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  2. Deutsche Sprachausgabe fehlt

    @Cor vielen Dank für deine Antwort und auch den den anderen die Hier geposted haben vielen Dank. Dann Frage ich mich: 1.Warum hat mir das der Support nicht mitgeteilt als ich ihn angeschrieben hab,stattdessen sind mehr als 7 tage Vergangen als ich die erste Mail verfasst habe, man sollte doch meinen das die Leute die hier Arbeiten (Support) darüber informiert sein müssten was diese dinge angeht. 2. warum steht das nicht im Deutschen Forum? Ich würde gern von den Gms erfahren wie sie zur dieser sache stehen.
  3. hallo fileicht weiß ja jemand was da los ist sind die anforderungen verändert worden unter strg+J hat sich nichts geändert aber auch Gruppen mit 20 und 22 sind nach 15 sekunden alle Tot
  4. last straw

    i will never understand the logic that went into making pvp gear useless this patch, and korea logic overall.... first of all , blood sweat and tears went into getting my pvp accs, as i for 1 dont pve but am force to do the content to get gear right , ok ,not complaining cause am use to it , scales, mats gold oils etc, countless hours of pvp farming just to get pvp gear if it was that ez to get decent gear everybody would have had decent gear ,now..lets talk about how everybody damage when from dragon fang to ascendant in 1 patch and theirs rumors that more damage nerfs are coming towards soul, talisment etc.... over the years people begged and pleaded for battleground to be less one shot , right..nothing happen....hunters refuge came , we saw the logic where they said pay your way to beat the whales ,ok. where did that logic go this patch??? battleground needed some skill adjustment yes , did all class ingame needed such a big nerfs no, instead of making debuff gems useful and balancing the problem class they just nerf everybody to the ground, bg is a gear base area i shouldnt have to use a reset charm to kill someone of way lower gear than me and still cant kill em ,what if they kept this energy with dungeons and turn everybody damage to the ground , to prevent boss one shot .it would have been a different reaction , but pve people praising the the nerfs because for one they dont need any form of gear. so instead of making pvp earring useful , they made pvp ss useless, poeple out here using full pve even more, i will never accept this nerf and such a poor roll of of a patch, these patch didnt even nerf arena damage , so everything is still the same , i really hate it here... thanks for killing battleground, the only thing i actually played, i have the a mind to just reroll all the storm speaker accs i got recently and reroll pet upgrade cause it makes 0 sense and give a difference of 2k extra damage , this healing more than damage taken is dumb . just add an equal gear bg that u can queue on certain days , but instead trash ppl hard earn accs to please pve people is really bias , cause when it comes to dungeon cant go in to anything with certain gear. For me this is the last straw,since the bg nerf i havent went back into battleground for a whole week, sit and watch how this game gonna kill its last pvp content .if nothing change next patch am leaving , not dealing with this 1 step forward 5 feet back game , just not. really expect the unexpected ....
  5. Hallo zusammen! Da wir uns noch immer für die besten elf Designs pro Kategorie entscheiden müssen, und die Auswahl bei all den tollen Einträgen sehr schwer ist, wird der Abstimmungsstart auf nächsten Freitag, den 10. Juli, verschoben. Vielen Dank für eure Geduld, diese Unannehmlichkeit tut uns leid!
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  7. Hello all, We are still in the process of selecting the Top 11 designs per category so because of that we must move the public voting to start next Friday, July 10. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.
  8. Bonjour; Nous sommes en train de sélectionner les 11 créations par catégorie. Ainsi, vous pourrez voter à partir du vendredi 10 juillet. Merci pour votre patience.
  9. What happened to ue4?

    time to get a new pc lol
  10. Hongmoon Homecoming?

    each time you complete a quest, you get a new quest... so when youll complete quest nr11, youll get a quest for nr12, and when you complete that, youll have both done. so far: nr1 = cs nr2 = cs nr3 = 2 out of ssm, dd, hh or st nr4 = cs nr5 = the daily quest in moon refuge nr6 = bring 8 solar energies to peach girl in basin nr7 = kill a boss in basin nr8 = 2 out of ssm, hh, dd or st nr9 = daily quest in toi nr10 = kill a boss in basin nr11 = 2 out of ssm, hh, dd or st nr12 = do tsm or rt
  11. Suche Klan(Wiedereinsteiger)

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin 25 Jahre alt und suche eine Gilde Coelinorden. Erreichen könnt ihr mich ingame unter den Namen: Numetashi. LG
  12. BD in PVP can ignore enemy skills in grab

