't only happen to me. I saw it happening to multiple people. this is critical in your main content which is PVP 2. jump dodge confirmed I saw lots of people jumping and literally dodging attacks, this was not only confirmed by me and other pvpers but also by professional players as well. Its not because of evasion rate they are dodging, they just dodge. 3. sometimes skills are on cooldown but shown as active how are you supposed to calculate your deal cycle when it shows as though you can use it? 4. in open world pvp you can just press escape to leave? thats broken.... 5. so many areas that are still hard to reach or run like in yehara's mirage its impossible to run, some invisible thing blocking.... 6. literally super random things happening in pvp your in mid air, not EVEN close to ground. this guy rushes to you and stuns you(using the air dash that stuns you) 7. sometimes you cannot revive you are killing blackwyrm. you are one of those people who sacrifice yourselves to deal most amount of dmg. You die when blackwyrm has 10% hp. you try reviving. nope. you can't try escape. nope. you can't. you don't get the box. too bad. people who were waiting till last moment to deal just 1% dmg gets it while you who did a lot more than them and spent more time doesn't get it. 8. no vote kick in cross server dungeons we all want moonwater tears. this guy comes in dungeon, sits at the door, and just afks while you all kill dungeon mobs. Its finally loot time. This guy comes back to life and bids. really? ????????????????????????????? Some bugs are ones that I saw in korean CBT(and never played) ....... and they still exist.............. are they actually trying to solve these issues or not?
  12. Improve Vote-to-Kick option

    I definitely agree. In cross server dungeons there are people who freaking sit at the door just do bid at the last moment and u can't do shit about it
  13. vs Blade Masters the most important thing is not to get hit by their soaring falcon(same as your 1) which is going to pull you and which you cannot deflect. If you do get pulled, spam your f, if lucky, you will be able to get out before you get comboed.(hope your enemy's ping is bad!) otherwise most skills are deflectable and what you need to worry the most is that do have a good amount of burst if they do catch you off guard just like you do. Also, they can switch to lightning stance in more ways than you do, so just because you got his lightning strike out, don't underestimate them. vs Force Masters they got lots of skills that resist your dashing abilities. You should try to get close to force masters while not using your dashing skills. But force masters are pretty mobile and got 2 escapes. (ss, tab) which makes you have to calculate. Most important thing would be to combo them and bring their hp from 100-0. Also, never ever use your tab right away especially against FM for they literally can 100-0 you with 1 combo. vs Destroyers ......... they spin more than you do, they hurt while spinning too which is bs. If you ss out they follow you till end of the earth. They sometimes just hit you with the axe and take away 8000 of your hp 1 shot........ what you need to do is use your q e ss and your z skill to resist the spin as much as possible. Also, phantom grip isn't blockable, so it might be good idea to try to use them on them. Best way is to hit and run and wait for cd...I think?.... and their burst is most bullshit I saw in this game. vs Summoners ok... only 1 solution......that I know so far............ catch them by suprise in beginning by... using your x(five point) and just combo them. use C immediately forcing their escape out(hope they do freak out) and wait for their dodging skill(that hold flower(?).... and use ur 2 to stun then and kill them. This actually works quite well for some reason, if this works, you can kill summoner in 15 seconds... if not.......... RIP GET CHEESED vs Assasins you need to use your ss and your z really well to resist their stuns and stuff... also most important thing is when assasins escape from your phantom grip by stealth before they do that spam your F with will mostly go in. this will reveal assasin's stealth because dmg goes in for 4 times. if they are revealted, they are a lot easier to deal with. vs KFM never, ever, spam your skills, but at the same time, give them too much distance if you give them distance, they can air combo you getting your tab out easy. best way is to spin(yeah...) while getting focus by using your 1. When KFMs are out of their resisting movements, thats when you try go in and combo them. my personal thoughts on PVP Destroyer(broken as f, they spin like you except try spin next to them they are gonna deal 10 times dmg you do, and if you make same mistakes like getting your tab out, they are gonna do 10 times dmg by rekting your damn face) Summoner(freaking hell nerf that cat or heal, one or the other) KFM(so many resists..... holy shiet... they got no prerequisites to using their burst and got longest stun duration if ur tab is out...fml) LYB(yeah.. your class... spin to win, just bad version of destroyer....seriously..) Assasin(damn those stealth are annoying if you fail to reveal them) FM = BM (sorry, need hongmoon skills =/ they will get better later)