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  1. you do know that nguard does litterly nothing you can run any cheat program and it wont block it on any game.... the only thing it does is being a root kit some virus scanners even see nprotect as malicious
  2. cause i need to fish in black desert Black desert has big AFK mechanics
  3. cannot play 2 games at the same time what the cricket remove nguard im getting killed by bots 24/23904u82 in pvp anyways KFM 24/7 stunlock
  4. why is lynn being discriminated ? ..... we also do not get special cat outfit either......
  5. New RNG Box in Shop!

    well havent seen one gm reply in 44 pages interesting
  6. again money grubbing make it an ingame consumable that costs 10-50 gold ......
  7. New RNG Box in Shop!

    so when are GMs gonna reply on this topic ... 28 pages and nothing as of yet
  8. i am against rng boxes
  9. New RNG Box in Shop!

    i really dislike gacha boxes and if this continues il be off to black desert and see how long that lasts b4 gacha boxes p2w stuff
  10. I Hope We Get These Outfits!

    will we be able to trade our outfits too our alts with premium .... cause i bought a couple of outfits and wanted to use them on my alts as well it doesnt seem fair that i need to purchase the same costume again on the same account on a diffrent character ...
  11. Failed to connect (200)