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  1. i'm excited, can't help it🙃
  2. don't suppose we can get any updates? 😓 @Hime @Rynara
  3. Oh gee, why didn't I think of that.
  4. i get a feeling this is something embarrassing for either nvidia or NCSoft... more likely NCSoft. 😉 which is why they stay silent. we have a little discord btw for bns/aion GFN refugees, join us 😉 https://discord.gg/PGEv6M2A
  5. guys, any update? PLEASE tell us what's going on 🥺 @Hime @Rynara
  6. 'maintenance' indeed. zero communication too. say something NCWest😥
  7. it hasn't been working for over a month with no real explanation and no updates. this really sucks.
  8. We're not gonna get any answers my dude. And I got a feeling this is not getting fixed anytime soon either.😢
  9. OK so there is a support post about it here: https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us No ETA though, please fix this asap ;((
  10. So apparently entire NCSoft library had to be taken off GeforceNOW for 'maintenance'. Nvidia claims they're 'working with NCSoft' to 'resolve some issues'. It's been days now and having to play BnS back on my potato PC quite frankly sucks. Any chance you guys could shed some light on this unfortunate situation? Give us an ETA maybe? Thanks.
  11. NCLauncher starts updating then session immediately crashes.
  12. right. well it's still bullshit, add more channels!
  13. hmm what class/spec you're on? my BM 3rd spec is unplayable but I swapped to astro now and it's fine. I'm doing 2nd quest - no freezes and much better fps. BM would freeze even If just stood there, out of combat.
  14. oh ye, should have checked for topics
  15. It is literally unplayable. pathethic fps and hard freeze after couple minutes. I'm on geforcenow so can't do any bnsbuddy stuff. please have mercy and add more channels.
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