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  1. RNG drop rate suck, 347 runs on tomb no necklace. 1 outfit i like, in RNG box. And you blame me couse i'm not happy when i find a noob or whatever situation? The company make us unhappy, blame ncwest for how is managing the game, Kindly peoples quitted when lv 50 camed out. The few who still where here gaved the *cricket* out with lege weap update.
  2. Mah, 110 box open no outfit, and now a random guy will post a screenshot telling me "1 box" and you can imagine where i would invite him to put another box.
  3. Ooh, stahp, i'm fappimg on what Mutumi wrote ooh, yeah. Kinda can't wait even to the sound that generate that rotation of skill with ice, it's like techno synthesizer.
  4. Best idea? Free necklace if you have 1000 tomb runs achievement.
  5. Getting tired of those fanboy who spam things like "respect ncsoft" or trolling answer like "noone force you to buy premium" and whatever. The only Fact is that this game has many downtime, maintenances on our EU Primetime ALWAYS, and EU downtime > NA downtime. Nothing more. Useless to act like a fanboy when you can't justify anything. A new game has always problems? CORRECT Is this a justify to the FACT that only EU crash and not the NA? INCORRECT
  6. Crimson Illuminati Confirmed. Aaaaand, you wellcome as well.
  7. Respect ncsoft? with all Maintenance on our EU Primetime, all downtimes and that RNG boxes that LUCKLY DISAPPEARED but may come back anytimes? No seriously, get out of this forum thread carebear funboy, we pay and we pretend.
  8. At the first 2 downtimes + the first maintenance 4 hrs on primetime i still laughted at bergains who cryed for a compensation on downtime, but then another primetime 6hrs, all downtimes... getting tired me too...
  9. if someone has twitter post on theyr Ops page, i haven't https://twitter.com/BladeAndSoulOps
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