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  1. Thanks for this great idea! We've suggested it to the devs. While again, we can't guarantee anything will come of it, we'll see what we can do. :)
  2. Great idea! Thanks, TheElementalFlow. We'll consider it for future game updates.
  3. Definitely agreed there's no reason to fight. They'll be in soon enough that the OP can make a sexy character. I edited my post to include the announcement from our team on this.
  4. Just to point out here, warlocks will not be in the Feb. 10th patch. Sorry! :( Soon(tm) but not that soon.
  5. Ya that's okay, too. xD Maybe with some milk, though?
  6. Also friendly reminder to keep the forums chat more friendly-er. We can all Google words but let's just focus on being nice and eating some cookies.
  7. Hi LtWelkin, Due to the changes we made to try to curb some of the gold seller spam, players under level 11 cannot use chat. This had an extra side effect of also being unable to use emotes or type commands. Sorry for the inconvenience. We're still looking into this.
  8. Hi all, are any of you by chance level 10 or under?
  9. Hey kevincouto92, Sorry to hear you're also having this problem. Please put in a Support Ticket as well. We don't have a recommended fix beyond that at the moment.
  10. Hi Kuraidesu, Please do not submit multiple tickets. Each time you do you get bumped in the queue for our team to reply to you. Also, it can take us up to a couple of days to respond to you with the amount of tickets we have in right now. Your patience is greatly appreciated!
  11. Hey Ergon, Unfortunately we don't have a way to check your computer configurations against our game on the forums. That's why we're asking for people to submit a Support Ticket because our Customer Support team has those capabilities. We are of course looking into what's going on and every time someone submits a ticket, we get that much closer to finding a resolution. Also, we do check our patches before putting them out. There are a lot of different kinds of computers and software out there, though. So sometimes things get missed. Th
  12. Hi all, we've noticed some issues with Razer services causing new crashes after this week's patch. More info on what can be done to fix this can be found here: https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us/articles/207814563. If that doesn't alleviate the crashing problems, please put in a Support Ticket so that our team can help you out.
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