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  1. Upcoming Humble Brag System... off switch?

    Greetings, We've requested the implementation of a toggle on/off feature for the Boast system, but this will take additional development time that we'd rather the team focus on in other areas at this time. Due to player feedback, the Boast system will be disabled this Wednesday, December 13.
  2. Below are a list of helpful Blade & Soul communities to help you on your journey in the Earthen Realm. Please note: These websites are community ran and are not represented or maintained by NCSOFT. Guides BNS Academy Raid Recruitment Discord Channel: Database Websites Cosmetics: B&S Fashion Wiki: B&S Gamepedia Marketplace BnSTools Community PvP Tournaments Legion Esports Esports Wall Skill Trees BnSTree Feel free to comment with websites that you find helpful.
  3. Not receiving Login Rewards

    Hello everyone, We found the issue that's causing the Login Rewards to not work properly and we'll be fixing it during next week's maintenance on December 13. Thank you for your patience!
  4. Not receiving Login Rewards

    The Login Rewards are currently unavailable and the issue is currently being investigated. We'll keep you posted when we receive any updates. Sorry for the confusion!
  5. All of the holiday cosmetics that you can earn from the Frozen Vipercap Gauntlet event are listed in the Dragon Express or in our article here: Other holiday cosmetics will be accessible in the Hongmoon Store later on in the month so check the store every so often. ^_^
  6. Known Issues

    Known Issues - December 6 General The Login Rewards are showing as unavailable. The issue will be resolved during the December 13 maintenance. Characters boosted to Level 50 that did not leave the Training Room are placed in the wrong location on leaving. <Shift + Left Click> does not function for Weapon and Pet tab. The highlight for salvaging costumes is off center. During Namsoyoo's cutscene, her head becomes detached from her body. Guardian Captain Shin Jiyul does not attack the player during Part 6 of Chapter 12. Players may not be able to receive mail in-game because their name contains a word, which is blocked. We are working on revising this list. Classes Blade Master Blade Master’s Five Point Strike Hongmoon Focus gain conditional is incorrect. Blade Master’s Honed Slash does not give Hongmoon Focus on Dazed or Knocked Down target. Destroyer Destroyer’s Eradicate – Move 2 and Piledriver gives incorrect Hongmoon Focus. Force Master Glacier placement splat moves with the character after the skill has been used. The Sacred Flames icon disappears when a target is not selected which is inconsistent with other classes. Kung Fu Master Aftershock slows enemies by 30% instead of 50%. Eight Talons is hitting more than 5 times. Soul Fighter Soul Fighter’s Breaking Claw displays incorrect skill icon on skill requirement tooltip. Warlock Necrotic Chains is suppressing the target twice instead of three times. Gunslinger Gunslinger’s Crosshairs skill gains incorrect Hongmoon Focus. Gunslinger’s Divebomb does not give Hongmoon Focus on Tracked target. (Shadow) Gunslinger’s Bullet Storm skill does not gain additional Hongmoon Focus. (Shadow) Gunslinger’s Unload skill does not gain additional Hongmoon Focus. Addressed - October 25 Increased the Antique Exchange for Radiant Energy from 10 Gold to 15 Gold. Those who exchanged before the update will find the extra gold in their Received Items after the maintenance. Fixed an issue where Radiant Energy was still being used in recipes for Radiant Ring. Fixed an issue where the breakthrough costs for certain Legendary Accessories was displaying incorrectly for Gunslingers on Equipment Upgrade Paths. Removed High Quality Fabric from Transmutation. Reduced the Duel rank requirements for purchasing Hongmoon Secret Techniques from the Zen Bean Trader NPC. Addressed - October 18 The Gunslinger Class weapon cannot be obtained when opening Locked Profane Weapon Chest with a normal key (green). Addressed - September 20 Players that previously participated in Tower of Memory are receiving Coin of Memory instead of Memory Bells from the Not-So-Fond-Memories quest. Killing monsters is currently not granting experience points. Items received via mail are currently taking longer to appear than usual. Some boss stats and levels are a higher level than intended. Remote completing quests currently as an associated fee. Class Icons do not display properly in Character Info (F2). Friends are currently not showing on some player's friends list. (pt-BR Only) Chave da Colecao de Tesouru Antigo is named incorrectly and should not have "Antigo" in the name. Addressed - August 23 Classes Soul Fighter Soul Fighter's Divine Dragon Bracelet is not providing a damage bonus to Frost Storm. Summoner Summoner is missing animations for Thorn Strike. Warlock Warlock is missing animations for Dragoncall. User Interface Profile pictures within Character Info (F2) work intermittently and may cause the client to freeze temporarily. Addressed - August 16 Character Info does not display all equipment after equipping certain outfits. Summer Saga Beach Day
  7. Known Issues

