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  1. Ap for dungeons

    Greetings newbiez,   When you do find the screenshots, please make sure to remove any player names in the image before posting it here.    Thank you!
  2. For people who don't have time for BT (Skybreak Spire)

    Greetings,   We want to remind everybody to stay on topic and keep your posts civil. No need to get personal or derogatory.    Thank you!
  3. trove keys removed

    Greetings,   This is intended. The keys are removed for purchase to prevent players from buying keys and not using them in time. Any keys you currently have you will be able to use until the Trove event ends, which is tomorrow during the maintenance.
  4. Greetings,   Since this question was answered by LordMg, we are now closing this thread.   Thank you!
  5. Who wants to draw ? Lyn F model here

    Greetings, We took the liberty to move this thread into the Fan Creations section.
  6. [Spoiler] Blade and soul ending ?!

    Greetings,    We added Spoiler to the title and hid the original content accordingly to prevent any further accidental revelations.    
  7. beluga and wwv...its time

    Greetings,   We would like to take a moment and ask everybody to discuss the posts, not the posters and refrain from personal attacks.    Here is a quick reminder of our rules:    
  8. Custom Profile Pic

    Greetings,   Only screenshots taken in game after 06/22/2016 are supported for your profile picture in Blade & Soul.
  9. Scammers

    Greetings menba,   Sorry to hear about your account, we should be able to get it back to you as soon as a Customer Service agent gets to your ticket.   There's a few things you can do to help right away, the first would be to change the password on your email account to something you have never used before, and consider using the mobile authenticator if you can. If you have saved any card details on your account, it would be a good idea to let your bank know your account has been compromised and that they may be making fraudulent purchases.   Also, it's best to resist the temptation to bump your ticket as this actually puts it to the back of the queue.   Hope that helps, you should get your account back soon.
  10. Error e02018

    Greetings Starsx33,   We are sorry to hear that you are encountering issues downloading the game. Please use the Support tab above to reach out to our Support team for assistance.  
  11. Doing 2 Duelist Bundle for same account.

    Greetings,   Since the creator of this thread has asked for it to be closed, the discussion has now ended.   Thank you for all your input!
  12. Doing 2 Duelist Bundle for same account.

    Greetings,   This is a quick reminder that the forum is not for petitions. Since this thread has turned into an actual discussion, we will keep it open.   To review our Code of Conduct, click here:    
  13. Transfer chracters bug in web

    Greetings,   Please try refreshing the page. This may take a few times, but you should be able to load the information.   In case this does not work, please contact our Support team via the Support tab above.   Thank you!
  14. character transfer

    Greetings,   At this point we would like to ask you to try loading the page again, if needed after refreshing a few times.    Thank you!  
  15. character transfer

    Greetings,   Please try refreshing your page and clicking the Support tab again. If you continue to get logged out, you can email Support directly using this address:   Any details you can provide in a ticket will help our Support team to look into this.