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  1. Well I wasnt gonna post anymore but here it is lol. My Chi Master, Gin Badak \
  2. Its really out of hand. It sucks because I really enjoy warlock and geared it but now I dont even want to play it anymore due to how often the mobs reset. Its to the point now where Im not even gonna gear him anymore and just do dailies in silverfrost to save gold for Chi Master.
  3. Seems to be happening alot more since this update. Its happened countless times while I was questing, no root or double s, just attacked with RMB or V and the mob would turn and look at me.....then reset. I geared my warlock so much but this is way too annoying especially when a boss you're soloing is almost dead. Im thinking of just going for another class at this point.
  4. Not just mobs, but in pvp other classes can ignore C as well, like when its set to no auto target from outside circle, assassins can still hit you throwing knife or switch with you. Edit: Just found a post on BnS dojo about warlock mob resetting and this was clearly on other regions because it was back in 2015!! I wonder if their versions are fixed or not cuz if not lol bye bye warlock
  5. Also another bug to report, tested with my friends. When C is specced for no auto targeting outside the circle, assassins are still able to target and switch teleport me out of circle.
  6. This has happened to me a few times over the course of leveling and now when I tried F3 of Mushin Tower, Bomani keeps resetting making it impossible to clear -.-
  7. Was gonna make a Jin warlock, but decided to go lyn instead.
  8. I've been waiting for this outfit! :D
  9. 1st run thru 4man E fleet for Eyepatch, 139 friendship boxes (ty venture tokens) and 21 times killing Junghado! was worth it
  10. Those are adorable O: I also agree that lyn and gon are awesome xD I protect her like shes one of my own o:
  11. Dark Pirate King from Nightshade Harbor, the red version drops from 4/6man Bloodshade. and Its male only o:
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