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  2. This games population is not that great, and there aren't that many people seriously playing the class. There is information and discussion on this class in the BnS Academy discord server though.
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  4. The class has been out for quite a while now and I came back to BNS 2 weeks ago and wondering why there is still no Dual Blade discussion section on the forums yet?
  5. you farm hong where you get coins to buy pvp gear
  6. so if there not allowed to get in without the gear required and you need to play pvp for the gear. how do you suppose they get that gear required to pvp without being able to go inside pvp
  7. Originally, the threshold for 6v6 rankings was also 1600. I feel like the threshold change to 1400 got a lot more characters involved. Maybe a change like this could help 3v3 become more popular. A different approach could include an incentive to queue, say the participate 3 matches reward increased (either with event stuffs or just more beans/etc, maybe a special pvp stuffs bundle like in those battle ration pouches previously). Beware, participation rewards can encourage people trying to get through the matches as quickly as possible and this can lead to skewed competitive ra
  8. Le lancement de Lineage2M aura lieu le 2 Décembre et vous pouvez pré-télécharger le jeu dès maintenant sur l'application multi-plateforme PURPLE de NCSOFT ! En célébration du lancement de Lineage2M, nous offrons à tous nos joueurs fidèles un pack d'objets ! Validez le code de pack de Célébration Lineage2M dès maintenant sur votre page de gestion de compte. Code Items Qty BNSWELCOMESL2M Magnificent Reputation Charm
  9. Lineage2M wird am 2. Dezember veröffentlicht und ihr könnt bereits das Spiel vorab auf unserer crossplay-fähigen Plattformlösung PURPLE herunterladen! Um den Start von Lineage2M zu feiern, wird allen aktiven Spielern ein Bündel aus Items geschenkt! Löst den L2M Celebration Pack jetzt ein unter dem "Mein Account" Reiter auf der NCSOFT Seite. Code Items Qty BNSWELCOMESL2M Magnificent Reputation Charm 1
  10. Lineage2M launches on December 2 and you can pre-download the game now on NCSOFT’s cross platform playing solution, PURPLE! To celebrate Lineage2M launch, we’re gifting all our dedicated players a pack of items! Redeem the Celebration Pack code NOW via the Account Management page. Code Items Qty BNSWELCOMESL2M Magnificent Reputation Charm 1 Sacred Vial 2
  11. Character slots are easy to get. You can just do ladders for hm coins and save those for getting character slots.
  12. I don't want to do this in the forums, but it seems like the GMs are incapable of handling tickets of players mass reporting players that are multi-clienting griefing in the battlegrounds. So how come every time someone brings up issues in the forum that get reported to support just get turned away when support doesn't even do anything with the reports they get? There's a certain player that is constantly multi-clienting his characters in the battlegrounds and manipulating the matches to make sure no one gets credit or rank up if they win or if they lose and the match s
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  14. Attachment 1: https://ibb.co/B2Ctkjr Attachment 2: https://ibb.co/54FJ8zM Attachment 3: https://ibb.co/F5X4xGH Attachment 4: https://ibb.co/CtKHjT8 Attachment 5: https://ibb.co/XZGdg78 Attachment 6: https://ibb.co/dgkLHs8
  15. Hey, I have some questions & feedback. I admit that "client lag issue", "optimizing loading" got better. But there is a problem. For me a big problem. The graphic quality was improved, but not everythere. Like, when you click on details on costumes or F3, its kind of ugly and to shiny(attachment "1" & "2"). Demonsbane Update came on 9th of November. Story was very nice and cool, I love the Story of BnS. But why are many things in the Story is on low quality like ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, when my Quality is at 5, like Mushin´s hands or other ❤ ❤
  16. My main is on crimson and my alt on cerulean when I play with my alt I see so many people recruiting I write down the name and rush to my main and party is full xD . I did not think about the cons i just though it would be easier to recruit if we have server chat. anyway thank you for the answer
  17. now that was a fast hour. It is up again! Now lets crash Koldrak 😄
  18. After next balance patch the current 4-3 spec will be nerfed by 30% so you will want to play with "Master Splinter" (4-2) instead, and the LMB skill there will be buffed and used to extend Splinter duration.
  19. You are literally hopeless. What part of it is an enrage and not supposed to be iframe-able you don't understand? SOMETIMES you iframe it with X because IT's A BUG. Do you know what a bug is? No probably not nvm. Literally clueless. Just keep crying for something that will never change, or at best make you not able to iframe it ever with your X if the bug is fixed, kinda ironic. And yes you're a complete newbie so learn the game before talking crap and acting mighty. You literally didn't know that attack is an enrage, why am I even replying to you when you can't even re
  20. "old and bad content" can be said about pretty much 80% of things that are in the game but outdated and useless. They didn't do it in KR, won't do it here. Even if half of players on EU/NA would cry about it nothing will happen since that cannot be done by NCWest team alone.
  21. Noone cares about factions, old and bad content. It's already useless. A few whales farm ssp for soulstones. If open world pvp were a big thing in the game, then you would be right.
  22. So regarding GC from story and people finishing it before update. Hime already responded to that here For the server chat - just a big no. It would just make dominating faction insult the smaller one (lets be honest here). And its not there for a reason. Also having this implemented would make factions useless besides some pvp stuff which is already mostly dead. Im not saying that current solution is best, but that would just make it even worse. Anyway i dont think KR has something like that so it wouldnt even be implemented.
  23. Did you check your recieved items properly? Maybe it's sitting there somewhere and you just didn't notice... i really doubt only you didn't recieve it, if you did daily challenge everyday like you claim you should have it.
  24. This is odd, as I got an open slot added and it was for sure after WL 3rd spec. I just wasn't able to bring myself to start a. dual blade.
  25. This thread here is mainly for Devs and some newer players, to help them describe the class and some of the issues identified and some of my personal experiences. Not for craptalking or slander just because u dont agree with my opinion. Your free to disagree and even write why, but dont crap talk like some person here did. Alot of the problems here could do with some QoL changes some of which have already happened in KR version but still has not been rolled out on this Server.
  26. Im amazed that BNS forum admins havent removed you scrub lols for all ur crap talk. Then again their probs no longer bothering to manage forums as much nowadays. U literally counter urself with your statement nearly every single post here u have done. "It's an enrage and NOT supposed to be iframeable." then you say be glad it works and acknowledge X works albeit sometimes. I dont get you, u call ppl newbie yet ppl are clearly better than u at analysing this game, then what does that make you? I took the time to post some of the problems i found with this class, unlike you who ca
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