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  1. Awakening Shadow Warlock Rotation.

    Hello, With the upcoming patch and ability to re-roll, I was hoping to re-roll into a shadow warlock. I've checked out F11, the Talents seems to be: 1, 1, 2, 1, 1. Or is 3, 1, 2, 1, 1 preferred? (I've seen people suggesting '3, 1, 2, 1, 3' but have yet to see a single top F11 spec it that way before) I was hoping if you guys could help me out with the rotation for a max geared shadow warlock? My current rotation is: Sanctum (c) -> Quell (1) -> Soulburn (TAB) -> Defile (2) -> Umbral storm (v) -> Umbral imprison (3) -> Dragon Helix (4) -> Dimensional Salvo (RMB). I personally feel like the opener is a tad long and is wasting my BW a bit too much, was wondering if you guys could help me out with the rotation. Thanks a tonne.
  2. Give a gift, get a gift event

    Same, I have yet to receive mine either. (Will update if I do receive it)
  3. Angler's Pouches.

    I was wondering, why is the Angler's pouches different from what was originally released on the website? Website: In-game: In game, it is a chance of: Soulstone Crystal - 17-28. Sacred Crystal - 17-28. Moonstone Crystal - 4-7. Elysian Crystal - 4-7. On the website, it's a 100% chance of one of four: Soulstone Crystal - 17-28. Sacred Crystal - 17-28. Moonstone Crystal - 4-7. Elysian Crystal - 4-7. AND a chance of one of four: Soulstone Crystal - 57. Sacred Crystal - 57. Moonstone Crystal - 15. Elysian Crystal - 15. Was this intended? Or was it a mistake? Was there some form of "miscommunication"?
  4. Weapon "reductions"

    Sadly.. ninja nerfs and changes have been a part of NCsoft's playbook since ages ago. It's nothing new and those countless ninja nerfs/changes have caught just as many players off-guard. Each patch is filled with changes, nerfs and on the rare occasion buffs that is not announced/notified to the general player base. It's again, normal sadly.
  5. Faded accessories.

    A while back faded accessories were introduced to the game (in BT earring & ring form as well as VT necklace). It just occurred to me, I have not seen those in trove, vendors or dungeons drops for quite some time now. Was it taken out? I don't recall an announcement being made about it. I mean, I know we have sealed materials and such now, but just curious as to when it was removed, that's all.
  6. User interface & chat settings.

    I'm not sure if this is just an issue on my side of the game of it's a bug in general, but after logging out from changing either or both of my UI placements and chat settings, they never seem to "stick". They always go back to the way I had it pre-Empyrean Shadows patch. I was wondering if this is bug or if there's something I can do that allows me to save these certain settings?
  7. Hello, I was wondering if you guys can help me out, at around 250-300ms, which class is more ping friendly at that range, in your opinion; Fire gunslinger or Earth Summoner, at max gear? I've been debating on whether or not I should re-roll my classes as it seems like I have now reached the point where I'm unable to hit/meet the requirements of ET raids due to ping. Thank you.
  8. Awakening Shadow Warlock Rotation.

    Ahh, I see I see, it all makes sense :) Thank you greatly for helping me out and taking the time to respond!!
  9. selling/buying raid accesories

    Buying and selling: Entrance fee = a set amount of gold that you pay before the starts. As for the buying run itself, once you've discussed a price and time for the raid/item you want to buy, you run with them and if the item drops, you trade the guy the gold and he'll give you the item, if the item doesn't drop, you hold onto your gold and..well.. pray for better luck next run. Some sellers/buyers will run it with you every week until you get your item, however some don't so be sure to ask about that. Some sellers/buyers may be opened to you doing/helping out in the raid or might just want to die in the raid, ask them what they prefer. Some sellers/buyers will also want to pilot your account/character, which means giving them your details, and then running it with you. Whether you want them to pilot for you is up to you and is at your own risk. Luckily, BnS is a fairly mature game and has a mature community, so ppl actually stealing your account is uncommmon but not unheard of. Letting them pilot your account/character will often be cheaper than a non-pilot run.
  10. Sweet Emotion.

