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  2. Hello ouzmo, Could you please provide me with your ticket number so we can investigate why ticket timestamp gets refreshed despite you not getting a reply? Also right now the Blade & Soul Support Team us experiencing a high volume of tickets therefore response time is higher than usual, I am really sorry about that. Thank you!
  3. Region exchange voucher

    Hello mrueles, Being able to change regions is something many players have requested. Unfortunately due to technical limitations moving characters between regions isn't possible. That restriction has been there since Blade & Soul launched and it is very unlikely to change in the future.
  4. Bad Community, why?

    Hello, I'm going to close this thread since it's pretty old. Please create a new thread if you'd like to continue discussing this topic. Thanks!
  5. Starting on February 14, 4:00 AM PST / February 14, 12:00 PM UTC, all servers will undergo maintenance for approximately 3 hours. An in-game notice will be given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance starting. Below is the list of changes introduced within the update: Routine server maintenance and modifications For server status updates please follow the @BladeAndSoulOps Twitter account. Tweets by @BladeAndSoulOps
  6. Turkish language

    Hello ZeSlix, The Blade & Soul team is constantly monitoring the market in order to support additional languages. Unfortunately at this time we aren't planning to add Turkish support in Blade & Soul. Adding a new language requires a lot of work due to the sheer volume of translation required so it's not a decision we can take lightly. Just to give you an idea, Blade & Soul is over 3 millions words! An average translator cruise at ~2,500 words per hour (that varies depending on context etc.). Add to that the editing required, the quality assurance and you realise the tremendous task ahead if we were to add another language.
  7. Support ticket time reset.

    Greetings, We just want to take a quick moment to assure you that your tickets will be answered as soon as possible. Please refrain from bumping an existing ticket, as that will unfortunately move it to the back of the queue. Thank you!
  8. F2 Page in French

    Greetings, As you mentioned, the patch we deployed on Thursday unfortunately did not solve this issue. We continue to work on deploying another patch for this. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.
  9. LOL logged in and gm menu showed up

    Greetings, Those of you, who have experienced a screen like this, are you able to reproduce it? If this happens again, would you be so kind and report it to our Support team, so they can take a closer look? Thank you so much in advance!
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  11. Tone Deaf Event - Violence for Valentines

    Hello, Please be reminded that our Blade & Soul forums are not the right venue for political references in posts. Please use appropriate platforms for discussing political movements. This thread is now closed. Regards, Amraith
  12. Greetings! Please note that the NCSOFT Forums are not a place for discussing national or international laws or regulations. You may direct any such complaints to our Customer Support. This thread is now closed. Regards, Amraith
  13. Hello, Please contact Customer Support and they will be able to help you. You can submit a ticket to Customer Support here: Regards, Amraith
  14. Hello all, Today, February 8, at 9 AM PST there will be a maintenance on some in-game services. Character Info, Marketplace, and Hongmoon Store will be down briefly. After the services are restored using these services may be slower for a few hours. Thank you!
  15. Regarding Upcoming Blade & Soulmate Event

    I can totally understand the apprehension on the PvP portion of the Blade & Soulmate event, especially for those who prefer not to engage in battles with other players. While this part of the event will more than likely end up being a large brawl in Cinderlands (especially at the beginning of the event cycle), do keep in mind that the event is ongoing for 6 weeks and the True Heart item is not a required item to obtain. This portion of the event will mainly appeal to achievement hunters, cosmetic collectors, and world PvP enthusiasts. As usual, we'll be monitoring and relaying your feedback of the event to the development team so please let us know what you think throughout the event's duration.
  16. Going to lock this post since it's pretty ancient. Feel free to make a new thread on the topic for a fresh discussion.
  17. Launcher problem: game doesn't start!

    Greetings, We are sorry you are encountering issues loading the game. Please submit a ticket to our Support team for assistance. They can help you trouble shoot. Thank you!
  18. a new art contest?

    A well captured screenshot is more than welcome as a submission for the Loading Screen Art Contest! Many of the original loading screens in-game are of character models with an out of focus background.
  19. Premium purchase help please!

