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  1. Spiel öffnet sich nicht

    Hallo Jonatan127, bitte wende dich an unser Support Team, falls du das nicht bereits getan hast. Viele Grüße
  2. Problem with game download

    Greetings, You may find the following article helpful:
  3. PC build for BnS?

    Greetings, Thank you all for sharing the information here. We will now close this thread as requested by the OP.
  4. P2W??

    Greetings, Since this discussion has come to its end, according to the original poster, we are now closing the thread. Thank you for all your input!
  5. F2 Symbol for Gunslinger not working

    Greetings Plushtrap, This is a know issue we are currently looking into:
  6. Charaktere weg?

    Hallo @Melidara, Prüfe bitte, dass du dich in der richtigen Region befindest, in der du vorher gespielt hast. Du kannst dich auch an unseren Support wenden, der sich dein Konto ansehen kann. Einfach über den Support Reiter oben ein Ticket einreichen. Willkommen zurück!
  7. bugs deren Behebungen mehr Aufmerksamkeit brauchen.

    Hallo, denkt bitte daran das Thema sachlich zu diskutieren und von persönlichen Angriffen abzusehen. Danke!
  8. Why can't I log in ?

    Greetings, Our European servers are still under maintenance:
  9. server down?

    Greetings, Please follow this thread for updates:
  10. Help Me Please !!

    Greetings, Our European servers are still undergoing maintenance:
  11. help with error, please

    Greetings @ruiva, And welcome! Wednesday is our maintenance day. You can find details about the weekly maintenance in posts like these: Follow us on Twitter for the most up-to-date information.
  12. Preset(Baby Grill)

    Greetings, Since @Yanke got what this thread was made for, we are now going to close it. Thank you!
  13. My Orb, My Loot

    Greetings @Lyserg, Thank you for clarifying. This may be a great time to read through the Code of Conduct and remind ourselves of the rules here in the forums.
  14. My Orb, My Loot

    Greetings, As mentioned above, unfortunately, the forum is not the place for these kinds of reports. If you would like to report these players for their possible inappropriate behavior, please contact Customer Support and they will be able to investigate the issue for you. Name shaming is against our CoC. You can submit a ticket to Customer Support here:
  15. Xigncode errors.

    Greetings @AvnerLove, Please contact our Support team by email at so they can assist you. Thank you!