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  1. https://strawpoll.com/pegvpu16f What would you suggest to NC West to improve the current situation? Do you feel like the game will feel an imminent hit in player base? If you quit, what was the main reason? What would make you come back?
  2. Currently, there is a passive, global 25% damage reduction buff called Formidable in 6v6 battlegrounds. When Korea got these nerfs to PvP damage, there was no such buff available in battlegrounds. This buff was solely made for NA/EU region. The current state of 6v6 battlegrounds is horrendous in that this passive battleground buff is causing WAR, BM, DES to be nearly unkillable as it stacks with their skills/bracelet abilities causing damage reduction for nearly 75% up time. Please remove this global damage reduction buff as it is causing certain classes to be almost invulnerable a
  3. NC West has successfully nerfed boss 2 HP and boss 2 legs. However, the adds that spawn in the room have not been nerfed and has been causing many difficulties between all raids across the NA/EU region. NA HP adds - Maintenance Drone: 94,800,000 Steel Butcher: 537,000,000 Grand Overseer: 285,000,000 Military Engineer (BM): 44,800,000 Engineer (DES): 32,400,000 Engineer (FM): 32,400,000 Spider Drill: 37,000,000 KR HP adds - Maintenance Drone: 94,800,000 Type 91 Titan Unit (Steel Butcher NA): 537,000,000 Type 38 Brawler
  4. Gunner SS and whipline bug still not under known issues. RIP
  5. I haven't bought an oil or pet pack because I do weeklies on 12 alts. Just takes time and farm. Don't want to grind? Pay. Put your time into figuring out raids, eventually everyone will have their gear and you can start selling runs (TT/ET). 500-1500 per week per raid.
  6. You're saying that the "above issues are looked into at the respective team levels." Do you know what the GM's responses are? They are telling us that they are unable to reproduce getting crowd controlled during our hook AND ricochet skills. Ricochet is mentioned on the Known Issues thread; however, with all the evidence that streamers from NA and EU Both are sending in and tickets, how is NC Soft UNABLE to reproduce the hook iframe issue? Have you guys even played this game on the real server? This bug is happening at least 8-15 times in a 5 hour stream window every night. File Repair was sug
  7. I don't understand how a class breaking bug with gunners (SS and hook) is being so actively ignored. GM's say they can't reproduce it but how can EU and NA reproduce being CC'd through hook ON STREAM with clips/videos, being sent to GM's multiple times, and still not make the list of bugs on the general discussion page. Let's face it; NO GM LOOKS AT Bugs section on forums.
  8. Whipline bug: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/522558833 01:59:40 02:41:41 02:48:57 03:09:19 03:10:21
  9. I sent a ticket in with video evidence of Choi’s stream against a gunner. Gunner hooked and still got CC’d. This was the response I got: GM RJ (Blade and Soul) Dec 18, 05:40 CST Hello, I have investigated your inquiry. Unfortunately, I'am unable to replicate the issue that your character is experiencing, once we have used the Whipline skill, we are able to resist crowd controlled skill. For this situation, you may need to do a file repair on the game client. Please do the following: 1) Start the NC Launcher 2.0 2) Sign in with your account details. 3) Sc
  10. I didn't see this on the known bugs thread, but Gunslingers are being CC'd through hook (in PvE and PvP) and SS, and during the cast of getting up to Skystone. Is this an intended feature of the new patch? You will see the hook animation come out, you will also end up losing a hook, but you will still get CC'd during the hook animation. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post these here, but it's proof that SS/Q are bugged. https://streamable.com/348qe https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/196540242801459200/655491653964136459/Blade__Soul_2019-12-12_10-25-01_Trim.mp4
  11. PvP + PvE wise, what are ya'll using in the 5th and 6th slot? Does the Sapphire movement speed reduction stack on top of frost chill? Necessary: 1. Attack Power Diamond 2. Attack Power / Life Drain Amethyst 3. Attack Power / Critical Ruby 4. Attack Power / Life Drain / Focus Recovery Aquamarine Question: 5. Life Drain on Stun/Knockdown / Attack Power Citrine 6. Movement Speed Reduction / 70 additional damage when enemy block or evades / Attack Power Sapphire 7. Recovers 400 HP / Recovers 425 HP on evasion / Attack Power Peridot
  12. Has this ever been suggested? Pay $200-300 to reroll your class, along with free cosmetic+gender ticket / soul shields (legendary specific) / weapon + skill upgrades (hongmoon pellet, offals, etc.) and anything else your character has unlocked. Obviously there has to be a hefty price tag on the cash shop item as rerolling a character completely, you have to purchase a lot of the same things, including all those cash shoppy things (inventory/storage unlocks, gear upgrade currency (emblems), etc.). http://www.strawpoll.me/11750539
  13. The only people who are complaining about weapons being taken out of SSP are the hackers. The reason I know this is because when I suggested this in the first place (removal of SSP weapons), NO ONE fought for the weapons to remain. This was the fastest solution, as hackers would go around 35k grenade launcher'ing people after/during boss fights which would of course lead to a 1 shot. Good job NC Soft. 1 step in the right direction; however, although a short term solution, please find a long-term option for the hacking. Thank you!
  14. For players: If you buy the expansions, will the slots be unlocked for all characters on the account? For moderators: If you buy the expansions and the event returns, will the slots be unlocked when the event comes out again?
  15. Just so people know this thread exists and that we've had an official response to the Soulstone Plains hackers, bump! Hopefully they will be fixing this issue and don't take as long as Aion to ban hackers (2 years+ and if you're high rank, you're never going to be banned even with evidence). Saw the same hacker from Soulstone Plains freely playing again on Poharan, no action after a week of seeing him zip around the map - an easy issue would be to disable weapons or halt weapon crates from spawning, not sure why they haven't hot fixed the issue yet.
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