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  2. und in welchem land lebst du? ne is klardas du deinen Senf dazu geben musst, haste nichts besseres zu tun, oder ist dir Langweilig? in 3-4 tage auf stufe 50,als Anfänger, der B&S zum ersten mal spiel, sei doch mal ehrlich zu dir selber, wie lange hast du den gebraucht, als du hier angefangen hast? na wie lange, 3-4 oder doch 1 oder einige Wochen? und das alleine ohne Gruppe. aber es ist klar als Profi schaft man jedes Game in ach so Kurzer Zeit. Hier ein Glückskeks zur Belohnung. aber man kennt dich ja, du und deine Kommentare mir jede menge Widersprüche. am besten du hältst den ball schön flach. es hat zu dem dir keiner gesagt das du auf meinem Text drauf antworten sollst. und du Schattenspringer, schau dir doch mal deine Beiträge an, meinst du die sind klasse? jeder hat ein recht auf seine Meinung, ob es dir nun gefällt oder nicht.
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  4. Venture Token Myth or Real?

    u know u can buy hmcoin with ingame gold right?
  5. Venture Token Myth or Real?

    They have a human-negligible drop rate. Also we're 100% sure they just got nerfed even more considering they removed venture tokens from premium daily dash as an attempt to "reduce amount of hmcoins in the game" aka "cash shop items should be purchased with real $$$ only", so expect them to be effectively 0% now when you round to the nearest 0.00001%.
  6. Base AP of characters

    race definetely has no influence on base AP, Spec also not. Class might, as different classes have different stats. If you really want to compare base stats you should create a completely new account and check it on freshly created characters where there are no unity, achievements and other items that influence it.
  7. Who thought this was a good idea? What's the purpose of doing this other than bait people to buy more resets? Do I gain some unfair advantage by going inside and standing on the raised platform near the portal, as if the NPC there drops 5g every time you speak to him? In every other raid, it only locks you out if you engage some mini-boss (which itself is already stupid because what drops are you expecting to farm from trash mobs, healing pots?? It should only lock you out once you engage the final boss). In ToO there are no other enemies, I went in to do a trade, then relogged to another alt to run the place with same party, then my main got locked out as well, wtf? The party did not engage the boss, they were all standing at the entrance. Purest form of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ design.
  8. Venture Token Myth or Real?

    I got a few purple tokens in all time i played.
  9. Base AP of characters

    Just wanted to know what (race? class? spec?) determines the BASE AP of characters. A lyn gunner in my clan has about 40 more base AP than me even though we had the same HM points and level. My gunner (yun) has 479 base AP whilst the other person's (lyn) gunner has 511. both have 81pts in offense, 15pts in HM focus and are HM19 lv. I'm infinitely confused.
  10. Venture Token Myth or Real?

    probably just bad RNG. i tend to save up the reward chests i get till i have around 100-200+, then i open them. sometimes i get no venture tokens, but normally i get at least 1 (even if just a standard venture token) from opening up my saved-up bundles
  11. AMD RX 5700XT Performing bad on BNS

    I had some problems on my main PC and I had to go back to the old. (MB had to go to the warranty) And I can tell you that is everything on the CPU. I use the same GPU but the CPU and MB change and go back from a 9700k 5ghz to a 6600 the difference is brutal The number of settings I had low and I still have worst performance most notable is stuttering.
  12. Did anyone get venture tokens from reward chests, all these years i have never get 1 venture token from reward chests. And im not exaggerating i literally had " 0 " drops from rewards chest in 3 years of gameplay i ahve 7 characters farming when i play focused ( i take breaks time to time) and yet i have never seen 1 venture token drop from rewards chest, on top of that i never get 1k gold or higher from old challenge boxes so either im the unluckiest person in this game or i have a special bug designed for me...
  13. Mushins Turm

    Du kannst direkt per Windwandeln zum Turm. Einfach J drücken, Quest öffnen, unten rechts den Questort suchen und den Drachenstrom vom Turm anklicken.
  14. Did you also do the story to the required stage? Just getting lvl 60 won't give you premium.
  15. LVL 60 Archer Free 7 Day Premium not received

    Greetings Ezzora, If you have not received your level up rewards, please submit a ticket to our Support team via the Support tab above. Thank you!
  16. So is there any info on how long it will take before you get premium? I got my archer to 60 on the 5th, and have yet to receive my premium. It's Sunday now and nothing has shown up. Is there some kind of hidden secret code or trick that I missed?
  17. Just let the guy who spends his orb let have the loot, whats the big deal? Be happy you get the quest for free.
  18. Archangel costume bundle

    I believe yes, the code had an expiration date but i do not remember how long.
  19. Ich hab wieder mit Blade and Soul angefangen (jahrelange Pause). Nun hab ich die Quest für Der Turm des Mushins: der Aufstieg geht weiter . Ich soll dort in Etage 2 Podan treffen aber mein Problem ist: Wie gelange ich in den Turm ? Ich habe kein Portticket und laufen geht leider auch nicht. Danke schon mal für eure Antworten
  20. These places are boring, simply because they repurposed lower level locations into story ones. Back when the game started, leveling progression was well paced and you had to FIGHT to get through a zone. I distinctly remember the razorwing ravine being hardcore prior to getting your hands on Tomb of Exiles gear and even then it required technique to kill stuff, as enemies didn't die in under a second.
  21. Heavans Mandate MOML Issue Especially in LFP.

    Is it impossible to set master loot? I am still noob but I think I saw options about loot in group window. PS: But I am agree with @JSide - remove orbs. And gold also :(
  22. Archangel costume bundle

    Hi, I remember signing up 2 months ago for a free bundle that includes the Archangel costume bundle. However, I didn't get anything. No code, nothing in my reward tab. Sorry for the multiple topics, I'm having quite some questionmarks in the game rn. Could it be that the code expired or something :x
  23. In welchem universum lebst du den? Selbst beim launch konnte man lvl 50 locker in 3-4 tagen machen. Auf den rest will ich garnicht eingehen das hat bei dir eh keinen wert.
  24. Heavans Mandate MOML Issue Especially in LFP.

    I mean now, anyone with the slightest bit of gear just solos it, so no help for new players. I gave up on MOML ages ago and just solo / duo it now. It's just killing F8 more than it is already
  25. "failed to create D3D9 device" then after i click ok another one pop up saying "Runetime erroe! Program: c:\Program files (x86)\NCSOFT\BNS\bin64\Client.exe R6025 -pure virtual function call" any help would be appreciated ty so much in advance
  26. Heavans Mandate MOML Issue Especially in LFP.

    You do realise some people dont have friends if they are low geared? ever considered that?
  27. Pet aura bug

    When will the stats on pet auras be fixed? Unleashed ultimate and unleashed omega (or whatever the current max stage is called) have the correct stats with boss ap, but the stages in between don't.
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