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  3. Broken weeklies rewards

    SO what's up dudes, scary of new life challenges? You still have 3 wins in 6v6 pvp, go one, make yourself useful. They work for sure.
  4. Tropical Treasure Trove 100 Key Results

    So far I've used 176 Keys on Trove and these are ALL the 3* Crits I've had. I don't even want to comment much on this, how are these even 3* crits... The only thing, ONLY THING I wanted in the trove was Olympian outfit but instead i got these 3* crits and couldn't get the only thing i wanted in trove with 176 keys Album Link: Didn't want to put 4 pictures and take a ton of space for them, but just wanna put 1 of those 4 crits here out of that album, because this is even more of a joke than the one that was posted in this topic. Even the 2* crit @aeri00 posted is better than this 3* crit. At least the amount of Scarlet Bloom in it is 20x instead of 8.
  5. Tropical Treasure Trove Available June 19

    avoid if you value your money, 3 *** crits contain Fabrics and other junk
  6. Key Trove discount

    Got the same 3 *** crit... and i couldn't believe my eyes... fabrics?! and some useless skins that look like crap on my char?! Imagine buying a Lotto Ticket that says you get a bycicle if you get 1 Star, a bmw, mercedes, vw like for 2 Stars, and a Nissan GTR or Aston martin like for 3 Star.. (attention on the "like") Now you get 3 stars.. you are filled with joy, and you go to the dealership to pick up your 100 000$ Car. You get there... and the car is a Fiat, BUT WAIT... there is more! You also get a leather jacket with the FIAT logo, and some drapes for your apartment. If the people over there would have put their heads together they could have made a dual 3 *** crit. One with outfits etc... and one for people who WANT VALUE! I fail to understand how you don't prefer to please most of the players, just some... Isn't it NCSofts goal to keep paying users paying?! IF so, why on this earth are you targeting specific groups of players (those who want fancy underwear)... What do i know, right?
  7. Yesterday
  8. Broken Trove Logic

    Exactly... I want a refund of the ncoin as well.. don't care about rolling again.. And like Arohk said, at least if they were sellable .. but noooo.. This kind of error is unacceptable imo, and ppl getting this Crit should at least receive something compensatory...that is of course if they intend those players to ever spend $ for the game ever again.. Which i defenitly won't do if i don't get a 3 *** compensation.
  9. Eeeeeendlich <3 <3 <3

    Mit 75 versuchen ist der Zeitvertreib aber nicht so groß, die hat man schon nach gut 30 Minuten aufgebraucht. Ach da gibt es Kohle ? ist mir neu, denke es gibt Gegenstände,? Ich hab noch keine Kohle bekommen, im gegenteil, das kostet auch noch Kohle...
  10. Waffen des Himmelskaisers modifier

    Sind die Leute denn von Heiliger Berg 9 auf Himmelskaiser 3 gegangen? (Viele Spieler sagen es lohnt nicht auf Himmelskaiser 3 zugehen soll gleich auf 6 gehen) Und ich werde am we auf Himmelskaiser 6 upgraden :D
  11. Unused Soul Badges

    As an active player, what do you generally do when a soul badge/legendary soul badge no longer becomes viable for your class/spec? Store it? Destroy it? NPC it for 1 Copper? Unused Soul badges on their own are not bound to account (chests bought from MSP/Moon Refuge/Dragon Express are an different exception) and if aren't useful for Metas/Certain short/long fight builds, become useless on that character. Legendary Soul badges at the very least, with the exception of new pink Warsong/Legacy fused, can be freely exchanged, can however be exchanged via the merchant in Mushins tower. In your opinion, could a system be implemented benefit players in the future? - Badges can be salvaged for 50% of the original token price (x35), allowing for more tokens, especially old tiers such as Fury, to once again enter market circulation without the need for x125 Solar energy, which can be focused towards other purposes like Obsidian Gems. - For the Cost of x1 Moonstone Crystal/x1 Elysian Crystal, regular badges can be sealed into a bound-to-account box for newly made alts to make usage of. - Old Badges can be exchange for x-Amount of ToI tickets for those attempting to grind out the new season, similar to the current system that allows the exchange of x1 Yunsang Beed / x1 Mewtineer Coin / x1 Master Hong tokens for x1 Ticket - and of course, old tier legendary soul badges can be exchanged for the new pink tier fused for those classes who already upgraded their badges before the class overhaul update whose rotations require the new badge but cannot easily afford to re-spend the materials they invested in their current outdated fused badge, that will now "collect dust". Old systems typically get condensed to match appropriate current content, one example being the removal of Galaxy Fragments and generally condensing the PvP currencies down to Bloodstones/Fragments, until reaching current tier/relevant content. What are your thoughts on this matter though?
  12. Insel der Vergeltung, ein überflüssiges Spiel?

