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  1. Doesn't seem like Soul Boost has been updated at all to account for the changes.
  2. Oh? Well, thanks for answer at least. And you don't even 'release' games on GFN. I mean technically I guess you do but the process is extremely simple especially for a known publisher like NCSoft. GFN could use more MMOs too so this is very weird situation here. But I guess that's that for time being.
  3. @Green Storm Hello! Can we get an answer? Is Blade&Soul ever coming back to GFN? Thanks.
  4. grats to winners and thx mizuki for hosting the event!
  5. OK gotcha. Possible but I don't think that's it though.
  6. Publishers can restrict games to certain platforms on GFN, NCSoft could make BnS desktop only (like BDO for example, not available on mobile devices last time I checked). If that's what you mean.
  7. With UE4 out and GFN getting hardware upgrades it would be perfect time to bring back BnS to GeForceNOW. Any info?
  8. So Black Desert Online just implemented this: https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/radeon-software-fidelityfx-super-resolution It tested it in BDO at 1080p and while there is a noticeable dip in graphics (I believe it's designed for 4K) there's also a huge FPS boost (it doesn't require AMD hardware btw). Seems like a feature Blade&Soul could greatly benefit from. (EDIT) here's a nice video explaining it: Black Desert Gets AMD FSR; Testing 4K and 2K Performance; The Best Update of 2021! Damn it would be awesome if BnS got this too!
  9. One week till UE4, have mercy on us potato PC people😢 @Hime @Rynara
  10. BnS has been now officially removed from GFN after months of maintenance. Is it over for good or do you have plans of bringing it back? @Hime @Rynara
  11. i'm excited, can't help it🙃
  12. don't suppose we can get any updates? 😓 @Hime @Rynara
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