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  1. Hi Team. I reinstalled the game and then let the full video play out without hitting escape (skipping) and was finally able to pass the mission. For some odd reason, Hong wasn't transforming before but after a full reinstall, it works now. Thanks so much.
  2. Hi Phoenix, thank you so much for responding. yes, I have completed a file repair, and I have also submitted a ticket to support on Jan 26 2021 at 12:11pm pst - here is what the friendly GM responded with... This did not work and then I received this response... GM AutumnWind is great but I haven't seen anyone else post about this problem and my thread keeps getting deleted in the bug reports and now I am installing the game on a different computer to try it. Character name is "Bright As" on Yura server. Sorry for long post.
  3. Hi Yes. Multiple times. When I relog it puts me back in Dasari Palace in front of Kangsan. I teleport again and nothing happens with Jinsoyun and Hong. I also tried to jumping off the cliffs and dying then hitting 4 and still nothing happens... then i tried to run to the training area without triggering "Find Others" by wall running the side and still nothing. I think the problem is I have to fight Yunma Kahn again maybe? I don't know if my quest can be walked back far enough but when I talk to Kangsan.. I teleport to Heaven's Breach.. and even though I already beat Yunma Kahn... when I
  4. Hi. Jinsoyun and Hong are standing still just looking at each other. When I run to the training area, nothing happens. The yellow marker points to Hong but nothing is happening.
  5. Hi Team, please help... I am unable to progress in the main story and it seems bugged and stuck. When I track my story, it brings me to Kangsan in Dasari Palace (North Guard Post) - Windstride with Jinbin and Lusung back to Heaven's Reach... Then it gets stuck after I do the following: Open the game > Go to Dasari's Palace > Talk to NPC Kangsan > Select "yes, let's go" (teleport to heaven's breach) > Talk to Jinbin (Teleport to heaven's reach) > Find others > then I stand next to Jinsoyun and Grandmaster Hong and nothing happens....
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