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  1. You'll be lucky to get a response in Spanish. But because it's referring to maintenance:
  2. WakuWakuUsagi, I shall now think of that scene each time I kill someone with my kitty :D
  3. The recipe drops in the blue dungeon "Brightstone Ruins". But good luck trying to get this for yourself if others are in the group with a lot of gold. I've missed out on 3 of these due to losing the auction, due to a lack of gold xD And when I do have the gold, the damn thing doesn't drop >_<
  4. Oh look another F2P person who is complaining about a free game that they are playing and want to get premium related/online store items for free!
  5. The sense of entitlement comes from not being punished enough when they were a child, so if anyone is to blame it's their parents for not doing a good enough job to teach their kids some common sense.
  6. Ah another thread of F2P player(s) complaining about something that they want for FREE (considering they are playing the game for free), and they're unhappy because they have to pay to obtain something ... I love these threads :D
  7. I'm tempted to rerolling silver cauldron to make these stones. Right now on my server they are 8g for 1 >_<
  8. I speak with my desire to enjoy my pass time of gaming. You may or may not earn more than what I make in a year, but unfortunately the typical gamers now are casual gamers, who will pay for everything to get it now as they do not want to progress through a proper system. That is why you can be max level well within 24 hours. We tried to speak with our wallets, when people tried to stop others from preordering games due to being ripped off with horrid creations, but again the casual gamers don't care as they just rather buy it and play it when they have time.
  9. Oh look another "I want more" post from someone complaining about a game that they are playing for FREE. This is why we need to stop the F2P generation of gaming. Can't afford to play games, tough, find another hobby or get a better job.
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