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  1. The hogdonny boss can be beaten, just dodge its yellow aoe which is telegraph. The Terror boss is insanely difficult. It forgives no one. I even have a range character. And during the Terror boss, I dnt miss taking a break and eat some dumplings to stay alive. :3 One Request: 1 second delay on Terror's red AoE. if it is already 1sec (seems not) have it 2seconds. It will suffice to iframe it. T.T
  2. A 6/4man purple dungeons is about 15-20mins. SSP is 45minutes from capturing. blues takes 10-15mins. new 24man is insanely long. Can u list down your dailies that gives you 30g a day?
  3. have you set your cat to have a high def/hp spec? I dont know the stats for Silverfrost ss. But as long as you have 40khp and decent AP you can run Naryu Labyrinth. Bid for #1, 4, 6 and 8 soulshield. Your goal is ss with crit roll and mid to max hp. Prep some gold because bidding is stiffer now. Then run 6man Bloodshade and bid for 3 5 and 7 targetting the crit rolls as well. You can start on that. It is actually still viable setup atm.
  4. 1. The problem is/was the pace of releasing new contents. Other regions had the ample time to prepare. Few to No unnecessary pressure of any sort. 2. Another thing is the AP-Trending Culture. Once a new update is released together with its new gear upgrades, players increase/set the bar higher for AP requirements doing contents. These things changed a lot of perspective and feel to the game for others. Pressure of being behind and/or not to be able to catch is overwhelming. 3. Anyone can just say farm this and farm that but not everyone can do 6-8hours of gameplay to efficiently
  5. yeah, I am kinda on that perspective now. I think it was also intentionally. Theyve predicted that this will happen and people will be forced to purchase something that should be normally acquired in game. Just sad since if the pace of releasing content was normal, we will not have this predicament.
  6. A moderator replied on this thread. Hopefully there will be something that will be done. I am really willing to pay for costume and membership and already did. But paying for something I can loot in the game is non-viable for me. If unpopulated dungeons will be a wall for me not to progress, wouldn't that be the game's responsibility to adjust? Another thing is, this was caused by the pace of the patch/content updates. I don't really know the alternatives, maybe a drop from 6man since it is still working now? (talking about pirate emblem) or put the pirate emblem in the hongmoon co
  7. yep yep. pirate emblem now is close to impossible to farm. no one is doing nsh 24man. you can do 6man bsh for 1 pirate emblem though and a chance of dropping a breakthrough/evolve specific class weapon. :3 I am now stuck with my alt whom I am planning to main because of this. And if you think about it, other regions didn't have this problem in my conclusion, since their expansion release was much later that gave them ample time to prepare for the next map. Almost if not everything of player complaints right now is because of the mishandled quick release of contents. I don't mind th
  8. Thank you ma'am/sir. The said 24 dungeon runs also are now ghost town, hard to really progress to pirate now since there are few to none doing it. Hopefully there is a tweak on drop rate of evo/break weapons and/or emblems, some alternative not pay to win or cash shop alternative. 6-man is pretty alive though. ANOTHER THING: Naryu reward box doesn't drop any soulshield anymore. Is this also intentional? Now it Naryu SS will only be obtainable by bidding which sucks when you're poor like me T.T
  9. I just sent a ticket about mailing issue on same account characters yesterday providing all the necessary screenshots and detailed but on point explanation of the situation. Guess what? The customer support replied asking the same screenshots and details which I've already properly explained and provided on my initial ticket/report. What the freak, right? @.@
  10. tried of all this nothing worked. anyone who has the solution? :)
  11. IMHO: Part of the game and not Toxicity 1. Faction Wars - It's part of the mechanics. So if you do faction dailies expect to be PKed. I am only talking about Misty Woods. If you can't handle it, look for a party/clan/ask help from faction. This is an MMORPG after all. 2. Bidding Wars (Class Specific Weapon) - It is also part of the mechanics of the game. But my take here is, when a certain item for example a breakthrough weapon was placed on bid and you have a class on your party that specifically match the weapon, everyone should just pass. If there are two same classes, they need to dea
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