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  1. one moment where y see this ? cant see nothing about oils and pets ? which stage is it ? most off ppl cant do it or do it in group/ duo for reward ! there is no reward with oils ++++
  2. @ Hime want y need more as post -reports from communty `?! y get videos -films -names and call from rooles ! what about the rooles from nc soft ?! ppl with hacks got 3 day bann and laugh and next day better hacks °! ppl reports exploiid 4 month and nothing works -if 1 ppl post stream we want result !
  3. @ Hime i think if they bann perman ppl they got no more money in game !! thats a big reason cash too win !! otherside they do nothing and no prensens for communty !! write a letter / emai on higher position !!! no games are more hacks as here !! if nothing change here games go dead like hacks or mad communty !!! read rules and remember ! on fair play
  4. @ Hime i hope ppl got perma bann and loose all stuff which they got with hacks etc otherwise is useless ! we hope for punishment and perman bann ! or y loose alot of communty ppl and got bad advertising !!!
  5. Game would be destroy by hackers -cheater and Nc soft do nothing now everybody can use this xml / gcd for free!
  6. ofc Belido if they can 1 oneshoot bosses they can push dps on Koldrak ! Xml is hack for GCD and other skills ! depens on gear like 3-5 mio dps
  7. is sad thats casher got benefits from NC soft ! cash 4 win and pay too win against all Rules ! no repsonse from GM or >Support only anser We understand that their behavior can be frustrating and we appreciate....... Zitat support ! why they got only 3 days bann ! they laugh over 3 days next do same again !
  8. they point is market price and items so expensiv ! y cant get enough evo stones or farm this like oil s ! y true no option too farm it !
  9. i hope the overwrite skills programms what need xml ! it sucks really hard if see ppl who play fair and blame from cheatter !
  10. tell me Reason why ppl must in few days max Gear ?! all whales got enough gold ! yeah hard too get oils ! each kontent need time for any player ! is same like Fusion stones ! where is fun to get max gear in few days if y got all stuff !
  11. this game is now pay too win pay too hacks against all rooles from n soft ! otherwise dead game ! hackers and xml user pay alot of for this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤! push ego ! i remember last years if ppl use hacks in dg they got banned for ever ! now rooles are far away ! most casher pay for hacks etc see CM etc ! They need overwork game !
  12. is funny to see thats Nc soft advocate this !!!! where are producer or ppl who programm tis over work this data ! or delete all gear what y get with hacks like from Cm / mao bg what over and see what happen ! hacks for gold or money is thats what nc want ? is only NA / EU nc soft in RU _CN punish this ppl !
  13. Cheats When we all play by the rules, we all win. This is especially true of games that can be competitive, like Blade & Soul. We do not tolerate cheaters in the game, and we do not tolerate posting links to cheats or any other malicious programs on the forums. This includes in game exploits that affect the integrity of the game experience. We encourage players to report cheating and exploiting to the Customer Support team when they see it, to help us improve the experience for the overwhelmingly vast majority of honest players. thats rooles !!! now we want answer
  14. now tell why this are here if we can say nothing do about hacks -cheatting etc ! we are here do to if make public ! feels like coruptions ! is only EU and Na y can buy mods cheats hacks everything use it and feel free ! if y dont spend money or time y can leave game ! write support answer make it puplic but rules so @ PhoenixMitra what is plan 2021 why ppl cant report with video and hack s are legall ! PPl are afraid / angry about this .2021 / 2022 only bugusing cheater who cash y see in game ! but who cares ! if y spend money feel free otherwise y can leave !
  15. hey Guys yesterday in beluga we got wl with speedhack in other team ! All ppl see it report we makes screen -videos etc This is a call for all fair player for pve / pvp ! i know thats Support do nothing ! 1 ppl cant do nothing we need bombard this ! Mods delete and advocate this Threads ! we report ppl and nothing work ! money is the answer or boycott ! i see alot good ppl leave this game ! if y want fair play y got this !! Hello, Thank you for reporting this incident. We understand that their behavior can be frustra
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