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  1. Dear forum lurkers, posters, readers

    I have to agree with one of the other posters, you must be either playing at an odd time, (or perhaps not an odd time?) or else have just gotten very very lucky. My experience it's *very* unusual to not have at least 1 afk "bot", occasionally two. (Note: I've been working on the lvl 45 challenge since the patch that supposedly is going to help with this, so haven't really done any dungeons since then. It's possible the patch actually did something?) As for votekicking, you can't votekick unless they are offline. (How do I know? Lots of experience with afk bots) However, when it is available, (player offline) votekicking definitely works. That said, I'll admit I'm PST, and I tend to play late at that, so it's quite possible I'm more likely to run into bots because there are less non-bots playing, as all the normal players are sleeping. And bots, of course, don't sleep.
  2. From other bots who are. My assumption would be there are bots at various dragon post guys that are simply grabbing the names of people running by, then adding those names to the lists of people for other bots to annoy.
  3. Heads Up Bots are now Crafting

    Heh, more likely, bots would be buying everything below a certain price and then reselling it at a higher price. AFAIK that's how bots manipulate the market to their profit, while at the same time raising prices to increase the value of the gold they are selling. Flooding the market with their stuff and crashing the value of gold would be counter productive. (for them)
  4. Heads Up Bots are now Crafting

    To point out, the cheaper stuff becomes, the less important money becomes, the less of a reason for people to buy from gold sellers. Less goldsellers = less bots. One of the solutions to the "gold selling" problem is to eliminate buyers. Cheaper stuff = less people feeling the need to buy gold. Heck, if I was going to recommend solutions to the botting problem, my first 2 suggestions would be: 1. Eliminate the early gold wall. Give players a moonwater transformation stone around the time they kill Hujikar (or w/e his name is) either via survey or via a quest reward. 2. Decrease/eliminate windstriding/remote crafting fees. Windstride/remote crafting fees for Viridian plane locations should be at most 1cp. And my 3rd suggestion would probably be to make more quests give soulstone rewards as you go through the moonwater area, not just Tomb of Exiles. Pretty much all "level specific" crafting/etc. starts requiring them (in number) and until you finish the moonwater area, you really only get 2 per day from ToE. (unless you want to leech from group doing the blue 4, assuming you can even pick up the dailies before you're done with moonwater) So, I'm afraid I have to admit that I'm not entirely sure I have a problem with the prices of things going down.
  5. I've yet to get a single soulstone drop from a world boss that I need to kill for a weapon upgrade. Maybe I've just gotten unlucky?
  6. BoT

    3&4 are the only things that may stop gold sellers (and thus bots). Seems to me that forcing all transactions between players to be "balanced" would almost certainly solve the problem. And to be honest, I've often wondered why many games don't implement such restrictions. I can only assume that the ability to help friends/guildmates/etc. by giving them stuff is assumed to offset the downsides of gold selling, and I'm not sure how well the idea of a truely equalized auction house will go over either. Some people really like to be able to play the market, and if there is any free market at all, then I wouldn't be surprised if gold sellers try to shift the market so some common item(s) has an extremely high price on the market that they can use to move gold around. (Note: Region block does diddly. It's easy enough to circumvent with VPN's and such.)
  7. Define "ruining the economy". As far as I'm aware, bots killing world bosses are just making essences cheap. I don't believe they drop any money, so it isn't actually bringing money into the system.
  8. Is using glitch at ogong bannable?

    I'd be pretty surprised if bots are actually doing it. Why bother with something that complex when you can just have your bot join a party then afk at the entrance until they do the dungeon for you.
  9. Is using glitch at ogong bannable?

    While they did issue a warning on the stream, they don't need to. BnS rules of conduct: Please be aware that failure to comply with these rules of conduct may result in the termination of your Blade & Soul game account according to the Blade & Soul User Agreement YOU WILL NOT EXPLOIT ANY BUG IN BLADE & SOUL AND YOU WILL NOT COMMUNICATE THE EXISTENCE OF ANY SUCH EXPLOITABLE BUG (BUGS THAT GRANT THE USER UNNATURAL OR UNINTENDED BENEFITS) EITHER DIRECTLY OR THROUGH PUBLIC POSTING, TO ANY OTHER USER OF BLADE & SOUL. BUGS SHOULD BE PROMPTLY REPORTED VIA 'SUPPORT' AT HTTP://SUPPORT.BLADEANDSOUL.COM (Note: It's actually point 18, apparently the forum insists on converting the number to 1, probably doing it's own numbering) So yeah, you've already been warned. Any exploit can result in account termination. Using a glitch is, by definition, an exploit. As such it is bannable with or without a warning from the NCSoft team. Yeah, uhm. No. Blatantly an exploit. They can try to convince themselves it's just a "trick" if they want, but they're simply trying to rationalize it. And I doubt NCSoft is gonna buy their excuse either.
  10. I've got a question about these two skills. From what I can tell, after you launch the enemy, one of these skills jumps you up to the enemy, the other one is a finisher that brings you down. (Even though they both look like they jump you into the air.) The "Finisher" move is a rising flame spin, that does ~2k damage for me. The other one is a jump around move that does several (like 3 or 4?) hits of around 200 each. The problem is, the one of the two moves that has a flame indicator in the tooltip is only supposed to do 708-856 damage. The other one (that doesn't) is the one that's supposed to do 2109 to 2555. My assumption is the little flame indicator is simply on the wrong move?
  11. this really connection from asia

    China maybe? I hear the great firewall does horrible things to external ping.
  12. To be honest, I highly doubt reporting a bot actually does anything. It's pretty much a waste of time to manually ban them when their owners are just gonna bot more. In the amount of time it takes to manually report and ban a bot, the bot runners can probably make a dozen more. Any solution needs to be automated/automatic. Whether that's cutting off their ability to sell the gold, making it unprofitable to sell the gold, behavioral pattern recognition to detect and auto-ban bots, or whatever.
  13. Look at this doing

    Considering how pervasive this behavior seems to be according to the boards, I'm somewhat surprised this has only "almost" happened to me once. And I say "almost" because the leader was so inept, he changed it to master loot immediately upon zoning in. I was still picking up the quest. I'm like "Master loot? C'ya". and quit party. (IIRC he had a bot like name, and was a destroyer, so I wouldn't be surprised if he actually was an afk bot.)
  14. Banning...?

    You're somehow assuming that banning exploiters prevents them from banning bots. Not sure what kind of logs this game keeps, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if they could do a simple SQL search and mass ban every account where # of times kill boss - # of times kill sub boss > 5 or somesuch in about 10 minutes of work. Now sure, some people probably have an incident or two where they enter the dungeon after the sub boss is already dead, but that probably won't add up to 5 times. And if they did, the handful of false positives would be easily sorted out by hand once they complain. I'd strongly suspect that banning people for doing this exploit is extremely trivial, and had no effect on their anti-bot/spammer/whatever work. edit: Which is why, I'll admit, I never bothered reporting anybody for using it. Trying to take a screenshot and show which party members used it and which didn't was more trouble when it's worth, when I expect they can pull the info right out of the logs.
  15. about the ogong glitch......

    1. Because exploiting a bug is against the ToS, with a penalty of account termination. There is no qualification for it needing to be a recent bug. 2. Yes, it is. See point 1. Personally, I sometimes think devs should leave one or two exploitable bugs in their games on purpose, and periodically ban people who've exploited* them. Think it would improve the quality of the average player. The kind of people who would exploit are the kind of people I don't particularly want to play with anyways. *Exploited = use more than twice. Once is find, twice is verify, thrice is exploit.