    Here you will find the list of currently known issues within Blade & Soul. This list is not complete and does not contain all issues found within the game.
  8. If you are encountering issues with XIGNCODE3, head over to the customer support Knowledge Base article to read the FAQ. If you are still having troubles with XIGNCODE3 after reading the FAQ, please reply to this thread using the following template and try to include as much detail as possible. To help with troubleshooting, please submit a ticket to Customer Support if you haven’t already and be sure to attach the XEM.log requested below. ISP Name of ISP you use to connect to the Internet. Antivirus/Firewall Software Name of the Antivirus or Firewall Software you use for security protection. VPN and External Software Do you use any VPN or any other software that may interact with how Blade & Soul runs? Date & Time Date and time of when the issue occurred. Please be sure to state the time zone of your region. (Example: Pacific Time = PST/PDT) Frequency How frequent does the issue occur? Character Name Which character did the issue occur on? Server Server where the character resides. Description Please try to include the following details. What the issue is and what you were doing when the issue occurred? (Updating, Launching the client, Dungeon, etc.) If an error message appeared when the issue occurred, please include what the message said. Sending XEM.logs to Customer Support Sending XEM.logs will help us in our troubleshooting process. Below are the steps to locate and send the file: Go to the BnS Folder. (C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS) Then, go to bin(64) > XIGNCODE3 folder. Create a zip file containing all the files inside the XIGNCODE3 folder. Submit a ticket with the file to Customer Support at
  9. We are currently investigating an issue where certain services are causing issues with the Blade & Soul Client. We are working hard on a fix to address these issues, in the meantime we recommend disabling these services via the below steps: If you are having issues with the Blade & Soul client crashing to desktop, try disabling the Razer Chroma SDK Service and Razer Game Scanner Service. Steps to turn off Razer Chroma SDK Service and Razer Game Scanner Service: Press CTRL, ALT, DEL and open the Task Manager Select "Services" Locate "Razer Chroma SDK Service" and select it Select the "Services" button on lower right Locate "Razer Chroma SDK Service" again, select "Actions" then "Stop" Select "Actions" again and choose "Properties" Open the "Startup type" drop box, and select "Disabled", then “Apply” and “OK” If you are experiencing issues with skill delay, turn off ASUSGameFirstService: Hit the START button, and in the search box type: services.msc Locate "ASUSGameFirstService" Right-click "ASUSGameFirstService" and got to "Properties" Change the "Startup type:" option to "Disabled" Press "Apply", then "Okay" This service may also be displayed as "cFosSpeed" "XFast LAN" or "Gigabyte Speed"
  10. Where is my 7 days premium ????

    That was a fake image, it was even well above the Twitter character limit and had multiple misspellings.
  11. Radiant Energy

    As DirectorTseng mentioned, we're rolling the compensation out in waves due to its sheer size. The process is still underway so please hang tight until it has concluded before checking to ensure you received the correct amounts.
  12. Where is my 7 days premium ????

