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  1. HI, I can't complete the quest as at the door mentioned in the screenshot, character get stuck and can't move forward inside the gate. Pressing the W-click character just come back to the gate right after going inside one step. screenshot link
  2. Agreed. If you want to fix a problem, acknowledge it first in public and discuss solutions. People need to talk about it.
  3. Nope. Kicking from party IS kind of promoting toxic behaviour and many already abuse, like somebody said before. If the game need to enforce a minimum gear system it should update the existing one like in F8 had before.
  4. And the support replies: This is by design. Prem stone is supposed to be end game gear tier stuff. So it is intended.
  5. The problem is it's not attracting any new players. The earning always directly relevant with the number of users. But there has been steady decline in playerbase over the time. Also the game has become too much p2w and many players quitting because of it anyways.
  6. I have been in raid that scammed people too. Normal bid in raid would make scamming less. I already posted this suggestion before too. But they don't do anything about it. You know the typical ncsoft thingy. I don't think it should be that difficult to implement in programming perspective. Trust me "ncsoft support thinks" they have an automated looting system in raid that works. LOL
  7. Also timing of clan battle ground is so late.
  8. Title says it. Make the the party settings of raid in such a way that automatic bidding also works for multiple party. Why: It removes dependency on master looter settings and the raid leader. In a older raid people won't have to get headeche on distributing loot. In a newer raids, if you are joining random party you will have lesser chances to get scammed while raid leader take the loot and don't share. I recently got scammed and after reporting with screenshot. This is the reply I got from ncsoft.
  9. Nah I noticed your comment, the word comes back with all your sentences "excuse". You "think" other people are not as superior as you and they are just giving excuse for everything they have to say. You used that word twice in this thread itself and there are some other instances in other post you use the same. While you don't realize it's very common to miss a line of text for some reason for a player, may not necessarily be an excuse for something. And You don't acknowledge for the ncsoft side while they have the room for improvement to avoid common mistakes of players like this. Because oth
  10. This can't be any more correct. They need to feel their "superiority".
  11. Well it's true that major chunk of gold earning shifted to purely to people who already have enough gold for high end gear. While low gear f2p still struggle to get enough gold. And yes it shouldn't be merchandised. Dungeon selling is kind of mentality of the community here and ncsoft is supporting the process indirectly by giving them this options.
  12. Apparently you find everything to be excuse with your superior brain. Is that the only excuse of logic you can make?
  13. Exactly the game is getting customized to spoon-feed things to whales in certain way. But rarely thinking of caring for new f2p players.
  14. Lol. That was lot of pointless sentence. It's not a "that" difficult game people can play for one month and learn almost everything. The point is a new player can farm as much as they want for a month but they won't go anywhere without someone carrying him to new dungeons everyday for gold. Or he is spending money on the game to gear. Learning game is actually not that difficult part but point is getting required gear set by the community for certain dungeons and raid. And Raid is for hardcore player?, you make it sound like elitist talking ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. Raid is for everyone, the learning carve is
  15. Yeah, I think they can make like 1 pet pack cost to change the pet aura at awaken stage something like burst and sustain soul.
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