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  1. lol funny mmo with controller !thats is not important ! play how other ppl cant log in ! cant play it bad grapfic worst game play ! new player unfriendly cant kill bosses with this Gear from call of arms ! game crash -or cant laod
  2. hey ich komm auch nit mehr reinimmer crash nach loading screem support mein will daten haben etc und microsoft daten löschen etc , daran kann es nit liegen wenn es vorher lief und liegt nur an dem speci game ! immer muss es die Technik , der Gamer sein !
  3. ue 4 makes / hear a lot of trouble for player this sucks ! crash alltimes ! nothing works and no infos about this
  4. same i crash alltimes last say all fine aftter patch only crash
  5. hey i have problems with launcher my CPU intel 7 7000 GPU amd Radeon Vega after instaltion my game crash instant any can help is only BNS ! did remove all and clean ! windows new and reset pc nothing works alot of times new instaltion on differnt memory card s!
  6. WHY is NC west do so slow with all ? ! look CN they get ue4 with alot of stuff and soul system and we got step by step ?! but we get same stuff like CN !
  7. in stream ppl say if y play min hardware settings is worst like ue3 32 bit y cant play it !° dont know why nc soft dont say nothing about this or test in raid ! ue 4 with 10 -20 fps in raid y can delete game ! only ppl with 3000 euro pc can play good without problems! but ue 4 is old and raizon 7 and gtx 3000 for this game is only sad !
  8. here he is answer Defeat them on Easy Difficulty to unlock Normal, and then Hard Difficulty for greater rewards. ! thats post !
  9. 223 posts Posted 6 minutes ago (edited) 33 minutes ago, Sayahell said: we want fairplay PVE -PVP and not pay too win ! Lol, speak for yourself. Being able to progress through the ingame store was one of the main reason i stuck with BnS back in 2016. y say 2016 stop is 2020 ! go pvp see wintrading speedhacksand more or pve flyhacks - xml and y call speak for me himself funny if ppl makes money and profit with y crazy !
  10. @ Hime ppl want know how is gameplay raids - instanz ! how works ue 4 performance like fps ! other GM go in Raids and show how it works ! Y talk over new Instanz what is with new Insignia system from new Instanz ! we see old log in system is not important new customs from trove or event ppl if y want thats ppl stay in game ! and if GM fix xml cheats or bann Hackers perma how in other Games, ! iF YGOT Money y can do all here and cheats over all ! we want fairplay PVE -PVP and not pay too win !
  11. if Ue4 start in KR they got soul pass new insignia system as same time ! they say nothing in stream or forum !
  12. is only the same what they say in stream ! nothing what interthing what ppl want know ! ue4 is a trap and nothing against chaetter ! xml for more fps ! no words about fps or combatsystem !? HIme test with old laptop wtf ! but we need answer about Raids and fps in it ! Thats why ppl play Raids otherside is useless all! and y can quite game! dont pay anymore 4 nothing !
  13. streaa was worst no infos about ue4! no answer about settings gameplay or other important thing! ppl are afraid and why no infos or no answer from GM !
  14. Members 17 posts Posted 1 hour ago Any Ranking changes after the ue4 update so ppl cant abuse the Rankings anymore ? like removeing Hongmoon Coins from season reward and switch it with other stuff ? funny for more reason / hacks for cheater too use it !
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