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  1. Since we get the Gilded Square Garnet-Obsidian on next weeks patch, will the Gilded Triangular Garnet-Obsidian be salvageable to obtain each triangular gem, since currently they arent salvagable. If we cant salvage them we could basically throw them away if we would wanna upgrade to the square version.
  2. Shackled Isles Psyches

    Are there any plans to make the Shackled Isles psyches accessible any other way besides 150x Shackled Isles Coin, since the mode is not able to be played any more yet some players who played it a lot have those psyches which are together almost 800 piercing. It would be nice to either get similar psyches or at least a different way to purchase/farm them. @Cyan
  3. Storm of Arrows Patch Notes & Overview

    IMPORTANT: If you refine an Awakened Radiance Stone with another Superior or Heroic Radiance Stone, there is only a chance to obtain either an Awakened Radiance Stone OR a Legendary Radiance Stone. Even though the UI says it is a 100% chance to obtain a Legendary, because Awakened Stones are also Legendary, it is actually a chance to obtain either. If you refine an Awakened Radiance Stone with another Legendary Radiance Stone, then it is a 100% chance of obtaining an Awakened Radiance Stone back. both option include already having an awakened unity stone and not making one
  4. Storm of Arrows Patch Notes & Overview

    @Cyan hey, the patchnotes are mentioning that you can gain the awakend unity stones from: *trove *Scarlet Conservatory *merchant of wonders Yet is there any other way to obtain them? We are aware that Korea could transmute 2x legendary unity stones in the transmute menu with mats to obtain an awakend stone. Are we not getting this option, what are we gonna do we our current legendary unity stones since according to the patchnotes we cant refine an awakend unity stone either.
  5. @Youmukon For the outfit Achievments concerning the Dreamsong Theatre, there are 2 know achievments so far, one for the full outfit set of the HM dungeon and the full set of the CM that is currently purchasable with CM tokens only. Yet that CM outfit achievment provides 100 mystic which is huge and every player that never did DST CM in the past will never get those 100 mystic in the future, which gives them a permanent advantage. So the question is, will we be able to purchase this CM outfit aka "Custom Dreamcatcher" + "Custom Dreamcatcher Adornment" + "Custom Dreamcatcher Mask" a different way after the patch on 13th march?
  6. How much will a Hexa Gem cost in Dragon Express, im not talking about the solar engery, but how much Gem Powder it will cost, cause 1x Hexa gem currently costs 4 powder.