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  2. I hoped it would happen before next Wednesday, but I'm not so sure if my epectations are realistic whatsoever_ From talking to people ingame I got the impression that bug correction generally takes a bit longer here than in the games I played before.
  3. The Dumpling and Healing Tonic animations have been swapped for about 3 months now. Your character will sit down for about 2s looking like they are eating a dumpling when using a healing tonic, but you can still move around. Similarly, your character will drink a healing tonic and then change to the sitting animation when using a dumpling. Not the largest issue, but it should still be fixed if possible.
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  5. Just do your daily NM or HM Dynamic and you will have you badge soon enough from the vendor. No real reason to do 600 runs, That will only burn yourself out.
  6. So the new solo dungeon Shrouded Ajanara drop rate is a legit joke. Some people got the drops on their first run, others their 50th or even 100th thats all reasonable. But i am not on my 200th run with jack all for drops, not a single coin drop and not a single Mythic drop. Another player is at 600 runs with no mythic drop. How can the RNG be so un fair, why is the drop rate so fricken horrid??
  7. I have the same problem with my arrow keys, is there any clue to when this will be sorted?
  8. Thanks for the update. Can you communicate what that means in terms of time needed? I'm delaying the more complex weekly acitvities right now, hoping this gets fixed before Wednesday. If that's not to be expected, however, I would actually have to start as early as possible, because some of the stuff will take several tries in the current state of the game for me...
  9. I've escalated reports about Key Bindings and our teams are investigating! We're sorry about the inconvenience.
  10. Raijinlu


    Apparently latest Update had implemented Gamepad Support, which is currently giving me problems with Keybinds. What I mean is that despite changing keys in settings and Saving, they are not actually getting saved in Settings File. My situation was even worse because after logging in after Maintenance, my entire UI/Keys got reset and I couldn't retrieve it neither from Cloud and Current PC options. An another example I can give is that I can unbind a Setting for example "Raise Camera/Lower Camera" to "None" but Default Key for them which is Numpad9 and Numpad3, would still work despite it being
  11. I'm relatively new to the game, so maybe some of the more experienced players can tell me: Is it normal for bugs in a core element of the game, like if you are able to control your character's movement, stay in that long? Looks like this is going to stay over the weekend, maybe even until next patch Wednesday? Not used to that...
  12. sQniO


    After some time... almost two days set the same button's from xpadder to gamepad mode function's... boy that was hard one when one button got a set for multi action's and game dont want cooperate... 😄
  13. I haven't had any problems nor has it changed taking items from mail for years it has been 1 item/bundle - tick the box on left side, recieve several items - click on the box on left side so it shows on right side, right click (on right side) - recieve
  14. https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/253903-after-update-sidesteps-not-normal-work/ If it's anything like the video above ^, there is currently a sidestep bug that instead of sidestep it turns your character around. Someone else posted about this & I think it's a known issue but you can still post this in the bug section on the BNS forums.
  15. For me it sure did, as described above, back from intuitive to counterintuitive. I see your reasoning, but that should be two different options imo: Take all and Take all single items.
  16. Hi All After the update 2 days ago my arrows on my keyboard are not working correctly i.e if i use the right arrow i move to the right and turn away from the target where as before i strided to the right its the same with the left arrow too, and in the keyboard bindings there is nothing to stop this? have been playing this game for 6yrs using the arrow keys for movement now NC Have messed it up has anyone any idears how to set the arrow keys back to stride right and left as normal? please
  17. In a couple weeks probably when they release the next outfit RNG box.
  18. Arcana Emblem Where can I get this. Pic linked.
  19. We'll probably see it in September, because that's been the usual month we get new classes. Can't wait to try it myself, we know a fair bit about it from Alice KR but that's not the same as playing it personally. One of the specs is extremely buff oriented and the other attack oriented.
  20. It's still possible depending on the situation, and this is actually how the mail system works in full based on multiple years of playing the game. -For most items, if you receive one of it, or it's a 'bundle' of multiple items, you can check the box then Retrieve Items. -If you receive multiple of a item you normally get one of, you need to right click on it on the right side of the UI and pick how many you'd like to withdraw. My guess is things like the EXP charms aren't 'bundled' so you're forced to right click on them instead. Nothing has changed about how the mail wo
  21. Also related issue, Marketplace (F5) is missing some icons as well, such as: Radiant Starcross Stone Dissension Psyche Dayspring Psyche Nayul's Psyche Moontide Psyche as well as the Grand versions of those Psyches
  22. Last week
  23. F2 hasn't been updated since Chaos Supply Chain came out in March of this year, so it has no icons for: Poharan Soul Shields True Poharan Soul Shields Upsurge Weapon True Upsurge Weapon Dawnbright Amulet Starcross Accessories Hongmoon Guilded Octagonal Gems (including Dyads) Dyad Guilded Heptagonal Obsidian Garnet Manifest Soul Zealous Heart Uproar Pet Aura Dawnbright Mystic Badge multiple cosmetics such as Crimson Moon and Beach Life I know F2 is a webpage so this should be fixable independent of the game, but I would hope this can be
  24. The evolution stones have now been distributed to the players who reached those levels before the 8/3 maintenance. If you think we missed your characters, please reach out to our Customer Support Team!
  25. So thanks again for everyone who helped here. I now play Lotus mostly, since it's very reliable in sustained dps, has decent burst windows and is pretty stable for soloing stuff with the long iframe. I must say that using XML or even easy mode associated with it means substantially lower dps in real fights than playing it manually, so that's what I'll be sticking to.
  26. I have the same problem, I am attaching a video. Ignore the background noise, the video shows what it's doing anyway. Without using the arrows the game is unplayable for me, I have a paid premium account so I would like to get some kind of reparation. Just do an extraordinary reverse patch, because getting paying players to play is perhaps more important than one new solo dungeon.
  27. Any news on what race this class is exclusive to?
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