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  1. I just sent a ticket about mailing issue on same account characters yesterday providing all the necessary screenshots and detailed but on point explanation of the situation. Guess what? The customer support replied asking the same screenshots and details which I've already properly explained and provided on my initial ticket/report. What the freak, right? @.@
  2. tried of all this nothing worked. anyone who has the solution? :)
  3. IMHO: Part of the game and not Toxicity 1. Faction Wars - It's part of the mechanics. So if you do faction dailies expect to be PKed. I am only talking about Misty Woods. If you can't handle it, look for a party/clan/ask help from faction. This is an MMORPG after all. 2. Bidding Wars (Class Specific Weapon) - It is also part of the mechanics of the game. But my take here is, when a certain item for example a breakthrough weapon was placed on bid and you have a class on your party that specifically match the weapon, everyone should just pass. If there are two same classes, they need to dea
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