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  1. When is the next trove?

    too soon at this point. Since we had winter one in December, i would say most likely in March maybe April. That being said, my guess leans more towards march for the spring trove, just because well next update is in march while we push through the valentines event right now.
  2. Useless Daily Dash Space

    nope not me i find my self always jumping over the premium spots rip me and my horrible rng
  3. when is Verdant Nightstone gonna be account bound

    ummm technically the nightstones were also a replacement currency for the lunar twilight flower which those were account bound. The day they made them exchangeable i had tons of them on an alt that i use as overflow storage and without thinking that they would be character bound i exchanged them, then i had almost 5k nightstones on a character that i was doing nothing with except for storage. I did a ticket and explaining but the attitude i got from support was oh well boohoo so sad so i basically got screwed. Not to mention ive been thinking about deleting the character i use for storage to open up a slot but now i cant until they make these things account bound.
  4. Fire Fm Fused Badge

    My Fm is full VT ss and A6 going on A9 and starting to learn TT. I have only one question. When i first did it most of the Fire FMs were using ancestral soul badge. I no longer see many using it. A lot of FMs equivalent to my gear is pushing 400-500k dps while im pushing 300-350k i can hit a lot higher with black wing and blue buff but it drops off really fast after. I dont believe it is ping related as my ping is normally 80-120 (i know not perfect ping but relatively decent) in bt and vt and actually less outside of the raid. Is there a specific fused badge that is better than the ancestral which i am using? There are other reasons i know i need to improve on my gear that will help my dps but i was wondering if changing the fused badge would help that as well. thank you for your responses
  5. update on housing and mount please

    lol why should i go by when the game came out in korea. Im going by when it was released NA and i started playing it. Of course its common knowledge that the game came out five years earlier and that it came out a year before Tera online. No, actually i meant three years later SINCE I STARTED next time i will be sure to clarify so you wont misunderstand what i meant.
  6. update on housing and mount please

    three years later and no mounts, i highly doubt they will put mounts in this game although it is doable. I think that is why they let us upgrade our length of time we can sprint.
  7. Wheres the second jackpot?

    still no jackpot and it is the 26th
  8. No daily dash after maintenance?

    no daily dash and cant purchase the second joy to the realm jackpot either
  9. no reason players kick my FM

    I have gotten use to this in the three years i have been playing. I have learned when new higher tier dungeons come out, dont even attempt to run them in F8 until i have A. watched a video, B. ran it a few times with FRIENDS or Clan mates being sure i have mechs down cause i am slower at picking up mechs and C. have the AP people are requesting for such and such dungeon; Even though AP is not all that any more. There are other more important factors such as gear and elemental damage. I am 1.3k+ AP right now with Aransu 6 and my badge but i still get kicked if i attempt something like shadowmoor because people are asking for 1.4k. The main thing is being established with a clan and having friends that are geared. My static group has a few higher geared than I am and they are more than willing to take me on learning runs and are very patient with me. This way I avoid the toxicity of F8. That being said 1.1k/first generation accessories, for sandstorm temple is a bit low, even my own friends would ask me to gear up better only making an exception if they were one short on completing a party. Key thing here clan and friends. I have learned this game is not a solo game. If thats how you prefer it then expect the toxicity in F8.
  10. Nebula stones and Evolving Weapons

    now if only everyone could be like you in responding to others. Its always refreshing to see your responses to others. kudos
  11. nope not possible "glamoured items are not tradable" is what i get -shrugs- was worth a try
  12. is that possible? I knew the auras were tradable at low levels, just didnt think it would be with the pet skin i will have to try that
  13. Ok so i know someone will bash this idea and i also know some people are unhappy about having to use pet packs to upgrade the pet alone to ultimate. Thats not what this is about for me. I get the having to use pet packs despite it being annoying. Nope my issue is why not make the pets tradable with your characters using something like the tickets we use for mailing outfits. I have a couple of characters i really wish to delete but the main thing stopping me is the pets i have for the auras. I know the moment i delete these characters NC-soft will come along and say "hey you can now trade your pets (not the auras) between your characters". This is the luck i have with this game. I dont think they will lose any money over this if anything they still will make money on pets and they could make even more money on the tickets to mail the pets to other characters and at the end of the day everyone is happy.
  14. honestly i like this idea. I forget occasionally but shrug it off. I have my son and many other things going on in real life so i tend to forget occassionally. I dont cry if i miss it. The Tower of memory does not give the stuff it use too and almost not worth it anymore. The better and more giving event this year is the one in celestial basin. As long as i get that one then i really dont care about if i get screwed on tower of memory. That being said though the tower of memory did use to have an NPC back in the day when it first came out if i remember correctly. I could be remembering wrongly though. At the end of the day it is what it is.