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  1. @Hime where is compensation for membership 1 month no bonus ! now new start and nothing!? what happen ?!
  2. this Psyches are old and old 50 er content nobody use ! new content is ap / crit mystik ! in trove y get same stuff ! for newcomer is ok !
  3. hey @Hime when we get bonus for calender is unfair treatment for premium Member who buy it for 90 or 365 days no statemant is not the anwer ppl are not pleased over this ! more and spam in Forum and nothing support say @Hime want mangement it ! where and whenn get we reward or compensation ! we pay in game for Money and get nothing ! in Premium if ysee is option off extra using daylie board ! where is this option for calender!?
  4. y cant only old bracelets send need fragment from cashshop !
  5. y need 350 cores ! think like 100 runs like possible more scales for upgrade KR Cost 300 Runs Achievement to Purchase(Bearbeitet) + 1000 g 8 new scales
  6. in corean dont got HM coins thats is sad !
  7. most question is for all is it playable with not high end pc thats the big question ! is it playable with low pc setting or not ? or y need high end pc with high cpu or /high graphic card , for most Games is Ue 4 old dont need Raizon 5-9 etc not all ppl fix pc system for this game if other games runs optimise there is no reason!
  8. @ Hime any Mod / Gm most importest question for all player ist Pc settings !? works it with low Cpu like intel 7 or need a high graphic card ?
  9. @ Himi any Mod / Gm hey ue 4 comes in mid june ?! get we same setting CN /- RU ?? can any give infos over games / pc settings pls feedback !! cant find any about this !!
  10. hey guys i think a lot ppl got problems in this raid ! what can we do ? any help cant play 32 bit with unplayable ! crashes -crashes and more - 64 bit with low graphic dont fix this problem in video ppl show this problem 5-10 fps ! not all player got high cpu etc and is not value for this game !
  11. hey new updates show like corean more and more fusion stones for items ! we need stop hackers Gcd ! vs fusion stones for new ranking and pvp aswell ! give ppl Fusion stones and adventuretoken as loot or reward! stop feeding Hacker ! and no auto answer from GM; we want result no auto answer ! Hello, Thank you for reporting this incident. We understand that their behavior can be frustrating and we appreciate your patience as these investigations take time. After we investigate the matter, we will take appropriate action
  12. one moment where y see this ? cant see nothing about oils and pets ? which stage is it ? most off ppl cant do it or do it in group/ duo for reward ! there is no reward with oils ++++
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