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    This is my companion, Bottles.
  2. You'll be lucky to get a response in Spanish. But because it's referring to maintenance:
  3. WakuWakuUsagi, I shall now think of that scene each time I kill someone with my kitty :D
  4. The reason you say .... aliens!
  5. NCSoft I'd also like do a interview on the kind of things, that you like to put on your toast in the morning. I'm an independent person, who will publish the interview on facebook and may be a semi create blog, that no one knows about!
  6. Age limit isn't the issue, it's the mental age of people.
  7. What makes me feel good? I would say killing scrubs who kill people in open world 10+ levels below them and think they're awesome. Then watch them surrender and move away without saying a word.
  8. It's an amazing thing, but you know there is an announcement section on the forums, right? Just above this section, right?
  9. Because people can act the way they never would face to face with someone, because it would result in them being fired/expelled or punched so *cricket*ing hard, it would remove the yellow from their teeth. It's unfortunately the downside to Internet usage. Back 15+ years ago this was never an issue because people using the Interwebs were normal people who wanted to enjoy themselves. Now it's a basic thing for your average idiot, where no test is required before being able to use it.
  10. Hey peeps, Considering that most people are whining right now, what are you normal people doing? Some of you will be reading the forums while at work/school, but for those of you on vacation/unemployment/off sick, what you doing while the servers are down? Personally I have an extended weekend, so I'm taking the time to finally start watching One Piece :D (on episode 76 out of 700+)
  11. Oh look another thread, stating the same thing!
  12. ah so this is where that costume comes from. I may buy a bundle rng box set when I get paid next of the month, right now got some le bills to pay :D
  13. le powah of le forums search button ... you must use!
  14. What Dlacik said. The dungeon isn't bugged, but you just need to have the arena token/tickets for the fights and it's one long and boring dungeon due to the RP that you can't skip.
  15. I wanna have a female lyn, whom I can give extra large boobies too, so it can fit in with the rest of the population in Blade & Soul! (I play a male Lyn atm, but I would reconsider if there were bewbs!)
  16. I heard we western gamers won't be getting the Warlock, because it will generate too much whining from the people that suck at pvp already.
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