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  1. Error EO2018

    Thank you for the help, I might try some of those.
  2. Error EO2018

    Hello, tried everything. Even all the youtube guides and fixes :). Ncsoft asks me to give the Dxdiag, so I did. Then they asked me to give a Hijack file, so I did. They they asked me to DL some other software to see if I have inteernet issues. But at this point I know the problem does not come from me :).
  3. Error EO2018

    Whatever, I won't come back to the game it seems. Too bad this ERROR still occurs for some people after all these years.
  4. Error EO2018 <<<<<<<<<<<<< LINK for more visibility :) This is the error i'm getting as soon as i click on the launcher.
  5. Error EO2018

    Hello, I still can't play the game, I hope there is assistance on sunday, I have a ticket open, I gave my dx diag and the hijack file they asked me.
  6. ERROR OE2018

    Salut, je suis sensé faire quoi ? J'ai vu que pleins de gens ont ce probleme, je peux pas jouer du tout. après avoir lancé le launcher j'ai cette erreur
  7. Error EO2018

    Thanks, i read it, still not working :'(, i'll try the support assistance
  8. Error EO2018

    Hello i wanted to come back to the game... but it seems that's not a possibility.. After I click on the launcher i have this message.. ERROR EO2018 what should i do ?
  9. Error eo2018

    Salut, je viens juste de reprendre le jeu, mais une erreur m'empeche de DL le jeu... Error eo2018 quand je lance le launcher..
  10. Hi there, i played the game for 2 months when it came out. I had to stop because the optimization was atrocious, low FPS with a good rig. Is it still the same ?
  11. Salut, j'ai joué 2 mois à la sortie du jeu, mais j'en avais marre de descendre sous les 20 fps en ville. Ca me gâchais mon envie de continuer. Est-ce que cela est toujours d'actualité ? PS : Ma config n'est pas en cause.
  12. Back from 2 months break. Prf issues still there ?

    Thank you, is the game hanging on ? People still play, seems like it slowly fades, could be normal I guess.
  13. Hi, I stoped playing BnS 2 months ago or so. I wanted to know if FPs issues are still here, you know, 15 fps with a decent rig. Thank you !
  14. Please look at the source a few posts earlier, 17 minutes mark of the VOD, we're getting them, but not in a near future
  15. So, the VOD is finally here, START AT 17 minutes mark So, Mr Lien said "We're still gonna put legendaries in the game" Not right now tho