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  1. Its been down for 2 hours i think (or atleast from what I've seen on twitter, other threads). Just go play something else, I wouldnt invest too much into this game
  2. And am the one with reading problems? Mkay
  3. Ah my bad. I thought you are simply new and informed. Didnt know you are one of eletist who keeps spamming arena lobby "omg unbalanced game, gif me diamond". My bad
  4. Oh as far level balance due to lack of skill points, I agree because thats the FACT. But skill do matter and you are still able to outplay other people, but it might be harder with 31 skill points then with 70
  5. I dont wanna sound as bashing you, but you do terrible research. http://impbns.com/#guides Your welcome.
  6. There is plenty guides, videos on youtube and what not about match ups and how to counter them. You are just being lazy
  7. Because its a pointless rant
  8. Well as far as I know there are some laws in NA preventing this stuff
  9. If u r not, then why would u want it? Just google some loli hentai or something
  10. 10 pesants wont buy it, 10k ppl will. They will never go away thats a fact
  11. New MOBA? First time am hearing this :o
  12. But thats how EVERY MMO works? The whole fun starts endgame. This is not some solo game like AC or Witcher where leveling is the fun and after u beat it u uninstall. Idk Im just suprised that so many "veteran mmo players" are so confused by it
  13. I don't get it. The whole its "grindy". Its a *cricket* MMO? I mean from what I've seen (I know its not final patch so more grind will come) this is the least grind compared to most MMOs. Not to mention that PvE stats doesnt matter in PvP. U dont need grind weeks-month for set just to be able to fight people in arena (like WoW, Lineage2). Yes u do need to level for those skill points unlike lets say Guild Wars 2, but if u enjoy the class, the game itself I dont see a problem. In my honest opinion "reviews" like these are quite shameful and to be taken as some rant. Thats just my tw
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