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  1. Localization & Translation Error List

    Darkstorm Necklace Chest grants the item Gunslinger's Raven Necklace Chest This was reported before but for the Blade Dancer's Raven Necklace Chest, so this would be an issue for all items. Hint for the mistake: no necklace drops from the Skybreak Spire raid. This is from Temple of Eluvium and Scion's Keep. Kung Fu Master's Fervent Flames talent, available in the Dragon Fist specialization, has a mistyped talent description NC Launcher 2 doesn't use proper grammar when attempting to launch the game during a maintenance
  2. Oh yeah, one more thing: Koldrak Fever is ebic. If possible, I'd love seeing the 4x Koldrak Scale reward from the The Dragon's Lair quest be a permanent feature.
  3. So is there any particular reason for Khanda Vihar having invisible barriers wherever there's no 'track' to follow? Kind of annoying. The GIF shows the southwest area of Khanda Vihar, below Shrine of the Ascendant. I heard Dawn of Khanda Vihar has the same issues, but I didn't check myself.
  4. Can't load into Scions Keep on a new install

    It's basically confirmed new game installs since the Golden Harvest Festival update doesn't work when entering Scion's Keep. Is this being treated seriously yet? Does the development team even know? Are they looking into it trying to get a fix out? It would be nice to know what's going on when issues like these show up. Your Known Issues list doesn't even seem updated which only speaks to your transparency issue. Here's more information from Reddit on the issue:
  5. Mushin tower 1-8

    If you find getting to level 30 to be a grind, MMORPGs aren't for you.
  6. Pin numbers wont show at login

    I had that issue when I accidentally installed one font mod each in different folders, specifically these: C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BNS\contents\Local\NCWEST\ENGLISH\CookedPC\mod C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BNS\contents\Local\NCWEST\ENGLISH\CookedPC_Mod If you haven't played around with that, then I guess continue troubleshoot with support. Also, quick sidenote, this doesn't violate Code of Conduct considering the available fonts are from your own development team and can be used for improved visibility in light of the decreased clarity of the western game font. It does not in any way affect the integrity of the game experience. Regards, user with warning points.
  7. There's been some discussion on the subreddit for Blade & Soul about the Cross-Server Lobby having some type of invisible channels. Entering F8 on two different characters will quickly show how certain dungeon lobbies posted in the recruitment window can only be seen by one of the characters. Could this be looked into? NA and EU have way a lot less active players compared to some of the Asian regions, so if it's really split into different channels, it would be great to have it removed (or at least reduced).
  8. The current Golden Harvest Festival event is actually really nice IMO. A total of 9x Sacred Vials can be bought by Premium Membership members and 7x for those without, which if I'm not mistaken, is the most we've ever gotten from an event. On top of that, by far the best thing, is how you took out the repetitiveness by forcing many daily runs. I've already killed Mushin's Darkness enough times to have enough of the Festive Feast Bags for the rest of the event (thank god that you made it a boss drop!) so that I only need to run one of the Daily Challenge dungeons for the Harvest Keys. While I think Mushin's Tower Floor 1-8 was nerfed a tad much, I can honestly fully understand why you would considering the complaints to both the Legends Reborn and Hae Mujin's Outlaw Arena events. That said, I'm really enjoying it and I've been way more actively playing since it started. Good events are key for this game. Thanks!
  9. Mushin tower 1-8

    ... what? That's a you problem. Are you even finished with the story? This content is laughably easy. It's obvious they took our pleb regions into mind when designing it. I feel bad for the NCW team having to read posts like this.
  10. So when we complain about events being unrewarding, the reason nothing changes is cause your math is wrong? You get 40x Harvest Dinners every week without any Premium Membership, 54x with. Good effort though! Patch notes unclear, I can't math. Sorry my love.
  11. Localization & Translation Error List

