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  2. I'm enjoying playing PVE in this game I do dungeons lot but since this game are F2P, so many toxic players on cross dungeon,if you can add feature banned people from loby or maybe when you got kick you need 2-3 mins for enter the same loby, coz I always getting toxic players who enter high demand gear using low level gear, when I kick those players they keep getting back and out its really annoying it prevent other people to enter, so if we can banned people from that loby that would be helpfull. please add this feature. thanks
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  4. I do not mind them. Always fun to not always do things mindlessly. I'm not here to argue back you win I get it no point in this and that Yada Yada I'm defeated. But the importance of each dungeon being unique in their own way is vital and shows growth through experience regardless of how simple they become in time. Throw in a little fire rings and bubbly cold sparkly water. Just like every person is unique the dungeons should be too. Oh no run don't want to get closed lined hah even if you tried I'm to small. Perks of being a Lynn... Their really is no winning against the system is their you like hot and I like cold equivalent exchange at its finest thanks Al Let the friction of transmutation begin. Bring it on you big meanies I'll drop kick you from each side me and my furry feline. No I was just joking runnnnn
  5. Tower of Memory needs a quest NPC!

    I assume you meant past mistakes. Meaning you too failed to read the letter at least once. That'll be prevented for people in the future, if we can make this happen. Buying NCoin is how we support this company. Part of the money is supposed to go to improving the game. This is part of that. Yes. I have played pservers. That's why I came with the argument. In pservers, the people in charge will tell you to get lost, if anything goes wrong. Because they don't sell their currency; they give it to "donators" as a reward. What do you read when you click "recharge" in F10? "Purchase NCoin". We're customers, not donators. YouTube released a video, "YouTube Rewind 2018", 9 days ago. Currently at 12 million, it quickly rose to became the most disliked video on their own platform. It's an example of a company being horribly out of touch with their userbase. EA (quote from PCGamesN): "For another, Battlefield 1 was only on sale for three days during its first week in the charts, but sold more than double what Battlefield V managed in five days.". Another example of a company being out of touch with their userbase. Why am I mentioning these? Because you're allowing NCSoft to do the same. Arguing against a QoL feature like the one we're asking for, only makes them lazier. Only makes them think they can get away with treating us like shyte. It makes them think they're immortal. If your behaviour continues, NCSoft will be the next example, after YouTube and EA.
  6. Nebula stones and Evolving Weapons

    But I wish they removed the HQ item requirement. That ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ is still expensive.
  7. Shattered Masts' Daily Quest

    I would like it, it would make more money for me, and all the DC dungeons require you do the final boss? Why Masts is the only one different?
  8. Tbh, i wish both went gone again. Mainly the ST one, shes such a pain in the ass.
  9. Was this mentioned in any patch notes ? or as a Known issue on the forums. Simple question how you know that ?
  10. the removal of these 2 mechs were unintentional, so they are back.
  11. In Drowning Deeps the bouncing balls returned, and in the Sand storm Temple the expanding aoe attacks also have returned. Is this change intentional?
  12. Issues logging in. Multiple Errors

