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  1. Do you really need to ask? If the argument against accountwide outfits is because then people will only buy 1 for all their characters, (which I tend to find silly) the reason why they're rolling 'em out a few at a time should be pretty darn obvious. (and I'd argue actually holds water)
  2. Yeah, I was intentionally transitioning between made up and real to try to demonstrate the following point that it's sort of irrelevant whether it's made up or not. Some are, some aren't, and many of us English speaking folk don't necessarily know (or care) the difference if it's something we aren't familiar with.
  3. *shrug* Just figured "Jyan" was a made up word to mean some sort of special hero/warrior in the game's culture. (edit: that, as others have said, was explained) (I have no problem with made up words. Augerite? Bulbari? Ploggle? Gnarlox? Jiangshi? For all I know half the creature names are made up. And I'm fine with that.) Jyansei = Jyan & sensei conglomeration. So, a master hero/warrior. And yeah, figure cricket is just a non trademark version of grasshopper. Seriously, don't see what the big deal is here.
  4. AFAIK, Pinchy is max essences 2+1. That said, I *highly* suspect his burrowing messes up the % damage calculation, so if you let him tunnel for any length of time it'll become really hard/impossible to get the extra from doing a high % of damage. (FYI: If you're paying attention when you throw the grenade, you'll notice you get a resist message the times he doesn't pop up. (assuming you don't somehow actually miss). AFAIK there isn't anything you can do about it other than throw another grenade. Not sure what affects resists, but it'd be nice if the devs would have made him 10
  5. Do you really need to ask? The answer should be pretty self evident. They're assuming (probably correctly) that people aren't going to do research on the available outfits, figure out which one(s) they like best for their character(s) and then wait for that outfit to be available. Instead they will see an outfit they like, buy it, and then when one they like more comes along, they'll buy that one too. So two (or more) outfit sales instead of one.
  6. Meh. This'll probably *cricket* some people off, but I still hope we do *not* get the ridiculously anachronistic stuff, particularly that Hello Kitty mascot thing.
  7. I'm inclined to disagree. Most games nowadays wardrobe systems seem to be account wide. Rift, GW2, Wildstar. It's mostly cheap nickle/dime you to death nexon games that aren't. (or older games, which is admittedly a category BnS probably falls into.)
  8. I'm not at all surprised that the extra bank slots that is the wardrobe is behind a paywall. However I am surprised that paywall is premium, and not a slot by slot unlock. I'm also becoming less and less convinced it's a big enough feature to make premium "worth it". I can easily think of one feature I'd rather have for premium. Free windstride. As it is the reduced cooldown from premium feels completely pointless. Seems like for most of the game it costs too much to use at all, much less in rapid succession. (P.S. AFAIK wardrobe only requires premium to put stuff in. So if
  9. *shrug* Create 2nd account. Use inventory slots to store all the mats/etc. your little heart desires. Mules have been around in MMO's forever.
  10. The Korean version is pay to play (subscription) So yes, effectively the wardrobe is premium only. (along with everything else)
  11. Wardrobe is just bank slots, except even MORE restrictive. If you're fine with bank slots being behind a paywall, (and you don't get nearly enough dragon pouches free to fully unlock), then what's the big deal about wardrobe?
  12. I have to disagree. Currently, the only reasons I see to go premium are the wardrobe, and (at least for now) the queue priority. The latter is probably only going to be important for the next week or three. 90% of most modern MMO's (Including this one) you level ridiculously fast in anyways. Getting an xp bonus is absolutely no incentive at all. (Heck, half the MMO's I play I'd almost be willing to pay more for an xp reduction. Playing GW2, I'm almost lvl 40 after finishing the lvl 15 areas. I strongly suspect I'll be level capped by the time I finish the lvl 25 ones.)
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