    But we do care and we're still compensating! The compensation is just going to be later than we expected due to unexpected errors with the distribution tools. Please be patient during this time.
  13. I really wish we could do that for you, but unfortunately the character transfer service has to be performed while the servers are down for maintenance, so the transfer can't be done until next week's maintenance. If you're unable to wait until next week, you can speak with customer support and request a refund of the service since it wasn't completed.
  14. Hello WhisSama, We're sorry that your scheduled transfer didn't go through this week! There were a few server transfers that failed on our end unexpectedly and we're looking into what was the cause for the occurrence. We'll be sure to keep you updated as we receive more information.
  15. Whole point to an update...

    Hello DirectorTseng, The change was indeed implemented after the maintenance. Please update your client through the launcher and check the Radiant Ring crafts again.
  16. You can find an update on the compensation here: Closing this thread as it is a duplicate topic.
  17. Where is my 7 days premium ????

    Hello NODY, Due to the sheer size of the distribution, we ran into a few hiccups. We're still planning on distributing the compensation today, but it's going to take a bit longer than anticipated. An update can be found here:
  18. Fallen Aransu School Raid

    Thank you for taking the time to write this guide help others!
  19. Radiant Ring

    This will be addressed after tomorrow's maintenance. See the full notes here:
  20. 7 days premium?

    7 days of Premium Membership is still going to be provided to those who exchange their Radiant Energy's and we'll be distributing the first round of the Premium Membership after the maintenance tomorrow.
  21. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Greetings, Last week, on our stream and in a news post here, we told you about the gem changes we have in store. Our intention is to provide easier access, flexibility, and progression with the Hongmoon Gems, however we have to make some alterations to what was previously announced, which is: The Radiant Energy exchange will now provide 10 gold per, instead of the previously announced Hongmoon Gem Powder. Here’s why: The development team has taken a closer look into the Radiant Energy conversion rate as Antiques, and found an imbalance between the existing value of Radiant Energy compared to the Hongmoon Gem Powder which would have caused gems to be devalued significantly. Because we want to start this major (and positive) change to gems off right, the Antique exchange will instead provide 10 gold per Radiant Energy. We’re sorry about the last-minute changes, and hope that this won’t impact you too much – and to be clear, both powder and fragments are tradeable items. Thanks for understanding; we’ll closely monitor this new system and player feedback, so please let us know how you feel about it when the Rage of the Hive Queen update goes live! The Blade & Soul Team
  22. Merchant of Wonders

    I can confirm that the Merchant of Wonders does spawn in Cold Storage and this time she has a chance to spawn after the Kaari Lord is defeated. Looks like the names have been changed and these are now Bloodmoon Masquerade and Monster Ball sets. I'll update the article now. Thanks for the catch!
  23. Radiant Energy Antique Exchange Compensation

    Please keep this thread on topic! Thank you. ^_^
  24. We close duplicate topics because we want feedback to stay in one easy to read location for feedback collecting. If you create multiple threads regarding the same topic, that makes it harder for us to read your feedback and send it over to the development team to read. Please keep any feedback regarding the Radiant Energy exchange news in the main thread here:
  25. Lors du stream de la semaine dernière et sur un fil de discussion, nous vous avions annoncé des modifications concernant les gemmes. Nous voulons que les gemmes de Hongmoon soient plus accessibles et faciles à obtenir, mais aussi que le système de gemmes puisse offrir plus de flexibilité. Cependant, nous avons dû faire quelques changements : les énergies rayonnantes seront désormais échangeables contre 10 pièces d’or au lieu de ce qui avait été prévu. La raison de ce changement: Les développeurs estiment qu’il y a un déséquilibre entre la valeur réelle de l’énergie rayonnante et celle de l’éclat de gemme, ce qui pourrait entrainer une dévaluation des gemmes. Ainsi, l’échange de relique vous donnera 10 pièces d’or. Veuillez nous excuser pour ce changement de dernière minute. Nous tenons à préciser que les éclats et les poudres d’éclat peuvent être vendus. Merci pour votre compréhension, nous surveillerons de très près ce nouveau système et n'hésitez pas à nous faire part de vos remarques lorsque la fureur de la Sorcière d'ébène sera déployée. L’équipe Blade & Soul.