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  2. Hong Nerf

    I would love a nerf, but it's the current ranked solo area in F11. I don't think they'll do that. So painful for warlock.
  3. If you play Lineage 2, you would know about Shadow equipment. They are items with equivalent power to their normal counterpart, but with expiration timer and not enchant-able. These items are given to new players/alts, corresponding to their current levels, so that they can have sufficient gear to level up and to participate in certain group contents while grinding for permanent equipment. In this game, we have something similar called fleeting, but it is only given to former subscribers who have left the game for a long time, as an attempt to attract them back, or only lasts during certain events (soul badge/soul/pet). If you're late for these events, then you have no choice but grind for them normally, which would take you a long while to reach the same level of these fleeting equipment, considering the current gear grinding. So, how should we do this? I think shadow/fleeting gear that are sufficient to run at least Starstone Mines and Hollow's Heart should be good enough for new players to accumulate gold/materials. The duration of thees gear should be around 30 days. Of course, these fleeting gear cannot be upgraded or whatsoever. When you finish Act 8 of the story quest, your character will receive those fleeting equipment: -Weapon: equivalent to Raven Stage 1. Or Dawnforged/Riftwalk Stage 1. -Ring/Earing: equivalent to BT Stage 1. You can select your prefer elements. Or at least Black Dawn Ring/Xanos Earring. -Belt/Bracelet/Necklace: Just no. Use Draken Cores for these instead. They are pretty good. -Soul: equivalent to Awk.Soul. -Pet: equivalent to Awk.Pet.
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  5. Ich wollte mal nachfragen, wie es den Aktuell mit den Versiegelungstalismanen aussieht. Aktuell kann man ja seine ehemalige Max seele versiegeln und konnte sie entweder vk oder einem Twink rüberschicken. Seit aber der Tiger Seele, also der erweiterung der True Moon Seele kann man diese nicht mehr versiegeln. Nun kommt demnächst in den nächsteh 1-2 Monaten ja der warrior wieder raus und viele möchten sehr wahrscheinlich auf den warrior wechseln. Problem is nur die Seele. Rüberhandel geht ja nicht mehr. Und ich hoffe dem Team von Bns ist es bewusst, das die neue Max Seele um sie wieder zu bauen über 120k Gold Kostet(also knapp 1200 Euro). Sind ja 226 Heilige Essenzen+ 1036g Grundgebühr+ die restlichen Materialien + 97 Blutperlen , wo man auch wieder mit ca 9700g rechnen muss, wenn nicht sogar mit dem doppelten.Hier meine Frage an Bronn. Könnten sie evtl mal diese problematik weiterleiten oder uns evtl mitteilen ob man schon an der Erweiterung der Talismane am arbeiten ist? Weil es ist schwerr genug eine zu bauen. Und nur weil man sie nicht rüberwechseln kann eine 2 zu bauen, finde ich etwas unverschämt @Bronn
  6. Hallo, was muss man machen, damit man gerankt ist beim Clan Battleground? Ich habe unterschiedlichste Aussagen. Manche sagen 3 Spiele, andere 1 Sieg, wieder andere behaupten beides. Was muessen wir machen um nach dieser Woche im Ranking zu sein und den Bonus zu erhalten?
  7. Guild Outfit

    Like i said, i only buy premium, i don't spend money on the game besides the premium, but the money is mine anyway. Like i said, that's cheaper FOR FARMERS AND OLD PLAYERS, if u don't want to get those materials just don't get them. It's a useless outfit anyway.
  8. Guild Outfit

    I saw it from your first comment, i didnt need you to tell me that you are using real money to buy from the cash shop. I've been playing online games over a decade and i can detect the negativity of people who protect their favourite game no matter what. Even if someone want to make it look better. Also you dont even know what you are talking about do you? Yesterday you said that you joined a level 15 clan and you never created an outfit. Now you are saying you have two clan outfits. What that supposed to mean that you paid to get them? I dont think so, i am pretty sure you just asked for it and they gave you one. The design was arleady created before you even join propably because the clan level is maximun. You've never been a leader to know how the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ works. AND GOD WHY YOU INSIST THAT THOSE MATERIALS ARE CHEAP? You are so crazy man go to see a psychiatrist. This guy is saying that 1040 mirage crystals are easy to be farmed and the dye that never drop from Cold storage is farmable Ahahahahahaha. . .
  9. KR PATCH NOTE???rumored changes GS

