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  1. This game at its current state is a load of garbage and everyone associated in the production of Blade & Soul is to blame. I can't believe that Bloodlust doesn't know the difference themselves between Easy and Normal Mode, and I can't believe that not a single person from NCWEST's QA team realized that something was off. Naturally, all that you say is that you'll investigate it. If we're lucky, maybe we'll see it fixed in two years like the Friends List and EU's Character Info. Meanwhile, the game's population numbers are in heavy decline, and rather than pushing the Storm of Arrows update out with as much polish as you could possibly put in -- maybe include actual features and adjustments that the community asked for, and put the update on every single available advertisement spot there is, you instead manage to break the forums, put out more restrictive content (looking at you, Throne of Oblivion), make the most commonly done activity in the game (Daily Challenge) worse than it previously was, and add more pay to win elements to the Hongmoon Store. I've been actively farming for my characters the past 2 years and I've kept myself up to date on this game since the very launch, but you are really starting to tire me the hell out. Not a single promise that you made before the launch has been kept. Despite the fact that I haven't touched the game outside of ET (Scarlet Conservatory if you incompetent CMs need a translation) since the middle of the Hae Mujin's Outlaw Arena event, I keep actively looking on the Blade & Soul subreddit and the DevTracker on the official forums for just a hint of hope regarding the future of the game, but since Baskerville left, there's nothing. All I see from you at NCW is responses like "Please contact CS for more assistance" and answers to the most basic player questions there are. Since NCW is awfully powerless to change things in the game, maybe that's the cause of the state of the game, but since we don't know the background process, what are we meant to do but direct the blame toward all companies involved? I have no idea if NCW is fulfilling their promise as publishers to "monitor the progress of the developer, critique ongoing development, and assist as necessary" or not. Maybe they are, but assuming NCWEST reports to NCSOFT who then relays the information to Bloodlust, it might just as well be an organization issue at NCSOFT. Maybe it's also NCSOFT who practically owns NCW forcing them to continue inimical business practices despite player feedback. And again - maybe NCSOFT has nothing to do with it either, but Bloodlust is the actual factor to blame. Whatever it is, the entire production of this game is chaotic. Your promise to make the western version of the game unique to other regions was a blatant lie. It was said to entice players to play the game and have them believe the companies working on the game wanted what was best for the community. In reality, the entire game is scuffed and is produced with the barest minimum of effort from all parts. At this point, I truly hope that the European Union follows the Belgian Gaming Commission's lead and bans purchases of items in games that are random in nature. Free to play or not, I really don't care nor do I want to keep propping up bad habits like gambling from idiotic corporations. Let the idiots running this game on all fronts fold and force them to find a new consumer friendly monetization paradigm that doesn't encourage game designs intended to be addictive and toxic as a way to increase quarterly revenue.
  2. Requesting Daily Challenge New List

    Jesus, guys. You'll survive not being "prepared" for one day. How can you say you have outside lives when you're crying about not knowing the Daily Challenge list when they inform us like, 18 hours before the maintenance even starts?
  3. characters disappeared

    It's happened to plenty of people. It's not your fault - the launcher is just stupid. Seems to be a common trend in NCW products.
  4. Meant to quote this in my post above, but forgot. Try sending a ticket to the CS team explaining the circumstance, because it's very unlikely we'll see compensation for those who already upgraded considering how old the Divinity/Starbreaker/Battalion Bracelet is.
  5. Any UI Improvements on its way?

