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  1. Costume from Nightshade.

    In fishbelly pub there's an outfit that is lyn male only called grave robber that you get with halfmoon festival tokens. and if you want to make an ugly lyn, its perfect!
  2. You are a summoner, you can't be bad at things. The class is made so you can kill everyone with no skill. There is no strategy.
  3. Costume from Nightshade.

    Pretty sure there's outfits in sapphire basin that are lyn only and no alternative for any other race is available.
  4. Skills gone - wtf!

    They didn't mess anything up lol. Just redo your skills it takes like less than a minute if you know what your doing. Not that hard.
  5. Assassin Skill

    They've been releasing things faster. They said they wanted us to compete in world championship or at least they are hoping NA and EU will be able to. In order to be able to we have to be on even playing field which means us having the same skills they have. I bet we get 50 this year.
  6. I did with awakened siren weapon and awakened infernal accessories easily
  7. 2K NCoin Outfit

    I like the outfit and think its wroth it. You get a head piece as well as the outfit and the 10 unsealing/12 white roses. Quit complaining before they throw it all in RNG boxes again. No matter what they do you guys won't be happy. Honestly, I'm happy with this outfit, I'm okay with the price.
  8. If they were losing money because of it I am sure they'd be able to tell more than we claim we can. I purchased the outfit for $25, I think its worth. Its a hot one that is limited time and one that tons of people want. Seeing how many people are wearing it right now, I'm sure their pricing is just fine. At the end of the day, if its to much for you don't buy it.
  9. Daily Dash

    Lol its not their fault. You had plenty of time to get the whole board done. I got mine done in less than 2 weeks I think and I got 2's a lot of rolls. It's really not that hard to get your board done. If you didn't finish in time that isn't their problem.
  10. How do I tank bosses as assassin?

    For slashimi im pretty sure you need to kill the crab at the right time, right before the boiled water starts killing the crab will freeze you and make so you take no damage. From my understanding that's the way its supposed to be done. I play assassin and when i fight poh and the mines show, I try to get to the edge where the mine does not hit you. You can also spec things like lotus fury to be an iframe. The bosses with room wide aoe's have mechanics that allow you to avoid them if your iframes arent available. Assassin is high damage so we tend to end up tanking a lot of the time which sucks. I think if BM's or KFM spec for it they are supposed to be the ones tanking. I might not be 100% correct on all of that, but nobody else responded so figured I'd say something ^_^
  11. Lol 1, 2, and 3 are kinda stupid. 4 and 5 i can agree with. You forgot the rng boxes though, the only thing im mad about is the rng boxes :D i dont mind paying cash for outfits nor do i mind them being character bound.
  12. Will you quit B&S IF

    Honestly RNG boxes have made me think negatively about this game since they put them up in the store. It sends really really bad vibes. Vindictus does the same thing, they take the outfits people want the most and put them in rng boxes with a 3% chance.
  13. They were going for 10 gold, now they are going for 3 gold 88 silver and the price will keep dropping likely.
  14. 100% agree. They will probably remove this saying there's another post like it, seems to be their way of silencing complaints so it looks like a smaller issue then it actually is.