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  1. Yesterday
  2. N-coin purchase problems.

    Hello Weertangel, Please contact Customer Support and they will be able to help you. You can submit a ticket to Customer Support here: Regards, Amraith
  3. Greetings, If you would like to report a player for any inappropriate behavior, please contact Customer Support and they will be able to investigate the issue for you. You can submit a ticket to Customer Support here: Regards. Amraith
  4. Last week
  5. 720USD never seen fountain

    Hi denny, with this Trove, you are able to have a guaranteed crit in 40 keys of fewer. After using this many keys you still have not been able to see one?
  6. Starting on September 24, 6:00am PDT / 1:00pm UTC, the payment system will undergo maintenance for approximately 8 hours. During this time, you may continue to purchase and spend NCoin, but Premium Membership subscriptions will be unavailable. If you are considering purchasing Premium Membership, please be sure to do so prior to the maintenance.
  7. Last Wednesday during our routine maintenance, we identified various issues with our Account Management system that required us to take the game offline for another maintenance. While these issues are now resolved, we understand that this has caused an inconvenience for our players eager to get back in game. As a thank you for your patience, please enjoy these items in the Hongmoon Store as a token of our appreciation: 2x Treasured Memory Chest Thank you again and see you in game!
  8. How to switch between NA and EU?

    Hi there! You can switch regions in the launcher with this drop-down menu.
  9. error 5300

    Greetings @Kanwar, Please contact PayPal in order to resolve the issue as it is on their end that you have been flagged as a high risk transaction. We recommend to not attempt further purchases via PayPal through our service until you have spoken with them in order to get the issue resolved.
  10. Tickets open for days

    Greetings! We are receiving a higher than usual amount of tickets at the moment so the time it takes our Support to answer them is also longer than you may be used to, but you can rest assured that we are still looking into the issue and that our Support will respond as soon as they can. Please remember further that bumping or updating your tickets will set them back at the end of the queue, so make sure you have all relevant information included before you sent them off. Thank you for your patience!
  11. Purchased NCoin not delivered

    Hi there, some NCoin is taking longer than usual to show on some players accounts. Rest assured, we are investigating the issue and you will receive the NCoin. If you sent in a ticket to support, may I have the ticket number? Thank you.
  12. your daily BnS companion

    What a wonderful website! I've added BNSTools to the helpful links sticky. ^_^ Thank you for your hard work!
  13. Helpful Blade & Soul Community Sites

    BNSTools has now been added!
  14. Starting on September 20, 2:00 PM PDT / September 20, 9:00 PM UTC, all servers will undergo an unscheduled maintenance for approximately 2 hour and 30 minutes. An in-game notice will be given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance starting. Below is the list of changes introduced within the update: An issue with account management is being addressed. For server status updates please follow the @BladeAndSoulOps Twitter account. Tweets by @BladeAndSoulOps
  15. Starting on September 20, 4:00 AM PDT / September 20, 11:00 AM UTC, all servers will undergo maintenance for approximately 3 hours. An in-game notice will be given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance starting. Below is the list of changes introduced within the update: Fixed an issue where characters that had previously completed the Tower of Memory daily quest "Not-so-Fond Memories" would receive the incorrect event token reward. Coin of Memory can be exchanged via the Antiques window for 2 Memory Bell each. Fixed an issue where endgame NPCs had incorrect stats. (This refers to the Boss issue.) Fixed an issue where the Skyshatter effect was being applied more than intended when using Riftwalk or Dawnforged Pistols Fixed an issue where the recover 100% Focus Recovery effect was not triggering when using Galaxy and Ascendant weapons. Fixed an unintended change to enrage timers for Zakhan in Ebondrake Citadel and Umbral Lord Baruk in Gloomdross Incursion. Fixed an issue where Hongmoon Unsealing Charm could not be used on certain Sealed Pistols. Fixed an issue where the MAX icon would display incorrectly on Sealed Legendary Soul Shields for Gunslingers. Fixed an issue where the Stratus Empire Uniform was not rewarded when completing Act VII Chapter 11: The Grand Enchantress. All characters who completed the quest but did not receive the costume will be sent the outfit at a later time. Fixed an issue where Instant Delivery fees were re-enabled. Fixed an issue where the Poolside Groove adornment could not be equipped with the Summer Groove Variant outfit. Fixed and updated various localization issues for English, German, French, and Portuguese. Routine server maintenance and modifications For server status updates please follow the @BladeAndSoulOps Twitter account. Tweets by @BladeAndSoulOps
  16. Friend List NOT loading ... Cash Shop Gift Broken

    Greetings, We are aware of this issue and working on it:
  17. Friends List and Download Struggles

    Greetings, Please take a look at our Know Issues topic:
  18. Female dragon pulse emissary has a male VO

    Greetings everyone, Thanks for the reports. We have forwarded this to the appropriate team members. We appreciate your help!
  19. Suggestion for a NEW Major Event.

    Hello GodofDemise, Doing collaboration events with other anime is something rather tricky to pull out in the West. Licensing fees typically aren't cheap and contracts are often fairly hard to negotiate without giving away a sizeable amount of royalties. While this can usually be done in Asia due to how mainstream anime is, proving its return on investment in the West is terribly harder. There's still a massive gap between "widely accepted" and "part of your everyday life" and we just cannot afford to run a collaboration events unless we are certain that they are financially viable. While the idea on its own is great, it's unfortunately not something within our reach right now :(
  20. Profane pistols - Exist?

    Hello, I have reported this issue to the development team and I would suggest for now to stop opening that very chest if you are expecting to get a gun while we are investigating this potential issue. Thanks again.
  21. Earlier
  22. Friend list and F10 problem

    Greetings, You can find more information on this topic here:
  23. "Unable to load friend list"

    Greetings, Please refer to our list of known issues:
  24. Q, E, SS missing

    Greetings, If you continue to encounter this issue, please get in touch with Support team for trouble shooting. Thank you!
  25. When they will fix boss levels?

    Hello Kohie, I understand that this has been a rather frustrating experience for players since the last update and would like to apologise in that regard. The boss level issue is planned to be fixed this Wednesday during our weekly maintenance as mentioned on the thread below:
  26. Friend list and F10 problem

    Hello kymura, This issue is currently on our radar and hopefully should be addressed during next maintenance on Wednesday. You will be able to find list of all current issues on the thread below:
  27. Ticket

    Greetings, Please note that, depending on the number of incoming tickets, the usual processing time can take up to 72 hours. This time can be longer if you bump or modify your ticket as this will set it back at the end of the queue, so make sure you have entered all relevant information before submitting your request to avoid longer waiting times. Thank you!
  28. Error E02015

    Greetings, Maybe this article from our Knowledge Base can be of use to you until you get a response from our Support.
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