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  1. Do you really need to ask? If the argument against accountwide outfits is because then people will only buy 1 for all their characters, (which I tend to find silly) the reason why they're rolling 'em out a few at a time should be pretty darn obvious. (and I'd argue actually holds water)
  2. Well, the airlock portion is for the imbeciles. The game simply wouldn't let you rush on ahead. Kick can (and probably will) be abused, so I tend to be loathe to suggest it when other solutions are available.
  3. I'd have to argue that isn't afk, that's just being a douche. I can only assume she sucked and was trying to save weapon health. If she happened to die she wouldn't take any weapon damage, and of course if you guys won she made money.
  4. Interesting, haven't dealt with an offline player, but I guess it sort of makes sense, less likely to be abused if it's restricted to offline players. I do know that in order to report them as bots you have to target them via the esc->click on name. You can't do it through party->click name method. Some of them have gotten wise to that, and now wait quite a while before zoning in. I'd assume they figure the party will have gotten far enough in by that point that they won't waste time running back to report. (Note: I did encounter a bot that most have glitched out or some
  5. To be fair to the devs, if they're going to take the time to actually write code, implementing a kick function isn't what I'd suggest they spend their time doing. Better to actually address this particular problem requiring a kick. 1. Implement functionality where you have to contribute some % of damage to boss to get credit for the kill. 2. Implement an airlock or something before the boss so overleveled impatient people can't just race ahead of everybody and solo the boss leaving everybody else stuck not getting credit. Or somesuch.
  6. Yeah, I was intentionally transitioning between made up and real to try to demonstrate the following point that it's sort of irrelevant whether it's made up or not. Some are, some aren't, and many of us English speaking folk don't necessarily know (or care) the difference if it's something we aren't familiar with.
  7. *shrug* Just figured "Jyan" was a made up word to mean some sort of special hero/warrior in the game's culture. (edit: that, as others have said, was explained) (I have no problem with made up words. Augerite? Bulbari? Ploggle? Gnarlox? Jiangshi? For all I know half the creature names are made up. And I'm fine with that.) Jyansei = Jyan & sensei conglomeration. So, a master hero/warrior. And yeah, figure cricket is just a non trademark version of grasshopper. Seriously, don't see what the big deal is here.
  8. AFAIK, Pinchy is max essences 2+1. That said, I *highly* suspect his burrowing messes up the % damage calculation, so if you let him tunnel for any length of time it'll become really hard/impossible to get the extra from doing a high % of damage. (FYI: If you're paying attention when you throw the grenade, you'll notice you get a resist message the times he doesn't pop up. (assuming you don't somehow actually miss). AFAIK there isn't anything you can do about it other than throw another grenade. Not sure what affects resists, but it'd be nice if the devs would have made him 10
  9. Do you really need to ask? The answer should be pretty self evident. They're assuming (probably correctly) that people aren't going to do research on the available outfits, figure out which one(s) they like best for their character(s) and then wait for that outfit to be available. Instead they will see an outfit they like, buy it, and then when one they like more comes along, they'll buy that one too. So two (or more) outfit sales instead of one.
  10. Well, I tried doing /rude and leaving the instance, but that didn't seem to advance the story any.
  11. My assumption is most of the people on this thread just like to visually troll other players. *shrug* Whatever.
  12. My gut feeling is that it isn't *really* a server/disconnect error. Only time I've seen that I noticed that the game had started feeling a bit sluggish, the load was taking longer than it should, and the loading animation had actually stopped. Think it's more an issue with the client (or a thread in the client) crashing for some reason, resulting in a networking timeout. If you're reliably getting it in a particular place, I'd think about trying a repair, and/or making sure any extraneous applications are shut down.
  13. Meh. This'll probably *cricket* some people off, but I still hope we do *not* get the ridiculously anachronistic stuff, particularly that Hello Kitty mascot thing.
  14. 1. Wildstar: Wardrobe is account wide. So yeah, costumes are effectively ACCOUNT bound. 2. SWTOR: Most store outfits can be unlocked to be account wide. 3. RIFT: Wardrobe is account wide. Pretty much every decent modern MMORPG has account bound store-purchased outfits. Prices in all 3 games are sub $15 for outfits. I can't check at the moment, but I believe they are mostly under the $10 mark. (SWTOR I believe is around $10, and another $5 to make accountwide) Guild Wars 2 was developed by ArenaNet, which is a wholly owned subsidiar
  15. 1. They didn't say "we're going to leave it as uncensored as we can while maintaining an "M" rating". They said they aren't going to censor it. This game ain't sold in stores, or on PSN or XBox Gold. If they lose the M rating, and goes full on AO, who cares? You're supposed to be 18+ anyways. 2. Pretty sure they could be Nude, and keep an M rating. So it seems even if they did decide to censor it for ESRB reasons, they shouldn't have needed to. That'd be my guess, too. And hopefully it's corrected.
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