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  3. Losing interest. Considerations about it

    Have to agree at least somewhat with the OP. I played back when there were multiple servers, so awhile ago. Mostly casually but I could still keep up somewhat competently. I left the game after maybe a year and since then, I have checked in about every 6 months and each time there is some "improvement" that just complicates things or just as egregiously applies a "fix" for something that did not need fixing, just for the sake of change. Hey, I get it. NCSoft wants money (MAKE MOERE OUTFITS!!!) but at some point they have to understand the law of diminishing returns. More and more changes, fewer and fewer servers, fewer and fewer players. Get it?! I am a very casual gamer and don't want to have to do multiple things to take one small step forward toward decent gear or accessories or pets, whatever. It should be possible for me to successfully take part in most aspects of the game and the game still have things the real hardcore players can do, the ones willing to put in the extra effort, to be truly elite. But enhance gear and let that be it. Not this "Farm this material to get this other material, that you need to get this other stuff to enhance your gear. And by the way, you need gems and stones and souls and tools to put in and take out these things and pets and the pets need blah, blah, blah." Simplify. Which does NOT have to mean easy. Just straightforward, clear and direct, without obfuscation. A lot of people like world football or what Americans and some Brits call "soccer" and it is a fairly simple, straghtforward game. Anyone can play but to master it is not easy and takes hard work. THAT is what B&S should strive toward, a game that we dilettantes can play and have fun-Heavens!-and one that "professionals" can excel at without burying people in details that are in no way fun. So, simplyify. Adding endless overlays of complexity does not make a game appealing or even challenging. If I wanted to keep track of endless lists of materials, I'd work at a warehouse. As someone else said above, "fun" is subjective but losing player population such that what was once MANY servers and is now apparently one server-I don't know, I can't even get in the game after updating the latest patch when I came back this time-tells me that something is not right. NCSoft either needs to look at themselves and "fix" the game OR admit to the players that B&S is a sinking ship and they are merely trying to squeeze the last few dollars, euros, pounds, etc., out of a rapidly shrinking player base before they unceremoniously shut down with little to no warning.
  4. Leaving Blade and Soul after over two years of playing. 300MS. Can't play for $hit now. Goodbye, Blade and Soul.
  5. Difficulty getting into the game

    System Message "Invalid game client file. Please update the game client or reinstall." (10004) Keep getting this in a small window when trying to start the game since the latest patch right after logging in. I have reinstalled the game twice. That does not work. I don't really know what I am supposed to do as far as updating the game client. I would have thought that reinstalling the entire thing would have done it. I did Google the phrase "Invalid game client file" and found a very old forum entry from 2016 but it did not help. Anyone with any ideas? Have not played in over a year and was trying to get back into it. Thank you. Michelle
  6. Surprise Visit

    There was announced that there is panel limit 4. But BUT BUT 5 panel comic won. So why you make rules and you don't obey them? I'm kind of annoyed. Because my comic could also be longer :/ This is unfair
  7. Pets get less Boss attack power on upgrade

    Well pets are considered a defensive/pvp gear so you can either use them as intended to have huge defensive stats or use them as offensive boost in exchange for their def advantages. (unless you can upgrade them to the alpha super extra turbo deluxe stellar tier where you get both)
  8. Pets get less Boss attack power on upgrade

    Like Cyan wrote himselfe "its just further feedback" i am sure this means not even he himselfe thinks the devs are trying to please us. What has BNS become if not even their own employees have trust in their devs ? but before i write down tons of anti nc stuff i just write "i dont think they are gonna change something soon since there is no such a backlash like the last weapon cost increase update. A significant ammount of people need to leave or atleast stop their premium membership for NC to do something.
  9. Tired of toxic people with trash language

    Its understandable why people load fast if they have a bad PC but there is no person i could think if who cant afford a SSD nowdays. Even the person with the biggest deb in history can buy a SSD if he can afford a PC at all. Most people complain "ah you guys are to fast i am still loading" but if you ask them to buy a SSD to change something they say "nah i dont need this" there are very few people who want a SSD for BNS if they are using a HDD right now but its needed unfourtunetly.
  10. Hangar 0 Guides

    Thank you very much @Eckogen Thats a big help :)
  11. Fishing Achievements?

    Trust me I am same boat as you are. I was a little upset when i didn't get anything for getting all max size fishes. now that you can auto fish like 1,500 fish a day the achievement is worthless and shouldn't even be a legendary tittle anymore. They should have given something to those who wasted all the time fishing b4 the patch. At lest now that they have the mats people will start fishing even tho they afk while doing it.
  12. Dungeon lockout

    What lockouts are you talking about? The only lockouts there are are event dungeons and raids. The newly added things arent lockouts, its an option to reset actual daily quests, so there is nothing preventing you from doing as many dungeon runs as you like.
  13. Pets get less Boss attack power on upgrade

    After 2 months, one can imagine that the pet stat irregularity (after ultimate hongmoon) is not something the the development team decided to/was able to spend time to fix. Maybe it is intended to be fixed, but will be rolled out with new pet stages in the future so did not warrant additional development time. Dunno.
  14. Tired of toxic people with trash language

    Okay I had to log in just to comment on this cause this gave me a huggeeee laugh. I'm hoping this was a joke, because if it's not then clearly you're on the toxic end my dude Using wrong gear - asides from pvp gear or being undergeared (which is p much only possible in 2 dungeons rn, or hm), having the wrong gear is very difficult to accomplish. Unless you mean being under the gear of the recruitment message, in which case, fair Not using buffs at the correct time - I'll have you know after doing CC, WC, and BC that buff timing is irrelevant. Every party demands buffs at different times. On my wl, I've had people ask me for BW during shield and I give it to them, the next party? You're stupid if you do that. Buff timing is entirely situational anymore, so this one is up for debate, as not using it at all when you know you can I can agree is annoying. Having too long loading screens - fund people with irl money if you care? I know plenty of people that are in debt or are in college and so, shocker, play on a laptop or budget setup. You're telling people how to live their lives, not how to play the game at this point. This is the only one I have to say is the dumbest ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I've ever heard. There's no excuse for toxicity in it's proper definition. Irritation is one thing, and that's what you're talking about. I don't see that as being toxic, but rude if you shove it on some random stranger.
  15. Pets get less Boss attack power on upgrade

