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  2. Maybe a targeting issue?

    So i play as an earth soul fighter and i can ani cancel perfectly but when i go ice i get lag (feels like high ping but it isnt) while just holding RMB. This also happens sometimes when i use ripple punch and dragon fury; the hits dont register as fast as they should. Could this be a targeting issue even though im right beside the target?
  3. XIGNCODE3 ?

    When I fought a boss in basin last night, for some reason the delay in my skills activating went up to 1 second or more, even though the in game latency meter said it was 450ms, it was slowed down to twice as slow as normal, then there was a long freeze and the game crashed. The FPS meter was around 30fps at the time, and the temperature on my graphics card and CPU were fine, so i'm sure it wasn't due to overheating. This all started happening when Xigncode was installed. Before that, the game was still playable and didn't crash on bosses in basin, or whenever there were heaps of people on screen spamming skills (yes I have hide characters on, and 64bit client).
  4. XIGNCODE3 decreases your FPS ?

    Would be really nice if NCSoft would stop using 3rd party programs that are known to be problematic. Why not just use server side cheat detection?
  5. coucou si c est impossible et que la compétence n est pas dans U c est qu on l a pas encore ici il faut patienter 
  6. Trove Cosmetics Suggestion

    I do put time and money into the game, and I would have gotten superfan if not for bad RNG where I kept rolling taskmasters all the time. I do like the token idea as well, could use tokens to get superfan if RNG was bad.   Couple of things I want to clear up that a few people mentioned. Buying keys using gold, yes I do this as well, but I only make around 80g a day because I have around 500ms ping and am not in a big clan so I can't farm hard mode dungeons, I can barely get through normal mode dungeons without feeling like I'm holding everyone back, so most of my money comes from 6 crafting alts.   I play 4-6 hours a day, but there is no way I make enough gold in game to dump thousands of gold into trove, and I am poor IRL so any NCoin I buy means I have to do without stuff that I need IRL so I don't miss out on cosmetics (I already pay a sub for this game too).   If I were rich and had thousands of dollars to blow on trove I wouldn't be posting here, but as it is, the money I have spent on this game since launch could have bought me a second hand car or a new computer (I actually do really need a new computer to play this game smoothly, but I havn't been able to save enough money to upgrade because of how much money I have been spending on this games cosmetics and trove!).   *Phew* sorry for the wall of text, just had to clear up some generalisations some people were making lol.   Some good suggestions in here as well!
  7. How are XML editers not banned yet?

    There's nothing in the XML that's game breaking, the games mechanics are server side. 
  8. Trove 100keys/3crit

    With 90 keys I got exactly 9 crits....rng is just rng won't be the same for everyone
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  10. Everywhere market as premium benefit

    Sorry for not being clear enough. I mean the power to sell items on marketplace, as well as manage my sales items (pull them down).
  11. How are XML editers not banned yet?

    I just put this here. Intercept it however you want.     I think NCSoft classifies players' client modification into two categories: bannable and ignorable. If you modify it to super-advantages against other players, like have infinite focus, permanent stealth (like hacking Summoners in 1v1 last year), it is bannable. This, however, cannot be modded through changing a few lines in xml. You need a hack tool for that, and this is a serious offense.   Meanwhile, if it is something you can modify through xml, it is ignorable. 

    Well, at least it didn't happen when you're fighting xanos and it have 1% hp left. :P
  13. How are XML editers not banned yet?

    So because I live in Australia I am not allowed to play with you, real good reasoning...
  14. Kommende Klasse Gunner

    Da musste ich auch sofort dran denken :D passt dann eigentlich wie die Faust aufs Auge zu BnS. Vielleicht kooperieren die beiden Unternehmen ja in Zukunft und es gibt einen Preisnachlass beim Erwerb des Level 50 Tickets bei Bezahlung per Maestro-Karte.   Aber Maestro geht eigentlich noch. Hätte ja auch schlimmer kommen können: Paypal-Paintballer, Visa-Virtuose, Sofortüberweisungs-Shooter, Giropay-Gunman etc.
  15. How are XML editers not banned yet?

    I thought I just really sucked at PvP lol. I still do but I thought that the speed was my lack of skill in response to the player. It seems it might actually be hax? :x
  16. salut les gens , dans le livre de competence j'en ei une qui demande << légendaire technique de hongmoon impossible a trouver >> . esse que il y a moyen d'avoir des info le dessus ?
  17. Yesterday

    Had that happen way to may times, normally though the chat doesn't work which is how i know it's going to be a DC yet I can still move. 
  19. How are XML editers not banned yet?

