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  1. Temptation is already stampable isnt it? At least last time I looked it was. But I do agree some more event outfits (especially Best Friend) should be stampable.
  2. an old screenshot o: will get more once chi master is live.
  3. Idk why they even decided to go with this sandbox thing :/ liked it much better when you clicked a players name and it showed the 3D model of what they were wearing and such. Honestly I think they should just do away with it go back to the way it was before.
  4. If its released like other regions, and if we have lvl 45 (or 50 not sure) character we can get insta level 45 on chi master and be trained by Mushin o:
  5. Oh I know! Thats why it pisses me off so much. All the unnecessary changes to the story and for what? Did they think we wouldn't understand it? They claimed it was full of plotholes so their solution, make more plotholes!
  6. Best part of the story for me was the start of act 3. One moment we're in a bar living through that lyns memory then we magically wake up across the ocean somehow where Taywo is like "WAIT! I kno this person! do you recognize me?" then goes on to say "you must have hit your head pretty hard there stranger!"
  7. Just finished a little while ago, saving it for chi master *-*
  8. Well I just saw on Taiwan server you can buy it for 20 valor stones in Jadestone so its likely that we'll get it in a future patch.
  9. In game voice chat! but holy crap that HP xD
  10. man talk about frustrating....happened to me earlier on tw server fighting the plog boss near jadestone :/
  11. DPS. Block has a high CD and smaller window to counter than kfm. But like Marronero said, it can be specced to 3 seconds from 9. and the class has 2 forms of Q/E and SS. 9s CD on the Q/E's and 12s on SS, but SS CD can be reduced by 3 seconds on succesful counter with 1 if specced for it.
  12. Can try the TW version in the meantime, better optimization and has chi master o: although the ping can be an issue, I get 250-300 from NA but meh, my ping to NA servers spikes to 1k+ alot of times, mostly at final bosses too -.-, so playing with 250-300 is really np. Says alot about our servers tho especially since Im 6 fcking hours away from them lol
  13. Agreed D: I dont wanna be a potato.
  14. Didnt they say they wanted to be caught up to the other regions in time for the world championships? I do agree that they are kind of rushing out the content way too fast especially since rushed content = more bugs to deal with. Hell after playing on taiwan now for this short amount of time it really shows how badly optimized our version is x.x. Honestly dont know why they decided to wait so late to release the game, it's only making more work on them to get the content out faster and it sucks for us because we get a poorly optimized, bug riddled client. Dont get me wrong, I'm glad its final
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