    Also, zur zeit sieht es so aus das es kaum möglich ist 20 Leute zusammen zu bekommen. Und nun muss man im Brief vom Produzenten lesen, das die Insel nicht mehr für Solo PVP ist sondern für Gruppen PVP ist, besser werden soll. weis einer was das soll? warum macht man das nicht von Anfang an so?
  13. Probleme mit dem neuen Launcher!

    Bitte, kein Problem, helfe immer gerne wenn ich kann.
  14. Happy to help, Mitra! Thank you as well for continuing to report my posts further. Upon Scarlet Empress's 20% phase initiation, the message "The Scarlet Empress's Crimson Energy grows" is missing a blank space. Upon Dread Prince Sobu losing its target during the phase causing a Berserk Rage, the message is missing a blank space. The Dragon Pulse leading to Scarlet Empress in Scarlet Conservatory - 3F refers to the boss as Scarlet Queen. When viewing the Dungeon Progress in the Character Status (P) menu, Graft Titan has an added The in its name. The actual name is only Graft Titan. In the Hongmoon Training Room (F12), The Peacekeeper has the incorrect name Barrier Keeper. In the Hongmoon Training Room, Nightfall Sanctuary's Combat instruction is incorrect. Peacekeeper: On the Stance Shift note, it says a Knock Down effect will trigger your stance rather than the boss's. Shield Bearer On the Stance Shift note, it says a Knock Down effect will trigger your stance rather than the boss's. Scorptamaton "Thermal Beam" is not called Thermal Beam, but Fever Transfer. Grand Celestial Emperor Under the Flamewave Eye title, you write about "Submission". In the actual boss encounter, Submission is called "Superior Status". In the Hongmoon Training Room, Brierbane's Combat instruction is incorrect. Under the Decapitate title, it says you need to move backwards to dodge the Decapitate attack. You need to move sideways. In the Hongmoon Training Room, Nacha's Combat instruction speaks of Tether Blade, when the actual name is Blade Edge.
  15. Broken Trove Logic

    Got the same crap on my last 5 keys i used, saw 3 star, and almost cheered, just to have my jaw dropping, it is worth a two star crit but not 3. And this time i can't even sell the stupid weapon skin for 1000+ gold on the marked, i don't use it because it covers my character and makes my FPS go down. This was the last time i bought keys, do you ever think i get a harmony gems or what was it with the 60 sacret oil crits back then? nope.
  16. Summer Splash Variant

    Last year, all swimsuits were available in store during summer except Summer Splash Variant. This year swimsuit rotation already started so please make available Summer Splash Variant this time.
  17. Broken Trove Logic

    Well, i wouldnt say its "unacceptable" but....i do think they exagerated with the i will say "value" of the weapon skins. While, yes i think those weapon skins should be in a 3 star crit, the other items should have been different. but you have to keep in mind, most of the playerbase values weapon skins / costumes more over materials and thats where they were heading with this. I do however not agree on you getting a key refund, simply because you dont deserve one, oyu know its a rng event and you willingly decided to spend 100$, you said so yourself. Sadly its arguing over spilled milk now, but hopefully they take the feedback for the next trove in 3 months.
  18. 3rd Spec Release order?

    first 4 classes in the game was BM, KFM, Destroyer and FM, in the korean beta, so no, they are most likely going off most played classes and placing warden last as the newest class, and since the last year they seem to have made it their mission of wreckign the WL class and making people quit, ( by removing abilities and basicly making the class worse to play in many regards with awakening when compared to a new class that literaly does evry single thing better then WL ) So WL is last.
  19. New class idea: Stand user

