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  1. Ping way too high?

    I need to jump in the conversation after i see a bunch of people talking crap about things they don't know. If you believe DNS server are the cause of your troubles then feel free to change them: Find a guide on how to change ipv4 and ipv6, DNS server, etc. That will not do much and sometimes the results were worst than expected. The best result is to call your ISP and check your connection but don't expect miracles. Sometimes Customer Service reps they don't know crap and will try to sell you a "better" internet package. I feel your pain of not being able to play the game you "like" but I accepted reality and no matter what I do I, grow tired of making this game work as it should be, vudo this crap and still i don't get any improvements. Hell, 64bit made the game more stable, at least my game doesn't crash at the loading screen but still I'm not getting even 1 fps. Now to answer your question, What class can be played with high ping? WL, SCUMONER, FM are the best in my experience. The thing about lag is that sometimes it may reset your skill or not. Spend your long cool-down skill and don't do any damage, target the wrong mob, dash at wrong time, etc, etc. WL and FM dps is really high. Like you were told before, Sins need to meet certain requirements like poison stack, stealth while a WL or FM will just spam their crap. At 300 ms range don't play sins, KFM, SF. I don't know about BL's and LynBL's. I always tell people that if a VPN doesn't help you with your connection then don't even bother to play BnS. I find it strange that I play just like when I was playing on the JPN servers. I thought a NA server was going to be better but it turn out is just the same. The world is much bigger than BnS, wake up people.
  2. RAM Configuration

    Don't follow any of the previous advice, since knowing what type of ram you have is not the only thing you need to be aware of. Let me explain: There are multiple types of ram memory, DIM, DDR, DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 Based on the link you have 4 GB of DDR3L SDRAM non ECC memory at 1600 MHz . It does mention that you have a 1x4 configuration meaning that you have 1gb module x 4. MOtherboards only have 4 memory slot so you already max out. You might want to open you computer and double check. That been said you will have to get rid of the ram you currently have in order to upgrade and buy a 8 gb set or 16 gb set, a 2gb x4 or 4gb x2 configuration etc, etc. Just to make sure go to your task manager (ctr+alt+del/task manager) on the performance tab click on memory and on the top will see how much ram you have and what type of ram it is. Just make sure to buy the same type. For installation well don't be lazy, youtube that shit xD
  3. i will join you, looks like we are on the same boat. For me, its been almost 2 weeks since i cant play no more than 1 hrs without crashing at best. When i relog in and dc after selecting a character or after10-15 minutes while loading a map or dugeon. I tried file repair, running as admin, setting client.exe with higher priority and still the same issue. I cant play anymore. Is getting to the point that I DC and I'm done for the day.
  4. Falling on deaf ears

    Like you said is going to fall on deaf ears. Long time ago during a livestream they stated they cannot just remove Gameguard since is part of many systems that they use for monitoring, etc, etc. While i agree they need to change it and remove it is not a decision ncsoft NA can make. After 4 years of playing this game every single region complains about the same things and here we are... we still have the same problems. They are not going to fix it, they either don't know how to do it (gameguard, optimization, use of all cores, lag, server delay, etc) or they dont care about it since they already cashed in $$$$$.
  5. Yun Class

  6. mmmm you can always back up your registry. In any case when it comes to computer you can only know by trying things out. how in the world is modifying your registry illegal or wrong? There are plenty of tips and trick to improve system performance by using the command line or registry even ccleaner uses said features.
  7. HI, thank you for the guide. I dont notice any improvements when playing BnS but it did make my connection more stable and by that i mean my internet speed is at a stable 150 mbps. I downloaded pingzapper but at least for me it doesnt work as well. I preffer WTFast instead since i can really monitor my ping and see #s. Pingzapper does not let you do that automatically. Also, i had better result using google DNS server than the standard I am having problems with my internet provider since Time Warner Cable is now Spectrum my internet is shittier. Bad thing is that they are the only service provider in my area. Well i guess i gotta move soon lol xD Ty for sharing.
  8. Returning Player Questions

    Thank you for your help, I don't pvp that much anymore so i guess i will spam midnight soulstone plains from now on. Ty!
  9. HI everyone, I have been playing dungeons and easy stuff everyday but i want to get further and I have some questions, btw i m a FM 585 ap 1) I noticed there are 2 sets of legendary Soul Shields, what are the difference between them and which one should i pick as a FM? 2) Are galaxy weapons better than regular weapons? 3) in order to run the most recent dungeons what is the suggested ap atm? 4) When crafting legendary pets, if I lvl my otter to lvl 10 and when attempting to craft legendary pet fails, do I lose my lvl 10 pet? 5) What is the best way to upgrade your Soul? only by crafting? Thank you in advance!
  10. What's your ping in N/A?

    The servers are supposed to be on texas. I live in Los Angeles California mi ping is 150-200 and using wtfast i get 70-100 However, is not just about ping sometimes i get a 3 sec skill delay and random freezes with "good ping". IS not the internet provider i did what they told us to do, i called them and was told they will reset my modem and it was also time to upgrade modem so i got a new one etc etc no difference. While the connection improved with general use, is the same with BnS. YOU have google fiber? i *cricket*ing hate you! lol xD
  11. The game changed...

