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  2. servers are down?

    Hi all,    the login issue should be resolved now. If you continue to experience problems when logging in please let us know.    Thank you!
  3. Yesterday
  4. Starting on March 29, 4:00 AM PDT / March 29, 11:00 AM UTC, all servers will undergo maintenance for approximately 5 hours. An in-game notice will be given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance starting.   Below are the list of changes introduced within the update: Routine server maintenance and modifications
  5. Last week

    Hello,    Please be advised we will never contact you in game asking you to go to another website. Be very wary of anyone that poses as a GM and please report them.    Thank you!
  7. Free VPN?

    Greetings,   Our forums are made for you to be able to talk about Blade and Soul related topics. This thread is now closed.
  8. Gunner Release on April 12?

    Greetings,   To reiterate what others have said but in golden text, the Gunner class will not be available in the Secrets of the Stratus update on April 12. The character in the trailer is a NPC and not a player character.   We like your enthusiasm though! :P
  9. Ap for dungeons

    Greetings newbiez,   When you do find the screenshots, please make sure to remove any player names in the image before posting it here.    Thank you!
  10. Trove keys

    Closing thread. The discussion is already taking place here:   
  11. For people who don't have time for BT (Skybreak Spire)

    Greetings,   We want to remind everybody to stay on topic and keep your posts civil. No need to get personal or derogatory.    Thank you!
  12. Earlier
  13. trove keys removed

    You can't; key bundles are removed a day before the Treasure Trove is scheduled to end. For reference, this has been the case with the past Treasure Troves and will be for future Treasure Troves unless the rule is changed with the Product Management team. We recommend keeping this in mind for the future and buying your key bundles two days before the event is scheduled to end.
  14. trove keys removed

    You can continue to purchase keys through the Trove itself in the meantime.
  15. trove keys removed

    Greetings,   This is intended. The keys are removed for purchase to prevent players from buying keys and not using them in time. Any keys you currently have you will be able to use until the Trove event ends, which is tomorrow during the maintenance.
  16. Greetings,   Since this question was answered by LordMg, we are now closing this thread.   Thank you!
  17. Greetings,   The above-mentioned rating issue with Beluga Lagoon should be resolved with tomorrow's maintenance. We have identified players who purposefully exploited this bug in order to gain an unfair advantage over others.   As previously announced, players who took advantage of this bug are going to be subject to disciplinary actions leading up to a possible account suspension. Please rest assured that triggering this bug by chance or mistake once or twice will not result in you receiving a penalty.   If your Blade & Soul account was suspended today, we would like to advise you to first reach out to Customer Support in order to obtain more information as the Community Team in charge of these forums are unable to access your personal account information.   We do welcome feedback however and discussions are always encouraged, but please note that we will be unable to provide assistance on personal cases.   Thank you for again for your cooperation. The Blade & Soul Team
  18. Who wants to draw ? Lyn F model here

    Greetings, We took the liberty to move this thread into the Fan Creations section.
  19. [Spoiler] Blade and soul ending ?!

    Greetings,    We added Spoiler to the title and hid the original content accordingly to prevent any further accidental revelations.    
  20. will we get something for st patrick day

    That's what the Eternal Spring costume and the Lucky Charm Pouch are for! St. Patrick's Day! 
  21. Livestream

    We're definitely in the works on one! You'll hear more about it soon. ^_^
  22. Let's not raise posts from the dead as this could bring back old outdated information, instead create a new one in its place. ^_^
  23. Female Gon Profiles

    My Gon! ^_^      
  24. Greetings,   The Blade and Soul Community represents an incredibly diverse population, with members coming from a wide range of backgrounds and our Code of Conduct helps ensure these forums are a safe and enjoyable place for all of them. Aggressive and any other form of inflammatory behaviour are not allowed by the forums Code of Conduct.     This thread is now closed.
  25. 911th thread about 6v6 arenas

    Hello everyone,   Just a friendly reminder to keep things civil.   Thanks.
  26. ok i hate this game

    We would love to hear your constructive feedback on why you are not enjoying Blade & Soul so that we can look into your concerns and forward them over to the development team. Unfortunately, creating a thread with this type of title and using two words as your post will not work in anyone's favor. This thread will now be closed.
  27. Greetings,   Just a quick reminder: Avoid to "revive" old thread, it's always better to make a new one!   Thanks. Team Blade & Soul.
  28. Female Gon Profiles

    Sharing mine here also! :D  
  29. Sooo... what's the catch?

    Hello and welcome to Blade & Soul!   You can find some tips from players in this thread. While it is geared more for returning players, there is a lot of useful information in there for everyone!
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