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  2. Inferno Outfit

    I think they should give the option to craft either 1, 3 or 5. Because I agree, many of the players active in clans already have it, so it is extremely difficult to find 5 people interested in such an expensive craft.
  3. Warden/Warlock SB focus and You! (Opinion)

    As a WL main myself, I have to agree with Lyn Thunderfox on this one.
  4. I'm a warlock main as well. The only thing I can add to Thunderfox's breakdown is this: Get at least 2 characters to "Main" level. Get them good gear as best you can. Anyone who's been playing for more than a year knows that buffs and nerfs come and go. WL especially has been the target of massive hits in the past. Depending on one class makes you wholly vulnerable to the whims of the devs. In summary, don't put all your eggs in one basket. I love WL, and it is still my spirit class, but Gunner or BD seems more practical, and so I'm leveling & gearing them both.
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  6. Warden in PVP

    i agree its hard for me pvping as warden we dont have as many resis moves as other powers and not that many escape moves we only got 1 when other powers have like 3 or 4
  7. Fix the Damn 6v6...

    I made a post about BG 6 vs 6 crashing a while ago(Click Topic^), I have 16Gb of ram & alt tab alot to check discord. Like "Trust gaming" said: after the game crashes your character is still dead & when you relog in blade & soul the "do you want to join party? Y/N" option is locked out.... so you can't press Y 1. The Solution: is changing settings to allow players who crashed to re-join bg party even if their character is dead(allow them to press Y to rejoin bg party), also increase the amount of time players have too rejoin party to "2 mins". This is feedback please send it to your team!
  8. Heilige Essenzen herstellen

    Bin auch sehr dafür, irgendwas an diesen Steinen zu ändern - entweder komplett entfernen oder viel einfacher zugänglich machen. Früher wurde man damit doch auch zugeschüttet, wieso wurde das so drastisch abgeschafft? Hatte über 50 stk von vor meiner Pause, nun sind alle weg und mein Bedarf ist immer noch riesig.
  9. As a new player...

    Hi there first question would be were you play on eu or na? Because we have these 2 regions :)
  10. Reittiere für Anfänger

    Die Story von 1 auf 55 durchzuspielen geht an einem tag, schneller leveln geht wohl kaum, ich hab schon am mittowch haufenweise Wächter in Seolak rumlaufen sehen als der raus kam. Die Leute sollten sich nicht in die Hose machen nur weils mal ein paar sekunden oder ne minute auf Windwandeln warten müssen, dann läuft man halt ein kleines Stück und benutzt Windwandeln nur bei großen Distanzen. Wir brauchen keine Mounts in diesem Spiel.
  11. *push* wir sind weiterhin auf der Suche, nach neuen Membern
  12. This would fix new players problems!

    Dungeons below DT do not contribute to your characters progression (no upgrade materials, not even forging orbs) and you'd make more money faster for simply afking at basin (for evolded stones). I mean, seriously, 30 silver for something that will likely take over 5 minutes, nevermind trying to find a party for those?
  13. As a new player...

    Hello everyone! I been interested in join to this game since few weeks ago, I already download it. But I have a big question, which is "What is a good server for a new player"? Population always matters in mmos, right? Well, not for me. I come here to ask for your advice and experience in the game/servers. Community quality rather than quantity, that's what I'm looking for. ^^ Maybe in this game is hard to find a server where the people are more careless and relax about the end game, maybe you're not avaible to have a nice with people all over the game no matter servers. (Somehow "The community is this game works like ...") But I kinda love how this game looks! I'm down to still "playing" even if It can't give me what I expect. As you lived the servers, what can you tell me about them? I'd love to hear your experiences. PS: Sorry if you find my english weird.
  14. Hackers in PVP?

    Idk I win some and I lose some but I just went against a Warlock that stood still for 2 minutes wasting my time, standing still completely invincible doing absolutely nothing. Then suddenly I died in one hit, 100-0. My connection was just fine, wasn't lag, he just stood there with a permanent resist and then randomly one-shotted me. Then earlier in the week I went up against a SF that aircombo'd me 13 times in a row from beginning to end of each round (literally impossible to escape). I'm not saying he knocked me up that many times during the whole fight, I quite literally mean that I was shot up as I was falling 13 times in a row. Can't silver show names so hackers can be banned? And what a bizarre choice of hacks because that was weird, but there's no other explanation.
  15. October 17 Patch Note Preview

    Please heck no! The reduced PTS requirements for VT neck are nice, but... 780 soulstones just to upgrade one BT accessory to stage 10?! At least don't ask for more elysians. The overall cost is increased this way! We get -50g and -20 moonstone / stage but also get +260 soulstone +20 sacred crystals +10 elysians / stage At least remove the PTS requirement or change it to TS so it won't be a huge wall to newer players. Anyway, you'll break the market this way. The amount of required soulstones is insane even now without this rebalance. With the current 0.5g price on the EU market that's a lot of gold.
  16. 안녕하세요!오늘 북미섭 시작했는데 아는사람들이 없어서 친추 가능할까요??
  17. NCW can you xxxxxxx Fix 6v6 DC/CRASH

    It can't be that often tho, I have never DC'd in there or had any of my party members DC, Tho i have not done as many BG's but still a fair amount.
  18. Why ppl don't help new players?

