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  1. Okay this was very helpful, some bots seem to accept players however spiders is completely flooded with no accepts, I got an accept in moontide bay (1/2), the blightwoods was empty on one server but flooded on another, lunar grove also had a bit of activity however parties would accept. I may have overreacted but I still don't fancy paying a third party for an afk bot.
  2. Know thine enemy has the requirement to "kill feral creatures in moon refuge". However every single area in every single channel has been flooded by bots. This has been going on for months. This makes the quest impossible, making acquiring the rewards also impossible. 30 gold, 500k xp and the rest of the gear supplied are all very useful for newer characters/players. Can something be done about this?
  3. Dont know about you, but I found cookie clicker quite fun. Was checking out all my outfits, looking swagger dagger. I enjoyed running around in moontide outfits wayyyyyy more than grinding out dailies that keep having less and less effectiveness. NCSoft had prior warning months before we did, they made their bed now they can lay in it at the cost of our enjoyment for the game. Your issue about currency, first viable farming method in months!
  4. Depends who picks up your ticket. Most of them will toss it into a junk file, however there are others with your interests in mind that will help you. Either spam them till u get banned and post it on reddit or accept they don't care.
  5. I did notice in the URL it was under a US domain, however since I couldn't find one from the EU I concluded that we just followed the same one. Thanks for confirming that is in fact, not the case.
  6. This is pulled directly from the ToS. I'm not a lawyer but wouldn't this prevent most legal attacks? It's not a nice thought losing all your NCoin cuz of some human error. So if I were you I'd be happy there WASN'T a rollback.
  7. Be ncsoft - Get sent tickets about a "typo" that is very easily abused. Proceed to ignore them. - See forums full of people complaining and talking about said "typo". Ignore those aswell. - Now there's quite a few channels in bamboo village and the economy is well, yeah. Proceed to tell everyone looking at the forums how to abuse this "typo" - Now leave this alone for the next couple of days because all the devs are working incredibly hard on fixing the low fps, terrible ping, adding ways for new players to get items a little easier and much much more! - Oh yeah when ev
  8. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention, you have just accelerated the time it will take me to uninstall this "game"
  9. So do we as a playerbase, do you think they took a second to think about that? NCSoft isn't the problem, NCSoft's management is the problem.
  10. You forgot the part where in the small chance you get the game to startup at a relatively normal pace, it will disconnect you on login.
  11. Then perhaps I could recommend the same fix they used for Draken Cores. You get a 1 off bulk reward to give you a hand to grind something else. Because when crafting, Moonstones and Elysian Orbs seem to on the same tier on rarity (or that was how it was supposed to be). So you do X quest to get Y moonstones so you can go grind them at Z. Perhaps a third Celestial Basin/Moon Refuge. 15-20mins of grinding per Moonstone/Elysian Orb seem fairs, no?
  12. If this is true would an official update be possible? 13/25 of the threads on the first page have complaints about the current patch. New players are being turned away because of it.
  13. It's a manipulated image, however a Lynx sprung to mind instantly. https://www.deviantart.com/slashriot/art/Blue-Lynx-373362440.
  14. Is there a way to contact the GM's directly with all the information they need on a silver plate? Because I would happily go through all the statistics and go asking communities directly what they really want. Even make some recommendations of my own. Seeing a game that's so brilliant at it's core crumble for such a petty reason is... agitating.
  15. TL;DR: Game is too much of a grind for low rewards, players are leaving NCSoft is losing money and going completely the wrong way about it. Please note: I am not an experienced player and my knowledge is very limited however I would like to share my personal point of view of my experience. So I started Blade & Soul a couple months back, never played an MMO before and I was loving every bit of it, however the more I moved on the more it became a chore to play. The idea of dailies is great, I don't mind that at all, in fact I enjoy it since it helped me learn team pl
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