    As far as I know, it is intended that BD can use SS during grab. And yes it works everywhere so even more so likely that it's not a bug.
  13. Blade & Soul: Divine Break Arrives June 24

    Hey, a quick fix, Halycon Hills could be renamed Halycon Peaches, or Halycon Cliffs. It'll be much easier for the players to name it as HLC.
  14. Grim, as previously mentioned many times with this damage reduction patch you're giving the whales alot more advantages over f2p fishes. Nice grimming. I see you wanna hide the fact that f2p are actually struggling more than any others with this change in bg? I mean as always every single patch makes it worse for us don't you wanna agree with it? I am still getting oneshotted and I have to complain about it now because you're wrong. Me myself with a lower tier pvp gear can't kill ANY OF THE WHALES by using all of my skills like an entire combo to bring their hps down to only around 20-30% with my BD and KFM. Thus, they can easily escape from my combos more than ever before. And before you wanna say that I have to get better. I am playing over 3 years and I have been gold 1700+ in arena pvp with every class that I created so unlike now I was able to kill the endgame geared whales. I hope you're playing this game actively before you're making your statements.
  15. What happened to ue4?

    Sounds familiar to Bless Online. They managed to fail in each and every aspect. Nevertheless there will be a PC based Bless with UE4 in 2021. So there might still be hope for a Blade & Soul with UE4. But as you said... if it takes too long and - to me even more important - if there is no change in the ways NC manages this game it's all in vain.
  16. Launcher not work

    I can log in launcher but its not work ... pls teach me how's to do?
  17. About gold income. any better solution?

    Exactly. These are the questions the community needs answering, but just you wait for the apologists to come. Where are the responses? Two days ago, they said "We'll look into it". Again, I hope there is an assurance here. :[
  18. Fun videos I made

    Some videos I made of my bns characters. Hope you guys enjoy them.
  19. Most people help them without charging them but if you want to get carried through a raid of course they charge you. Its the decision of new players if they want to buy something or run thoose raids for themselve. You dont need ET Gear to get an ET Group same for any other raid just get a guild. Thats normal if you play a PVP mode its PVP you want to win so you dont want the enemy to have a chance. People actully complain about enemy not losing on purpose ? So are litterly saying if you have max gear and see someone without gear in 6v6 we have to lose on purpose so the guy who didnt put any kind of effort into his gear can win.
  20. What happened to ue4?

    Looking at how long it took them to release lvl 45 content i think its gonna be out around 2023 if we are lucky if not around 2025. Since we get the stuff later it may be 2024 for us or 2026 if the game is still running by then which i doubt. When did they announce it ? I think it was somewhere in 2017 so it took them 3 years for lvl 45 content and not even the full lvl 45 content they have to create silverfrost, gunwon etc. etc. Thats why i stoped hoping for UE4 cause i seriously doubt it will come to EU/NA at all. We lost half our playerbase in 1 year its currently on average around 2K (EU/NA together) so 2021 will be 1000, 2022 = 500 ..........
  21. Constant crashes

    It seems reinstalling the whole game solved the problem.
  22. When is pvp gear going to top pve gear?

    You do know it depends on class ? but i agree in 6v6 you shouldnt be able to enter with PVE Gear. I complain about this since They released the first gen legendary for PVP nothing changed to this day. I was hoping it will be like it is with gloves now but then they released another dungeon i am forced to run atleast 100 times (if unlucky 250 times) to get my earring. How are people that do not play PVE supposed to get 6v6 gear ? everyone just asumes they play booth (which is correct most of the time cause they cant choose unlike PVE Plyers ) and PVE Players say PVP gear is cheap and PVP Players earn a ton but cant accept PVP Players need to buy way more stuff off F5 while haveing to upgrade way more gear cause they also need to upgrade PVE stuff to do the forced dugeons.
  23. Hongmoon Homecoming?

    Maybe cause you are supposed to work for your gear and not get it gifted ?
  24. Hello, even tho i think most people should already know i think its not posted here in forum yet. In Arena (probably everywhere) if BD grabs you and uses SS he can ignore your escape skills (2 skill for example) the enemy can only use his tab escape which results either in a forced Tab escape or in a huge ammount of dmg since you cannot defend against this sword skill BD has anymore. Since i doubt this is supposed to be i thought i post it here.
  25. Bully Wrap

    i take back what i said about the nexus and beastbog chests, i still dont have the spirit veil.......
  26. Hongmoon Homecoming?

    may I ask (quest complete Hong's twelfth lesson) I have to do it where?
  27. Hongmoon Homecoming?

    This is so petty. Why not provide enough charms now this heart is just a bag filler, unable to be upgraded.
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