    Hello. Are there any plans on bringing back the Sweet Emotion outfit Bundle to F10 during this year's Valentine's event/season/time period? I've been wanting to purchase it since I missed out on it last Blade and Soulmate event.
  11. 3rd Anniversary Festival: Events

    So with the Grand Celestial Soul shields being available via MSP without achievements, are there any plans on reducing/removing the achievement requirements for it on via the Dragon Express (if not, reducing it by a few stages)? Similar to the recent BT, VT, etc. achievement requirement being lowered a stage.
  12. Just wondering if anyone else notices the missing hats from the Festive and Joyous Tiding bundles/outfits on F10? In the 2018 Holiday Store Update post, the pictures depict their respective hats being included in the bundle...
  13. Festive and Joyous Tidings.

    They are in the shops though... F10...
  14. Warlock Guide

    Hello. For soul badges, you'd ideally want to go either Magnum or Alluvion (most go Alluvion first), the choice is yours as you will need to get both in the long run for the Invincible Soul Badge (Magnum + Alluvion fused). As for mystic badge, go Skyrift Mystic badge until you're geared enough to pick up the Aransu Mystic Badge. As for Soul Shield, stick with full BT (Skybreak Spire) Soul shield (Nefarious Soul Shield) until you can pick up 3 piece VT (Temple of Eluvium) Soul Shield (Nefarious Soul Shield), you'll want to then use 5 BT/3 VT then 3 BT/5 VT and eventually end up at 8 VT. If you do not have any BT Soul Shields, then stick with MSP Soul Shield (Dark Reaver) for now. Seeing as Warlock is a crit-dependent build, you'll want to immediately (or as soon as possible) get those crit primers onto your SS and it does not hurt to splurge a bit. So with your MSP Soul Shield, grab the Crit primers from your Dragon Express. Your BT Soul Shield, grab the ones from the vendor "Wei Ido" (your right as soon as you windstride in) from Shrine of the Ascendant in Khanda Vihar. For your VT Soul Shield, grab the crit primers from the vendor "Suh Seyun" from Dasari Gardens Trading Post in Dasari Palace Gardens. As for your accessories, maybe share with us what kind of gear you have or just PM me and I'll help you out as best as I can. Hope this helps ^^
  15. Taking steps back.

    Can we just.. take a step back away from the upgrade tree and focus on breathing life back into the game? I'm sure that I'm not the only one here who feels as if the game is nothing but repetition. Each event is "run daily dungeons and weeklies" -> Exchange for event items. Our progression is "farm materials" -> "upgrade". Done upgrading? *releases more tiers to upgrade*. That's basically the core of the game. For people who aren't in it for the progression, these sorts of things might not matter as much to them. For example, people who enjoy the social aspect of the game, or the mechanics of the bosses - guys manage to kill, somehow. I'm sure that it's well-known that one of the popular features of BnS is its mechanics to the bosses, and yet, you guys nerfed the dungeons to the ground. Why? To help/let more players run the dungeons and catch up/gear up faster? No. No no. Wrong way of approaching it. I was wondering, from a personal and somewhat selfish stand point, just leave the upgrades alone for a bit? Stop including new tiers and give the newer players some breathing room to actually catch up instead of focusing on squeezing more money out of the whales. I certainly understand that you have to give the whales and maxed out players something to work towards, to spend their resources on, the desire to trove, to make more profit, etc. But there are so many untapped potential to the game that will allow you to do just that! Stop turning our gear into a gold and material sink and focus on.. something like fishing (that was promised a few months back). Or something that will bring the community together, that will allow better geared players to help lesser geared players. And who knows.. if fishing goes well, introduce more leisurely skills into the game! Some people play BnS for the social aspect of the game, some play for the mechanics, some - a lot, for a sense of progression and achievement. There' many things you could do to make players feel that sense of accomplishment, that sense of progression. The longer the game continues to run, the more money you will earn. Try.. not to focus on lasting for the next decade or so just to milk whatever is left of the community, focus on creating a game that will last for the next couple of decades and players will eagerly spend their hard earn money on the game because they feel like the 'devs deserve it'...rather than making them feel like 'I need to spend to catch up'. Just.. some thought. Idek if my voice will be heard as I am one person, but I just had to get it out there. Edit: Nvm. They're probably just playing a catch-up game to KR. Probably have their hands tied/told to rush out content. You guys have 4 years to catch up. I can see why this game is dying. Squeezing 4 years worth of gearing into 2 years.. because logic always works when we are spending money to join you in that catch-up game. I really do feel sorry for the hardcore players who don't have the luxury of being able to spend what little money they have on the game just to board your "catch-up to KR" game.
  16. Hongmoon Training Room.

