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  1. character transfer

    We have to wait till maint coming up later which is 4am pst Wednesday ^^
  2. character transfer

    Ok I'll try it right now and let u know~ omg yay its working and got my character transfer completed. I'll let my friends know right away. Ty Phoenix and ty to Ncwest support staff for fixing this issue before wed maint, truly appreciate it. <3
  3. character transfer

    Yeah I also attempted turning off any popup blocker to see if that would work but no still having the same issues. :/
  4. character transfer

    yeah a lot of my friends just checked for me as well and they are getting the exact same issues when they logged in and when they go to character transfer webpage, nothing but black screen except still having a few clickable areas like facebook, twitter, youtube, and going back to main Blade and Soul website.
  5. character transfer

    Thank u very much @PhoenixMitra I recently emailed support and see if this matter can be resolved fairly quick. I just fear that this could very well be a website problem regarding character transfer webpage that isn't working not just for me but for everyone else trying the same thing because refreshing does not work nor using any of the website browsers work while being logged in trying to open up character transfer page~
  6. character transfer

    Thank you for responding. Number of my friends that are playing on Poharan have also reported that after trying to log in after clicking proceed on the server transfer web page, they are getting a blank black screen and unable to finish the character transfer. I tried all methods as far as refreshing the character transfer website, logging off then clicking on proceed which tells me to log back in and even that is giving me log in error. Everything else works on the blade and soul website with no problems, its just the character transfer webpage when logged in to our account its not showing anything at all and unable to complete the transfer process. Also I just tried to go onto support webpage and it instantly logged me back out. When I tried to relog back in, I get log in error. I just honestly dunno what to do anymore and I guess I'll have to wait it out until the character transfer website problem is resolved quickly before this Wednesday's maint... :(
  7. character transfer

    Yes I'm also having the exact same problem as well. When I tried to go to character transfer page being logged in, it just shows a black screen even though when I move my cursor, there is even a few links that can be clicked on but the entire transfer page is not showing up. I truly hope this will be fixed asap before Wednesday because even switching browsers does nothing. :/
  8. yeah the package itself, well I know from Taiwan's cash shop it was borderline $22 for the 3 set outfit/weaponskin/pet package. Japan's cash shop I think is a bit more expensive on their end but exact same package. Im just worried that we could be missing out entirely :/
  9. Yeah Im really hoping we get this years pheonix costume as well...It also does come with weapon skin and pheonix pet. The KR event for it just ended 10 days ago, CN BnS still has it but under treasure trove under a very odd rng box on their transmute section. Japan and Taiwan BnS recently got this years outfit on their event pages. BnS NA only region that does not have it still. http://bns.plaync.com/board/image/shot/article/7140252
  10. Hello~ I was watching the blade and soul stream yesterday and I overheard about event coming up for lunar new year very soon. There wasn't very much info about the lunar year on the stream. However since I still play from Asian regions like TW and China from time to time just to keep up on latest content information. Both japan and Taiwan just got the Phoenix outfit package and phoenix pet for their Lunar new year event. I truly hope and would be very happy if we are getting the outfit and pet as well during that time frame or even at Feb 8th patch. It is truly a beautiful outfit and the 3 piece set also unlocks phoenix flame pose. Here is the vid link ^^https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0CIm3WB-lsc Sorry for the issues with links ><
  11. January 15-19 = 1 year celebration

    I know this is wishful thinking on my end however I'm kind of hopeful and would love to see this phoenix outfit and pet come out for anniversary. http://bns.plaync.com/promo/bns/161214_special
  12. Really? More p2w?

    Regarding those two gems that u could rarely get from those rng boxes, they are the hongmoon version of those gems that are upgradeable later on, not the ingame Blackwyrm gems. Here is the catch though since I have experience from playing the asian regions. There will be better endgame gems coming up later on when NA/EU will have another treasure cove event in the future then the ones we currently have. As of regarding if these rng boxes go into the dark path of ptw...I feel its more along the lines of pay to progress but at the same time if players luck goes bad then yeah this kind of rng box can either be a huge hit for u or a huge miss.
  13. Really? More p2w?

    My previous experiences regarding these rng boxes and yes China BnS had quite a number of them on their hongmoon store as well. China BnS rng boxes is quite honestly a huge gamble and majority of the time its just not worth buying them period then comparing to the Treasure Cove events. I also have zero desires of buying any rng boxes from this hongmoon store due to saving my ncoin for potential costume purchases later on which is actually two days from now this week. In other words regarding these rng boxes. Its a tarp! but anyways I treat them as buy at your own risk imho.
  14. The story quests thankfully do not require endgame gear at all just to kindly give everyone a fair sneak peek on the upcoming content to come. The very next patch update after the release of Shoguns Lament and Cold Storage which will most likely I'll be guessing at end of May will conclude the first story arc of blade and soul with the much awaited final battle between u and Jin. I remember back on playing china server before the latest update changes that in order to conclude the first story arc, I had to run floating altar with full group and had to be at least lvl 50 hongmoon 5 tier with at least mid tier end game gear because back then there was no solo story version. Thankfully for us everyone can enjoy the story mode of BnS and there is solo story version of this fight without ever having to worry about needing to be at end game gear lvl. ^^
  15. There is no treasure key anymore

    Yeah I just checked and the treasure cove event page on the main site did say that buying the keys and expansion slots at hongmoon store does end at 9am pst on April 26th. U can still buy one key using the reload button but yeah thats the only real option remaining.