    After some tests, turns out i was right, it's so useless to grade the pet for PVE after "Unleashed hongmoon pet aura" till you stack enough pet pods to grade it to a VERY high level (arround 200 pet pod or so). that just makes no sens. Can you add Boss attack power on the pets that miss it.
  16. Jusqu'à présent, le jeu n'a jamais été p2w, un joueur qui paie progressera un PEU plus vite qu'un joueur qui ne paie pas certes, mais cela n'empêche en rien les joueurs f2p à avoir un bon gear, voir maxed. Exemple de mon stuff je n'ai pas payé un centime depuis 2 année voir plus, je n'ai même pas de premium, je jouais presque une fois par semaine les derniers mois mais je pense que mon stuff est assez potable. le seul truc qui m'handicape c'est les gems et encore je pense que je les aurai eu si je jouais régulièrement. tu peux te faire un max de gold juste en faisant tes raids genre VT sur tout tes alts et tes daily challenge. tu verras le p2w si ce jeu passe chez gameforge (comme Aion). Pour l'optimisation, j'avoue que ça va mal, très mal, mais on croise les doigts et on garde espoir parcequ'il y a un nouveau moteur graphique qui arrive dans quelques mois et il y a de fortes chances que le jeu soit optimisé. mais n'oublie pas qu'un MMORPG c'est pas un FPS ou TPS du genre Apex Legends ou t'auras 300fps. ça consomme trop de CPU que de GPU, et si tu joue sur un laptop tu aura des fps de merde. perso je suis à presque 30FPS en combat sur mon laptop (i7 7700HQ GTX1060) et 50 FPS en FULL ULTRA sur mon pc de bureau (i9 9900k RTX2070Super). Anyway, juste pour te dire, quand il s'agit de cracher sur NCsoft, je suis présent parcequ'ils ont tué mon jeu PVP favori (Aion). mais faut savoir dire ce qu'il en est. P.S: Ce mec est FULL F2P et je te le promet, son astuce?! faire de l'arena que vous avez malheureusement tué
  17. ss and hook iframe broken

    Newest patch broke iframes, only tested on gunner so I can't speak for other classes but the iframe window on ss and hook is broken (possibly on x as well but I haven't tested it), cc can still be applied a while after the iframe skill goes off. Characters does hook/ss animation without moving, cooldown gets applied(or you lose a hook) but you still get cced. It's extremely noticeable in both pvp and pve to the point of being frustrating and since ss is the only reliable iframe other than deadlock it basically means X is the only somewhat reliable iframe rn unless it's also affected cuz of tight timings. (hooks were not reliable to begin with and with that issue they are basically useless) video (not recorded by me)
  18. Dungeon lockout

    Dungeon lockouts that were added need to be removed, your taking away any social aspect of helping friends that cant be on the game at the same time as you. You're essentially saying dont play my game cause i dont want you on the game as long as you can be. Please get rid of the stupid implementation of the lockout whoever thought of it should be fired.
  19. Rewards inbox

    the recent update has broken the rewards box retrieval system, sometimes only ques -6 items at a time instead of the max value.
  20. If that was the case more people would have complained about it already and someone even wrote in this thread that he upgraded to 12 with a voucher he bought.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Why Join a Dungeon Group ?

    All I am really saying is that I like to see players being more courteous to the other players in the game and giving other players a little time, waiting 5-10-15 seconds or a little more for another player won't Kill You. I have a $1200 gaming PC and I am usually among those that are 1st into a dungeon and I have NP waiting on someone that is a slower then me. Most of the players also have NP waiting on a slower player but to those who don't please be Nice and Wait.
  23. Ich habe dasselbe Problem auf meinen Main Gunner, kann ebenfalls nicht die maximale Anzahl aus der Post holen, stattdessen wird es immer weniger. Dazu kommt das in meinem Inventar, ständig die Marken vom Turm der Unendlichkeit blinken sowie die Abzeichen aus Hong und Mao. Und ständig öffnet sich das große Fenster, wo man ja die Möglichkeit hat, einen Haken oben reinzusetzen um mitzuteilen das es für den Tag nicht mehr angezeigt wird und dennoch bei jedem Char wechseln, ploppt das nervige Teil wieder auf
  24. Why Join a Dungeon Group ?

    What you describe happens very rarely to me, but mostly because people just dont pay attention. Also you dont need a 6000$ PC to run this game, i have a 1300€ gaming PC and i am almost always the first inside the dungeon.
  25. Tired of toxic people with trash language

    People start enjoying it when they get attention because of it, not because they dont get punished. If you dont give them attention they wont do it.
  26. Hangar 0 Guides

    Video guides for all the bosses in Hangar 0. Boss 1: Boss 2: Boss 3:
  27. <Azure Paradise> Cerulean Order clan recruiting

    Hi, I sent you a friend request "Darknova"
  28. 🌟 SoulSisterz 🌟 [Coelinorden] sucht aktive Member!

    Hallo HanzoHasashi, vielen Dank für dein Interesse. Ich habe dir ingame eine Freundesanfrage zugeschickt. Wenn du bereits Discord drauf hast, könntest du mich bitte dort adden D.O.KyungSoo#8919 danke Wir freuen uns auf dich!
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