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  1. No man. If you like the title and feeling good by playing it its not waste of time. Even if after time you will not like it u cannot erase the time in which you had fun. Actually playing bns is really individual imo. There are pros and cons like in every game. At the current state the game looks like these: - lottery pay to progress event - bots and hackers - the biggest servers are infected the most - gold spam - cross servers and arena server lag spikes and the pros: - very good pvp system - nice looking characters and world - alot of costumes
  2. Even the korean pros and former champions were sayin that the game is unbalanced and certain matchups ar in favour of specific class. But thats nothing wrong in this imo, the game is better balanced than any mmo i played. Anyways, did you saw any game with a true balance? i played alot of games and not only mmos and there were always matchups in favour of someone and this could be Starcraft, league of legends, Tera online etc. even in Counter Strike depends from map the place where you start give you favour over enemies.
  3. ToS is ToS. Its new game with not that much audience. So gold sellers and botters are less experienced, i guess lot of acc creating etc is not yet automatized as in bns. Remember that bns gold sellers and botters have experience from around 4 years.
  4. Any new information about this costume? im dying to get it for my gon female main character
  5. This is another response i recieved: Hello again,Thanks for the update.Regarding your concern, Game Support will be unable to disclose any information regarding on where this item drop. However, you can go to our Official Forum where our departments go to collect the various issues.https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forum/421-general-discussion/If you have any other concern. please let us know.Take Care, GM Marvin NCSOFT Support Team and this is question I asked: Alcor Apr 14, 08:46
  6. I made a ticket to support and recieved an answer: Hello,Thank you for contacting the Blade and Soul Support Team.The item that you are inquiring about, Enchanting Temptress Mask, is available in-game. However, we cannot disclose any further information regarding the item in question such as how to acquire them.If you have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again.Regards, GM Aluli NCSOFT Support Team So did any of you guys dropped this item so far, and it was from BSH6 or BSH24?
  7. My friend trying to drop of about a week now and didint dropped it too.
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