  13. Tower of Memory needs a quest NPC!

    I do it on 11 characters a day and I learned from future mistakes, if you are that naive to not press J after you get on character then that's a player sided issue not the game. We are not paying them anything by doing event tho... More like we get free stuff. So exactly how are we paying them wit the event? Activity? no Buyinh Ncoins? That's different from what you implied. If you ended with "They have donators, not customers." that would be neat, but I guess you haven't played on other games/pservers to know what a donator is have you? No biggie for that. Also I don't know why you started going off topic and talking about youtube...
  14. Hello People I wanted to know if it was me alone or everyone is touching that the server is very bad lately I notice that it hangs a lot that gives me very high peaks of Ms, this could be me or is in general thanks a big hello
  15. Unreal Engine 4블레이드-소울-레볼루션/com.netmarble.bnsmkr You can download Blade and Soul Revolution if you like to test it, since there game is Country Restricted KR only, you can use this link to download without restrictions. anyway, PC version like Grimoir said, Probably Early in 2019 we should know more details about it.
  16. Bei mir waren es zwar nicht ganz soviele Schlüssel. Aber die sehr "bescheiden" Ausbeute hat mich jetzt nur eins gelehrt. Werde mich bei denn nächsten Troves extrem zurückhalten eventuell auch garnicht mehr mit machen. Dabei waren in der Vergangenheit die Troves garnicht mal so Schlecht, für eine der gerne Outfitts sammelt. Tja, deshalb werde ich auf die Flügel verzichten. Auch wenn jetzt einige meiner Lyn's sehr traurig sein werden. Das selbe auch bei dem Beutel für die Schneetänzerin. Hatte schon mit einem Schlechten loot gerechnet. Nur bei 50 Beutel, wo pro Beutel nur 7 unterschiedliche illusionsteine zur auswahl stehen, keine einzige Schneetänzerin und nur ein Greif und ein Fuchs. Ansonsten Geister, Otter, Lycane und Infernos. Das ist nur määäh Man könnte auch fast sagen 48x nieten gezogen. Deshalb werde ich mir solche Beutel nicht mehr holen. Sollte ich doch noch mal bei einer der nächsten Trove Events mit machen, werde ich davon ein schönes Y---T--e Video machen.
  17. Hi. I work for Razer and was hoping someone on the dev team can confirm whether any changes/patches were made that would prevent the Chroma lighting from working on Razer peripherals. We have received numerous reports of people reporting that the Chroma lighting in Blade & Soul no longer works. I've seen the history of game crashes associated with the chroma integration but could not find any info related to a patch that was released to remove it. Can you confirm that the Chroma lighting is indeed present in the game currently and that it was not intentionally removed? If not, do you have any data or info that would help us root cause the issue that is preventing Chroma from functioning? Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
  18. Unreal Engine 4

    they are making a mobile game and the PC version will get an engine upgrade somewhere in 2019.
  19. How's the population? (New player)

    Still high, like every other game, people go, people come, people take breaks. Asking "how is the populkation" is useless, best is login play and see for yourself
  20. Usually I judge how popular a game is by how recently youtube videos are uploaded and couple vids I found range from 2-7 months.. So yeah that's just me ok.. How's the player base?
  21. Icebreaker sucht Verstärkung

    Huhu^^ Osthammer Klar nehmen wir frischfleisch auf^^ abwan wärste ca online? :)
  22. Tower of Memory needs a quest NPC!

    It's not hard. But it's easily forgettable. Especially if someone indeed changes character, and does so 9 more times. It's way easier to miss the letter, than it is to miss an NPC with a massive blue arrow above its head. And as someone mentioned before, it's QoL. Other than the 1 second per character, because reading the letter is faster for you, you don't lose anything. So we should ask NC to do what we pay them for, and have them implement an NPC. Better yet, we could have them do both. Letter and NPC. Then people like you who care about that 1 second won't have to complain. Keep in mind, f2p or not, they're a company. Not some sort of charity. We shouldn't try to make them feel like they're immortal. If, after the idea of having both the letter and the NPC, you still dare to argue against this, honestly, you're the reason dozens of companies (YouTube, EA) are completely out of touch with their users. Stop trying to save them from doing the jobs people are paying them to do. NCoin are purchased. They're not a reward for donating. This isn't a charity. They have customers, not donators. They have a way to end quests through both letters and the NPCs. So making it so that a quest can also be started through both, shouldn't be out of reach.
  23. Before anyone gets fooled by the previews, I'd like to warn everyone that after a "fix", this adornment can only be worn with its intended outfit. Don't buy it if you wish to mix it with any other outfits.
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  25. Unreal Engine 4

    i was told that we gonna get the new unreal 4 engine on BnS pc version but some are telling me its gonna be on the mobile one, so whats the deal?
  26. 1:22 you will only hear this part when you dc :D
  27. Shattered Masts' Daily Quest

    the level scale made our characters weaker remember.
  28. Tower of Memory needs a quest NPC!

    it's not hard to press J and accept quest letter for the event dungeon everytime you login on or change character.
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