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  2. The Blade & Ghoul Event arrives tomorrow, but you can see what’s coming by reading through the patch notes right now:
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  4. Fix the Damn 6v6...

    Greetings, We can confirm that we are actively collecting feedback from the forums. Please keep it coming and be assured that it will be forwarded accordingly.
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  6. Greetings, This was brought to our attention and we are currently looking into a fix. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.
  7. I have no words

    Greetings, Quick reminder to comment on the posts, not the poster. No need to get personal!
  8. October 17 Patch Note Preview

    Alongside the Blade & Ghoul event going live on October 17, we’ll be making a number of changes to the core game systems and features. Below we have a selection of the changes arriving with the event. Keep a look out for the full patch notes which we’ll post the day before the event goes live. Dragonblood availability in dungeons has been updated: Dungeon Normal Hard Golden Dragonblood Dragonblood Golden Dragonblood Dragonblood Sogun's Lament 1 2 Ebondrake Citadel 1 2 Desolate Tomb 1 2 Naryu Foundry 1 2 Naryu Sanctum 1 2 1 0 Irontech Forge 1 2 1 0 Ebondrake Lair 1 2 1 0 Starstone Mines 1 2 1 0 Hollow's Heart 1 2 1 0 The Drowning Deeps 1 2 1 0 Ransacked Treasury 1 2 1 0 Sandstorm Temple 1 2 1 0 The Shadowmoor 1 2 1 0 Soulstones and Soulstone Crystals have been removed as rewards for faction quests in Moonwater Plains. Guild Supplies can now be crafted at level 11, down from 50, and the cost has been significantly reduced. PvP Rewards have been redesigned and rebalanced based on game types, rankings, and material requirements. Arena Reward Chest, Brilliant Arena Reward Chest (Silver Rank Required), and Sparkling Arena Reward Chest (Gold Rank Required) are now available from the Duel Match and Tag Match tabs of the Zen Bean Trader NPC. Arena Reward Key is needed to open which can be obtained from Arena Daily Quests, Daily Challenge Reward Chest, and Dragon Express for 4 Solar Energy. You can now exchange 1 Dragon Certificate for 1 Arena Reward Key via the Antiques UI. Battleground Reward, Brilliant Battleground Reward Chest (Silver Rank Required), and Sparkling Battleground Reward Chest (Gold Rank Required) are now available from the Battleground Trader NPC. Battleground Reward Key is needed to open which can be obtained from Battleground Daily and Weekly Quests, Weekly Challenge, and Dragon Express for 5 Solar Energy. You can now exchange 1 Sparkling Whirlwind Key for 1 Battleground Reward Key via the Antiques UI. Items Changes The upgrade costs for Legendary Accessories obtained from raids has been rebalanced. Please see this Google Sheet for the full details. Serpent Calling Bell can now be purchased from Bai Sun in The Cinderlands – Crescent Spring for 50 copper. Purification Jar can now be purchased from Ko Muhia in Moonwater Plains – The Highland Necropolis for 6 silver. Enchanting Temptress Mask and Cobalt Widow Striped Blindfold are now available from Zen Bean Trader and Achievement Merchant NPC Kiyeon. Sealed Frostburn Orb, Sealed Heart of the Great Thrall now have a chance to drop from Temple of Eluvium and Sealed Iron Conqueror Medallion now has a chance to drop from Scion’s Keep. The overall drop rate is unchanged. You can now purchase Iron Conqueror Medallion, Frostburn Orb, and Heart of the Great Thrall for 1000 Gold and 450 Hellion Core from the Legendary Tab on Coin Exchange Merchant NPC Junsorei. You must also have completed the Sovereign of Solak achievement to purchase these items. Vintage Pet Pouch is now available from the Exchange tab of Dragon Express for 65 Solar Energy and contains 1 random Pet Appearance. Pet Appearances no longer randomly drop from dungeons. Hongmoon Special Tonic now increases Attack Power by 100 for 12 seconds, with a cooldown of 3 minutes. It has also had its icon and item type updated to a potion. Hongmoon Special Firewater has had its icon and item type updated to a Charm, and is now called Hongmoon Special Reset Charm. Increased Attack Power stat on Oath Necklace to 34, up from 14. The following accessories can now be upgraded to Awakened Stages 1-3: Destiny Ring – Stage 10 Immortality Earring – Stage 10 Oath Necklace – Stage 10 Eternity Belt – Stage 10 Inheritor’s Ring Apex Earring Elevation Necklace Divine Dragon Bracelet Tiger Bracelet King Gloves Skyshatter Ring Skypearl Earring Skysunder Necklace Skybreaker Belt Subjugator Bracelet Starfire Gloves Horizon Belt Starbreaker Bracelet Divinity Bracelet Wrathbringer Ring Myth Ring Added recipes to exchange newly added Awakened Legendary Accessories between paths. New item exchanges are now available in the Exchange tab of Dragon Express: Exchanged Items Received Items Blackstone Fragment x3 Solar Energy x4 Silver Scale Fragment x1 Void Fragment x3 Solar Energy x2 Sea Glass x1 Aransu Orb x3 Solar Energy x4 Blood Pearl x1 Raven Feather x3 Solar Energy x3 Hive Queen’s Wings x1 Keep an eye on the official Blade & Soul website for the full patch notes on October 17.
  9. Greetings! Please remember our Code of Conduct and to discuss the topic, not each other. Thank you!
  10. Halloween has come to the Realm and you’re invited to frolic in the frightening fun! Link:
  11. Starting on October 10, 4:00 AM PDT / October 10, 1:00 PM CEST, all servers will undergo maintenance for approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. An in-game notice will be given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance starting. Below is the list of changes introduced within the update: Routine server maintenance and modifications For server status updates please follow the @BladeAndSoulOps Twitter account. Tweets by @BladeAndSoulOps
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  13. Support Shamelessly Lying

