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  1. New hair/tail/ear

    would still like to see lyn destroyer lol smallest lyn with an oversized axe but still lyn with guns sounds dangerous enough :P
  2. New hair/tail/ear

    Lyn gunners?
  3. Suggestion : Make daily Challenge for lvl 50+

    isnt stopping me from max leveling my alts. I now have my main and 6 alts at 55 with 3 more to go -coughs- easy does it some of us have alts because in my case i need a change every so often besides myself i know others who have alts with plenty of ap/dps to do Daily Challenge and BT and so on. I have my main and two alts that can do all that. And before you run off accusing me of being a whale, all my ap and gear is done with no cash. Its important that they know how to do mechs as long as they can produce enough dps and not die and do what they are supposed to do on their alts then i see nothing wrong with it.
  4. Marriage System

    ive never ever seen a marriage system with shared vault not in pwi when i played nor in ffxiv. That would just cause too many problems. lol im gonna divorce you -swipes everything of value in the vault-
  5. Daily login reward broken compensation

    As a premium payer i can understand where your coming from but we didnt have the login rewards before and everything else is the same as usual so i dont see how we lost anything. Yes it was promised but some technical glitch happen to keep it from happening in its first week but will be here the following week hopefully. If we get any compensation it would be for a broken promise and go to everyone whether they pay premium or not because they didnt get their login rewards either. I honestly am not expecting or hoping we get something for this small delay. It would be nice yes but if we dont, i wont feel as if i lost anything because i still got everything else that i got the week before still. I must clarify i understand this is just my opinion among many others and i am not saying people dont have the right to be upset but really we didnt lose anything that we had the previous week.
  6. [Suggestion]Inactive Account Name Wipes

    actually you can do that with an MMO if they make it that way. It depends on the set up of the MMO like Tera Online when i was playing you could have Dolly on one server and someone else could have it on another server. However it is possible that has changed since i havent played in a while. This wouldnt necessarily work with BnS tho because of the way they have the xserver set up. I am ok if they decide to do something like this yearly however give us notification. Tera Online does the same thing. Well they dont wipe the character they take that inactive name and add like a 1 on the end of it thus leaving the unique name without number free to be used by someone else who wishes.
  7. Lost Continent Reward

    if your talking about the pack that includes a voucher then yes if you didnt register by the 1st of December then you would not be getting it at all.
  8. Incomplete Lost Continent Explorer's Pack

    actually that is how a level 50 voucher works. If you bought one it would be the same way, you would get those things for the 50 character you created. They just did a courtesy listing the items that are included with the level 50 voucher. A lot of stuff is account bound if you wanted it for your other characters and gold can easily be mailed too.
  9. Xanos Hands patch 55 rewards

    in short its mostly cause of my alts. i like to run purple dungeons for gold so i can save up for leg accessories on my FM. I run Daily challenge and purple dungeons on three characters all over 900AP...well as of today, so that my FM can have gold. That and trying to get more mats right now for raven or dawn forge. Doesnt help when a person fails at prem trans stones, there goes more mats down the drain. I have worst rng in this game. I dont have the luxury of buying ncoin very much to sell for gold nor will i ever take a chance to get gold on a third party site. So I am pretty much grinding for everything i make in game. Im sure lol if i had unlimited access to real life dollars i would whale the heck out of my FM :P That being said i am focusing on my FM for upgrades right now and not the two alts, just needed the alts ok enough to push through most of the purple dungeons for the gold. Also my clan was short on warlocks for bt so i took focus off my FM temporarily and put some focus getting my warlock good enough for bt runs in the clan if it was needed.
  10. Xanos Hands patch 55 rewards

    Please dont this will just make players start being picky about a players weapons. Its bad enough I couldnt run high teir dungeons cause of picky people till i found the clan im in. I have stage 12 baleful and 955 AP and produce 60-90k damage and do just fine in NS on my HM 11 FM. I have stage 9 baleful and 914 AP and produce 36-45k damage on my HM 9 WL but everyone loves SB so i have that going for me. I have stage 6 baleful and 881 AP on my Hm10 summoner and do 36-40k damage on her in NS and i dont ever die. Knowing the mechanics is key in NS even with 850 AP, as long as you know what your doing in NS then there should be no problems. The problem i have with NS and pugging is getting party members that have under 800 AP. Now i dont scream at people for their AP ever but people should have enough common sense to know that their AP is too low for a particular dungeon. I wont even run irontech or Ebondrake lair until i know i have 1k ap but i also understand that my damage would be bad for those two. Maybe my FM would be fine for at least Irontech Forge, i dunno, but i dont feel like pushing my luck that some elitist is gonna yell at me and ruin the game for me. When my clan decides to have a go at it, im sure i will be one of the first to jump on board. I never pug if i feel my AP is too low or i have not fully learned and comprehended the mechs yet in a dungeon because people are a bunch of meanie heads most times.
  11. Showroom/wardrobe

    oh i couldnt agree more with this statement. I do agree tho it is good for those who dont pay premium but buy outfits to have free access to the wardrobe. This is long over due and probably still a few months down the road before it happens.
  12. HM levels reset ?

    Yeah when they raised the level cap from 45 to 50 it was the same way HM level still shows next to your level but wont start gaining exp again till you hit 55. I do agree though HM experienced needed past 10 to make it to next levels is a bit insane but what can you do. You either stop playing or you continue playing and push on with the way it is. Lol i doubt i will ever hit HM20 on my main, i love playing my alts as well so i dont dedicate my Main like someone with only one character. I am happy with HM11 almost 12. Just cause i dont hit 20 doesnt mean i cant do other things to increase my AP so i can enjoy things like other higher HM levels
  13. Showroom/wardrobe

    ok so the above seems interesting but the wardrobe has been one of their better selling points of premium as far as im concerned along with bank access anywhere in game once you reach a certain point. I ve never been so big on the premium spots on the boared cause i spin right past them most times anyway, that or i land on the prem spots and all i get is a complete round the board or advance to start hence why i have so many stupid silky hairs i will never use lol rng sucks for me in this game. Anyway thats not the point of this post. If they start making things like wardrobe accessible to even the free players then what is the point of getting premium anymore. Sure ok i get a little more gold and i get a little more experience and a few other not so great perks but honestly those were never selling points for me. Anywhere Bank access, wardrobe access were really the main sell points for me. What im wondering i guess is if they do make showroom/wardrobe accessible to everyone, then what will they replace it with for the premium payers? I dont consider myself a pay to win or a whale because all i can afford in this game is the monthly premium and if i want ncoin i have to skip paying premium for that month. I have watched premium subscription perks go down hill in other games. That happened in Tera online when i was playing and i just stopped paying cause i saw no more point in keeping it.
  14. Lost Continent Explorer’s Pack

  15. Can't buy premium service

    im having this same exact issue today O.o and yes i put in a ticket