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  1. -sigh- Not sure why it feels like your arguing with me about what i said. I understand what your saying and where you come from cause i do feel the same but your not understanding what im trying to say. I love the ideas you guys have here. Im just saying they wont make souls and pet auras account bound, it would hurt the revenue that they get from whales and well quite frankly its annoying but i as a player have to accept reality somethings just wont be. I never said lets keep things only character bound i was giving a realistic explanation as to why it will not happen. Do i like it, no i dont, but i have to accept it. I consider myself lukcy that i can mail my gems to my other characters and at the prices they charge. At one point it was an arm and a leg just to mail gems between alts almost not even worth it, when they were doing that. If you cant understand what im trying to say then i am very sorry but i cant keep trying to reword it so you will follow that im speaking from a reality viewpoint and not think im against you. I Will jump up and down with joy and squeal happily should they ever make souls and pet auras account bound but im not going to hold my breath.
  2. Will Square Obsidians be bound to Account?

    well once you get it up to a pent which will be fairly easy, it becomes account bound. Ionno thats just the way my head is thinking about it.
  3. i know were talking about purple ones but im talking about making souls and pet auras account bound in general. Im saying i like that idea but that its not something that will happen. sorry i did not clarify the below. Once you make them account bound no matter their level, as i said and i quote "If they make souls and pet auras account bound there will be no more reason for them to sell those sealing charm thingies that allow people to sell the true soul and now soon to be pet auras in the market because people will be mailing them between characters and no longer need more than one." does what i say make sense now? For example: IF souls and and pet auras are account bound i will have no need to worry about them on my other characters i play cause i will be mailing them to my alts instead of trying to buy or upgrade new ones for my characters just like i do my gems.
  4. OMG

    i was thinking the very same thing. The last few changes upset a lot of people and it feels ncsoft did catch on to this. They are even returning gold to the Daily Challenge chest. It is nice finally some changes that will make people happy but i am sure someone will find something to complain about. Will have to wait and see. I am only concerned about the reduction in weekly mats for weekly rewards since i do a lot of crafting but i can live with it since they made all these other changes back in our favor.
  5. lol i love this idea but alas there are reasons they probably wont do it. If they make souls and pet auras account bound there will be no more reason for them to sell those sealing charm thingies that allow people to sell the true soul and now soon to be pet auras in the market because people will be mailing them between characters and no longer need more than one.
  6. Divine Grace Stones shortage

    I like the idea your suggesting but i feel they should make them account bound XD i got like 15 across alts i will never use them on so they just sit there taking up space but i wont get rid of them. Hoping that one day they will do this but alas i know it wont happen but nothing wrong with having a dream. It is what it is
  7. Trove

    trove is hit and miss for everyone no matter the amount of money you put into it. I have done every trove since BnS came out NA over two years ago. Its not a whole lot since im on disability and limited financially. Usually i open all the expansion on my main and then buy 100 keys with ncoin. If i get any more keys its with hm coin that i had saved up. Sometimes i get lucky with trove while other times i have gotten nothing. This current trove i had some money to spare and was able to get 200 with ncoin and probably another 300 with hm coin alone. Plus i was prepared for it having saved a ton of gold before hand. I made out good this time for my main so much that i am considering the next trove I will open the expansions on my secondary main that i play just as much as my main so she has the same opportunity my main got from this trove. However i know that its a risk and i can do the same exact thing for her next trove and get nothing out of it. It is what it is but once you buy those keys and come a way empty handed you cannot complain about it. It was a risk you chose to take.
  8. More Race Diversity For Some Classes

    True but as always i feel it would be amusing to make a lyn destroyer It would be very entertaining to have a tiny lyn wielding a hugh battle axe and just imagine the animation with that. Of course its already been done in Tera online XD i used to have a Elin Beserker that also wielded a large battle axe and i found it very amusing. Just imagine a lyn spinning with her battle axe three times larger than her or going in for an attack and pole vaulting on to the other side of the boss when the attack is finished. ok ok maybe not entertaining for others but i would find it entertaining to play a lyn destro.
  9. Can Garnet give AP instead of Boss AP?