    Hello Chara Dreemurr, While I cannot give you the details on how items are being picked for Today's Special I can just confirm you that the Adornment you mention was not supposed to be part of Today's Special. I understand that this can be frustrating however this was indeed not a bug. I can only advise you to keep an eye on Today's Special as it is not excluded that the item you seek will make an appearance in the future.
  14. Greetings @schupunk, You can get in touch with our Support team directly by emailing them at
  15. Any ETA on fixing the login server?

    Greetings, Thank you for the report. The appropriate team members are aware and looking into this as we speak. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.
  16. The following class costumes are for sale on the Hongmoon Store NOW: Blood Raid – 1119 NCoin (20% off) Temptation – 959 NCoin (20% off) Pistachio Dream – 1199 NCoin Own these unique threads before they slip away on October 12!
  17. Game freezes and shuts down after few minutes

    Greetings zeroke, We are sorry to hear this. Have you tried switching the game to the 32 bit version? If that does not solve the issue, please get in touch with our Support team for troubleshooting.
  18. Hello, We are sorry to hear about your account. Unfortunately, the forums are not the appropriate place for these reports. Only Customer Support will be able to investigate the issue for you. Regards, Amraith
  19. I have a problem with ncoin

    Greetings! I'm afraid we can't help you with that on the forums, please send a ticket to the Support Team here. They'll be able to help you. Thank you!
  20. Known Issues - September 20

    Known Issues - September 20 Current Character Info (F2) issues: Cannot be view Gunslingers with legendary soul shields equipped. Cannot be view characters with the Knockout costume equipped. Cannot search for Warden characters. Cannot search for characters in FR or BP. Known Issues - September 12 Treasure Trove Keys display an incorrect expiration date. The correct expiration date is October 3 2018. Warden Class Icons and some equipment do not display correctly in Character Info. (EN ONLY) The Wrathbringer Ring tooltip lists “Triggers 20% Focus Damage to the target” – this should be “Chance to trigger 20% Focus Damage to the target” Players are unable to queue for dungeons in Cross Server Dungeon with Fleeting Riftwalk and Dawnforged weapons. Please queue for dungeons with another weapon equipped. Some Warlocks are unable to exchange for the correct Awakened Mystic Badges at Dragon Trader NPC Junsorei. This will be addressed with a bugfix patch.
  21. Gunner f2 still bugged

    Thanks for the reports! Currently Gunslinger legendary soul shields will break a Gunslingers F2 window. We're working as fast as we can on addressing the issue but we do apologize for the inconvenience, we know F2 issues can make things complicated when trying to join groups. Hang in there!
  22. SystemErr - (3000 : Account Login Failure)

    Greetings everyone, Please feel free to submit a ticket, so our Support team can help you trouble shoot.
  23. Twitter feed on the site

    Thanks for reporting this to us! I'll send it over to the team to look into it.
  24. Cold storage min bid 100g

    Hello, HateMe is right, if you would like to report this player for any inappropriate behavior, please contact Customer Support and they will be able to investigate the issue for you. You can submit a ticket to Customer Support here: The forums are not the appropriate place for these reports. Regards, Amraith
  25. Lyn Warden... '-'

    Greetings, I would like to also ask everybody to get back to the actual discussion here and stay on topic for the sake of this thread's life span. Thank you!
  26. Stamina

    Greetings, You may find the information in the thread below helpful:
  27. Windwalk increase issue

    Greetings, This same topic has been discussed here and you may find the information posted helpful:
  28. Character Info bugged in F8

    We're working with the dev teams to get these issues fixed. We don't currently have an ETA but we will update everyone when we get closer!
  29. 7 Days Premium Free

    Greetings! I will be locking this thread up as I already responded to this question here:
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