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  1. Testing to see if I can at least get @Hime or @Sunshine to read this and send it up to ncsoft kr. Would be happy to hear their thoughts about this too, or any information they can give about ncsoft’s plans that aren’t just speculation due to sales performance like in the YouTube vids being made about why people are quitting.
  2. I only joined the game five months ago, I have barely scratched the surface in terms of content and enjoyability. I don’t want to stop so soon, I’ve managed to find an amazing community with the clan I’ve joined and want to keep building my toons.
  3. Hey Blade and Soul devs and the ncsoft team Why did you decide to change servers that perform worse than the servers that existed before? Not just for me, but I know multiple players whose ping increased by anywhere between 50-150ms. Some ppl decreased due to sheer proximity to the server... but when you have multiple classes that are extremely ping dependent, and an action-adventure martial art game that need good performance, why are you not doing more to fix this? Moreso than the way that the bamboo village exploit was dealt with, or -to be honest- the lack of exciti
  4. I appreciate the info, it is a couple of years old but I customized it to perform well for pretty advanced software for architecture school that requires pretty good graphics capabilities which is why I'm so confused. I'll try tweaking it for optimisation, but I don't need the beautiful effects, I just want these load times and lags to go away haha.
  5. Hi all! I'm looking for a friendly competitive clan to join. I'm currently in a social clan, and while that's great, I'd love to get the additional perks of being in a competitive clan. I also feel like it'd be easier to get party members to join up to go through dungeons and such. Any recommendations of where I can join up? Thanks!
  6. I'm in Legendary Devas and there's definitely room in our clan for more players! My character in-game is Arclecia. :)
  7. Hey all, I've been trying to troubleshoot how to run BnS better on my laptop, and could use some advice! I'm playing on: XPS 15 9550 Intel(R) Core i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHz processor, 16Gb RAM Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M My main issues are this: Of course, super laggy graphics and load times. Dungeons run so slowly and it makes me nearly useless when playing, needing to be carried even though I'm advancing my character pretty well. The load time when entering the dungeon is so long that often the dungeon is 1/3-1/2 done and I can't catch up. I hav
  8. Oh, thanks for letting me know. It seems silly to not be able to upgrade until then so I thought I'd missed something!
  9. I know there are countless vids and stuff about best methods to upgrade weapons....but I don't even have a center "upgrade" tab on my manage equipment screen to actually update anything. Are upgrade paths only available to specific weapons? Or did I miss a tutorial quest somewhere to unlock this option up for me? Is it only available once you reach a certain level (I'm 39 Soul Fighter). Any help would be appreciated!
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