    ya this is a good idea. There is that also annoying issue of accessories like the bt earring and ring causing the same problem with its much lower ap than the other accessorries such as pinnacle items. I used to keep pinnacle stuff in my inventory and wear them for f8 just to meet AP requirements then switch back to my bt element accessories once inside the dungeon. Since were on the subject of garnet though. I have steered away from that particular gem because i get so much mixed information of whether or not they are any good to bother having. Some people told me the garnet is useless if its not the same tier as the rest of your gems. I guess im curious is that 20 boss AP really any better than having a normal gem with regular 20 AP? Is the extra crit stat what makes it appealing to players? Just curious
  10. LMAO so just to clarify the following you started out with was advice then correct and i quote: That seems like some legit advice (insert sarcasm) Also I was not complaining i was speaking out in support of the others here. Having low geared alts and high geared characters i am able to see both sides of the line to know this event affected new player base and maybe others negatively. The stream was misleading and that should have never happened. It got peoples hopes up high only to crash and burn them. The choices ncsoft have made recently have clearly made a path for this game to only be pay to win if your not already established. Nothing here about my life story, my dog died, my parents disowned me...nope just information on HOW i make the game work for ME. Granted it may not work for new players now because well its not worth it any more to make a bunch of alts to support your Main. I just consider myself lucky that i am an established player. Also telling me i should not play the game is not advice Bless you and take care
  11. LOL Perhaps you should take the time to read posts instead of just commenting on them then. All im going to say is i make transformation stones to make oils to sell for gold and the gold is how ive managed to get my gear upgraded XD petpods, pts, empyrean stones unless i make them, jewels and elements and sometimes i use the oils i make to upgrade my soul more too. That stuff just doesnt magically appear in my inventory. Anyway with respect to the moderators post that is all i am going to say. I am just bite my tongue and shut my mouth. This way i dont say anything that gets me banned. Have a great day Thank you for letting me know i have been doing this all wrong for over two years even though it has been working for me
  12. This makes no sense for me. Because Im f2p, it is my alts that have managed to support my Main FM and somewhat my summoner. My Main would not be where it is today if it werent for multi character daily challenge runs. If i was pay to win i would only need one character cause i could pay to level and progress her. The recent changes in the game have stopped my daily challenge runs on multiple characters. Im not going to waste my time doing Daily challenge on all my alts if im gonna get nothing out of it. Now that being said It has not stopped me from making gold for my Main on my alts. I run 8 weeklies for crarfting mats. With those i make plenty of gold by crafting transformation stones like 90ish a week and convert those into oils from the evolved stones i buy or farm. Each of these make 300g - 360g depending on if they drop or raise in price in the market. Do the math and tell me from 9 oils how much gold im making. Now combine that with high end dungeons, weeklies and doing BT on multiple characters and the gold they make. I do vt on my main, i do bt on four characters, i do weeklies on 8 characters. So dont tell me i only need one character. If i wasnt on disability and had the money to splurge i wouldnt need to spend that time on multiple characters. I could just swipe my way to whale status. Now let me clarify, i am not totally f2p but might as well be. I do get premium every month and sometimes i invest some for PTS when they are in store unless i have the HM coin but not a whole lot. Any other money i put into the game goes towards fashion if i like it well enough. Although lately its been bleh to me what they put in the store. My expectations are not to high, i personally would rather this game be what it was over a year ago than what it is now. Gold Exchange rates are stupid low now vs then when they were on avarage 1:10, market prices are stupid high on stuff too now. The only dungeons you can make decent gold are dungeons that are requiring 1.1 or 1.2k AP anything NS and lower dont make any of the new players much gold. At least i have the 1.1 and 1.2k thing going for my Main and summoner both. As for 8 weeklies, i manage to get those done cause im in a very lovely clan, belong to a static group and have friends in another clan that makes weekly runs every sunday for those with alts. Still if things were like they were over a year i wouldnt have to play this game like it was a job. I feel sorry for new players coming into this game. Note: Because of gold nerfs in dungeons it is my ultimate goal to have four characters that can run highend dungeons. So far my FM and my Summoner both have no issues with it and while i can run them on my WL and gunner both cause i know the mechanics and stuff, their 1080 AP and 1050 AP make it difficult to find a pug group. Of those four one is HM 11 bale 12, one is HM11 raven 1, my summoner is HM 12 raven 3 and my main is HM 14 Aransu 3. Thankfully my saved hm coins and the little 25 dollars i dumped into this trove along with ALL the gold i made from crafting due to ALTS being able to run weeklies, it helped with my Aransu otherwise i would still be raven 9 on my main. I also want to clarify i ENJOY playing this game, I ENJOY all four of those classes too. Also im not getting BORED playing only one class. EDITED: due to moderators below post
  13. LOL highly doubtful. As for being too kind and forgiving i guess im just holding on to a thread giving them the benefit of the doubt. I watched my favorite game tera spiral out of control and both BHS and Enmasse i feel let me down. Now im watching the same thing happen here. BnS, like Tera online was, is my favorite game to play has been since the day they were released in NA. However that being said, i am watching BnS make choices that hurt now and i dont like where this is leading for the player base. I guess if people have lots of money and cards to swipe it wont affect them.
  14. Normal weapon skin and outfit...

    OP is only level 34. they wont be able to craft any of that untill i think level 50 and then it takes mats and gold that i dont think they can really get until they do dungeons which will be level 55. Those weapon skins can be purchased in the market but again until the OP is at a decent level they wont make much in the way of gold in the game.