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  1. Skybreak Spire Acessories

    Try 50 some runs and still waiting on my own fire accessories. I used to see them drop left and right but get outbided by the whales. Im glad i dont do pug runs for my fire accessories cause i probably wouldnt have the earring that i have. Only reason i have that is because my clan leader changed things to a priority system and set the cost at 300 gold per accessory for those who need and are at the top of the priority list. Before that the whales in the clan would run and throw 900+ gold on whatever they could bid. Now imagine if my clan fell apart and i had to do pug runs again. Lets say NcSoft makes these items able to be traded and so i join a pug group cause i need my ring and it drops. Lightening whale bm bids 900 gold right off the bat...well im outbid and dont get it anyway and they win the bid so their alt can have the fire accessory. Im sorry but i have gold that goes into other stuff like upgrading and crafting and transmuting so its not easy for me to always keep gold in hand. Yes i could still get outbid by a flame user but at least i know it will be going to someone who actually uses it rather than a whale with a different element. I have two other characters that run bt as well and im lucky if i have seen fire drop on those as well. It seems shadow and ice are popular bt drops. Still tho if im pugging i dont want my summoner earth stuff drop too and a whale WL to bid 900 +++ gold so their earth destroyer can have it. You said you have ran 20 plus runs well let me know when you have ran it as much as i have and then we can talk. I have ran it more than 50 times on my Main FM same on summoner and close to 30 times on my WL and maybe its just plain bad luck but all three characters are still looking for at least one bt accessory, my summoner needs both still. If NcSoft makes this move, its going to up the bidding by those who whale so they can hook up their alts. If you want to pay 1500 gold for an accessory then go ahead and keep supporting this idea. Right now cause it cant be transferred between characters these whales are being kept in check making it fair for us minnows to have a shot at it if and when it drops.
  2. Separate the skills for PvE and PvP

    Ok firstly this wont happen. I hate pvp too but i dont mind the occasional arena visit. They dont force it. You make the choice to go or not to go into arena, you make the choice to put on that faction outfit as well and like you said you didnt participate in the event so you made that choice. There is nothing forced on to anyone. they wont do this its not that hard to know which skills are pvp and which skills are not pvp. Besides they sell training expansion tickets in the store that gives you the ability to set up a pvp tab and pve tab in your skills where one is strictly for pvp and the other is strictly set for pve. If you want to see truly forced pvp then play a game like cabal where you go into a particular area of the map and you are vulnerable to the other side so better hope you can get your questing done without someone camping you out. At least like i said above you can put on or take off your faction outfit. Yes i agree the event was sort of sucky but hey thank you NcSoft i made a ton of gold off those heart of essence. 1 gold each added up really fast with dailys and weeklies giving them out like candy.
  3. Skybreak Spire Acessories

    ABSOLUTELY NOT...whales would be bidding on accessories for their alts. They would outbid us minnows 10-1 in pug groups. Granted im in a great static group and we have a locked accessory price and a priority list of who gets what first.
  4. Show off your characters!!

    Love the way my FM looks with that hair from BT.
  5. Classes faq

    ya but i have seen the hate carry into pve tho. Ive been called a scummoner in pug groups before
  6. IS THAT A JOKE !!

    exactly this and here lies the failure of ncsoft with this idea. Ok fine i can deal with the 600 cores but 400 would be a more reasonable choice. These accessories in HM needed to finish off tho whats the point might as well carry on and hope i get my fire ring to drop in BT. 40+ runs and not seen it yet. Its ok im having fun running with my static group XD half of which are fire element its a flame curse im telling you. We might get together tho and attempt HM runs to get the accessories we need.
  7. Its game still well populated?

