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  3. I fixed the Developer Q&A

    Lose all hope
  4. I fixed the Developer Q&A

    Omg this such an underated post ...its sooo true. Somebody give that guy a plate.. This is the harsh reality of bns covered up in the dev yotube video ... Its so sad on so many levels its a good read...just by hearing someone saying it in this form .... As people always told me "promise is a comfort to a fool" Every promise made has been broken Oh wl double air broken so we made it one ..wl air op so remove it entirely bm has a 10 second air time lol We want to give people a chance to react Gives ice fm tornado that follows u,asteroid archer 30 m one shot . destro infinite spin of doom .
  5. At last we know the estimated number of active playerbase :D
  6. Tjjjaaaa, da is er ja endlich. Sind auch einige nett neuigkeiten drinn. Nur, der "Nährwert" des Briefes liegt gerade ein tick höher als der Nährwert eines stück Weißbrotes. - Keine Info was unternommen wird um neue Spieler zu bekommen - Keine positiven infos was unternommen wird das neue Spieler auch bleiben und nicht schon nach einer Woche gefrustet wieder fernbleiben da sie überhaupt keine Chance haben das "Mittelfeld" zu erreichen um so wenigstens ohne Clan BT-VT-TT (Boss 1-2) zu laufen. - Keine Info's darüber was gegen die Materiallknappheit unternommen wird. - Keine gescheiden Info's darüber ob die Aufwertkosten angepasst werden so das das Preis-Leistungsverhältniss zum aufwerten wider stimmt - Haufenweise Andeutunge was noch so alles vermurkst werden könnte - Keine Info's darüber ob das Fraktionssystem endlich angepasst wird. Mittlerweil ist es, gefühlt, so das auf einen Blauen Spieler mehr als 30 Rote Spieler kommen da immer mehr zu Rotwechseln. Obwohl, wenn es so weiter geht wird wohl bald keiner mehr einen Main/SecondMain auf/bei blau haben. @edit Ich vergass noch zu erwähnen. Bin einer der Spieler die ein kleinen fabel für das Outfittsammel haben/hatten da der RNG für neue Klamotten/Outfitts mittlerweil aber so misserabel ist, spare ich momentan meine €uronen für was anderes.
  7. NA-EU Merge/Link at April ?

    There wont be any merge. Everything got merged already, what was possible.
  8. NA-EU Merge/Link at April ?

    You realize that eu players would have even shittier ping than now if they would do that? EU/NA merge is a thing that should never happen half the eu players would quit right away.
  9. Weapon crafting materials question

    Hi there, 1. resolution stone is upgrade material from last event. The only option to get it now is to trade your transformation stones for those resolution stones in dragon express 2nd last tab if i remember correctly. 2. Enlightment Element you can buy at dragon express 1st tab just croll down and you will find 2 options of buying it.
  10. I fixed the Developer Q&A

    lol that was so funny and true. Yeah that one guy in NA forums! (I know who you fereing to) That really made me laught!
  11. Hello everyone!, i'm trying to level up my weapon but i can't find any information where to obtain "Resolution Stones" and "Enlightment Element". Any help would be much appreciated
  12. That's it? There is literally zero content that we weren't already aware of thanks to RU streams and communication. And what's with those questions nobody asked for? Where are the questions about optimization? Balance? Costs reductions? Trash P2W events?? Though it's no surprise the head of NA/EU is in fact a korean dude, which speaks volumes on why BnS NA/EU version is utter garbage and doomed to fail. His korean mindset cannot be carried out to a western market. Plain and simple.
  13. What do you think about improving the premium rewards? Maybe you can set it up so that premium members can edit Simple Mode themselves with all available class skills and conditions. And that you can move your skills as a premium member into any context slot. So you can put a stop to the cheaters and simplify life for all premium members. A premium membership would be much more attractive.
  14. NA-EU Merge/Link at April ?

    So, as far as i playing this game since 2016... There seems to be a coincidence that whenever raid got released we always got a server link/merge. Culminated to the point where the Yura-Zulia server now become only Yura. Soon we will have our Frozen ark raid. You guys think whether it's possible for us to finally merge with our EU brethren ? As we basically have nothing to merge anymore.
  15. Legendary Soul Badge

    Is it possible to exchange Wildborne or War Song soul badge for the other one (like Stoic)? There is option to exchange every single badge on 3th spec but not this one. Isn't it a little unfair to force this players to create another legendary badge inly to switch it to 3th spec?
  16. Cowards devs/staff

    My point is its their job to appeal to the community otherwise its a failed project. I dont play any of their other games althout i liked this Moba game they had for a short time. Looking at my gear i always wonder why i can only do like 4.7 Million burst and stable like maybe up to 3.3 Million while others with similar gear but better heart have like stable 5 Million. Soul is definetly not what you should be looking for.
  17. More p2w More p2w events Zero class balancing Very little actual content UE4...…..meh sometime Zero community communication Zero answers to your questions (unless they're fluff questions about an outfit or something) More monetization, we would like to have an RNG box/Trove/Treasure draw going 100% of the time, making selling gold for HM coin practically impossible More stupidly op classes and 3rd specializations (which won't ever get nerfed) No frontier server we probably wont even let you have the UE4 character creator to play with No catch up events for F2P or new players, in fact through our "rebalancing costs" we'll actually make things MORE expensive. More unwatchable uninformative livestreams More "sudden" changes, spent 90 pet pods last week, now you could have spent 40? Too bad you're out of our ticket thingies, which we obviously implemented because we're too lazy to give you anything but a week notice they are changing, even though we state that this is to "keep players from doing stupid upgrades at the wrong time and bugging our support interns who are busy in the break room playing Final Fantasy Online" More "giveaways" for shoes and such that literally cost us a couple hundred bucks to do No changes to the 3 year old cosmetics page Any good new outfits we'll cram into an RNG box with a stupidly low drop chance Less and less materials in the game, MORE materials in F10 though HM level cap increase to 5000000 although we rarely run any XP events and the ones we do run are insignificant and even our most no-life p2w players are sitting at a max of 27-29 HM level "parts" of raids, this will give the impression we actually make content new accessories and garbage, even though the majority of players are using very low tier Raven accessories More PvP accessories which you'll need to get from doing PvE for some stupid reason New support "dodge" system where support will send you to the forums and the forums will tell you to make a support ticket
  18. ´Do somethings good for the game.