    Well, BnS doesn't seem to be about a balance of reality being mixed in -- since unless you are doing domestic violence, in battles, a long distance player's main benefit is about being out of immediate attack range. The idea that almost any player is only a leap or jump away from someone attacking them defeats the main purpose of being a range class. Maybe lower the effectiveness of auto-targeting going from 16m to 22m (perhaps based-on or enhanced-by your accuracy score), but reverting to hits being based on those painted by your target indicator. On top of outrageous jump distances it seems that there should be a real chance of meleé classes getting in the way of them jumping away. How many times have I heard a close character stop someone from running away with the line "I'll be your opponent."
  20. Broken Trove Logic

    Basically the answer is we set the 3 *** to just throw random shet as rewards.. cool bro
  21. erro

    Does turning off the char rendering also eliminate their skill's affect. I've had my character briefly switch into fighting stance more than once. To me, that seems like it is more than just a visual, not sure what effect (if any) it would have had in a battle.
  22. Complainers

    Fortunately have only run into 1(2?) in F8, who questioned why my character wasn't doing the damage they though they should do. Their wording+tone suggested they might be the same person, but char names were different. The second was especially fun as the reason I didn't do high damage is that I was on my back alot after getting aggro due to high damage. They made some comment about me learning my class, but they were a tank class. Said that my DPS would have been just fine if they'd known their tank class (had people 3-4 HM levels below them do significantly better). They just dropped off the server after that. No idea why.
  23. 3rd Spec Release order?

    Why is it more infuriating than any other order? Why isn't the 3rd spec released at the same time for all classes? I've never seen a game publisher give special privileges to 2-3 groups out of a dozen, months before other groups. Rationally, do them all at the same time, throw them up on a test server, separate from the main server. Put a copy of everyone's character on the test server or use the same DB for both servers, but set the DB access on the test server for 'copy/update on write'. If you want to see early access and want to help NCSoft test, then play on the test server, but note -- any changes made on the test server won't be propagated back to the main server. The only benefit to players would be ability to see and learn new system (which may change if something is broken). Have a fantasy "vendor" who can give you any type of currency and/or any level of item to your test character at no cost (*free*). The character and any items on the test server will disappear at the end of the test period. Once issues are worked out, release new binary to regular server and disable the test server. Once verified, archive or destroy test server & test world. There could be usefulness in rewarding an account-bound title associated with being a tester for the 3rd-spec release. The test word would: increase engagement of players perhaps, attract new players. Note, I'd only support character creation on the released/normal server. This would have the side effect of ensuring new players are registered and have a character created on the normal server, removing either of those being a "dissuader" of trying the new game after the test period. If there is a need to test character creation, accounts would still be created/registered, first, in the 'current' game. increase testing coverage beyond what is currently done. Allow for simultaneous release of all classes If "to-be-released" game info is to be dissuaded, then: Ask testers not to leak, post or publish data about the new version, while, at the same time, realizing that such bans are all but guaranteed to not stop people talking about it. In that light, I'd only take actions against those posting pre-release info. Even then, only action would be disabling their test account and disabling getting any accomplishment associated this event. To make consequences "scale", I'd toss a ban on future participation for a time period of 6-months × Number_of_violations. One would hope people wouldn't get more than 1 violation. It's not perfect, no system is, but it's also meant to be low-maintenance/cost to implement/achieve. Anyway, have said too much, so....end it here, except to add, sadly, that the current ordering may simply reflect its internal classID number based on the age of the class and the order in which the classes were released. 😩
  24. Waffen des Himmelskaisers modifier

    Leider kenne ich genug Leute die vor kurzem von Heiliger Berg auf Himmelskaiser geupgradet haben und es bereuen weil der Schaden runtergegangen ist. Macht also für mich keinen Sinn wieso man die Waffe dann überhaupt machen sollte.. Und es ist leider auch nicht ersichtlich in wie fern der Effekt sich steigert. Deshalb die Frage ob das so beabsichtigt ist ^^
  25. 3rd Spec Release order?

    The newly released producer letter confirms that Destroyer and Sin are next to get 3rd spec... still want to say its wrong? So basicly if your a Warlock you get to enjoy NCsoft further abusing your class by making last with Warden to get a 3rd spec. LOL they just edited the Producer letter to change it from being Destroyer and Sin next, too "Additional classes" can you imagine why they would do that? And they edited it back in.
  26. Broken Trove Logic

    Can you link me to it please?
  27. Ancestral. When third spec comes out this will probably change but for now this is bis.
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