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  2. In the Korean version you could still farm the 50 AP Centurion Achievement even after the dungeon was removed from the demonsbane system.
  3. Yep, KR costs and difficulty with EU/NA income and damage, what could possibly go wrong?
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  5. @Green Storm -You delete the possibility to drop Sterling Scales/Fragments in any case ( its normal cuz Korea can only get this Item in there Cash Shop Heart is truly Pay2Win in Korea but that doesnt matter cuz we got it nowhere means maybe you put it back as demonsbane Drop or you also put this Item in our Cash Shop but remember Korea can get it every day every Amount so take care what you do with this Item -Ebondrake Lair Normal Mode Dungeon HP are buggy both Bosses got the same HP as Easy Mode -When you want use a picture for F2 Character po
  6. @Green Storm - FoE Dungeon Weapons of some Classes still invisible - The "Show Loot on the Ground" (bags/chest/treasure/) after Defeating the Boss in Halls of Trials is not correct ( True Accesoires get a bag , Upsurge Essence get a Treasure chest with legy shiny , Crap loot gets a Treasure Chest ) - Heal Tonic Animation in Battleground makes a firework - Heal Tonic Animation on Server and F8 gives you Dumbling Animation -Dumbling gives you Heal Tonic Animation -F2 is still buggy doesnt Show any Systems Stats + New Fused Octa Gems + Poharan Soulshields +
  7. its not "expected behavior". you always could farm the AP [or other] achievments after the dngs left a system. you are still able to farm all ap-achievments below 50, just by entering the dngs through open world and run them 50/50, 100/100 times, whatever achievment you want to do. so if demonsbane dngs leave their system, it should still be managable to achieve this still. if not, its just another bright example for punishing your left active playerbase.
  8. https://imgur.com/3gKqOwa https://imgur.com/iSKk7qY https://imgur.com/tu10hiG https://imgur.com/YY9CGTc https://imgur.com/SpTCpEN https://imgur.com/GQ5P8pd BUGS: -All wings in Blade & Soul are incorrectly placed on characters, wings on your back need to be slighting rotated into the character & shifted to the right , you can see I drew a straight line to show you how off center it's placed on characters. A way you can make sure the wings are centered is: just look at the top of your characters head, each wing should be
  9. Yea same for warden and other classes
  10. Honestly the new dungeon boss in Hall of trials has wayy to much hp when compared to the previous dungeon CSC I suggest a 50% hp nerf across the board as 99% of the playerbase cant even farm it efficiently and pls buff the droprate of items 🙂
  11. Nothing will be changed. NCWest has no ability to make modifications to patches, so what we get is what we get.
  12. So it's intended that players can no longer get that +50 bonus and are now forever at a disadvantage to players that have gotten it. Nice design...this entire patch is a joke.
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  14. This is the expected behavior after this dungeon was removed from the Demonsbane system.
  15. I want to acknowledge that we're tracking the bugs that were mentioned in this thread. Some of the posts here are not "bug reports" but "design questions" (we're trying to get some clarity on them) or general comments/feedback. Assuming that you're talking about the Act 12 Interlude Chapter 3, did you have the special outfit given during Chapter 2 equipped? Did you not see how to get into the back room? The more information you can give us, the easier it is for us to reproduce this situation and determine if it's a bug.
  16. Done around 150 runs so far and seen a couple of weapons maybe 3-4 when doing stage 6 multi's, None of them for my class ofc. I personally don't expect my class specific weapon until maybe even after the 300 run achivement while doing 6 multi's It's really dumb that it's class blind drops now. and as i wrote in my own thread earlier. I do think this patch is overall pretty bad.
  17. This patch has very, very bad problems, it was not a good idea to put daily challenge like that, if it is a player that just started to play, or an alternative character, not only you have to do Koldrak everyday, solo instance, and if you want to get seven dailies done on Soul Boost, you have to do PvP quests, which is not good, I was going to complete the Soul Boost on 7 characters on the start of the new patch, now I am not going to, next Soul Boost it is I guess. To add to the Soul Boost, on the Stage 2 quests, it is impossible to complete the Aerodrome level quests, sure, I did have t
  18. I made a post about this months ago, but it seems it was deleted without any warning, so I am reposting this In the instance, the Hypnos part in particular, the character, with the exception of Force Master and possibly other classes, does not wield the weapon properly. To give an example, a Blade Master while on attack mode on that part of the map, has the sword on the back and is holding nothing.
  19. The trader Gang Sanghae does not show any tab with item items to buy, it just opens your inventory and shows the dialogue of the npc.
  20. I am aware the the instances from Sandstorm Temple to Thornwind Cavern are not part of the Daily Challenge anymore, however those are still important to farm materials such as scales, outfits and so on. Can those instances be installed again on cross-server for the sake of convenience? @Green Storm Edit: To add to this, can you put Scale Fragment Support Chest to the daily quests of the news instances? Those do not have them for some reason. Thank you
  21. they just made hearth a full P2W item, just like KR has.
  22. You're right, they're ouf of their minds. I just wasted 5k gold trying to get earrings from +5 to +6, ofc failed.
  23. This update doesn't have issues... this update is a joke which need a full rework.
  24. That what happens with this game is a JOKE. This patch need a full rework. Tbh I'm getting bored/tired? of this game, just like most of the players.
  25. The patch really screwed up the game and the low lvl gear and weapons are no match in trying to lvl up in any sense of the word. Circle of sundering is really messed up for my characters; hard to get in, Yonkai; I can't see the Bomb anymore, and if any of my characters make it to Master Hong .... he is totally invulnerable to any attack; they can't even inflict paper cut damage to him. Sanctum of Masters every time a Boss shows up my character takes an automatic 3/4 to 9/10th health hit .... how the heck are you suppose to survive. Not to mention the auto track/ fire and forget firebal
  26. Ancient/Mythic (grade-8) loot does not show the correct purple beam on loot drops.
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