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    first complaining about pvp stuff and now drag into pve stuff? someone already suggest this...i hope bns consider it and stop this buzzing stuff.. ."nerfs need to be filtered so that they are only battleground and PVP related rather than screwing up PVE content, where more power is better."
  3. No, Blade & Soul was not released to Central and South America. Only in those countries you'll get banned/be unable to log in. Just because you're able to play, doesn't mean it's released for you. Just because KR doesn't ban everybody from outside KR, doesn't mean Blade & Soul got its world wide release in 2012. That argument doesn't make any sense. Yes, you have the right to play, as shown in the link before. Yet it's meant for the people from NA/EU, so don't expect to get everything 100%. Sure, you're welcome. But you "should be playing this"? Not sure about that. They were kind enough to translate it for you, since they're the easiest way for you to play this game, that's nice I guess. But that doesn't mean you "should" play here. Otherwise they would've called it The Americas and Europe, or NA&SA and EU. They didn't. They also didn't put a server anywhere close to you, to prevent you from having ~200 ping all the time. They would've done so, if they had considered you part of their region. You don't have an exclusive server for Central and South America, because implementing a server costs a lot of time, money, and recourses. If they thought Central and South America would have a big enough fanbase to make a profit, they would've made one. (Found out there's a petition going on to get B&S in SA. Launched almost 20 months ago, it's on 350 votes.) Never said you aren't welcome, I don't mind you being here at all. But if I would play KR, I wouldn't be surprised if I were left out on some deals here and there. You're part of their profit, but not part of their target market. If they suddenly got twice as much traffic from you region, they wouldn't care. If they suddenly got only half the traffic from your region, they wouldn't care. You might make it easier, yes. But I doubt they would make any changes in their schedule, if everybody from Central&South America and Oceania would stop playing. While you're 100% welcome, you're not going to be 100% included.
  4. Have one already, but I would love to have another on my alt :3 The hair only, btw. The outfit sucks on everything except Lyn.
  5. Questions de "débutant"

    Parfait ! Merci pour l'info et bon jeu.
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  7. die Sache mit den "weißen Kugeln"....

    Ich bin einer dieser Moml-Typen und habe fast nie Probleme. Evtl 1/100. -> ich würde es einfach versuchen. Der Preis der weißen Kugeln ist kritisch. Ich habe bei der einen Trove vorgesorgt, wie andere auch. (nicht die letzte, glaube 2 davor) Aber in den letzten Jahreszeitenkisten und "Troves" kamen keine Kugeln mehr!!! Das Farmen in Zawai ist eine Qual. Wir brauchen definitiv eine neue Quelle. Der Bestand wird bestimmt einigen schon ausgehen. Allgemein: Ich würde mir die Kugel kaufen für Altar und mit "my orb my loot" suchen. Noch lohnt es sich. Bei Kältelager würde ich nur die gedroppte nehmen. EXP bekommt man momentan auch anderswo am Kopf geworfen. Beim Loot würde ich aufpassen, dass nur einer der am Tor zum Boss steht die Kugel bekommt, oder einfach du selbst! Alternativ hast du 5 andere Möglichkeiten die Daylie-Challenge zu machen. Es ist nicht so schwer...
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  9. Aggro Skills für Range Klassen

    Lol. :D Ich bin dafür, wenn KFM Schild, Heal und Wiederbelebung bekommt... achja und sb vergessen. Das sollten Sie auch noch bekommen :P... achja2 und ein mobiles pet wie die Katze beim Sum :D
  10. Nerf Yuhui!

    This lady might as well be playing a sin with them evades! Good god! She's actually worse than a sin with them dodges!
  11. Art Request for Gold

    im the best xDD

    Obviously you are playing gunner. Having insane burst in PVE doesn't necessary mean that you can clear dungeon faster. Having insane burst = taking aggro away even from tanks. I have seen a lot of non-tanks classes with max gear don't want to tank bosses in dungeon. Thus, they purposely switch out their max gear like weapon or soul so that they don't have to tank certain bosses at all. When they can do 1kk burst damage, what will happen in battleground?
  13. Nerf Gunners

    how is this even a debate? Gunner is stupid OP. And what is this talk about a "dps class?" These alleged dps classes have been surpassed a long time ago.
  14. Assassin Training Problem

    Just watched a Youtube and it did not have z Land Mine in the Combo. Is this a bug ?
  15. Assassin Training Problem

    I'm not sure if this is your issue, but the timing on some of those training sequences is ridiculously tight, far more restrictive than you'll experience in actual gameplay. If you have high ping, some of them are downright impossible. That sequence sounds vaguely familiar, though, so I may have completed it on my assassin, and if I could do it, you should be able to manage it - just keep trying, and watch for any timing cues that may help.
  16. I am a level 17 Assassin doing the final training with the teacher. The combo is Z land mine Tab Turning Leaf Z Blast 1 shadow Dash R Spinal Tap After Shadow Dash I can not get Spinal Tap to appear ? What am I missing ? I can not progress further with this character.
  17. Guide for Irontech Forge

    Too bad you don't need Raven for IF, and by that I mean that Riftwalk/Dawnforged players exists. And saying the mechanics are hard is hilarious, barely half a year I started playing this game and it feels like a cake walk already.

    whinners, "Hey hes dick is bigger than mine, they need nerf" is all see here. isn't it benefical to have someone dealing 1kk burst damage in pve on your party? don't you want get content cleared faster so then you can run another dg faster thus saving time just by having gunner on your party? or is that you are just salty because your dps is shity, like you and your gear then you want everybody to become shit so you can feel mighty?

    oh i saw summoner on top 2 there...means summoner need more nerf !!!!!...even after all the nerf they going thru still can get top 2...damn
  20. Nerf Gunners

    summoner have heal like sf to help the party...summoner have stealth like sin to help the party...summoner have familiar like wl but summoner familiar way way way more useful than wl familiar... and many more with all those skills u dont think ur class is support class?...and now u want a big dps like others? gunner on the others way...doesnt have good heal.doesnt have stealth and doesnt have a freaking good familiar...let me ask u this...will u willing to sacrifice those heal stealth and familiar just to have a big dps dmg like gunner?