    Isn't a rumor, already out on KR for a few weeks, that's all true..
  10. Hong Nerf

    Let's be honest: Master Hong is a pain in the ass to fight and requires either great gear to burn, or patience and absolute precision to fight against. However regardless of how much you can try to perfect against him, he's still tedious. I'll give reasons why: First off, his debuff stacks. I can understand it being a DoT like Yunsang, however: of how horribly broken it's healing decrease is when you have just 2 stacks is terrible to cope with, for anyone. We don't need another Rupture. Second, his room AoE when he says "Stay Present!": You've designed it to go up to 10 strikes..? Really? I want you to clarify how someone is supposed to survive that, even if you're a sheath class. If anything, make the maximum amount 5 strikes, because anything higher is pretty much a death warrant. Third, of how horrible it is to fight against his instant death spaces he places across the room: I already know how to counter it, yes; you go to the middle of where the previous deathzone is so you don't overwhelm yourself with another one. Even so, it's something you should touch up on. It's not fun getting caught in the middle of having 1/15 space left of the arena when he's making more death zones. I get it, he's an endgame boss for a powerful bracelet item drop, and other good stuff. Doesn't mean you should make it so mortifying.
  11. Daily Log in Rewards

    about 2-3 times a week i cannot collect my log in rewards for my XP charms and treasure pouches. I meet the required play time and the collect reward button does nothing. absolutely nothing. and from there if i quit the game or change characters it may even take away the reward collection button as well. leaving me to just stare at the rewards with nothing i can do. I've tried a dozen different things to get this to work. a dozen different map locations, dungeons, rotated through different characters, swapping and not swapping between alts to try and keep it from breaking during game play, collecting rewards as they come, collecting them all at the end in one shot. Nothing. no matter what i do, several times a week i completely lose out on my daily rewards, for the last 3 weeks. Might have been a pre existing issue but i've only come back to the game 4 weeks ago so i cant provide a better time line.
  12. Guild Outfit

    Yes, i use my credit card to pay the premium and i have 2 clan outfits on my main and i never use them, why should i? There's alot better outfits, and those materials for farmers and old players are cheap.
  13. Controller acting bizarre?

    New to game, literally finished installing 30 minutes ago, and my controller( xbox 360 ) is working... sort of. I can only seem to move the camera up with the right analogue stick, but not down, in fact in no other direction and as I move my character with the left analogue she seems to do this odd little hoping animation every few seconds like there's a conflict. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
  14. Guten Tag liebe Forengänger! Joa ich dachte ich versuch hier mein Glück, einen dem mir passenden Klan zu finden. Kikifu ist mein Ingame Name, also falls ihr mein Gearstand erstmal sehen wollt, sucht mein Profil dort :D Was für ein Klan suche ich? Ein Klan, - der zusammenhält - arbeitende Leute respektiert und somit versteht, dass man nicht rund um die Uhr Zeit hat :) - der Spaß am Spiel hat. - der Leute hat, die gewillt sind, Mechaniken zu lernen wenn sie sie noch nicht beherrschen :D - ein TS oder Discord freundlicher Klan, dh. dass so zu den abendstunden ca. 4-5 oder mehr Leute sich dort tummeln, macht eben mehr Spaß ^-^ extra: - wenn leute gerne HM instanzen farmen - tt raid besteht, oder irgendwann in nächster zeit in angriff genommen wird. (ist ja schon ne weile draußen der raid, und wäre schon cool, endlich mal da mit zu können o:) also die extras sind kein muss, wenn alles passt, kann ich über die sachen halt hinwegsehen :> So nun was gibt es über mich zu wissen? ich, - spiele BnS seit 2 Jahren, mit Pausen. - tanke ziemlich gerne :) war auch in anderen MMO's der Fall - bin relativ freundlich, aber oft verplant. - helfe gerne Leuten bei Instanzen. - tanke BT und VT, bei TT war ich leider erst einmal drin ._. und falls es noch wichtig sein sollte, bin ich 27 Jahre ALT und von den Herren der Schöpfung :) achja, ich werde nicht direkt einem Klan joinen, sollte was kommen, und mir die Sache erstmal bei euch anschauen, da mich die Klanvergangenheit schon recht geprägt hat, und es relativ schnell nicht gepasst hat. Ich hoffe ihr versteht das! ich freue mich auf reiche Anfragen! Mit unermüdlichen Schwertschwung Grüßen Kikifu o7
  15. I think 100-150 moonstone crystals/21-day event/character is ideal. Kinda equivalent to 2-3 sacred vial/21-day event/character in term of value. While it may be not the best way, it still adds another supply of moonstone crystals.
  16. Mondsteinkristalle

