Aeryn Blackrose

My opinion on the dungeon nerf sent straight to the staff. Everyone in the community should do the same because it affects us all and its wrong.

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I left kinda month ago... Wasn't with high hopes for the update, too. And Now I see, that I was unfortunately right. Things just got worse, the company bad decisions kept its stream and the worst part, a few pachyderms JUST KEEPING GIVING MONEY to be whipped by this corporation.
Thing is, the game is bad*. Don't get me wrong...  I enjoyed it, waited for it since 2011 to come to west, 2016 it made its debut, I spent money and a dem lot of time on it, Even upgraded my gear, building a $ 7,000 bucks high-end PC, hoping to enhance my experience. But, after SIX YEARS, all this bad unexplainable decisions made by the corporation and all that sea of money they made... they don't even care about updating their graphics, their net code nor -  AT THE VERY LEAST - optimizing the textures of game. Game IS bad. It still have a great combat system, maybe the best out there, hands down. But nothing more. Even this great combat system is useless behind the BG paywall. And the amount of time needed to gear up... oh my... A game should be about having fun or competition, not blindling grinding 10h a day for months to leveling high end gear. 

Sadly BnS became a bad joke. And even most sad, there are a lot of heavy wallets that can't see that, and will keep defending it put a whole ton of money in rng boxes.

It's about to become my greatest disappointment since quitting Diablo 3. 


I can make mine your words, op.


*it wasn't, but now it is

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