    Yes I'm agree with you 100% there was always a top DPS class BUT! There was never been like the joke that is happening right now LOL Yunsang 20th floor, Top 100 of all classes= 90 of 100 are Fire Gunners. ToI, Top 100 of all classes= 95 of 100 are Gunners Fire Gunners. Don't you think is a bit ridiculous? Before it was mixed with all classes in the game but now is just one single class LOL We should be calling the game instead "Gunner and Soul" xD
  22. Nerf Gunners

    nerf them soon, talking about roles gunner role is alpha call (wl get nerfed to give meaning to this stupid class).
  23. Nerf Gunners

    Yes .I have all the right to do so .and no ,they aren't glass cannons -I own a gunner myself and I consider they are strong enough to survive (last of my VT raid had a gunner as ranged tank so I know exactly whats all about ).They have the equivalent of summoner's true friends available at cd times ,the don't skip a precious iframe just because the cat died somehow-they can use their grapples all around or Q and during certain skills they are imune to cc even . They are new in game -and is not fair that so new class,without a certain HM lvl and gear to do more dps then overall any others-so yes ,indeed i'd wish ,for the fairness of this game ,this class to be decently nerfed to a normal dmg . Exactly how summoner got the nerf stick in past ,like 4 patches in row,while all community cried about summoner's dmg .We are even worse as we started as class ,while all other classes have been improved greatly during this times. We got passed in row by WL's (that have been more recent as class then us ,summoners ),then FM's and now gunners . We as summoners are weakest of the ranged classes ,and we have small resistances and small burst in wind build with petals -when we can actually dps some -but yes ,our overall dmg is low if you draw a line between us and other classes.Summoner has been pushed to sort of support class.This game actually says that everyone can do very good in any role -so you don't need a certain class to do a certain dungeon and stuff-that here is NO holy tirnity (healer.tank ,dps) as in the old school mmorpgs. I don't consider my class simply a support class-since all classes are made (or were made) as viable as others and as available and ''balanced'' to enjoy the content . My class has been pushed to ''support'' stuff ,not because it were really meant to be such ,but for some shitty stuff as management and community .I been faced the hate of community at a very early lvl ,patch 45 were simply a ''dark era '' for summoners. I don't intend to ruin other ones game play because others ruined mine-is not about this.Is that ,at the end game ,some new class that haven't pushed a much effort to gear up and all -is in position to have much more in game advantages as an older class and even to pass it. Farming basin takes less time for gunners ,they do it on the fly ,6v6 is easy as *beep* for them ,they don't even need proper soulshields for pvp and gear as i do ,and the list can continue .Is my oppinion and not only mine that this class is unfair for a ''martial arts '' game . Is like mixing a cheap shooter game into martial arts mechanics required ,just pew pew all and everything is down in seconds.I dislike such things and i really hope ,for the sake of fun and fairness over others -that the class will be adjusted accordingly .

    omg summoner rampage because a gunner kill their immortal cat xD

    Gunner is a pure DPS. It's logic its DPS it higher than heal or tank class... You can't be that stupid and cry because your summ does less dmg than gunner right ???
  26. Hongmoon Skills -> The PvE way

    carried? nah that term for those lazy ppl that afk in 6vs6 despite having a good gear...6vs6 is more to teamwork...even tho i have a flaw in this game aka high ping i dont like ppl carry me for not a baby that need a babysitter to play this game...but as a high ping player im still can help my teammate killing the enemy so yeah...and im a wl pretty much can help my teammate for buff aka sb...if helping a teammate killing the enemy and help them with buff still not useful enough as high ping players in 6vs6...well i dont know what to say satistfy those low ping pvp players...that why im prefer the pve way so those low ping pvp players doesnt need/think to *carry* a non useful high ping players like me...i hope bns give more option to pve way to get hm skills...

    Couldn't say it better .The gunner dmg needs to be balanced right away-whats too much is too much.No boss can kill my cat while taunting if i manage to tank it well and protect it -yet a gunner will blow my cat out in arena or outside in 3-4 sec.Which isn't fair .Also ,as i stated in some of my prewious posts ,the dmg of gunner is simple too much.As summoner I consider myself cheated .When I started the game ,i understood here are no certain classes for tank ,heal ,cc ,dps -but all of them can do quite well in any role ...I haven't intended to play SUPPORT class and i refuse to think to my class as only support one,which i hear recently around those forums.Summoners aren't support class ,give back our dmg since ALL over classes improved with time in a good direction,while we are getting our efforts reduced to default each patch .Once we gain a bit more dps ,oops ,nerfs and overall bugs are all over again. Actually summoner have the lowest dps in party . I want to enjoy content like everyone else ,not to be taken as support.blah ! Nerf gunners ! their damage is ridiculous and they actually don't have to do any mechanics while lvling ...they simply blow map after map...comparing to a kfm lvling or a bm or a destroyer...this is just a joke .

    _1)yes please 2)farming naksun shouldn't really take you long tbh 3) they kinda already reduced that 4&5)that's not up to them, that's up to the developers in Korea. But yes nerf its damage and give it better neutral game instead No comment on the rest
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