    Hi Leute, Soll nur ne frage sein, keine Kritik an BNS oder so. Kann es sein, dass ganz böse an der Dropprate gedreht wurde bei Naksun, was Mondsteinkristalle angeht. Ich bin seit Freitag +/- 170 Runs gelaufen zwischen 13-15te Stockwerk. Hatte sehr viele Tickets ab dem 13ten Stockwerk. Jetzt geht es zum Ende, und nicht 1x 10 Dropp, wie gesagt, nicht 1x. Und jetzt bitte nicht, dass es dann eben Pech ist. Das glaube ich ehrlich nicht mehr. Ein Admin könnte sich dazu melden. Danke
  17. Indeed and, for the rest of us, remember 2 more gem slots are going to be opening up soon and that is my aim in doing this event (with the help of my alts). To get an octal of of this thing.
  18. i dont bother with it. I did it enough to get the swimsuit on my sf and now im done. Its easy but its annoyingly long lasting and boring unless you group with some friends and do it for the giggles. I like the previous event dungeon or the one with princess lust. This one ionno just doesnt feel worth my time to do. keep in mind this is my opinion, i dont speak on behalf of others and has nothing to do with being lazy since i do other things in the game that i better benefit from. For new people however this is a good one to get a hepta gem or whatever. Even if the hepta gems offered are not that great you can break them down. For a new person with all square gems the hepta gem would be great to get roughly 4 hex gems since when salvaged you get 1 gem fragment worth ten powders and 6 powders.
  19. If my response was a littel bit rough i want to apologize but that strong word "stupid" was not ment to harm the person but to describe in a more drastic way the first comment this player commented and the justify he made on the response. If my response was not suitable with the Code of Conduct i can't understand why his was not warned. Maybe i express my self in a really wrong way and if i hurted anyone i want you to know that i apologize from the bottom of my heart but when i see this type of commets like newplayes called "braidead" i easly get triggered and i may overreacted.

    BUENAS GENTE :D Latin Nightmare es un clan latino nuevo.. faccion cerulean y competitivo... buscamos gente activa siempre, aceptamos desde lvl 1 - 55. si buscas un lugar con gente de habla hispana este es tu opción. nuestro clan se habrio para conocer gente y divertirnos juntos. Reglas: Ser Activo Cerulean solo 1 cuenta principal. (no tener multi cuentas) Discord obligatorio amigable, sociable y respetuoso..
  21. Greetings, This is a great opportunity for us to remind everyone of our Code of Conduct. Please keep your posts civil and refrain from calling each other names, that includes certain adjectives being used. Thank you!
  22. PC to PS4

