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  1. do something about AFK ppl

    Greetings,   This is a quick reminder that calling out players by name or posting screen shots containing names is a violation of our Code of Conduct.   If you would like to report a player for their inappropriate behavior, please contact Customer Support and they will be able to investigate the issue for you. You can submit a ticket to Customer Support here:
  2. Brauche bitte Hilfe !!!!!

    Hallo Madara Uchiha,   du kannst dich jederzeit an unseren Support wenden. 
  3. Can you appeal a perma ban?

    Greetings,   The appropriate route to discuss this matter is indeed via ticket. The correct email address for an appeal is 
  4. Custom f2 profile picture

    Greetings,   Only in-game screenshots that have not been edited or modified can be used as profile pictures. 
  5. Meine Chars sind weg

    Hallo legalze,   dieses Thema wird bereits hier besprochen:    
  6. Small Dragon Certificate

    Greetings,   You may find this thread interesting:    
  7. Mein Character ist weg

    Hallo Shan jing,   Beiträge zu diesem Thema findest du hier:    
  8. How long do I wait?

    Greetings,   This topic is already being discussed here:   
  9. Baleful - back to stage 1

    Greetings Liric,   Please send your email directly to
  10. Google Authenticator / E-Mail Code issues

    Greetings,   While staying on topic, let's refrain from getting personal.    We do appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you!    
  11. Banned for using Kill Ping?

    Greetings,   As already pointed out above, this matter needs to be looked at by the Support team and can not be solved on the forum. Please have your friend get in touch through if he hasn't done so already.   Thank you!
  12. Draken Bracelet

    Greetings,   As requested by the original poster of this thread, this discussion is now closed.
  13. WTS Draken Necklace Chest

    Greetings,   I took the liberty and moved this thread in a more appropriate area.
  14. Character transfer

    Greetings yooooy767,   Please submit a ticket if you haven't done so already.   Thank you!
  15. newsletter gift

    Greetings,   You can always contact our Support team through the Support tab above to have them check your settings.