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  1. Bad Community, why?

    Hello, I'm going to close this thread since it's pretty old. Please create a new thread if you'd like to continue discussing this topic. Thanks!
  2. Hello Cricket, We apologize for our last few livestreams not going according to plan, as our temporary setup has been plagued with a variety of technical issues. We have been working with our IT and network teams to eliminate the issues, testing, adjusting, and re-testing the upstream to ensure our livestreams will not get interrupted. We identified a probable cause for the issues and test streams are looking good so far. THAT MEANS it’s time for the big moment to see if our stream is fully operational again, and we’re gonna do it live! Join me tomorrow at 11am for Dailies with Liinxy with our hopefully resolved livestream issues.
  3. Regarding Upcoming Blade & Soulmate Event

    I can totally understand the apprehension on the PvP portion of the Blade & Soulmate event, especially for those who prefer not to engage in battles with other players. While this part of the event will more than likely end up being a large brawl in Cinderlands (especially at the beginning of the event cycle), do keep in mind that the event is ongoing for 6 weeks and the True Heart item is not a required item to obtain. This portion of the event will mainly appeal to achievement hunters, cosmetic collectors, and world PvP enthusiasts. As usual, we'll be monitoring and relaying your feedback of the event to the development team so please let us know what you think throughout the event's duration.
  4. Going to lock this post since it's pretty ancient. Feel free to make a new thread on the topic for a fresh discussion.
  5. a new art contest?

    A well captured screenshot is more than welcome as a submission for the Loading Screen Art Contest! Many of the original loading screens in-game are of character models with an out of focus background.
  6. With the Blade & Soul: Call of the Deep update on February 7, a number of changes to weapon and accessory upgrade and progression are coming. To give you as much heads up as possible we’re providing an early look at some of the update’s patch notes. These are close to final, but please be aware that some specifics or details may change before the final patch release. PvE Legendary Accessory Updates Up until this point, Hellion accessories have only been able to upgrade to PvP focused legendary accessories. In this update, we are adding the option to upgrade to Hellion accessories PvE focused legendary accessories for players as well. You now have the choice of choosing a PvE or PvP legendary accessory when upgrading a Hellion Accessory. Hellion Ring can now be upgraded to Skyshatter Ring or Inheritor's Ring. You can switch between the two choices at Stage 10 for a cost. Hellion Earring can now be upgraded to Skypearl Earring or Apex Earring. You can switch between the two choices at Stage 10 for a cost. Navigator Belt is now available from Outlaw Island which is used to upgrade Skyguard Belt. General Merchant Sa Garyung in Valindria now sells Solak accessories for 10 Naryu Silver. PvE Legendary Weapon Updates In this update we’ve added Storm Dragon and Exalted weapons which upgrade from Riftwalk and Dawnforged weapons. In addition, we’re reducing the cost to upgrade existing weapons, including Seraph, Baleful, Riftwalk, Dawnforged, and Raven Weapons. Reduced cost to upgrade Seraph/Baleful Weapon Stage 6-12 as well as the cost to upgrade Seraph/Baleful to Riftwalk, Dawnforged, or Raven. Reduced cost to upgrade Raven Weapon Stage 1-9. Raven Weapon Stage 7/8/9 can now be upgraded to Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon Stage 1/2/3, respectively. Reduced cost to upgrade Riftwalk/Dawnforged Weapon Stage 1-9. Riftwalk/Dawnforged Weapon Stage 7/8/9 can now upgrade to Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon Stage 1/2/3, respectively. Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon Stage 1-6 is now available. You can switch between Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon with Pristine Oil. Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon Stage 6 can be upgraded to Aransu Weapon Stage 6. PvP Legendary Weapon Updates This update introduces the final 3 stages of the Ascendant Weapon as well as the brand new Dragon Forge Weapon. We’ve also made significant changes to the existing upgrade paths, including removing the Heroic weapon upgrade paths and reducing the cost of the existing Smelting Orb and Ivory Beluga Orb upgrade paths. Replace Unrefined Galaxy Weapon Chest with Galaxy Weapon Stage 1 Chest on Battleground Trader NPC The Heroic weapon upgrade trees will be deleted; only Smelting Orb and Ivory Beluga Orb upgrade paths will remain. The Smelting Orb and Ivory Beluga Orb upgrade paths are receiving significant cost reductions. Ascendant Weapon Stage 7-9 are now available. Ascendant Weapon Stage 7/8/9 can upgrade to Dragon Forge Weapon Stage 1/2/3, respectively. Dragon Forge Weapon Stage 1-9 are now available.
  7. This should hopefully be addressed when the development team complete their modification work that I mentioned above. If this still is occurring after we implement the changes, please let us know so we can continue improving the Login Reward feature.
  8. Hey everyone, We're looking into ways that will simplify claiming items from the Received Items mailbox, especially for the large amount of button clicks that comes with Login Rewards. We'll keep you posted when we have more information.
  9. Tailor Shop...really?