    Alpha Guard item from Den of the Ancients have an incorrect Acquired from name
  12. Thanks once more on the follow up! That's what I also thought at first, but since the other specialization for this class -- Thundering Blade -- doesn't experience it, I remain believeing it's an issue with the skill itself. I tried the two bosses I linked previously, please compare these encounters with the two I linked in my old post: Additionally, I went there with my Kung Fu Master playing the Iron Claw spec and could easily kill both Bomani and Maksun during the animation lock. It did indeed stop me at 1HP, but once the 1HP interval had been reached, the next attack would defeat the target rather than keeping it there. Your QA team didn't test this but assumed, didn't they... Might as well give me a monthly salary if we keep this up. To prove what I mean, here's yet another clip without involving any range-check. Please keep in mind that the Kamahage encounter is meant to initiate the Spectral Sword mechanics at 90%, 60%, and 30%. Looking at the footage of me playing Spinning Storm, past the 90% HP threshold, the boss follows up with a new attack rather than going into the mechanics (which by the way, once the HP threshold has been reached, this particular boss cancels the current attack to enter mechanic), but reacts properly to the scenario once I use my Breeze skill. To prove my point, I also linked the same scenario but on Thundering Blade, where you can clearly see the boss canceling his attack to initiate phase. Do you get what I mean, now? Spinning Storm (not phasing while only using Rolling Typhoon until I use a Breeze: Thundering Blade (phasing right away and correctly canceling its attack for the initiation): I realize that your influence over the dev team's focus is very limited, but it would at least be nice to see more thorough testing from your own QA team. Just ask (or check) the statistics for NA/EU's active Blade Dancer to see which spec is dominant. Shouldn't that be enough to realize some proper bug testing and balance adjustments are very, very overdue?
  13. Thanks for the response @Hyunkel! While I'm no expert, I'll do my best to go into further detail. Those issues could not be reproduced and would necessitate more info on gear, target and conditions. To reproduce leaving targets stuck at 1HP, please attempt defeating a boss like the Maksun encounter in Outlaw Island using only Rolling Typhoon. I've attached a video to illustrate the issue: As for bosses skipping their mechanics, this is only possible when no other damage skill than Rolling Typhoon is used. Any other skills causing damage will mess it up. Since damage skills are the only way to gain Wind Spirit, it's only possible by using the Glory Soul Badge or the fused version Undying Soul Badge where you can use the defensive skills Strafe and Blindside to gain Wind Spirit for Rolling Typhoon. Please view this video for reference: As you can see, I managed to skip both the 90% and the 60% mechanics until my Soaring Falcon skill set the boss straight again. I will however mention that this might be the only boss where this is possible - I haven't tested for others. To add onto the issues with that skill: in a situation like Brood Chamber's Nacha encounter, you can't execute the mechanics using that skill. The intention for the mechanic is to have one stack of Demon Blood removed per attack on the boss, but as you can see (, the red looking status effect to the left of my bar isn't affected by this particular skill. Some code went very wrong when designing the skill for the class specializations. I was unfortunately unable to get footage of Skyward Slash not being proc'd when used too close to Rolling Typhoon nor certain attacks missing for no apparant reason. I'll update this thread if I manage to reproduce it.
  14. FAQ about UE4

    It seems like, even the developers at Team Bloodlust are unsure of what's going to happen. I think they mentioned more concrete information would be given next week. Either way, I doubt NCW will cover any details regarding our region's engine transition until around March/April.
  15. Update on bugs & issues based on pinned information in BNSAcademy's #blade-dancer channel. Whirling Scourge ending will unproc Rolling Typhoon Effect of Skyward Slash won't proc if a Rolling Typhoon is used too quickly after Rolling Typhoon, Skyward Slash, and Wind Slash can miss (not accuracy problem), even while standing in front of an unmoving target (like Training Dummy in the Hongmoon Training Room) Squall effect from Aransu/Thornbreaker Mystic Badge can't keep up with Rolling Typhoon during Wind Charge effect Wind Slash's casting time is too long considering the low damage output from all skills in Draw Stance Rolling Typhoon can leave enemy targets stuck at 1 HP Rolling Typhoon make bosses skip initiating their mechanics Skyward Slash and Wind Slash will sometimes not trigger the Wind Charge effect, despite hitting the target Whirling Scourge will sometimes not trigger the Wind Charge effect Steelfeather effect from Stormsiege Bracelet will unproc Rolling Typhoon outside of Whirling Scourge