    Its already been confirmed for consoles
  23. Mais aussi sur vos lettres reçus en touche"J".
  24. Autre tuto ou info sur les baguas la fusion et l'enchantement.
  25. bns treee dead or something ? i searched the internet and saw this: Gunner changes Unload becomes projectile <<<<<<< removes aransu and dynasti badge's effect for [pierce def / parry] wire (reload) cd becomes 15 - > 18 alpha call (pvp) becomes 45 sec cd - > 60 sec aransu/dynasti can now activate using other V skills instead of scorching earth, if u use other V skills to activate, it lasts 4 sec am gonna break down all of this 1.Unload becomes projectile <<<<<<< so now fm summ bm sin can have a cup of tea while u have no such defense piercing skill i mean guard break is good but its easy to resist for the whole duration of that 6 sec,in bg fm just sit in divine veil literally the whole fight,, same for summ with weapon reset procs its like 90 percent uptime, fm can easily stall until cd comes back up. so no way a gunner can kill a fm in bg . removes aransu and dynasti badge's effect for [pierce def / parry] ok so they remove def and parry pierce of vt badge, if they have prob with range classes , fm badge should also be nrf accordingly, cnsidering the fact that the first hit of that is literally half your health wide aoe, and benefits from weapon reset (all thy spam ) wire (reload) cd becomes 15 - > 18 gunner lacks defensive skills, it has power( thy nerf the power bug time now ) but lacks survivabilty if literally 3 people fight a gunner that is decent gear u will die , so our hooks are crucial for survival 15 sec was a big nerf but 3 more seconds really not even for bg but pvp wise, u start the match with 2 hooks wont get any until 18 sec will see any of these class fight 5 people , wl summ sin , dest bm bd kfm fm but where is gunner.if they increase the stun stand off time would be so bad .... alpha call (pvp) becomes 45 sec cd - > 60 sec i dont have a prob with this , but considering teh fact they nerf hook reload time, at some point your gonna be a stand still dummy worst fi your in bg. aransu/dynasti can now activate using other V skills instead of scorching earth, if u use other V skills to activate, it lasts 4 sec.. this not so bad but as a gunner in bg you dont have time to let people use esc and all that its all pve for every class.... overall thoughts , they nerf everything about gunner, making the class more useless than ever, so now after dealing with bm holding 1 and wl holding 1 you have to deal with fm and summ sitting in veil now , literally not 1 skill can go through that, at least fire fall makes unload not projectile but come on , every class has a skill that goes through veil but gunner .....if i had to nerf a thing about gunner. makeblue flame not pierce parry but keep def piecing so now if am hitting a target due to blue flame large aoe if a bd ahppen to spin close ot him am gonna get deflected of that....garbage--__-- every class 1 shots - oh look: kfm - tremor - 5 kills fm ground blast (literally a bullet storm cover up)- 4 kills destoryer( i seen a dest flex his muscle and am dead ) sf - 1 airial oooh where did all my health go , next to that self buff spam every 30 seconds sin send u airborne, throws bomb u dead or way low health summoner - all i known they do is spam 3 bees , considering how thy survivability so high bm pull stun into draw - dead, do 1 airial half health bd - runs up, with x 1 sec u dead , do an aerial half health or low health then into draw sure death. wl do an airial dead, give party soul burn bw dead, sits in sancum and pve u and spam block. gunner is only strong when team mates or by they side , other wise than that u useless in a 3 v1 i know its kr vault but what they shold be nerfing is : destoryer spin class(resisit stun daze etc) 2 esc gorund counter 5 hit iframe wall bang that nasty execute iron plating ember stomp oh cc u then sit in ember stop and pve u until u use esc , then grabs u walks to wall red spin stun and gg warlock aerial damage kfm ulti- kfm utli loads super fast ..and the tracking si just gg what gunner needs to compensate for these nerfs - a projectile resist skill similar to sin smoke, since we cant run as often now tbh fire fall move 3 i think is garbage .not th pull one the other one that nobody use can really be a good projectile resist at least 5 sec. i dont know where to find the patch notes now i dont know why they stop updating bnstree or its just me . point is every class in bg pve , why cause pvp is dead , gunner is being forced to pop ppl esc just to kill , while other class just run around and press 1 button to kill -___-
  26. KFM life when Warrior is released

    I don't see where KFM would have problems... yes, Warriors are also tanks, but honestly... we could use more tanks in general anyways. Additionally, KFMs also have a buff ability separate from Warriors (2 if you include Searing Palm's passive bonus to party criticals).
  27. Je poste ici un petit guide pour les jeunes lvl 55 qui viennent de finir l'histoire pour savoir quoi faire après.
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