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  1. Where is my 7 days premium ????

    That was a fake image, it was even well above the Twitter character limit and had multiple misspellings.
  2. Radiant Energy

    As DirectorTseng mentioned, we're rolling the compensation out in waves due to its sheer size. The process is still underway so please hang tight until it has concluded before checking to ensure you received the correct amounts.
  3. Where is my 7 days premium ????

    But we do care and we're still compensating! The compensation is just going to be later than we expected due to unexpected errors with the distribution tools. Please be patient during this time.
  4. I really wish we could do that for you, but unfortunately the character transfer service has to be performed while the servers are down for maintenance, so the transfer can't be done until next week's maintenance. If you're unable to wait until next week, you can speak with customer support and request a refund of the service since it wasn't completed.
  5. Hello WhisSama, We're sorry that your scheduled transfer didn't go through this week! There were a few server transfers that failed on our end unexpectedly and we're looking into what was the cause for the occurrence. We'll be sure to keep you updated as we receive more information.
  6. Whole point to an update...

    Hello DirectorTseng, The change was indeed implemented after the maintenance. Please update your client through the launcher and check the Radiant Ring crafts again.
  7. You can find an update on the compensation here: Closing this thread as it is a duplicate topic.
  8. Where is my 7 days premium ????

    Hello NODY, Due to the sheer size of the distribution, we ran into a few hiccups. We're still planning on distributing the compensation today, but it's going to take a bit longer than anticipated. An update can be found here:
  9. Fallen Aransu School Raid

    Thank you for taking the time to write this guide help others!
  10. Radiant Ring

    This will be addressed after tomorrow's maintenance. See the full notes here:
  11. 7 days premium?

    7 days of Premium Membership is still going to be provided to those who exchange their Radiant Energy's and we'll be distributing the first round of the Premium Membership after the maintenance tomorrow.
  12. Merchant of Wonders

    I can confirm that the Merchant of Wonders does spawn in Cold Storage and this time she has a chance to spawn after the Kaari Lord is defeated. Looks like the names have been changed and these are now Bloodmoon Masquerade and Monster Ball sets. I'll update the article now. Thanks for the catch!
  13. Radiant Energy Antique Exchange Compensation

    Please keep this thread on topic! Thank you. ^_^
  14. We close duplicate topics because we want feedback to stay in one easy to read location for feedback collecting. If you create multiple threads regarding the same topic, that makes it harder for us to read your feedback and send it over to the development team to read. Please keep any feedback regarding the Radiant Energy exchange news in the main thread here:
  15. Lors du stream de la semaine dernière et sur un fil de discussion, nous vous avions annoncé des modifications concernant les gemmes. Nous voulons que les gemmes de Hongmoon soient plus accessibles et faciles à obtenir, mais aussi que le système de gemmes puisse offrir plus de flexibilité. Cependant, nous avons dû faire quelques changements : les énergies rayonnantes seront désormais échangeables contre 10 pièces d’or au lieu de ce qui avait été prévu. La raison de ce changement: Les développeurs estiment qu’il y a un déséquilibre entre la valeur réelle de l’énergie rayonnante et celle de l’éclat de gemme, ce qui pourrait entrainer une dévaluation des gemmes. Ainsi, l’échange de relique vous donnera 10 pièces d’or. Veuillez nous excuser pour ce changement de dernière minute. Nous tenons à préciser que les éclats et les poudres d’éclat peuvent être vendus. Merci pour votre compréhension, nous surveillerons de très près ce nouveau système et n'hésitez pas à nous faire part de vos remarques lorsque la fureur de la Sorcière d'ébène sera déployée. L’équipe Blade & Soul.