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  1. try reducing all your graphical settings to the least. I had problems with these even with chef of poharan and mane of bloodshade (both have the AOE which triggers a skill hint on the screen). In my observation it is the effects coming up all together that makes the screen freeze. Fixed it by reducing my graphic settings to the least. It may be a player side / your cpu or may be a server side. It may be different in every scenarios in every player but this what fixed mine.
  2. I have 490 AP atm. With that as basis of my equipment would you think 55% + 60k is achieveable in full yeti? Becauase I have 1 2 scorpio, 3 yeti, 5 7 BSH and 4 6 8 Laby with 51% crit rate on 60kHP. Because as I imagine 120% accu, 55% crit rate with 60k HP would be achievable in full yeti if you have full true pirate,siren, oath brace and/or better. I haven't personally encountered players with 60k HP on full yeti. Thanks again.
  3. Q: what ss would give you 120% accuracy maintaining at least 50% crit rate and 55k-60 HP? Thanks :)
  4. "Getting out of hand" is the perfect term for this one.
  5. Yes. That is the sad part. Ive decided to post a separate topic since for the last 3 days I can observe the ever increasing amount of these players. And felt their inconvenience is increasing as well. SSP channels are so full and hard to get credit from kills. Especially with my melee. Hard to earn right amount of prestige since there are teleporting opposing factions players. Hard to complete the "8/8 warriors/elite kill quest" caused by teleporting players. Before, I can at least rescue an injured faction npc and pick up meteor once a day but there are lots of teleporting bots q
  6. to be fair with OP, I have seen same people/group of bots doing SSP since its release. I spam report them as bot to no avail. They are still there.
  7. Bots and Hackers #1 -Opposing faction teleporting players. Will kill you in an instant with a gun in a speed of light. -Most of them are "unidentified cerulean/crimson order". Wearing a mask. Bots and Hackers #2 -Players who picks up potato/meteor and wounded faction npc to turn the quest for 5 soulstones. -They also use teleport/speedhack. Bots and Hackers #3 -Allied faction summoner bots. You will see them with synchronize movements and everyone is occupying the same "cell" or "spot" when idle/standing. -I hate them because they are not real players but can farm and steal y
  8. learn your class. level more. practice.
  9. Start to some point: 8/10 -pvp -combat -dungeon system -bidding system -upgrade system (one gear till end) -weapon skins -costumes -hongmoon coins -currency exchanger -story -24mans -faction quest -free skill respec as the the situation requires Some point (now): 5/10 -Constant poor communication from management. -Optimization didn't improve -bots, hacks, AFKers no solution offered. -UBER FAST content release without and adjustments/considerations on economical/mechanical/technical/mental&emotional impact on players. -game guard T.T
  10. this is a nice update pertaining to emblems being available in HM Coins. Victory for the player base!! They've heard us!!!!!!!!
  11. 1. Maybe needs to learn the mechanics. 2. 1 iframe mistake or "true friend(resist all attack in 5 secs)" mistake or pet being knockdown hence not to be able to use "true friend" properly might cause it. 3. There is only one intuitive iframe which is the SS. 4 Button Skill(dandellion) can be timed wrongly due to maybe point #1. 4. Constantly pulling aggro because of high dps and DOTs hence burning iframes or overwhelmed which can also be pointed to #1. 5. Used to cat taunting everything hence lack of class potential familiarity making them inefficient in clutch situations like yeti.
  12. Might be, might be not. But you also need to acknowledge the overwhelming and consistent points being stated on every issues being raised here. No one is trying to ask for a perfect game but just a reasonable and justifiable state which we can freely enjoy. Every game will have its challenges and flaws but if "issues" outweighs the "enjoyment" this is the result.
  13. 1. Poor Communication on NCSoft's Part. (Communication Includes Speaking and LISTENING and completed with a freedom of FEEDBACK) -Players tend to feel unimportant/ignored and that just sucks. -Issues left hanged. -NCSoft talks a lot of add-on products but won't budge with problems with the main product itself. -Some issues is as if intentional to make you pay. (Mailing System) 2. Too quick content release that overwhelms a lot of players. -Progress wall (no ample time to prep for new contetns unlike other regions) -Pay to Progress. Critical dungeons with items for progressions are
  14. The hogdonny boss can be beaten, just dodge its yellow aoe which is telegraph. The Terror boss is insanely difficult. It forgives no one. I even have a range character. And during the Terror boss, I dnt miss taking a break and eat some dumplings to stay alive. :3 One Request: 1 second delay on Terror's red AoE. if it is already 1sec (seems not) have it 2seconds. It will suffice to iframe it. T.T
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