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  1. It's a new game mode invented by NCsoft, called PvB (Players versus Bots). Your task is to do enough damage against 20 bots to get at least 2 essences.
  2. I do my bot report dailies. even if they don't yield soulstones. I believe the correct question is: Why cant NCsoft keep their house clean? Is it really my task to clean their game off bots? Am I not to expect a bot-free game like Tera? Upon returning to Tera I shall praise the publisher EME in chat the same amount of time I needed daily to report bots in BnS. People will think I'm crazy. But investing the same amount of time into reporting bots in BnS is normal?
  3. Who of you is able to distinguish a male from a female Lyn? Nono, you cant. Dont lie. It's a bit sad as MMOs usually put in small advantages, based on the race chosen (e.g. Dwarfes wont get dizzy from poison as it's the same effect as alcohol).
  4. In Tera you have the option to get a cape and then the weapon is hidden. And this is exactly the purpose; as healer, I want to keep my class hidden as long as possible (in PvP). My female Jin characters are a bit smaller and the dagger/razor looks like a sword on them. Plus having trained Gong-Fu myself (well, only 2 years) makes the KFM look weird. You dont wear some weird spiky bracelets; having no weapon is the very sense of it. I surely understand that the weapon upgrade has to be in place as well as people want a visual. But couldn't they made it a decent Shuko and
  5. People have, do and still will buy gold. Nothing you can do about it. Except that what Tera does. You can buy gold off the Tera cash shop indirectly. And this is what (apparently) kills the profit for gold sellers in Tera; you buy a cosmetic cash shop item and sell it for gold to another player. This doesn't drive the inflation (no gold is generated), is dynamic (ratio is not set by the publisher and e.g. changes for sell out events) and profits all players. Those who have a lot of time to farm and much gold but little real cash and those who have real cash and need gold.
  6. Wow, geht das hier arrogant zu. Ist ja schön, dass ihr alle in der Fraktion seid wo 20 Fraktionsspieler 2 anderen gegenüber stehen. Mit 20 Spielern eine Minderheit zu bashen ist ja auch schön leicht und dann kann man auch ganz einfach die Quests in den Misty Woods als "PvE" bezeichnen. Dass es auch Spieler gibt, die mit lvl 45 erst überhaupt soul stones brauchen und noch nicht mal das Hijukar upgrade haben, das ist natürlich hier in der Diskussion komplett entfallen. Macht ja eh zu viel Spaß, mit Siren einen Hujikar zu verprügeln, nicht? Wer das PvP nennt, sollte sich e
  7. It's a hint? NCsoft doesn't want you to play. Best thing is, support answered nearly instantly. They just sent out a generic "no". Your case hasn't even been checked properly. It takes like ... 2 min to check if the account is a bot account? Look at the weapon upgrade? (bots dont upgrade hongmoon) Look at the crafting? Look at the person, able to speak english?
  8. Back then in my old WoW classic times, RMT players got their accounts banned and ranted in the forums. However, it was random and they made quite often mistakes to reveal themselves. This time, a whole ban wave seemed to have grasped a lot of players. Looking back at my forum experience, I fear that NCsoft this time really hit collaterals.
  9. We should all keep in mind that BnS actually has a working kick-function. It only applies to offline members and is hidden somewhere behind 5 mouseclicks we (or: the majority of BnS players) even don't know exactly ourselves. Apparently doing a popup vote like in every other MMO was too easy. Seems like NCsoft wants to kill the game.
  10. I'm not going to argue with you guys. But take a close look at other media in your environment. For example, nearly no movie is translated into czech language. Why? Because it doesn't pay. The czech have to watch the original with subtitles (well, not too bad). Movies playing in spanish theaters are translated into spanish. And no, it's not a law thing. In germany, it is legally allowed to consum media in every language you like. It doesn't have to be translated into german language. For smaller movies, the same principles applies (e.g. independent movies without big companies like
  11. Here comes the ugly truth: Look at your countries' economy. This is the reason which drives publisher to translate a game or not. But you're not alone, regarding a region like the EU. Why does the game only get a JP and CN translation? SEA has also e.g. THA, VNM, IDN. It's just the same: buying power.
  12. Or worse: people go back to their old MMO and never touch BnS again. Here in the forums we are all BnS players. We don't want to play on ghost servers as people simply quit because of the poor server performance. But apparently NCsoft doesn't care.
  13. And here I wondered why BnS servers didn't crash for several days. Already felt weird. Thanks for bringing the old BnS-server-crash-feeling back.
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