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  1. Can you explain to me why it will not stop win trading. The time gate is what I am referring to.
  2. I agree with you on putting it on weekends as well. I don't agree with just putting it on weekdays. I was speaking more generally of why they are time gating. But, I do agree with you on that front. They can time gate but I would like them to make it open everyday.
  3. I think the reason for time gating 1v1s and 3v3s is to solve the problem of win trading. Late night early morning is the best time for win trading. Many people win trade 3s because the population there is non existent. These changes force win traders to que during peak hours making win trading basically impossible. However, I can also see the side of someone that likes to play during non peak hours due to personal reasons or whatever their reasons might be. Not everyone can win in every situation. If they don't make these changes, then win traders continue doing what they are and people compla
  4. uninstall your bluetooth drivers. Go into device manager and uninstall bluetooth. Don't restart your computer and launch the game it should be fixed.
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