    Wait what? You claim people left because of GameGuard, and then later that they didn't listen to people complaining about GameGuard. First of all, I don't know of a single person who would've quit the game because of GG, and second, them listening to the whining is exactly why we now have this Xigncode crap which is 10x worse. Thanks a lot.    As for the XML thing - yeah... Everyone using it just should get flat out banned. There is no justification for it, no matter what they keep telling themselves. Modifying your game client to get an unintended speed advantage is speedhacking. 
  20. How are XML editers not banned yet?

      i think than the game will be quite empty,lol.... some people edit xml to just have further zoom out,they will get banned to. (i know few in my clan who does)     but ban for 7 days with a warning could do the trick if its possible to detect xml editing. but iam quite sure its not.    
  21. How are XML editers not banned yet?

    How about just ban all of these macros, editors, or watever programs they use along with this game? It can seriously reduce their time to investigate each case reported as hacking or cheating in game. They can use the time to make the game better by fixing errors, bugs, etc. Lately, there are more and more bugs coming out with each new event/patch.   If you have very high ping without using them, it means you live too far away or have a bad route. Living too far means that this game is not for you. It is ideal for you to join a server closer to your location. If you have bad route, you can change your internet provider. There is no way for a game to make every single player happy.   For the people with low FPS, it just means you have potato computer. If you have high end computer and still have low FPS, there must be something wrong with your computer as many people such as myself can play this game without problem and without high end computer.      
  22. Kommende Klasse Gunner

    Schütze wäre zu einfach :P
  23. Daily Challenge alte Dungeons bitte

    Könnte man generell mal als Verbesserungsvorschlag aufnehmen - es gibt extrem viele Verliese mit ungefähr gleichem Schwierigkeitsgrad, zwischen denen zufällig gewechselt werden könnte und die man überhaupt nicht mehr läuft ... dann wäre die tägliche Herausforderung auch nicht ganz so monoton und die Verliese die sonst gar keiner mehr zu Gesicht bekommt wären wieder zu etwas nützlich.    
  24. How are XML editers not banned yet?

    so again,if you see someone in pvp with abnormal attack speed like REALLY way to fast just report him. i think too they wont auto ban every xml editor or whatever,they are too many/most of them dont abuse it. we need to report the bad ones who's abusing it.    
  25. Für PvP kann ich dir nur empfehlen: schau dir über F11 die Rankings an ... die Arena ist die einzig wirkliche Möglichkeit die Klassen ohne Unterschiede im Gear zu vergleichen und das Ranking sollte eigentlich für einen kleinen Überblick aussagekräftig genug sein.   Im PvE würde ich dir aber wirklich zu der Klasse raten, mit der du dich am ehesten anfreunden kannst, da jede Klasse andere Vorzüge besitzt ...   Nahkampf: Assassin, Schwertmeister, Schwerttänzer, Kung-Fu-Meister, Berserker Fernkampf: Gewaltenbändiger, Beschwörer, Paktierer Nah-/Fernkampf: Elementarkämpfer Support/Heal: Beschwörer, Elementarkämpfer (+Wiederbelebung aller Partymitglieder) Support/Schutz: Gewaltenbändiger (Fernkampf/Resist), Assassin (Fernkampf/Stealth), Schwerttänzer (Resist), Schwertmeister (Resist) Greifen: Berserker, Schwerttänzer, Gewaltenbändiger (ohne Einschränken und keine großen Gegner) Tank: Schwertmeister, Kung-Fu-Meister Gegner festhalten: Beschwörer, Paktierer   Die Liste ist sicher nicht komplett und ggf. noch zu erweitern - aber das ist das, was mir so auf die schnelle eingefallen ist - vielleicht hilft's ja ein wenig ^^
  26. Kommende Klasse Gunner

    Habs auch vorhin gelesen und dachte erst " Blade and Soul bekommt nen Barden? oO "   Ich ahne das es bei der Namenswahl Meastro darauf hindeuten soll, dass er sich kunstvoll bewegt etc etc oder ein zarter Hinweis auf die Maestro-Card ( im Sinne von CASHT CASHT CASHT xD )   ABER im Vergleich mit den anderen Klassennamen klingt es total unpassend.. was wäre denn bitte an Waffenmeister falsch?   Oder nehmt Apfelzimt´s Vorschlag und macht eine Abstimmung auf, lasst die COMMUNITY ein paar Namen einreichen, lasst die COMMUNITY abstimmen und gebt dem Gewinner nen netten Preis.. damit würdet Ihr nach der TroveAktion, richtig punkten.
  27. How are XML editers not banned yet?

    You have any idea on how useful is the xml editing for HIGH ping players? The bad part is that low ping players are abusing it to have speed hack.      
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