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  1. yes, a "gaming" cloud pc like stadia. It is running windows 10 server, so i dont think the game have problems with that. Dont worry, my english sucks too :P Maybe you're correct, the Tesla P100, P4, K80, etc. are not designed for gamming, thats true. But in a game like black desert with full graphics on, it works very well. And for some reason bns doesn't use all gpu, just around 20% of usage, that doesn't happen with black desert, bd uses around 80% GPU. Maybe the problem is unreal engine 3 with the 4 cores as you said. But in the videos i recorded i saw all gpus
  2. Hello, i got a google cloud VPS with this spec: Nvidia p100 16GB (this gpu cost around 3.5k usd) 8 cores at 2.3ghz 30GB ram SSD And my fps are crap and i dont get why. My GPU is NEVER at 100% of usage, always something like 20%, 30%, but never more than 50% of usage. My fps goes from 60 to 120 SOMETIMES, but in combat less than 40 (with ctrl F), doesnt matter if i turn graphics at low or at maximum, the same. video proof: Is this a UE3 problem? a bns problem? nvidia problem? what is going on. Just for testing purposes i up
  3. Naryu Labyrinth goes well for me (35-50 fps) But in Minotaur room and in Be Ido room, my fps drop drastically ( 10-15 fps) It's not just me, i ask to a friend and he has the same problem Why is this? any solution?
  4. I REALLY suck at pvp. With my BD i lost 36 and won 18 pvp arenas Today i started to play arenas for my Summoner 11 played, 11 wins. Rank gold. And some of you say that summoner is not op? lel. nerf summoners please
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/445d8i/p2w_confirmed_6000_in_winter_frenzy_chest_outcome/
  6. how about doing DDOS to all those pages?
  7. We should do DDOS to all those pages
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