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  1. Are you ok? Bro you seem kinda bitter so I hope things are going well for you. Cheers. 🤗
  2. It's more efficient to use the more valuable moons first and fill out the exp bar with the smaller moons if the big moon is overkill. that way you can salvage as many souls as possible. Also I was saving inventory space by not carrying around coins.
  3. Ty for your efforts to get the word out. I almost never check forums so I missed it 😔, but I'm sure you've managed to help a few people! 👍
  4. Why would you remove this, we can't even get more moons anyways. You can't just write this in a single line in the massive patch notes the day before server maintenance. People are busy and won't notice. Look how many stupid useless moons I saved up, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I have no coins because I only salvage to buy the weekly items week by week.
  5. I've forgotten to accept the event quest countless times every time Tower of Memory returns because there is no quest npc in front of the gate, and for sure I'm not the only one. It can be really easy to forget to pick it up, especially if you run the event on multiple characters in succession. Along with the frustration of wasting a lot of time and being unable to undo your mistake, missing out on the event currency multiple times can really add up and be detrimental. Adding a quest npc in front of the gate in both the cross server and open world would be much appreciated by everyone, please
  6. Yeah so the current wind build is really confusing since it's completely messing with my muscle memory. My wind build dps is abysmal, around 60% of my old dps and I don't know what I'm doing. I tried switching over to fire, which felt really weird but still similar to the old fire and my dps is actually way higher than before, and more than twice my current wind dps. I never found fire as fun as wind, but I think I'll switch over to fire for now because it's not too bad. My main problem with fire is that 2 looks weird, and it's not as fun as the old wind. Part of the problem with t
  7. I've been playing BnS since it's launch and immediately fell in love with KFM, the first class I ever played and my main. I loved animation canceling and I loved all the different types of combos we could do. After the update, the class just doesn't feel the same to me. It feels so dumbed down, slow, boring, and the combos feel limited. I might make an update post after I get more experience and get my thoughts sorted out since I don't really know what I'm doing anymore, but so far I really feel like crying (not exaggerating). I'm thinking about quitting the game. To all the other KFM's out th
  8. I feel you bro. My dps 60% of what it used to be. It's probably because idk what I'm doing anymore after 3 years of animation canceling but kfm feels really awful to play now. My fire build (or now dragon fist) actually has a much higher dps than before so if I switch to dragon fist my dps goes up tremendously. It's not as fun as old wind though.
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