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  1. To all those who are asking for screenshots: Spending $1500 in 2 months is nothing unusual. This target group (people like OP) is called the category "big whales" in the MMO monetarization. They usually are young, male, good educated (university degree, master or above), single and the MMO is their primary hobby. Keep in mind that a fresh master graduate starts with at least €3000 per month (gross). Living alone, not supporting a family, you can easily spend $750 a month. Even if OP didnt spend it exactly on this costume only, he represents a small minority that steers (nearly) the whole
  2. Sorry, verstehe ich irgendwie nicht. Was ich beschrieben habe, ist ein Notfallplan. Was passiert denn bei Euch, wenn ein Notfall eintritt? Geht dann die Firma pleite, weil die claims (Vertragsstrafen) locker mal die Einlagen wegfressen? Genau dafür haben wir ja z.B. die Qualitätsabteilung, die z.B. durch Mitarbeiterrotation sicher stellt, dass Arbeiter von Anlage X auch im Notfall Anlage Y in einem ganz anderen Prozess bedienen kann. In der IT wird es ja auch unterschiedliche (Produktions-)Bereiche geben, die einem Supervisor/Bereichsleiter unterstellt sind. Und dessen Aufgabe ist neben der Ma
  3. Okay, let's take your numbers. 2 characters, less than 4h per day. 1k gold overall, makes 500g per character. Given your 20g per day, you have to play 25 consecutive days, both characters, doing dailies only. The game has been launched on ..19th Jan, so it's out like ..8 weeks (=56 days). Even if you played since launch and leveled super-fast, your major/whole game experience is: farming. And exactly this is my point. Of course 1k gold legal farming is impressive. But buying my way in to 1k gold is still far easier than the amount of work you put in. And this is where
  4. Every MMO I know has a kick feature. So you're saying that BnS is the first MMO that has the ultimate solution to this problem? And no other MMO dev every had this idea or tested it? I dont know how many other MMOs you've played but where I come from, the other group really must be offended by a single player to corcondantly kick. And what's that with your theoretical 5 guild members-1 pug? I believe you know yourself how low the possibility is on that scenario, they either run it with full 6, with 4 or even do it 5 only. But planning on running 5 and kicking the pug is very, very
  5. Ich arbeite in der Industrie und wenn wir ein wirklich gravierendes Problem haben, dann befiehlt die Geschäftsleitung tatsächlich, dass bis zum letzten Mann und Maus jeder an diesem Problem arbeitet. Das Thema bekommt Priorität 1 und vom Wareneingang über Logistik, Qualität, Labor, Produktion, Einkauf, Verkauf, tech. Abteilung und Forschungsabteilung bis hin zu den unterstützenden Abteilungen wie facility management oder Instandhaltung arbeitet wirklich jeder daran. Und dann läuft das auch wie geschmiert, da ich dann nur einmal sagen muss, dass ich z.B. sofort 2 Wartungstechniker für das Prior
  6. I have to correct this. In the short run, cheap SS/tears/whatever is nice. In the long run, we players are shifting gold from active players to gold sellers. Now the gold sellers have more moneypower and are able to change their offers, regarding their turnover and profit numbers. This means, that they can lower their gold prices as they have a stable gold income/source (sorry, I'm not good in explaning macroeconomics as I only heard a couple of semesters in university). I'll try giving a simplified example: One server. Playerbase has 20.000 gold. All gold sellers have 20.000
  7. Here's the explanation how MMOs work: Making ingame gold is always connected to farming time and to real life money. You can make 20g per day? No problem, but you have to invest like 4h. People can do this for 1-2 weeks, then it gets boring. And here's the cash influence: any odd job you get (e.g. work at McDonalds or whatever) yields e.g. 8€/h. If e.g. gold seller offer 1g for 0.6€ (dunno exact ratio), you could choose: work 1.5h at McDonalds and buy gold or farm 4h boring dailies. This is just an example, keep in mind that usually employed people earn in average more than the McDo
  8. As others already torn the other points apart, I'll take what's left. If you've played since launch, you would've experienced it other. For the first ~4 weeks, you couldnt play BnS straight 3 days. We had 2 regular maintenances a week, a horrible emergency maintenance handling ("The server will shut down in 5 min"). Even now, the EU marketplace outsourced to NA servers is not working properly. Coming to the point that part of the EU servers (login, marketplace and "other components" = arena?) are outsourced to NA servers. This is why maintenance have to be simultaneously for NA and
  9. Unfortunately there's nearly zero chance to get a kick funtion. As you stated, we already have a kick function for offline. So NCsoft surely thought about kicking online players - which means the system right now is fully intended. Given that the game is already 3-4 years old and all SEA players have been asking the same for years, NCsoft surely wont listen to some unimportant NA and EU players ..
  10. There's one thing you can do: watch some really bad dubbed anime before playing ("Ayyy Emmm Seh-Lah-Mooon!"). You will now find the BnS voice acting quite acceptable.
  11. Balance ...? I dont understand how NCsoft works, but usually the balances are within their respective content patches. Why would NCsoft balance for lvl 50 but cap us at 45? It makes more sense to cap at 45 and keep the balance settings from lvl 45 content - basically the same content. I mean, no dev is making a new cap (e.g. lvl 60) and balances it for lvl 70. Usually cap and balance are matched. Whatever. ..
  12. Every ToS has a passage where it says you will be actioned by altering game files. Placing original files from another region into the installation of another region is technically altering game files. In Tera, you're allowed to do it. In BnS I'm quite sure they will ban you instantly. Or after announcing it on Weibo. Perhaps unban you 4-5 times only to ban you again. And I understand what you're looking for. Because I'm playing NA Tera with japanese voices.
  13. I think we just had a similar thread. Content updates are the trump cards of western publishers. They can be stored on the shelf and activated whenever needed. Just like a real trump card, you dont play it carelessly. So my guess still is that NCsoft wants to cover the actual issues at hand by throwing out new content. Because it usually is the other way round. The community has to beg for new content. Has to stress how bored they are of the old content. Has to tell how BiS geared they are.
  14. Probier mal in die Enstellungen für die UI zu gehen. Vielleicht ist die Aktionsleiste unter etwas anderes runter gerutscht oder ausserhalb des Bildschirms?
  15. Inside the house. Windwalk over the water and land on the veranda. Pass one region portal and use the dragon pulse.
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