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  1. I was curious whats up with putting event pumpkin cache in a hard mode daily dungeon. I just realized that today. Cause like some i cant be a lifer in BnS, i have a son and work to tend to. I was getting on running two dungeons to get the event stuff and now today one of the pumpkin cache is in a hard mode dungeon.
  2. so not happy and i reverted my weapon before the patch cause i thought it would be cheaper and nope it ended up being more costly -sighs- thank you ncsoft
  3. do you still get this if you used a level 60 voucher? Im just curious cause i used one for my archer on day one. If not, not a big deal lol i just been working a lot more lately so i havent had a whole lot of time to play the leveling up game.
  4. I guess not a biggie for me, i hardly ever land on premium spots and when i do never venture tokens. I have the same horrible luck with the reward chest never really see venture tokens. I think once in a blue moon. I have pretty much given up on venture tokens because well rng gods hate me. Im really not sure if premium is worth keeping at this point anymore. Im sure i could make not having remote inventory and the longer wind-strides work for me. Just need to learn some patience and better tetras skills with my inventory. NVM i will just cancel it and save that money.
  5. has anyone fixed this without having to switch only to 32 bit?
  6. I support this. I get why it doesn't work for the separate combo rounds but for the bosses in the training room this would be great
  7. ya i never really paid attention to the time in the past lol it usually was there when i logged in XD after I sent my little one off to school this morning I figured I would jump on and grab it. Thought maybe i had lost my mind for a moment there.
  8. oh well then...so im early ok will go back to bed then
  9. maybe im blind i dunno but im not finding this jackpot thing in the store at all
  10. After three years of playing this game, i am inclined to agree with the majority here unless otherwise mentioned moml=kaari only. But what the hey if people in F8 are determined to claim both loot tables for their orb then i will just avoid f8 and invite those from my static group or my clan and let their be free for all bidding on winters mane. Why because its the right thing to do. In three years i have never seen anyone claim both bosses even with the white orbs; granted the loot hasnt been all the great until recently. I am pleased that i stumbled across this thread it showed
  11. I feel really bad for all these people having problems. I had no problem installing the new launcher. The only issue i had was steam related since i use the steam controller, i could no longer link the new launcher through steam in a way i could use my steam controller with overlay in BnS. Luckily though i managed a work around for that issue for now till i can figure how to link the new launcher properly to steam for use with my steam controller. I really hope those of you having issues with the new launcher can get them resolved..
  12. I bumped an older thread on this topic for the original launcher but it seems to be avoided cause its so old so im making a new thread since after all we did just get a new launcher... In the past there was a method of madness to add BnS to steam so we could use the steam controller and steam overlay in game. However today with the release of the new launcher, that method no longer works and after three years of playing stress free with my steam controller, Im struggling to get the controller and steam overlay to work through the new launcher. Today after installing and
  13. Im going to bump this knowing that it is old and please dont tell me i should not use a controller with this game, i get that but for me it works best. Anyway im struggling to get the controller and steam overlay to work through the new launcher. I changed location ran steam in normal mode and controller was acting weird but when i ran it in admin mode it wouldnt even work at all. So if anyone is nice enough to have some sort of information on how i do it with the new launcher, i would greatly appreciate it
  14. Why are we not getting exchange of white orbs for the new orbs in CS and Heavens mandate? Why am i having to antique all my Demon spirit stones and not getting lesser demon spirit stones to replace those with. Now I have to go hunting for more of something else to make my oils :/ No this isnt about wanting free stuff this is about having already worked and collected what i have only to get copper for them and have to go work and collect for new stuff. I was under the understanding that demon spirit stones would be exchanged for the lesser demon spirit stones. This sucks cause i had enough demo
  15. while my favorite race is lyn, i do feel its more fair to just open all classes to all races. I dont see any issue with it but then thats just me. I would more likely make more jin if all classes were open on them.
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