    Have you SEEN the badge exchange? It's practically worthless.
  19. I fixed the Developer Q&A

    Don't worry UE4 will be released for the full game sometime in 2020, plans now have it dated for December 31st release which means EU/NA will get it about 9 months later. However remember we are NCsoft if you don't think we're going to completely screw up something as big as an engine change you're very wrong. Also you'll need to consider the next year after release we'll need to spend fixing all the screw ups.
  20. I fixed the Developer Q&A

    Its a very cold and harsh place, thats why will freeze your fps to 10.
  21. I fixed the Developer Q&A

    Q: Is there anything you can share about the recently announced Frontier World? How is it going to be different from the current version of the game? A: Well that's the stupidest question I've ever heard considering this is a western video for EU/NA which won't be getting it. Q: Next year, Blade and Soul will celebrate it's 5th anniversary in the west, and 9th anniversary in Korea. Can you tell us briefly about the plans for the future. A: Well as always money and milking our players for every dime they have is our top priority. So you can expect a lot more p2w elements and events that cater specifically to morons who spend $1000+ a month on our low population low content "mmo" (it's actually just a casino we call an MMO). We will also be releasing new tiers of gear, weapons etc, even though the vast majority of the player base is no where near ready for them, however this will push them toward the cash shop which is always good for us. Q: How difficult is it to come up with the 3rd specialization skills for each class? A: Very easy, like I said before money and milking our players is always top priority and of course releasing new classes and specs has a lot to do in that arena. We just make the new classes and specializations hilariously overpowered so people switch to them, this gives us all kinds of income from our players in the form of things like sealing charms, race changes, etc. We also obviously have no intention of balancing the classes as you can clearly see from the Ice Force Master, Warden, and Archers and others like 3rd spec Destroyers that make any other specializations of the class irrelevant practically forcing you to switch. Q: What inspired the design direction behind the Assassin 3rd specialization? A: Money of course, we're also hoping it completely overshadows the other 2 specializations like the other 3rd specializations that have been released. Q: Do you have any plans to add new classes? A: Duh, we don't make ACTUAL content for the game so yes, making new classes is an EASY way to make money for us. It's not like we ever balance or buff the classes and specializations in desperate need of it because we fired the minimum wage "testing" and "balancing" team 8 years ago so we also save some money there. Q: What is the setting for the upcoming Steelbreaker raid? A: Who knows I don't pay attention to that garbage, all I know is that it will require all the garbage we'll be releasing over the next few months driving the players toward the cash shop. Things like new accessories and weapons that aren't actually new or anything they're just some numbers we switched around on the screen, took 5 minutes. We just want to make it a carrot on a stick for the smart players that don't give us all their money every month. It will also remind the trash cans that don't spend $1000+ a month how lowly and insignificant they are in this game, which may motivate some of them to start spending more. Also the raid itself is like our other raids, not actually fun or well designed. Q: Without revealing any spoilers, what will Act 11 be focused on? Will we meet Jinsoyun again? A: Not sure, like I said I don't pay attention to anything that's not going to milk the players, story and content are one of those things. These things COST money to make so we don't do it very often, we do try to keep it to a minimum though as you can see it may take you days to do new content in other MMOs but in our "MMO" you'll blast through it in about half an hour to an hour...if you're going slow. Q: There have been a number of changes to PvP in the last year due to the addition of Shackled Isles. This brought a mix of positive and negative feelings in North America and Europe. Has there been any progress toward resolving these problems? A: Well first I don't remember there being any positive feedback, maybe from that one guy on the NA forums that literally defends everything we do, I also don't know what "number of changes" you're referring to as we have done nothing outside of releasing stupidly overpowered specs and classes. However for us we have made great progress! Through this we have learned that we can make stupid OP classes that people will want to switch too, this gave us great insight for the new classes and specializations. We also don't do balancing anymore and in cases like the Gunslinger and Archer we actually buff them beyond reasonable levels despite us having an easy way with the newly added damage modifiers to do this, we could literally change some numbers around and have the classes pretty well balanced, we won't do that of course because the last thing we want is balance. We'll also be making more Hunters Refuge types of events as we have said. This will force anyone wanting to participate to gear twice and get some PvP gear, and since gearing just one character is hard enough we figure it will be twice the money for us.
  22. (peach garden boss fight) (slate)
  23. New Update - More Cheaters

    Sorry to tell you this but you have no idea what you're talking about. It is very ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ obvious when people are using cheats. People are imune to status effects, have FASTER than instant cast time, etc, etc..
  24. Assassin's New Outfit

    I'm returning back to the game, and im curious if the new assassin's outfit is only a NPC outfit, or what? I want to know where it's located and how to obtain it. GIB GIB GIB tu MEH !!! Also I'm referring to the one in the latest update "Shroud of the Assassin" , not the naruto lookin one, but the black and purple-ish shinobi looking one.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Will the server restart fresh after UE4?

    Ugh...nothing is being erased.....current server will get updated and life will continue on.
  27. Just contemplating whether or not to join rn if everything is erased.
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