    Definitely true what you said about the Martial Tome, just speaking functionality wise it was way easier. I meant more that it was visually nicer. What I don't think is true at all is that the UI is fine once you scale and move it around. My own UI is almost at its smallest and has been for a long time, and I've done my utmost to move things around to make it the least imposing on my screen as possible, but I can only do so much. Most UI elements are obnoxiously intrusive. My only hope right now is that they pull something like Pearl Abyss did and remade most UI components with their Remaster.
  6. Seeing NCW's trackrecord that's absolutely true, but considering how the community managers play this game (in which I mean barely at all), I think they agree with us that the game has way too much grind. I doubt they'd allow these changes if they were more in charge.
  7. Next time you at NCWEST publish a game, please make sure its a contract more based on acquisition so we aren't shoved Pet Aura Gems, Awakened Ascension/Radiance Stones, and a new Pet Aura tier down our throats. No one in the western region would ever want this and I can't imagine anyone at NCWEST thinking adding these "features" would be beneficial for the game.
  8. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    +1 to what @Merlin DE said. And that’s without mentioning that there has to be some sort of longevity to their income methods. The way NCW has handled this game, most people are angry at the publisher for having been terrible all around, meaning that people will be skeptical to upcoming games published by them. They screwed us over with Blade & Soul, so why even bother with the next game they bring to the west?
  9. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    It seems like a lot of people keep thinking that UE4 will be some saving grace for this game, but that's not even remotely true. As OP mentioned - all the P2W elements, unbalanced classes, lack of communication, recycled events, and overall horrendous decision-making won't suddenly go away by the upcoming engine transition. We might get some better performance, but all the existing issues will still be there. That's both the fault of NCW and Bloodlust. Both companies are honestly terrible. The remaining playerbase should leave Blade & Soul behind and spend their time on something valuable. To be honest, considering the amount of times this company has screwed the playerbase over, I don't think I'm ever going to touch another NCWEST game going forward.
  10. What about the archer?

    They confirmed.. somewhere that they were announcing the Zen Archer update this week. They tend to post the articles on Wednesday or Thursdays, so I guess we’ll see very soon. Edit:
  11. Most of this game's UI is really bad. Newer UI elements like the Martial Tome's changes in the March update very clearly shows that the development team knows how to design a nice looking menu, but there's so much old that really needs polish. The Chat, the Status Effect rows, the quest list (not Quest Journal), the party/alliance list, Currency Exchange, the Friends List (although I suppose fixing it would be the bigger priority), Character Info, Transmute, Achievements, and every single tooltip in the game. There's also stupid stuff like Equipment Upgrade Paths having a scroll bar available, but considering 10 classes is seen without scrolling and scrolling makes one more class show up... real necessary. Even with Zen Archer on its way, having a scroll bar is just weird when it has no purpose whatsoever. Just make the list slightly longer. And don't even get me started on how the Refine Splendor in the Unity feature doesn't correctly display the chances of refining the stones. It's hidden behind text. Nice going with your promise to not just port the game with reckless abandon but rather to "make it yours". Here's what I mean if you guys feel like fixing it: It's meant to show the success ratio where it says 'Stellar Radiance Stone', which I guess makes it work with the Korean text, but it takes up too much space with western characters. It's been like this for half a year and no one at NCW has managed to notice it and forward it to have it fixed.
  12. Soul Badge & Mystic Badge Exchange

    Glad to hear you'll at least continue the discussion. This sort of thing does feel really bad though. The community representatives and the producers for this game keep asking for our feedback, and even after the community very clearly voicing their opinion around this, you seem completely powerless to change anything. Because of that, it feels pointless to give you any feedback in the first place.
  13. Localization & Translation Error List

    Skyreach Gloves - Stage 1/3/6/10 in Equipment Upgrade Paths has an incorrect name At this point I'm pretty much all out. The only other thing I picked up was how Den of the Ancients on the World Map doesn't have 'the' in the name.
  14. Hearing that phrase since launch over and over while the game instead gets worse every patch is getting old. If you know the removal of a beloved feature like the Soul/Mystic Badge exchange is on its way, you should be there to make sure the developers already knows how much we like it and preferably stop them from making the change. We don’t want to hear that you’ll send the feedback — the feedback should already have been given. Also, one more thing: at least own up to having messed up with not relaying the information about the feature being removed. Apologize and make sure there’s some kind of compensation to help those who didn’t have time to change their equipment.
  15. Hongsil’s Summer Blast Patch Notes & Overview

    You're right, they did explain it was a limited time exchange, but that does not make it any less stupid. It's been shown that featuring a system where you can swap equipment based on which specialization you wish to play doesn't break the game in any way. The only thing it did was provide players with a more versatile gameplay experience. There are zero reasons for this to not remain permanent.