    I have played since beta and I have 10 Alts. I feel the same way like you each time I roll out a character. What @Sa1loR JaRRy said is true and his suggestions is good. 1. Let the party know that you are new. 2. Listen to the experienced players 3. Try to brush up on the mechs of a new dungeon before you run. I myself mostly just do lfp and help new played do dungeons. Sometime I intentionally post group without requirements to help new players. Do not pay attention to some posters here who actually are trolls and he/she always have a point of view that everyone who post a frustration is just a crybaby. They always make the same reply post in the forum whenever someone vent something here.
  19. Why ppl don't help new players?

    I've been playing for over 2yrs now, and I sympathize with you. When I play on alts, I experience your frustration. 3 things you must do however: 1. Let the party know that you are new. 2. Listen to the experienced players 3. Try to brush up on the mechs of a new dungeon before you run. I personally don't mind carrying people on my main for dungeons I know I can do 80% of the work, but for harder content its imperative that you follow these rules. Those 3 points alone will greatly aid you not only in f8 but in the game. Other players will notice and might recruit you into their clan, or take you along for other content. As for the people who kick anyway, a lot of players are bad (cant do mechs and only dps) so they look to be "carried" in a different way.
  20. Bottom line it doesnt matter what any of you think because there are players who will buy these regardless. I mean i agree with all thats said but face reality....
  21. About future of Des/BD Grab/Grip

    the whole restraint should be removed because its utterly useless. It helps for players which are not that geared but once you have your raid items your regular rotation does more damage then the restraint skills. And i definetely do not agree on boosting any ultimate skills or badge modifiers because that would already ruin PVP even more since badge effects affect it aswel. PVE wise, they can buff everything to their hearts contempt, because i do not care if someone does X milion more dps than me, since that helps the entire party. If anything in badges needs to change then they should remove them from 6v6 first before buffing anything in them,
  22. Suggestion for showroom

    The silver saberfang set can be gotten from the clothing merchant with designer thread. you simply need to wait for the enxt costume event then you can get the items from there., Grand phoenix was just now recently in trove (literally 1 week ago) so i doubt it will show up anytime soon again.
  23. About future of Des/BD Grab/Grip

    Heyyy no worries, it'll be alright BDs will still be able to pick things up and that'll still in it's own way be beneficial sometimes-SOMETIMES depending on the boss and it's mechanics. So you can still be the little guy holding up something 5 times your size. It just won't have that extra dps boost. Well, I should say I guess, what used to be an extra dps boost. Overtime, restraining wound up being a dps loss for a lot of people so...this is why it's being dismissed. On the bright side though, some of the awakened skills (?) are very useful for some of the classes. Not all, but some I believe! So it might not be such an awful tradeoff.
  24. summoner staffs info needed

    if you got the naryu coins, I guess you can go for the pvp weapon (galaxy) from the npc, until you get the dark one from the story. If you choose to, do not upgrade the pvp one, at least for now. It is a pvp weapon and for pve you want the dark/light one. But the seraph/baleful one is only obtainable after you reached act 7, so you can't get it with level 50. If you don't have a few 100 nary coins, safe them and stick with story weapons, until you get the baleful one. Then, if you open it and it doesn't have 6 gem slots, go to the npc and purchase those chests until you get one with 6 gem slots open. scaleburn is like the past pre weapon for seraph/baleful, so don't get that.
  25. Summoner low damage

    I guess it depends from which gear you are talking about... Sum is on the lower end of the damage meter in bt stuff. but with VT, we really catch up and do very good damage. from the numbers and the fact you are talking about sunflowers I would guess you are talking about bt. I do about 60k with one sunflower on a clean dummy, and considering sunflower is not our main damage skill later on (and we still spam it more than blazing beam), that is totally ok. I think I read earth sum gets 2nd tier with some update again after (fire gunner/fire fm and some warden? beeing first or something), but right now we really hurt.
  26. About future of Des/BD Grab/Grip

    This is very distressing as a BD player. One of the things that attracted me to the class was the ability to restrain. NC has a bad habit of taking things away and not replacing them.
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