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  1. what class is hardest to complete quick combo in f12?

    i never got the quick combo done on my FM or SF. FM is my main and i just Dont have that time to waist.
  2. Cold Storage and Heaven's Mandate

    Lmao you have to get the fleeting soul and fleeting aura to stage 6/brilliant using the event tokens also it takes event tokens to get the rift and dawn weapon. There is not enough of the event to get weapon soul and pet by the end of it. So you have to choose carefully. You make it seem like they will get all three from the event. I agree it is great these items are available from the event. The OP is probably new or something and just trying to figure what they have to do to get orbs to run mandate and or storage. OP if you manage to do the DC there is also a chance to get them that way too. I get them every so often from DC. Also like you were told do zaiwei ruins. There was a time getting a white orb was automatic from the DC now its only a chance. They probably should have done this at least during the event but it would kill the market price so they wont.
  3. Would soul burn be dead

    I refuse to give up on my WL just cause the warden is here. I dont mind doing TD but at the same time i feel useless cause my SB is no longer wanted. I have heard rumors that the WL will get a rework and will be more appealing again. Im just going to wait and see what happens. Also i have noticed on my FM that her dps is higher with a WL blackwings than a warden sf with blackwings -shrugs-
  4. just bought nc coins and did not recieve them

    not necessarily true almost every time I've used my card more than once and had to wait 24+ hours every time. I've even had to wait with pay pal sometimes too for some odd reason. Now I just buy the digital ncoin cards from amazon and apply the code and bam its insta. Plus actually the taxes applied are a little less through amazon than through ncsoft. Not sure why.
  5. pets and alt characters not played

    Ive actually been considering going back to GW2.
  6. Today's FM

    FM is not as good as it once was but...i play my FM cause i enjoy the class. I dont need to be highest DPS to be happy. I just need to know my class, play my class the way it works for me and enjoy it knowing i am supporting my static or clan just fine. I burst nearly 600k sometimes more and I do nearly 300k DPS without any buffs like BB or SB. With those i usually am consistently around 400-500k at the end of a fight.
  7. pets and alt characters not played

    so no one has any thoughts on this?
  8. Lyn Warden... '-'

    Child Abuse? Now thats a first. So many assumptions in your post, you seem to be very close minded. Your assuming that because gamers like cute adorable characters in a game that surely they are younger than you (under 25) oh how wrong you are. Then your assuming because someone plays lyn-like races im assuming elins included in tera are child abusers. LoL i would love for you to share why its child abuse because I play a lyn and played elin in tera. I am guessing you seem to know all the reasons why someone plays a particular race. Then there is your statement this game is about fetishes due to races. I should mention fetish has nothing to do with a race but more with the outfits. (fetish-a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body). just to clarify... I dont plan on arguing about this though because im sure it would be a im right your wrong scenario, so it is what it is, rather lets just get back on track what this thread is truly about. should lyns get another class that was not originally intended for them. I did find this statement amusing. Maybe we should see if NCsoft can add water as an element
  9. Lyn Warden... '-'

    Thank you thank you thank you. Someone finally recognizes that girls do play these games. Lol and i love adorable stuff hence why my characters all mostly lyns except my sf but i even got her to looking adorable. the guys i play with in my static say she qualifies as an honorary lyn . I play adorable cute lyns because they represent who i am and my personality and have the cutest outfits. I know a few guys that love and adore cute stuff just as much as us girls but then again i know some guys that just love to make female characters with the biggest jiggly chests but cant say nothing bad about that for boys will be boys. sowwy was off topic abit there...back to your regularly scheduled discussion and raging against lyns becoming wardens >^..^<
  10. Lyn Warden... '-'

    are you sure this video is not a mod? I have heard of mods for the game to make a certain race look like another race like jin or gon made to look like lyns. -shrugs- ionno. Also i really hate the argument that gets brought up that elin in tera and lyn in BnS are nothing but kids or five year olds. Must that be brought up when having an intellectual conversation about things in a game. I do agree with this yun needs to have their own specific class, its not fair to them. At the end of the day I doubt they will release lyn warden. Plus lyns already have enough classes but that being said, I have heard that archer will eventually be a class in this game and that lyns will probably be a race that gets archer class. Then again thats all hear say from the internet and not everything can be believed.
  11. I wish they would have a setup for pets the way the do with outfits. Where you buy the stamps and mail the outfits using the stamps across your characters. The reason i bring this up is i have a BM i was going to play but decided after she was shelved for some time collecting dust, that i want to delete her. I have a shiba pet on her that i wish i could move to my WL to use it for the awakened shiba. While i know I want to delete her, hesitation has set in on deleting her. I got any outfits tradable with stamps moved off her but i just know if i decide to delete her and clear up a slot that they will come up with something making these pets tradable. Granted it gives me an extra trove to use for mats but i still dont want to play her and having that shiba on her is a waste when i can use it for the awakened shiba on my WL. -shrugs- it is what it is. For now i will continue to use my BM for overflow account bound mats storage and i know on future characters not to get a pet for them till i know for sure i will be playing them.
  12. Forum Hiccup or what?

    ok thats totally wierd but i think i have the issues resolved. thank you skystorm
  13. Free Items Bundle

    i keep getting error on this. Tried thre different browsers
  14. actually no, my character, my game im pretty sure i know what i need and dont need. After over two years of playing this game im pretty sure i know how to play and what i need for myself. -shrugs- no use arguing with someone who seems to know whats best for everyone else. have a great day. Also i took a two week break from the game so my apologies for a late response on an oldish thread.
  15. i dont need the stuff from the current event to upgrade my heart on my main lol its already almost maxed and thank you very much i am quiet happy with my swimsuit on my sf.