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  1. HIGH END PC but low FPS

    yes, a "gaming" cloud pc like stadia. It is running windows 10 server, so i dont think the game have problems with that. Dont worry, my english sucks too :P Maybe you're correct, the Tesla P100, P4, K80, etc. are not designed for gamming, thats true. But in a game like black desert with full graphics on, it works very well. And for some reason bns doesn't use all gpu, just around 20% of usage, that doesn't happen with black desert, bd uses around 80% GPU. Maybe the problem is unreal engine 3 with the 4 cores as you said. But in the videos i recorded i saw all gpus was being used at the same time, not just 4 of them. Anyways, i don't think something will change until ue4, so thanks for the responses. I will check that, thanks <3
  2. Hello, i got a google cloud VPS with this spec: Nvidia p100 16GB (this gpu cost around 3.5k usd) 8 cores at 2.3ghz 30GB ram SSD And my fps are crap and i dont get why. My GPU is NEVER at 100% of usage, always something like 20%, 30%, but never more than 50% of usage. My fps goes from 60 to 120 SOMETIMES, but in combat less than 40 (with ctrl F), doesnt matter if i turn graphics at low or at maximum, the same. video proof: Is this a UE3 problem? a bns problem? nvidia problem? what is going on. Just for testing purposes i updated the VPS with 12 CPUs Video proof with 12 cores: Anyways its not a CPU problem because most time they are at low usage.
  3. HM LMB for FM

  4. Naryu Laverinth FPS drop

    didn't work :(
  5. Naryu Labyrinth goes well for me (35-50 fps) But in Minotaur room and in Be Ido room, my fps drop drastically ( 10-15 fps) It's not just me, i ask to a friend and he has the same problem Why is this? any solution?
  6. Summoner not op?

    I REALLY suck at pvp. With my BD i lost 36 and won 18 pvp arenas Today i started to play arenas for my Summoner 11 played, 11 wins. Rank gold. And some of you say that summoner is not op? lel. nerf summoners please
  7. New RNG Box in Shop!

  8. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    how about doing DDOS to all those pages?
  9. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    We should do DDOS to all those pages
  10. Computor requirements

    Why not windows 10?