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  2. I mean you guys could rotate or at least put the decent outfits and hair on sale I dont even remember the last time Alice Ribbon and butterfly clip hair were on sale and i think Alice Ribbon only went to F10 like 2 or 3 times only? There are really good outfits in the game but you cant get again or have to wait for like 2 years until they show up again Instead of putting that Naryu Silver on F10 maybe try to rotate more outfits if you want people to put more cash on this game #BringAliceRibbonBack
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  4. Welcome back! It's typically a cosmetic item from the Treasure Trove. It is tradeable once acquired (not equipped) so it's often sold through the Marketplace from other players.
  5. We have costumes that rotate through the store every 2 weeks and, like Grimoir mentioned, offerings through events. The Admiral's New Clothes Selection Chests are the chests that allow for costume selection but I must agree it needs updating or more chests like it.
  6. @Hime Will we be compensated this maintenance?
  7. Hmm... as a like a dedication gift to players once every 6 months i would like the idea. A little sign of appreciation, but it would have to be something like: 1 ticket for weapon skin : January - June 1 Costume ticket + 1 Adorment Ticket for July - December. Ofc excluding RNG box main outfits and troive outfits and weapon skins and only from a pool of released costumes so far. I think that would be more worth it and fairer i guess. Asside that if you want costumes some events have the admiral selection boxes where you can pick one of a few.
  8. Hätte ich jetzt auch noch nicht gehört, dass die Stufe sinken kann. Da ich aber kein entsprechendes Abzeichen habe, bzw. jetzt mit keinem groß Kontakt habe der eines besitzt, kann ich dazu nicht mehr sagen. Vielleicht melden sich aber noch ein paar Andere.
  9. Die Boni sind auch runter gegangen 😡 Bzw. laut dem Support ist diese Funktion des Aufwerten planmäßig, also es kann fehlschlagen und einige Stufen fallen. Bloß Ich habe bisher von keinem einzigen gehört das es derart fehlgeschlagen hat. Beim Fehlschlag füllt sich lediglich der Balken meines Wissens.
  10. Klingt irgendwie nach einem Anzeigebug den es schon mal gab. Glaube bei Beschwöreren? Bin mir aber nicht ganz sicher. Steht da nur Phase 4 oder sind die entsprechenden Boni auch runter gegangen?
  11. This game is really frustrating for me, it's a fashion game and after half year of playing i have like 2 costumes which i like, but after that time, it's already boring. Can you add something like "costume selection ticket" , when u can choose like 1-2 costumes from all (don't include trove/rng box costumes) per year, or something like that? I would gladly pay for that, or swap that person who make costume rotation, because his taste is like a cancer for me.
  12. Hi wanted to ask who else has managed the feat of downgrading an Awakened Soul Badge of Meridian Phase 7 ( bars over 50% ) to Awakened Soul Badge of Meridian Phase 4? Or a downgrade in general?
  13. Hi, wollte mal fragen, wem noch das Kunststück gelungen ist ein Erwachtes Seelenabzeichen des Meridians Phase 7 ( Balken über 50% ) eine Herabstufung auf Erwachtes Seelenabzeichen des Meridians Phase 4 hinzulegen? Oder generell eine Herabstufung?
  14. Did you kill the boss from round 10? It only updates if you finish the Boss
  15. Yesterday
  16. So I'm a returning player and I've finally discovered Skill Illusions. Do they show up in f10, or do they drop from certain dungeons? I couldn't find them in f5 and when I look at them they don't show a merchant or a dungeon.
  17. PVP has just become too laden with imbalance and cheats to be fun. I pretty much stopped 4-5 months ago. It certainly wouldn't be hard to fix, but it gets ignored. Half the problem is, why should I pvp when I need to pve like crazy to get the pvp gear? It's all broken imo
  18. Der Klan ist Stillgelegt und Inaktiv.
  19. i reached the last quest and i'm like ok so i talk to this giant frog and there more so he poofed and im like hmm maybe its broken so i asked someone in chat and they said no that's the last quest i'm like really so i'm hoping the company finishes the story line also it was really good😁
  20. Yesterday i managed to get a good minute into round 10 at Kaebi Village. But up to now my ranking has nog been updated (still at round9) Have any of you had the same bug experience? I did send a report to support, waiting on the reply.
  21. Last week
  22. @Himecan we please get a reply to this, it just continues to be frustrating and annoying
  23. well since the last patch some stupid bug happens for my wl when i fly to boss or after i kill the skills bar became gray and be unusable to do anything and here is a pic https://ibb.co/Dpyd6R8
  24. Hi Belido, Yura hat sich aus dem Urlaub zurück gemeldet. Somit kann es weiter gehen. Danke für dir Info😀
  25. the scourge spec has been reworked on KR and it should be playable fine on 6v6
  26. Yeah the lag gets really bad after the 5th round. I will be doing okay then have a Huge Lag Spike and and find 90% of my HP gone or that I am Dead. I upgraded my comp a few moths back and since then have never had lag anywhere else but in this instance.
  27. Just wondering if anyone else is having a hard time obtaining a Ruby Gem from the Refuge, Ebon Realm or Primeweald ? It used to be the most received gem from farming these areas was the Ruby but now it's the hardest gem to obtain. I have so many Friends and Clan Members that are complaining that then just can't obtain a Ruby from these areas. I myself am having the same problem, the ruby is the last gem I need from the Ebon Realm for my new Summoner I made after they obtained the 3rd spec and so far after opening 26 chests I still haven't received one. Hime/NCsoft what has happened t
  28. Thank you so much! I hope I'm not being a nuisance for asking, but what exactly is gating?
  29. Hi Hier mal ein Vorschlag Kanäle betreffend 6 Kanäle Mushins Turm 1 - 2 Kanäle Schildkröteninsel Die Insel ist bei 2 Kanälen IMMER total überlaufen so das es ewig dauert die 800 Mobs zu machen Und nach jeder Wartung steht dann immer nur ein Kanal zu Verfügung bis es mal bemerkt wird und der 2te Kanal wieder geschaltet wird was im moment nicht der Fall ist Also warum nicht 4 Kanäle von Mushin holen ( da werden keine 6 gebraucht ) und die Schidkröteninsel um 4 erweitern Das wäre meiner Meinung nach mal ne sinnvolle Verbesserung
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