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  1. seid letzten patch gehen die tränke nicht sowie alle raidcharms ! für TT und ET muss man nun ,charms und food beim Npc kaufen und das zu überteuerten preisen! IA geht auch nix !! Alle Raiditems nutzlos
  2. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    i can say 100% if gold nerv comes f8 is dead , noboday want farm more instanzes ! why should ppl farm less gold for nothing
  3. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    i dont understand sense about this nerv ! we remember past gold nerv comes - ppl quit game why did they again again .... alltimes EU / na gold nerv why any explain me this pls ! hm hot gold box chance drop haha - tell me ppl or newcomer want run hm for low chance of drop we got it long time in ssm norm ppl run ! they nerv it again they nerv weeky rewards - cost reduction was answer and prices are raise , be nice too much gold on server funny - most ppl can t upgrade gear 500 oils + like 750 g each and petpots 300 g + item upgrade like 4000g+ with mats
  4. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    if y see RU patchnotes here -- where is unity 180 for Eu / na ! and in year preview they call from slate system in june `! what happen here [moderated due to language violation - please make sure information shared here is in line with our Code of Conduct - Thank you!]
  5. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    ANY can me explain why Ru vs NA / eu so diffrent patch notes ?! if they nerv gold again , we can say bb alot games wo dont cash here for nothing or want spent more time for grinding ! y have no chance to farm gold for upgrade gear , Nc soft give y an example uograde new items without mat like 2000 g ? tell me pls how long i need for upgrade with 75% less gold andfor which reason i should grinde new instances for nothing ?! EU is not Corean - like more cash or Rmg ! we dont need this ! newcomer say goodbye , noway for me play this game ! nc soft say too much gold on server . hm why they make whales event like HUnters refuge for mafia guilds- which controll markprizes ?! each day prices for oils and petspots raise - can say happy day .we can buy nothing
  6. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    @Hime explain newcomer and lowies how get gold for upgrade or why only get in HM ppl are leave game ! ymake commity toxic ! stop raise maketprizes we haven t china or korean system here ! if y want thats ppl quit do this more and more -game die item prices raise hard
  7. hey if y see new Patch notes - Gold was nerv ! now they answer of This ppl wanna quit this game ! no casher has less gold or y need a lot of alts ! Market prices are overprices ! oils -petpots -soul binding stones are so expensinv and each day increase prices ! ppl have less gold now cant equip any more ! f 10 is dead or y cant trade any money in game ! Most ppl overprices with sell membership or cash items - now y has no chance too farm gold. Pet Psyche and other new psyche prices so high . new comer has no chance to upgrade gear . this game more and more pay too win ! stop this !
  8. Verkaufen ET Items

  9. hey unser Raid verkauft , Sa ET raid items !! @[WTS] next ID Boss 1: / badge Boss 2: / neck Boss 3: / waffe keine SS oder Blutrosen ! bei interesse meldet euch - infos werden euch schnellsten wege zugeteilt lg
  10. YoloQue [Karminlegion] sucht Verstärkung

    zz aufnahme stop
  11. Raidverstärkung für Clan

    aufnahmestop zz
  12. hey now is time to nerv or remove 3 spec from pvp ! more and more 3 spec comes out ! Classes without are disadvantaged ! fps and ping drops - black sreen! 3 spec cant cc and over power . 3 des 2 bm 1 sin in bg can t do nothing about cc ! cc was ignore ! Time for balancing . warden / Kfm and archer got more resist as any other and one ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ with 1 skill !