    It's been a while since the release of the Simplified Combat Controls, I was wondering if we could finally have that system implemented into the Hongmoon Training Room? On the topic of the Hongmoon Training Room, I was also curious if we could have some QoLs stuff implemented too? I am sure a large majority of players would enjoy things such as a dummy or a group of dummies (like in Mushin's Tower) to practice or parse on instead of raid/dungeon bosses, or to be able to practice certain raid and dungeon mechanics like orb blocking (like in SJF or Temple of Eluvium), just for those players who don't feel like being carried or actually want to learn, practice, try out, etc. different mechanics? Hongmoon Training Room, in my opinion has a lot of potential, but it is left untouched. (Main focus of this post is just to see if we can get Simplified Combat Controls into the Hongmoon Training Room)
  17. Hongmoon Training Room.

    I can bet you that not many players, majority in fact, who are running TT, VT or any raids can say that they're dealing as much damage as they are parsing in raids. So what we actually parse on matters very little as long as the during of the combat is long enough so that we have gotten a few rotations in or enough to know what they're potentially capable of in a 'perfect' scenario. Just a simple google will show you that most players pick the bosses that they parse on, based on how much - or rather how little - mech a boss has. But then again, you may a point for those few certain players who do pick the bosses based off of stats, buffs, etc. however, a test dummy is still a nice option for us to have. For those who just want to practice rotations on instead of parsing, etc. But yeah, you do have a point in terms of the Simplified Combat Mode. I never thought of it that way before, still though, I think it'd be a nice option for us to have, or rather the players who want to use that setting (ie. just make it readily avaiable). I have seen a few TT raid recruitments on discord saying that they'll take extra consideration for classes like Gunslinger, etc. who often use Simple Combat Mode in game.
  18. Please don't argue/fight about PvE vs/and PvP content here I know you're able to gain the outfits via the PvP method. I was just simply curious as it if there was a PvE way after this patch. I choose to avoid the PvP content/path due to the fact that I do not find it enjoyable and well.. a game is meant to be enjoyed. So I was just simply curious, that's all.
  19. Hello, As the header says, I was wondering if anyone knows of any way to certain set of outfit (specifically: Obsidian Serpent, Obsidian Headpiece and Black Veil) via a PvE method? I know you can purchase it from a Zen Bean trader, however I do not PvP. I was in the midst of farming it for the past week or so, now that the quest is gone (due to this patch/update/them removing everything in the earlier zones), I'm looking for another PvE method to obtain this item. I have yet to start farming the Secret Agent outfit, but I do plan it sometime in the near future, so if anyone knows a response to that as well, please do help. Thank you.
  20. Yeah, that's what I heard as well, and was looking for a response/hoping that someone found a different way to farm these.. non-pvp obtainable outfits.
  21. Hello, I was wondering if someone who has tried using the Race Gender Change Voucher could help me with a question (I'm unable to find it on Google). What happens to our cosmetics which are gender specific? For example if a Jin changed it to a Lyn, what would happen to all my Jin-only cosmetics? I know that they don't automatically turn into the Lyn-version of the cosmetic (or at least that's what support says), but I just don't want it to absolutely fill my inventory with cosmetics which I can no longer store in my wardrobe. Thank you greatly for taking the time to read this and/or respond to it.
  22. A group of friends and I have been having a fun discussion about the current state of each classes in the game thus far and their related DPS. I figured I'd ask you guys, just for fun - and to see what you guys think: What is your ranking for each class in terms of DPS for this year so far? From best to worse, 1 to 10, A to D, etc. use whatever ranking you want ^^ It'd be interesting to see what you guys think, imo, when you're playing with other classes in the game. Please remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, there's no 'right or wrong', just let your rankings do the talking ^^ if you want to state why you ranked them that way, then go ahead, but try not to dis other player's rankings.
  23. is this neccessary

    This is no different that whales setting the prices on the market imo. If players have the money, they should be able to spend it however they like. Just be glad that you got 1.2k out of that dungeon XD
  24. Faction quest problems

    Make sure you have the "Show low-level quest on minimap" option ticked. It should be your settings > Game tab > Interface.
  25. emeperors treasure chest?

    It's actually not a Nigthfall sanctuary drop at all. You get it if you're a returning player and haven't played for a long time. However, there have been reports where players who have been playing from the start up until now who have also received it. It's just a small package to help returning players along.