    It may seem as though we can simply add a costume to the Tailor Shop and be able to customize it right then and there, but there is in fact a lot of development work that goes into each individual costume to allow for it to become customizable. We could have waited to launch this feature until there were more Tailor Shop ready costumes, but we wanted you guys to be able to use the feature as soon as it was available for our region. Don't worry! We'll be constantly updating the Tailor Shop with new costumes as soon as they're made available in the west.
  10. Raven reduction? Question

    Hello everyone! We'll have more details of the upcoming upgrade path cost reductions mid next week. We suggest holding onto your upgrade materials until then if you want to play it on the safe side.
  11. Lyn gunner release date in eu?

    We'll let you guys know when we're ready ;)
  12. About pet appearance

    Normal pets and Awakened pets will have the same model, while Ultimate pets will change the look of the pet. The visual effects depend on the pet, but for the most part Awakened pets have a sparkle visual effect and Ultimate forms add a glowing effect on top of the sparkles. There are also a few pets with other special visual effects like the Chair Bear and Reindeer holiday pets having an added blue aura and snowflakes with their Ultimate aura and the Silver Saberfang pet has a tiger head roaring animation when equipping the Ultimate version and a blue fire aura in addition to the sparkle and glow effects. > >
  13. Known Issues

    Known Issues - February 7 General True Heart’s aura effect disappears when switching zones. Re-equipping or re-logging the item will enable the aura again. Entering an instance causes the Tooltip UI box to vertically decrease in size. The Heart equipment slot is missing a mouse over tooltip. Some items are not displaying within Character Info and the Marketplace when using the Portuguese client. Taiwan Costume Design Contest outfits, Dragonfly and Starslayer, are missing their signature icons. Known Issues - January 17 General Characters are missing their facial animations when previewing colors in the Tailor Shop. The free daily 15 Hongmoon Coin for Premium Membership is missing push notifications. Marketplace displays incorrect sales fee discount for Premium Members. Silver Saberfang Kitten outfit doesn't have a proper icon or item name when trying to sell in the Marketplace. Character Info displays unintended Hongmoon Attack/Defense bonus effect. Unable to upload character portrait in Character Info (F2). New costumes are not localized for DE/FR/BR in Character Info (F2). There's a formatting issue with an event quest for French and German. Known Issues - December 6 General Guardian Captain Shin Jiyul does not attack the player during Part 6 of Chapter 12. Classes Blade Master Blade Master’s Five Point Strike Hongmoon Focus gain conditional is incorrect. Blade Master’s Honed Slash does not give Hongmoon Focus on Dazed or Knocked Down target. Destroyer Destroyer’s Eradicate – Move 2 and Piledriver gives incorrect Hongmoon Focus. Force Master Glacier placement splat moves with the character after the skill has been used. The Sacred Flames icon disappears when a target is not selected which is inconsistent with other classes. Kung Fu Master Aftershock slows enemies by 30% instead of 50%. Eight Talons is hitting more than 5 times. Soul Fighter Soul Fighter’s Breaking Claw displays incorrect skill icon on skill requirement tooltip. Warlock Necrotic Chains is suppressing the target twice instead of three times. Gunslinger Gunslinger’s Crosshairs skill gains incorrect Hongmoon Focus. Gunslinger’s Divebomb does not give Hongmoon Focus on Tracked target. (Shadow) Gunslinger’s Bullet Storm skill does not gain additional Hongmoon Focus. (Shadow) Gunslinger’s Unload skill does not gain additional Hongmoon Focus. Addressed - December 13 The Login Rewards are showing as unavailable. Players may not be able to receive mail in-game because their name contains a word, which is blocked. The highlight for salvaging costumes is off center.
  14. Decked Out Adornment

    Thanks for the report everyone. I'll forward this over to be looked into.
  15. New Outfit Dye System

    Consider Premium outfits the sets that have particle effects, and/or an emote, and also a matching pet and weapon skin. These would be Grand Phoenix, Rosethorn and Silver Saberfang. With the release of the system, there's no unlocking feature for more colors. The colors that you see in the video and preview article is what will be available for you to use at its release. There are no world drop outfits that can be customizable at this time. We'll relay this feedback and see if it's not already on the development teams radar. ^_^ Here's a list of all the costumes and adornments that can be used in the Tailor Shop at its launch: Premium Cosmetics Grand Phoenix & Grand Phoenix Crown Rosethorn, Rosethorn Crown, Rosethorn Wings, & Rosethorn Eyepatch Silver Saberfang, Silver Saberfang Hairband, Silver Saberfang Mask, & Silver Saberfang Wings Cosmetics (Available at Clothing Merchants for Chromatic Thread) Flashback Nostalgia (Female Only) Stylish (Male Only) Class President Pure White Risky Business Dreamland & Dreamland Hat Eternal Vow Headpiece Cabin Mate Hat Love Doctor's Hat (Female Only) Pure Affection Headpiece (Male Only)