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  1. I have recently made a new clan, i made it on an alt since my main was already in an established clan. Now i want to transfer the clan to my main. I have tried transferring directly from my alt to the main as well as transferring from my alt to a friend to my main. In both situations the "Appoint Clan Leader" option was greyed out. My friend also had the same issue.
  2. Mishmash

    Bully Wrap

    i take back what i said about the nexus and beastbog chests, i still dont have the spirit veil.......
  3. Mishmash

    Bully Wrap

    Oh my god the spirit veil... I’ve killed that damn priest 100+times I’ve been there for hours and hours..... and nothing most annoying thing ever, with the exception of the beast bog treasure chest and sundered nexus chests
  4. Also does anyone know what the bloodwind plains are/were? I have a soulstone ss that says it’s from there...
  5. I’m looking to buy old items and stuff to add to my collection, some of you might have seen me past adds in faction chat or something. I Am interested in any item as long as it’s tradable (obviously). Some thinks I’m particularly interested in are old soul shields and weapons. I will pay of course and I’m also open to trading some of my items for someone else’s should they also collect them. These are a few of the items I have secret craft guild recipes crafted soul shields a lot of escape charms for all the areas old moonwater gems that are useless for pvp old t
  6. Wait........ you could check by putting a gon next to the master Hong boss from circle of sundering in the hm training room, I’d check myself but I only make lyns
  7. I think he is in the tall end of the gon height range
  8. I don’t want to sound impatient but by about what date should we be expecting a message
  9. A some kinda blade attached to a long chain kinda like how the great thrall attacks
  10. I don’t believe the link you included for reference works. Could also be just me.
  11. I submitted my comic to Twitter but I accidentally used a different email than the one I use for blade and soul. I didn’t win but in the stream they mentioned a consolation prize. Would there be any way I could still get this or am I out of luck.......
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