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  2. Happy Summer!
  3. Greetings, Let's remember to stay constructive and refrain from personal attacks. As a quick reminder, please have a look at our Code of Conduct. Thank you!
  4. Greetings @Vasilisa, We are sorry to hear about this! Have you opened a ticket with out Support team yet? They will be happy to trouble shoot this with you. Good luck!
  5. Greetings everyone, Quick reminder that it is best to report abusive behavior in game to our Support team. Please include screen shots, if possible. As for the post here, screenshots of this manner still have to comply with our Code of Conduct, not only regarding not showing names, but also following the language guidelines. Thank you!
  6. Last week
  7. Greetings matumbobusasi, Please contact our Support team for assistance, they can check your account. Thank you!
  8. Greetings Lovey! You will find the link to the Twitter account in this post:
  9. Starting on July 19, 4:00 AM PDT / July 19, 11:00 AM UTC, all servers will undergo maintenance for approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. An in-game notice will be given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance starting. Below is the list of changes introduced within the update: Routine server maintenance and modifications For server status updates please follow the @BladeAndSoulOps Twitter account. Tweets by @BladeAndSoulOps
  10. Here you go. :) From Top Left to Right: Sword, Gauntlet/Bracer, Staff From Bottom Left to Right: Bangle, Axe, Dagger/Razor PS: Don't mind my character in the GM background. >_<
  11. Greetings, Thank you for the reports. We will look into this. You can also report these kind of situations to our Support team. They can take a closer look.
  12. Basically the progress bar has to be updated manually, that is why it has been stuck in the past few days unfortunately since the person in charge wasn't able to perform the update. Hopefully this should be updated again tonight. Really sorry for that.
  13. Earlier
  14. An update has been posted here regarding the Wilting Flower costume: I'll be closing the thread since it's a duplicate topic. You're welcome to continue the discussion in the thread above.
  15. Hey guys, We're sorry for the inconvenience for those who didn't receive their promotional costume when they should have. We've located the time discrepancy issue and customer support will be able to assist you further now that the issue has been identified. Thank you for your patience while we investigated your reports!
  16. Hello everyone, As an update to our previous communication, we wanted to give everyone an update on what will happen with the unlimited item purchases that were made in Today’s Special this past weekend. These items were not intended to be sold in unlimited quantities, and due to these purchases giving a significant advantage in progression we need to remove and refund the purchases made. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we developed a process to properly do so. Refunds will occur for those that purchased items above the following thresholds (e.g. someone that purchased 11 Hand of Xanos will be refunded, while 10 Hand of Xanos would not). Item Purchase Threshold for Refund Hand of Xanos 11+ Ascendance Stone 21+ Blackstone Fragment 11+ Starting tomorrow, removal of the items will begin, and NCoin or Hongmoon Coin spent on them will be returned to the account. If the items purchased were exchanged, or upgraded, they’ll have all of those transactions rolled back and any materials used refunded. Nothing else on the account will be changed, only the items related to these purchases will be affected. This is a complex and manual process; if you don’t see your items returned immediately, please be patient. We apologize for everyone that was affected by this and we’ve made the required changes so that these items will be properly listed for limited quantities in Today’s Specials in the future. We’ll be granting all players that are being refunded a variable amount of extra Hongmoon Coin based on how many items they purchased for the inconvenience. Customer Support will be reaching out to the players that were affected directly, so please refrain from submitting a ticket as this will not expedite the process. Thank you, Blade & Soul Team
  17. Greetings! If you haven't yet received your costume, please contact our support team at
  18. Greetings! You can find an official answer in the tweet quoted in this post: In order to avoid duplicates, this thread is now closed. You may continue your discussion in the thread quoted above. Thank you!
  19. Greetings! In order to avoid duplicates, please continue your discussion in this thread: As stated in the quoted tweet, the items will be distributed later tonight. Thank you for your patience :)
  20. After discussing your feedback on the availability of Evolved Stones and the new Soul path with the development team, we agree adjustments need to be made. However, we need to ensure any changes we make are done carefully and with a close eye toward ensuring we don’t overly impact the economy. For that reason these first changes will be a little conservative, but on July 26 you’ll be able to start earning them from dropped chests via kill participation on the following bosses: Celestial Basin Bosses Du Tu and Tropical Griffin during Peak Time (20:00 – 21:00 Server Time) Adding Evolved Stones to these locations is a first step and will create a reliable source of the item through current and accessible content. We’re still evaluating and discussing additional methods of acquisition, transmutation, and upgrade costs and will provide further details and updates as we have them. We look forward to your feedback regarding these and potential future Evolved Stone acquisition methods.
  21. Greetings, This past weekend a couple items that went into Today’s Specials were set for unlimited sales; particularly the Hand of Xanos item used to trade in for a Draken Bracelet. It was not our intention to allow these items to be set at unlimited quantities, and we’re working on a resolution for the items already purchased. We appreciate your understanding and will keep you updated. Thank you for your continued support, The Blade & Soul Team
  22. Hello, We are sorry to hear about your account. Please contact Customer Support and they will be able to investigate the issue for you. You can submit a ticket to Customer Support here: or you can contact them by email: Regards, Amraith
  23. Greetings! Maybe the solution described in this article from our Knowledge Base can be useful to you:
  24. Known Issues General (NEW) Celestial Basin quest reset requires 30g instead of 10g. Classes Blade Master “Skyrift Mystic Badge” effect tool-tip does not display on non-unlocked “Lightning Draw” skill. Destroyer "Red Hot Iron" does not have an indicator or icon when active Localization Divine Dragon Bracelet and Tiger Bracelet provide additional damage to Dragonwhorl but this is not listed on the tooltip. Addressed - July 7 General Incorrect gems are being rewarded in Act 7: Chapter 1, 5 and 10. The correct gems will be distributed to all affected characters on July 7. Addressed - July 5 General Soulstone Plains Capture phase has been unintentionally increased. Some items sold by Achievement Merchant NPC Kiyeon in Zaiwei cost Valor Stones. Chat history is lost when moving between the world server and cross server. Black Sun, White Moon, Thunder God, and Wind God are using the incorrect models for female characters. Forgekeeper Illusion Weapons cannot be searched for on the Marketplace. Dungeons Raven King mechanics in Skybreak Spire were changed unintentionally. Quests Chapter 1: The Dreams of Jinsoyun quest is available with broken text.
  25. We've made a post about the recent server instability which you can find here. Thank you.
  26. You are able to do matches VS AI if you wish, or normal Titan Ruins or the mixture of both. All will be counted. Just do at least 5 matches.
  27. Hello all, We wanted to let you know that we are aware of and monitoring direct denial of service attacks directed at our games. If you’ve been experiencing connection drops, or sporadic high latency, please know that we’re closely watching the situation and working to mitigate them as quickly as possible. We'll be posting updates on the @BladeandSoulOps account on this and any other service impacting issues. If you’re experiencing connection or latency issues which you believe to be outside of these attacks, we ask that you please submit a support ticket so we can collect additional information. We appreciate your understanding and patience.
  28. Hey guys! There has been no change with the Draken Bracelet drop rate so it's just a streak of bad luck unfortunately. I'm sure you'll get it soon though, don't give up! ^_^
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