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  1. Transfer chracters bug in web

    Greetings,   Please try refreshing the page. This may take a few times, but you should be able to load the information.   In case this does not work, please contact our Support team via the Support tab above.   Thank you!
  2. character transfer

    Greetings,   At this point we would like to ask you to try loading the page again, if needed after refreshing a few times.    Thank you!  
  3. character transfer

    Greetings,   Please try refreshing your page and clicking the Support tab again. If you continue to get logged out, you can email Support directly using this address:   Any details you can provide in a ticket will help our Support team to look into this.
  4. character transfer

    Greetings,   We are sorry you are encountering a black screen. If refreshing the page does not solve the problem, or as pointed out by Yuisha, using a different browser, please contact our Support team via the Support tab above so they can help troubleshoot and look into your accounts.   Thank you!
  5. GameGuard - Official response?

    Greetings,   This is a quick reminder that we do read the forums and forward feedback to the appropriate team. Please keep the discussion going and make sure you stay within our Code of Conduct, which you may review here:    We would like to especially point out this section: "Spamming, Trolling, or Topic Bumping  These forums are an excellent tool for us to collect feedback and keep up with issues that are important to the community. Being intentionally disruptive, derailing threads, creating threads meant to act as ‘votes’ or petitions instead of discussion points and creating posts or threads intended to cause unrest in the forums are not behaviours conducive to this goal. This includes, but is not limited to, bumping threads (except for guild recruitment) and posting memetic images or phrases that add nothing to the discussion."   Thank you!
  6. Unstable ping

    Greetings,   We have merged threads for visibility. If you continue to encounter these issues, please submit a ticket via the "Support" tab above so our Support team can try to assist you.   Thank you!
  7. Previous costumes

    Greetings,   We have cleaned up this thread a bit to get it back on track. Please stay on topic.   Thank you!
  8. Account locked

    Greetings AdrianMarian,   We are sorry to hear about your account. As you quoted above, you can email the Support team directly using without the need to log in.   Our Support team will then be able to look into this for you.
  9. are those pet pouches going to come back in f10 later

    Greetings,   Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have forwarded it to the appropriate team members to look into.    
  10. Wartungsarbeiten am 15.02.2017

    Hallo zusammen,    die Server sind wieder verfügbar. Wir bedanken uns für eure Geduld.   Viel Spaß in Blade & Soul
  11. Scheduled Maintenance – 2/15/2017

    Greetings everyone,   The servers are back up. Thank you for your patience!   Have fun!
  12. Wartungsarbeiten bis 18.30?

    Hallo,   da der Thread eh ein Scherz war und wir jetzt die wichtige Info in dem obrigen Beitrag verlinkt haben, danke MonkeyDRuffy, häng ich hier nun das Schloss dran.
  13. is it possible to farm 2 amethyst during the event?

    Greetings,   We would like to ask everybody to go back to discussing the topic of this thread. This discussion has taken quite the detour, let's get it back on track.   Thank you!
  14. Keine Erweiterungs Waffe

    Hallo Schmux3,   der Abschnitt wurde inzwischen folgendermaßen geändert: 1 *Pirscher-Jiangshi vom Reinigenden Feuer Waffe des Pirschers   Die Antwort unseres Supports, die in diesem Thread geteilt wurde, erläutert den Erhalt der Waffe des Pirschers genauer:    
  15. 64Bit Client Frage

    Hallo yxz80,   hier findest du nähere Informationen zu deiner Waffenfrage: