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  2. Stream VS Patch notes

    As a one-time devil's advocate, they always say before stream that whatever you see on stream is not the final release
  3. Stream VS Patch notes

    I actually waited for a proper statement about the XML editing thing too but again, we were disappointed :D
  4. Stream VS Patch notes

    *Insert profane word* this poop. Edit: Yup, its my fault for believing they would do something right, holy crap am I naive and stupid.
  5. Klan gesucht

    Hey ^^ Bist du noch auf der Suche nach einem Klan?
  6. Stream VS Patch notes

    Instead of removing this damn "has a chance" from premium stones, you add another thing with "has a chance" to the game. i have no words i can write down here that express my opinion on that.
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  8. Stream VS Patch notes

    Happy 4th anniversary !
  9. Stream VS Patch notes

    We have a CM that will tell you just this when she gets on.
  10. This is some kind of joke, right? But it's not even April 1st. :(
  11. Stream VS Patch notes

    "It's working as intended." Never forgetti.
  12. Stream VS Patch notes

    The people in charge of these prices need to back to elementary school. You honestly can't make "an alternative way of making oils" twice as expensive as anything currently in game and expect us to use it. No one will ever press that transmute button for any other reason than a misclick.
  13. love this! one thing though, the hand is wrong. just erase the thumb and it'll be perfect. good luck!
  14. Stream VS Patch notes changes that made the transmute 6x more expensive?
  15. Stream VS Patch notes

    What the hell is the meaning of this @Cyan ? This is nearly 300g worth of material for each attempt with a 66% chance of failure. 1000g and you're not even guaranteed to get it. Revert it back to 5 materials each at once, there's still time don't you dare pull this monkey move on your playerbase.
  16. Stream VS Patch notes

    Another useless event plus stream ?
  17. Stream VS Patch notes

    Another miscommunication, so nothing special :D
  18. Stream VS Patch notes

    Stream pic taken from this reddit post: Patch note costs. Nice
  19. We received additional changes to the Honing Oil system and have updated the information in the patch notes. I wanted to call this out because it was different than what was shown on the livestream. Also, the Transmute success is around 33% with Honing Oils. Thank you.
  20. Mit dem Update zum 4. Jubiläum von Blade & Soul werden mehrere Änderungen eingeführt. Werft einen ersten Blick auf einige der Änderungen, die in diesem Update am 22. Januar enthalten sein werden:
  21. Des modifications seront apportées aux objets et fonctionnalités avec la mise à jour du 4e anniversaire de Blade & Soul. Découvrez en avant-première certains des changements que vous réserve cette mise à jour prévue le 22 janvier :
  22. Several changes are coming with Blade & Soul’s 4th Anniversary update—get an early look at some of the changes arriving with this update on January 22:
  23. Marketplace ( problem)

    WTF? WHY NA>EU ? NA server marketplace is OK when in EU server is broken. why don't you fix it? in which NA is better than EU? why do you love NA but EU hate? @Cyan
  24. Thanks for the announcement Justin. Could you fill us in on the exact scope of which accounts are deemed to take advantage of the exploits? Did your previous stance on client configurations (that doesn't grant unintended gameplay advantages) change any, by which I mean altering things to, for example, remove the Transmute animation, remove countdown for opening Chests/Boxes/Pouches, or enhance performance by measures like the DirectX912pxy and disabling class skill animations? I think a lot of us, me included, are scared to change anything now. Performance without any adjustment was quite horrific when raiding this Wednesday. Thanks in advance!
  25. imho gear equalised
  26. Hunter’s Refuge Event Zone Preview

    in what world is 1v1 "optimized"? xD
  27. Den of the Ancients farm alpha emblem fragment

    This production team, Aion style, wants to cover so much that it's ridiculous. They play to bore the community and in the end they have, exactly what they had in Aion, putri hundred thousand chetos who believe they have the right to laugh at them and, for, because sometimes, I think, they may have reason to skip the rules. They're laughing at you. They're laughing at everybody. Or maybe it's just that the Asian community loves farming and the Western community is more politically incorrect and likes to have equitable retribution for their effort. Come on, you luck, you can eat it with potatoes, when you talk to a Westerner. I think if I go back to M'ao, drop or the glove doesn't fall, I'll go from Blade and Soul hahahahahahahaa I'm not coming back, I've had enough of my real-life job.
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