    Interesting the same Lunakitty who complained about the game design a couple months ago now is all wise WK. Somehow just because the game still have very few players/bots playing on it but everyone else who left is lazy, whinny little kid I'm i right? Just because a few don't have problems with the game is an example that everyone else is wrong even though it has been proven millions of times that the game lacks optimization, server improvement. No, but no, we all have potatoes as our daily drivers. I congratulate you, You have the right mindset for this game. I find it interesting as people who describe other as: "they just want it easy" "one click and get what they want and no work involved" often describe mobile games rather than any MMO in existence. But hey, everyone needs to convert reality on their favor to make it seem real/believable. Rather than insult people without any critical thought why blame players for everything that is going wrong with the game rather than come to realize that is the company behavior, lack of communication, lack of any kind of improvements to the game/forum that has lead us to this point? Why not say, hey maybe you are not all that great, maybe do something to care for your community? Why not discussing the 100 issues that follow this game since release? Why not? oh it is because is easier to blame everything on players rather than focus on the problem. Again, numbers don't lie. BnS community will only host the whales and hardcore pvers (yes pvp in this game=pve).
  12. Game Issues

    I agree 100% + this game host one of the most toxic communities out there due to the "fake competitive aspect of the game". People keep saying is all about skills and get gud mentality but when they have HM skills on arena, HM 11+, etc against a new players.... hence the fake competitive aspect. The major issue i have with the game are the servers, I can deal with all other issues but with no decent ping you are better off playing other games to be honest. BnS has the best class system/combat but also has the worst engine/ping.
  13. How is the game population?

    I will just say that the whole thread was based on a simple example as to why a new player may find it difficult past lvl 50. You yourself stated that you wont do certain dugeons at 460ap . The problems is and you a re forgetting this part is that a new player doesn't know how dugeons work, ap requirements, elitism in this game works. YOu and any player here know how to get around these problems since we have clan member or we have a main with high ap. But for new player they think becouse they have achieved max lvl they can start working on lvl 50 dugeons. Also let me remind you lvl 45 dugeon are still need and is really hard to find group at certain hours at night with those dugeon arenot in the daily challenge. Again, a new player does not know that. I have tried and something i lucky to find people willing to group with me with my low ap for 45 lvl dungeons. Yes, it has happened that they just leave i go back LFP and they leave again. You have no excuse to be so defensive, yes i read the whole thread and you just keep finding a work around the problem BECAUSE YOU ARE A EXPERIENCED PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEW PLAYER ARE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate it that everyone tell you oh find a clan and all you problems are solved. LOL! such a lie every clan now is recruiting 550+600 ap since you can clear every content in the game. The problems is that even smaller clans they recruit low lvl people but lol they don't have enough active players at one giving time hence the problem. The point made with this thread was really simple. I harder to be a new player now than it was before because there are less people willing to help you now since every one cares only about end game. I tried to bring people to game and they left because they can find group to complete low level dugeons lvl 45 and I am no longer playing the game so i cant be there to help. Now we are all playing BTF1 :D
  14. I left the game 2 months ago! i just check forum since every player i met in game is playing something else. My friend list is at 0/58 all the time. I saw this thread and i just have to say something. The combat is the only plus on this game and everything else is lacking depth, options, optimization, etc. Like many keep stating lag/ping in this game is pretty bad. Even with wtfast from california i still get 80-110 ms. I went back to gw2 and i have 15 ms at all times. BTF1, Paragon, BTF4 i don't even use wtfast for those. I started playing BnS 3 years ago in the japanese, chinese, taiwan servers just to see which one plays better since the ping was killing me However, i never made it past lvl 45 since i just wanted to learn the mechanics and classes preparing myself for the NA version since it was announces like 2+ years ago. Once the game started i knew something was different, the premium was fix the look like it was something but it was crap. The terrible lag/ping was almost like playing in over seas servers then the constant patches made every month was clear to me i was not going to be able to catch up, enjoy, later on I learned about the upgrade wall and understood this is not game for me despite the good combat system. Animation cancelling is not a good sign since people can abuse it specially in a heavy dependent ping game such as BnS. After learning every class I understood some classes have an advantage and they are unbalanced in different games modes, Pvp, pve, ssp, 6v6, tag matches. They can most defenitly be abused in one game mode that then other. So why would i play i game that does not need skill level since there is such advantage present and adding the fact the other people have bad pcs, bad ping, bad connection(internet speed) and we have bad servers. How can i feel like a better player when i know other people have such gaps. #Parenthesis, I'm sorry but i cant recommend any other MMO with the same combat style as BnS. I give up on Korean MMO's. However if you want to try a different type of MMo i recommend you Guild Wars 2. i think you should read wtfast server for more info. I have been using it since 2 year ago for bns japan, taiwan and china and never had a problem with them. I don't know anyone who was ever banned for using wtfast. They most likely were banned for using mods that is another history.
  15. Problem with the Launcher

    try to run as administrator also, what happens after the you click log in? do you see the game loading? is your computer super slow after that? i had a problem like that and i needed to turn off my antivirus for some reason was preventing the game to start. Also after you log in and noting happens check the task bar and see if your bladeandsoul.exe still there or is not responding, etc. have you tried file repair? Last resource use the event viewer: