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  1. Thanks for all your details! I forwarded the Chocolate Delight issue over to our QA team to look over.
  2. Thank you for your reports everyone. We're investigating what's happening with the Scarlet Bird codes and we'll provide more information when we can.
  3. There is still an issue with claiming login rewards after 12:00 AM PST. We'll follow up with the development team on this. I've updated the Known Issues thread. Thank you for letting us know. PS: I've merged two threads regarding the same topic together.
  4. With the Automaton Assault event dungeon being extended to May 9 and no new patch being implemented this week; the Princess Cannonball earned from the Automaton Assault event dungeon appears as antique causing the Antique window and icon to appear. This item can still be used with the cannons located in Jadestone Village until the event ends on May 9.
  5. Glory Tokens.....

    As Ludicium mentioned, the 1 being displayed is a bug and the actual movements on the board is the correct spin count. We're aware of this issue and will be addressing it in a later patch. Sorry for the confusion Hoppah!
  6. I come bearing good news! With the Eternal Night update on May 9, you'll be able to purchase Junghado's cosmetics -- Bodyguard and Swordsman Hat -- from Tower Trader Kangcha for 750 and 300 Warriors Tokens respectively. Please keep in mind that the build is still in development and the prices may vary. Thank you so much for your feedback.
  7. fix that stutter/freeze!

    We've forwarded this information off to the development team as soon as we saw the thread appear on Reddit. The most recent update on this topic is that the dev team has confirmed that there's an issue and are working on fixing it as soon as possible; we'll be sure to provide more details as soon as we receive them.
  8. Are Horned Lyn Deaf?

    Why didn't I think of this?! Looks like I win @Cyan Looking closer at the horns, they are concave and could be indicative of ears like others have mentioned here.
  9. Things about Copyrights

    Heya @Kassyolope! Could you send us an email with all of the details and a video link to for us to look into further? Thanks!
  10. Are Horned Lyn Deaf?

    This brought up a similar debate @Cyan and I had regarding whether or not Lyn's had humanoid ears on the side of their head due to all of their hairstyle options covering this area... Your horns observation is making this even more debatable.
  11. Brilliant Moonwater Keys.

    Thanks for bringing up this concern Ludicium! I'll speak with the team to see what can be done about the lack of Brilliant Moonwater Keys. I unfortunately misread the question and thought it was about Hongmoon Brilliant Keys... Brilliant Moon-water Hong-moon Brilliant
  12. Sundered Nexus Chest Outfit

    Heya everyone! With tomorrow's change to the Sundered Nexus Chest, you'll still be able to farm the Ghost in the Shell costume since it will now drop from Be Ido.
  13. A la date et heure suivante, nous effectuerons une maintenance de tous les serveurs. Blade & Soul sera indisponible pendant la durée de la maintenance. Nous vous invitons à consulter régulièrement ce fil de discussion pour en savoir plus sur l'évolution de la situation. [Date et heures] Le mercredi 5 avril de 23 h à 6 avril 1 h (heure de Paris) * La durée de la maintenance est sujette à changement. [Serveurs affectés] - Tous [Détails] Un problème empêchant d'obtenir les objets par paquets depuis la liste des objets reçus a été corrigé. Il n'est désormais plus possible d'utiliser certains caractères spéciaux dans les noms de personnages, familiers, clans et uniformes de clan. Le PNJ femme dans la zone d'accès aux donjons inter serveur a retrouvé sa voix de femme. Les compétences aura meurtrière et pilonnage du tireur d'élite ne s'affichent plus en coréen lors de l'utilisation du mode spectateur en JcJ. Veuillez nous excuser pour la gêne occasionnée
  14. Starting on April 5, 2:00 PM PDT / April 5, 9:00 PM UTC, all servers will undergo an unscheduled maintenance for approximately 2 hours. An in-game notice has been given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance starting. Below are the list of changes introduced within the update: Fixed an issue where bundles in Received Items were displaying as multiple linked items, which in some cases prevented access to them. Fixed an issue where numbers were unintentionally able to be used in names of characters, familiars, clans, and clan uniforms. Fixed an issue where a female NPC in the Cross Server Dungeon gateway was using a male voice. Fixed an issue where Tombstone and Bulletstorm would display in Korean in Spectator Mode. (German Only) Fixed an issue where French text was displaying in certain situations in Soulstone Plains and 6v6 Battlegrounds. (German Only) Fixed an issue with missing voiceovers in the Emperor’s Tomb sidestory. For server status updates please follow the @BladeAndSoulOps Twitter account. Tweets by @BladeAndSoulOps
  15. She's beautiful.. ?

    Heya! If you'd like to show off your lovely characters, please use this thread! Thanks! [Locked - Duplicate Topic]