    Hello Straxedix, I am sorry to hear that you are having issue while trying to purchase a Premium Membership. Serbia is a country we support so you should be able to make a purchase. I would advise you to contact our Customer Support team explaining them in details what error message / what problem exactly do you encounter so they can assist you further. Thank you! Edit: Regarding your question below, yes you will have to wait a bit, it may take up to a day for Premium Benefit to actually appear on your account after your purchase. Usually it's much more faster than that (few minutes to one hour).

    Greetings, Since this issue appears to be solved, we will now close this thread. Thank you!
  21. Support is not responding

    Greetings Mortem Album, Sorry to hear about your wait, we should be able to get it back to you as soon as a Customer Service agent gets to your ticket. It's best to resist the temptation to bump your ticket as this actually puts it to the back of the queue. Thank you!
  22. Trouble Logging into site

    Hello Haruki07, You can contact Customer Support by email too : Regards, Amraith
  23. Error while logging in on the website

    Greetings! You might want to try clearing your cache or use a different browser with the following login: Should the problem persist, please contact our Support. Thank you!
  24. reset character pin help pls

    Hello dante332, Please contact Customer Support and they will be able to help you. Regards, Amraith
  25. Forum Profile, editing!

    Greetings! Unfortunately, there are no current plans about enabling again profile editing. Thank you for your understanding.
  26. With the Blade & Soul: Call of the Deep update on February 7, a number of changes to weapon and accessory upgrade and progression are coming. To give you as much heads up as possible we’re providing an early look at some of the update’s patch notes. These are close to final, but please be aware that some specifics or details may change before the final patch release. PvE Legendary Accessory Updates Up until this point, Hellion accessories have only been able to upgrade to PvP focused legendary accessories. In this update, we are adding the option to upgrade to Hellion accessories PvE focused legendary accessories for players as well. You now have the choice of choosing a PvE or PvP legendary accessory when upgrading a Hellion Accessory. Hellion Ring can now be upgraded to Skyshatter Ring or Inheritor's Ring. You can switch between the two choices at Stage 10 for a cost. Hellion Earring can now be upgraded to Skypearl Earring or Apex Earring. You can switch between the two choices at Stage 10 for a cost. Navigator Belt is now available from Outlaw Island which is used to upgrade Skyguard Belt. General Merchant Sa Garyung in Valindria now sells Solak accessories for 10 Naryu Silver. PvE Legendary Weapon Updates In this update we’ve added Storm Dragon and Exalted weapons which upgrade from Riftwalk and Dawnforged weapons. In addition, we’re reducing the cost to upgrade existing weapons, including Seraph, Baleful, Riftwalk, Dawnforged, and Raven Weapons. Reduced cost to upgrade Seraph/Baleful Weapon Stage 6-12 as well as the cost to upgrade Seraph/Baleful to Riftwalk, Dawnforged, or Raven. Reduced cost to upgrade Raven Weapon Stage 1-9. Raven Weapon Stage 7/8/9 can now be upgraded to Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon Stage 1/2/3, respectively. Reduced cost to upgrade Riftwalk/Dawnforged Weapon Stage 1-9. Riftwalk/Dawnforged Weapon Stage 7/8/9 can now upgrade to Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon Stage 1/2/3, respectively. Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon Stage 1-6 is now available. You can switch between Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon with Pristine Oil. Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon Stage 6 can be upgraded to Aransu Weapon Stage 6. PvP Legendary Weapon Updates This update introduces the final 3 stages of the Ascendant Weapon as well as the brand new Dragon Forge Weapon. We’ve also made significant changes to the existing upgrade paths, including removing the Heroic weapon upgrade paths and reducing the cost of the existing Smelting Orb and Ivory Beluga Orb upgrade paths. Replace Unrefined Galaxy Weapon Chest with Galaxy Weapon Stage 1 Chest on Battleground Trader NPC The Heroic weapon upgrade trees will be deleted; only Smelting Orb and Ivory Beluga Orb upgrade paths will remain. The Smelting Orb and Ivory Beluga Orb upgrade paths are receiving significant cost reductions. Ascendant Weapon Stage 7-9 are now available. Ascendant Weapon Stage 7/8/9 can upgrade to Dragon Forge Weapon Stage 1/2/3, respectively. Dragon Forge Weapon Stage 1-9 are now available.
  27. This should hopefully be addressed when the development team complete their modification work that I mentioned above. If this still is occurring after we implement the changes, please let us know so we can continue improving the Login Reward feature.
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