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  1. So why do people bother with raid progression? Most people who've been clearing since the early days (24 man) still haven't gotten Aransu 6 yet. So now peeps who don't raid can get it before them, nice. The bottleneck for getting Aransu 6 are the orbs and hearts.
  2. Alt path better be more expensive than raid path, I don't want to be stuck on the more expensive path again while doing way more work for it. (Happened with Raven) @Liinxy
  3. Sad truth is, I've been in your boat for the longest time. Bringing these problems to the community. But those in charge doesn't really care, they're only here to make a quick profit. There has been countless instances where a big part of the community opposed the direction this game was heading. But all these "p2w" changes still went through. Everyone knows the costumes are getting more and more expensive, and even if everyone complains about it, it'll be surprising that they will actually lower future costume prices. They're "Limited" and they know you'll pay for it if you wanted it. NCSoft
  4. what do you mean? I can just derank and farm you lowbies all day with my raven gear. pay $$$ to gear or get one shot, your choice
  5. every class is good at pvp, this game's arena is equalized (gear doesn't matter). But if you plan to play PvE, game is trash play something else.
  6. quit, no one cares since you don't pay
  7. If you don't plan to spend $1000+ then don't come back. Games not worth it. More and more pay to win. PM me if u want to know in details why you shouldn't come back.
  8. how do you justify a game updating its content expecting its player base to look for upcoming contents from other regions? meanwhile they promised to bring "westernized" content to begin with. idc what u do, theres obviously a lot of players who doesn't check upcoming content. and plenty of people who doesn't have a source for these info
  9. ?????? sry not everyone can sit at home all day finding translated patch notes from other regions, if u want the whole community to be only "dedicated" players like you. There won't be much players left to show off your "hard work" or ur credit card
  10. You don't update a game assuming your players is going to check other regions. The cost difference is around 4k gold
  11. With upcoming changes to Riftwalk to Raven, NCSoft is pretty much implementing a cost reduction path for players with Baleful/Seraph. But those who have Raven stages 1-5 are stuck on the more expensive path, because the cheaper path gives massive discounts to stage 6 Raven from Riftwalk/Dawnforge, compared to going from Raven 1/3 to Raven 6. Pretty much those with Raven stages 1-5 are being punished, and its not like they paid for their time of having Raven ahead of time either, they're literally stuck on the more expensive upgrading path since there is no way to go from Raven to Riftwalk. Ca
  12. You finished the story quest too late, the Mark of the Black Rose has already eaten part of your face.
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