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  1. First one makes you look like easter bunny. Like that more.
  2. Yeah I get these random disconnects too. Game just stops for a moment and closes, in that moment i'm also chatting with my friend in facebook and doing other stuff with great connection. xD
  3. It's funny how everyone seem to think that if they personally quit, the whole game is dead. :'D
  4. I like to play tag matches. They're fun. I have pretty ok gear too (560ap) and what ive been doing mostly is daily challenge. I like taking screenshots, buying costumes and stuff with hm coins for free and some with real money. People who stress about materials and gear get sick of it but i don't do that. I just take my time and talk with my guildmates n stuff.
  5. Thank you! :3 Btw heres my other char xD
  6. pvp will never be p2w because gear doesnt matter there. who cares about pve being 'p2w' or not. more like if someone has good gear it helps you in dungeons and stuff.
  7. Try it. I play it and it's fun if you don't take everything too seriously. Story is heartbreaking in the end. T___T You could say Soulstone plains is the huge pvp battles frequently. Blue faction vs Red faction fighting for minings. :) Pvp is fun and pretty balanced, crappy players like to come forums and whine here how unbalanced it is tho. I played tera till lvl 37 and leveling felt more work for me than bns leveling. The character creation is awesome, and all the cool costumes u can get by working or by luck. There is no armor like in tera. The armor stats comes from your soulsh
  8. why u even quote me when asking a question from other guy... if u read what he wrote.
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