    decent population in my opinion yes buttttt there are some areas on the map you will find just the crickets having a rave -giggles-
  8. Don't Kick Baeful from NS & NF

    ok so scenario time. I cant use my FM for this cause she is finally past the AP of 1.1k. However i do play my summoner quite a bit. So you are searching for 1.1 k in NS. I know the mechs quiet well so i decide to to take a chance and join with her. Granted her ap is more than a handful off of what your asking so i probably wouldnt join you out of respect because that is just how i am. Supposing though i did jump on summoner is now Raven 1 (working on that as we speak), full set of gems 5 hepta, 1 hex (im not a whale so this is a slow progress getting them higher), both dt and ns elemental accessories a true, Legendary accessories for all three belt, necklace and bracelet at stage 3 (working on maxing bracelet right now) and an AP of 1073. (kick or not kick is the question for you)... In my opinion she is very capable of doing everything from EC through SSM. Well she already does without dieing cause i know the mechs and know what i have to do to keep my party alive and healed and use party stealth when its needed and not use it as well in certain situations and still dps even tho 70k i know doesnt compare to others. I dont really pug IF or SSM on her since i know very very choosie pugs for those two dungeons which i respect and understand why but i still get to run them daily with my friends and clan with her so not a biggie on that. I guess you could say im that girl that respects what people ask for but sometimes it can be painful to know i cant join something im competent enough to do even with a slightly lower AP than whats being asked for.
  9. Classes faq

    i guess its all up to the individual. I personally love ranged and magic classes. I enjoy playing both my FM and my summoner a lot. Some people hate summoners and call them scummoners. I have never figured out why they are like this. I really dont care because i enjoy a good decent dps class that also can clutch heal party members as well as use kitty raises to help keep the party alive till dungeon is done. Summoners do pretty good in pvp as well. I prefer my summoner over my FM in pvp any day. it wouldnt hurt to try it. @AlexSab not a problem
  10. ok seriously nerf normal mode rewards. There is barely any normal mode rewards in EC and on up. Sometimes i see one lousy thing drop. Now if your talking about what we get from turning in daily or Killing boss...are you serious? What you get a few mats couple cores and if your lucky enough 100 gold from those chests. I think normal mode stuff you get is just right for normal mode. You wanna nerf it, might as well take everything away and just tell the players they are running it for fun. I mean as for legendary drops lol i have only ever seen three legendary drops in any dungeon in over 2 years of playing this game XD. So might as well make the legendary drops and other things like transcendence engine be a 0% drop rate too. smh nerfing what is recieved from normal mode will only make players leave. Im all for buffing hard mode. Gives me something to look forward to.
  11. Classes faq

    they say summoner is a ping friendly class and i have to agree on that since i play summoner and FM. Before i fixed my ping issues i was dealing with ping spikes up to 500 every so often. It woudl freeze up my FM but i found i could deal with it easier on my summoner.
  12. Trash class oscar goes to Force master

    you have a good point. Still tho i dont think FM is even close to being a trash class but that is my opinion.
  13. Leavers need to be punished

    welll i have 5 alts i do dailies on. I for one refused to do dailies on any of them till i had at least 950+ ap and at a minimum bale 10. Now that being said, its no ones fault that a whale can pull off that much dps but i promise you 35-40k dps does take off time from the kill maybe not as much as that 400k dps whale and if they dont like it then dont pug it or solo it. Why punish new people for trying. Key thing in my opinion is do you know the mechs. I dont care that my dps is 3-4 times greater than someone elses. What i care about is if your gonna get in that dungeon do something stupid cause you dont know what your doing and cause us to wipe. I sort of want to throw this out there once more too 35-40k dps can get someone through bosses 1-3 in bt so is more than enough for dungeons. People in my opinion are just too picky. as for leavers, lets not do something so stupid as punishment. While i dont leave, i do have the occasional crash while in F8 and i would not like to be punished for that. Thank you very much.
  14. Trash class oscar goes to Force master

    some one please tellllll me if my FM has the worst DPS then why do i steal agro and so much find myself face tanking and face blocking on my FM. Seriously i enjoy my FM and i been playing her since the game was released in NA. We could say its because i have the better gear than those in my party but thats not always the case since i run a lot with my clan and many of us are equally geared if not better geared than myself.
  15. Don't Kick Baeful from NS & NF

    this is good to know lol but thankfully at the end of the day today i had enough charms to clear HM13 on my FM and make that 1102 AP lol but i will keep it in mind for my summoner that is creeping up the AP ladder to 1071 now