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  2. Was wondering, if instead of every 6 months, call 2 arms could be every 2 months? it actually also gets f8 more active :).
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  4. Really think it'd be neat if this game had it. It'd be nice to try out multiple classes without needing to create a brand new character everytime. Can see some types of restrictions, like maybe limiting the classes you can change to, into the ones tied to your race. But otherwise, it doesnt need much beyond switching the player's class + a weapon appropriate to their level.
  5. Ye its fth.. best, most useful feature ever added to windows... Oh i noticed you have issues running this program, lets help you... by making it even worse.
  6. Any confirmation that the 5 keys can still be used after the 12th? @Hime
  7. FusselDesTodes ist ein kleiner aber feiner Klan, der neue Mitglieder sucht. Über uns : Wir machen alles, was am Spielgeschehen dazu gehört ( Daylies/Weeklies etc) Was suchen wir ; - Spieler zwischen 20 - x Jahren - aktive Spieler - Discord Aktiv - humorvolle und nette Spieler - Hauptcharaktere (Mains) - geistige Reife (Kritik fähig) Welche Klassen wir hauptsächlich suchen; - KFM - Astro - Assasine - WL Wenn wir euer Interesse geweckt haben, dann schre
  8. I will let myself be surprised. But if there is nothing clever compensation, I will not extend my Premium any further.
  9. thank u very much Luumi ❤️ i was trying to show my friends this wallpaper because i had told them i had creat a wallpaper and the link doesnt work. thank u very much for editing ❤️❤️
  10. Pretty much proves that premium makes no difference for NC otherwise you guys would have thought about premium benefit. You guys don't plan or want payers to spend on premium. If the people spend enough on trove, loot boxes and all the rest you are fine with that. Good thing I stoped after my 4th! anual subscription.
  11. https://twitter.com/ShiroMizukii/status/1391304336605597697
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  13. I can see why ppl are upset, but if i understand this right, the new board will be a login collection board, so it would not surprise me if one of the collection fields had hm coins in them. I would say wait first and see how it looks like and then raise the pitchforks xD
  14. Seems like a very bad decision... That's the only thing that made premium still slightly worth it lol. (and getting double hm coins, but can just collect them then use it with free premium ;/)
  15. Greetings LadyFantasma, I have edited your first post and added the link for you. Luumi Team Blade & Soul
  16. I wonder how many people will maintain their Premium after this. Taking away benefits like this with little warning should be illegal.
  17. https://prnt.sc/12ok386 i dont know but this other link doesnt work..... this website has problems 😕
  18. Classes will be race locked, if you decide to do the class change you will be "forced" to change your race too, to the one that has that class available. In terms of monetization well...................... tbh we don't now, the only thing is that we guessed is that they probably took inspiration from Final Fantasy and also BNS2 (yeah the mobile game that will be launched has the "equip the weapon and you become that class" promo there so) My guess is either A) Its going to be a service for NCOIN, maybe at the beginning they will let you do it for free and then cha
  19. ...so the paying customer is going to benefit even less from this "upgrade"..wow amazing. Premium is getting even more useless.
  20. Oh and to note, I only wanted to go initially to +9, then only until +8 to gain what was lost, but in those 135 stones my wep never even went past stage +6 again, so it's not like I tried something impossible.
  21. Oh and if you're worried about whaling make it so that it can only be used until certain stage like +10
  22. I used 135 fusion stones to get my wep from +8 to +3. I want to quit, took me like half a year or more to gather those stones because I hate pvp. Why is the system so stupid, that when you fail the upgrade the enhancement stage always goes down? The most punishing + rng system fo all the games I've ever played. Other games had protection items in cash shop and there the downgrade on failure wasn't even 100% chance. So why can't you sell those too?
  23. (Sorry for the english) Playing like for 1hr got disconnected like 7-10times. This never happened before only happened after the maintenance.
  24. Does anyone else hate the que system in this game. This game was built with dungeons ranging from lvl 20 and up but in order to run them you either have to wait till you can solo them or hope to find people on cause there is no real que system this game is great i just wish it would get a passive style dungeon que system that unlocks at like 15 a que system similar to other mmo's like wow swotr or any of the rest the entire separate lobby or the party finder no one in low lvls know how to use is useless literally and entire second way of lvling character by running dungeons that are already cr
  25. @Hime i dont have many friends to farm and usually i wait for my friends to learn a new dungeon together. i support this idea of not changing howl of hound so early to give my group a bit time.
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