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  1. Thank you.. Just wanted to be clarified cause the update was a bit confusing.
  2. I live in the Caribbean, however it is also part of United States territory. What should I choose as a region? North America would be the choice since the island i live in belongs to the U.S in a similar way as Hawaii. Im choosing U.S because of this reason. Will this affect my account in any way?
  3. Jumping off ship, my final words.

    IMO the game would have been better if it was subscription based. The game would have been more fun, because items in game wouldnt be an issue because they would have been easier to get. Let's take WOW for example, (back when it was great) it was subscription based but you could easily get geared to decent end game raiding levels because items weren't a pain to grab. I would do some dailies and spend the rest of the day having fun doing other things. In BNS however; Nowadays you need up to 5 -10 toons just to try and catch up and it can take months where in wow (a subscription based game) you could have geared up in a matter of weeks at your own pace. When I first began playing bns several years ago, this wasnt an issue though. the grind was less and I had fun doing other things in game. The endless grind just feels like a carrot on a stick. Almost reached that end game soul? Too bad, here is another tier of soul to upgrade and it will take you a years or two to get it. Personally as a gamer it has left me rather burnt out and questioning whether or not to continue playing. I did invest in trove next week but aside from trove, I may take a minor break after the current event. You are correct, there is just too much to upgrade at this point and instead of the game being fun, its becoming a stressful repetitive grind. Another weapon upgrade just kills it for me to be honest and im at aransu 9 and been stuck at A9 for awhile now. But now soon there will be yet ANOTHER tier above GC. Its so frustrating because no matter what I do, I can't catch up. And I have 7 toons! I think NC needed to pause atleast 1 year more before throwing the next content so people could catch up without p2w. But sadly this is what happens with non subscription based games. I dont know what else to say, but this is simply how I feel. I am sure many others feel the same way.
  4. 3rd spec and accessories

    damn didnt read this before. Got a fresh earing from bt the other day now sitting on my bms mail lol. Bracelet i already had an extra stage 6. hopefully i should be fine. Plan on playing both fire and spirit.
  5. 3rd spec and accessories

    Sigh, there goes my dream... UGh another BT earing to farm *Sigh*. And no im got giving up my current fire earing. May as well level up a second spec accessories... still plan on staying fire as a main spec.
  6. 3rd spec and accessories

    I am wondering this as well. Though a better option would be for it to use any of the two bracelets and accessories. basically keep the accessories we already have for both specs. Adding a third accessory just doesn't sit well for me. I wanna try out the third spec on my BM but I also dont wish to give up on fire completely either.
  7. Tower of Memory Quest!!!!

    I can barely get through doing it once a day per toon. Cant imagine why anyone would want to farm that just for the pots. Not worth the time imo when that time can be spent doing purple trains for more valueble materials. So its kinda pointless to lock it to 1 run per day. Still a quest giver would be nice to remind myself to grab the quest.
  8. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    Yall are missing the larger picture here. You guys been criticizing the whales for so long, when they are actually the ones getting screwed over. Its the price you pay for being lazy since most things can be found in game with exception of a few things. If someone is willing to spend 10 bucks for something you can create in 10 minutes or maybe a few hours depending on the time it takes. Then let them. F2P are actually in a decent place and i say this as someone who has 7 toons. Before patch I earned about 50-70g on my main and sometimes 5-15 gold on alts just doing daily challenges. Now I get about 60-80 gold on my main and 30-40gold doing daily challenges + HM and CS and possibly outlaw island on alts. ( Though I focus mostly on HM just daily challenges. not even counting the matts you can sell in marketplace and just save gold by doing certain soul events. Thou I do agree the soul upgrade system has to halt for awhile at true tiger/dragon. ) Slightly reducing their gold cost or numbers per upgrade would help. (Still think its nuts that you need 10 vials to get from ascending soul to true ascending soul.) Makes upgrading this on alts less desirable and just wait or hope for a better soul event cause ascending soul is technically old content compared the coming new content) If rich people want to pay money for things easily earned in game let them. Its their money. But those who are f2p can easily gear up. Btw with regards to this quote: I think you mean 200-300 Gold PER vial. Just assuming you got your info from a certain post.
  9. Simple Mode in 1v1 PVP

    Simple mode is not bnsbuddy. Was accused earlier for using bns buddy all because I 4 shotted a summoner. Dying breath + Blue buff + holding RMB down in simple mode. The summoner which I wont say his name due to terms of service said he would send a ticket in. This irritated me because I did no such thing. And i hate being accused of something I did not do. I actually thought the dying breath combo was pretty cool. But instead of being congratulated for a wellplayed move. I got accusations instead. This is my first rant. Second rant goes to those who get angry at those using simple mode. If its in the game it can be used. The Developers put it there and allows us to use it. Just because you dont use it doesnt mean other players cant. I dont understand why the argument. Simple mode wont get you gold or platinum, and most of the gold and plat are actually well versed with ani cancelling which is far superior than simple mode. Got many dislikes for one of my videos because i was using simple mode in pvp. And it seems the same people are now trying to discourage people from using it through accusations. Its not right. So being good at anything = cheating. The community is becoming more toxic by the day. but what is your personal thoughts on simple mode in 1v1 and explain why in a civilized manner. (Please keep it civil.) But I after being in a foul mood the past hour i felt like finally sparking this debate.
  10. Simple Mode in 1v1 PVP

    When you have seven toons. Its actually the best thing they did, especially while doing daily challenges on them. (Which I am currently feeling quite burnt out on and may take a break from the game to recover some energy. I didnt even bother getting the sacred vials i could have by doing the latest event. )
  11. Simple Mode in 1v1 PVP

    The video is posted above when I played with simple mode. I know it was simple mode cause i deleted comments in the video pointing to it. The idea of the video was mostly to demontrate the Forcemasters ability of Asteroid which was the real focus on the video. But people focused on the simple mode activated icon instead and began calling me labels because of it. Back to the topic with regards to my sin vs that summoner. I was losing the battle when I used this skill and got a high crit plus a 3 second daze effect. During that 3 seconds I hit my V (Blue Buff) and simply Pve'd that summoner with simple mode rmb. Got a few high crits and he died. I will also add that I play on a PC with 120fps with a 55 inch smart t.v screen. (Cant wait for GOT tonight)
  12. Yes events are a benefit when you have 7 toons and can get those upgrades easily but only on one toon. It leaves my alts stuck with the soul earned through events while my main goes for the high tiers. Out of everything in the game, the soul upgrade system is actually the most tedious. More so than the weapons because of how many oils they take and how costly oils really are. (last i checked its around 200g - 300g depending on the server.) Thats close to 28k gold to upgrade to full tier. Im actually hoping we dont get another upgrade beyond true tiger/true dragon for atleast 1 more year. Otherwise it also feels like a carrot on a stick. Most of my alts are stuck at Ascending soul because it takes 10 oils to get true ascending. (Which is basically 2k gold for new players who struggle earning gold in the first place.) I do hope we get another soul event but this time for true ascending instead of just ascending. Its the only way I see my alts getting past that bridge. Just my two cents.
  13. Simple Mode in 1v1 PVP

    Can you link to the patchnotes? I did not know that either, and would explain alot on why simple mode makes it easier to pull off combos on a few classes. But you also have a point that it only benefits certain classes. Simple mode for my SF (for example) isnt exactly viable and she performs better through ani cancelling rather than simple mode. On my FM i can pull off a semi ani cancel with simple mode. But I mostly use simple mode on my fm for the spells i rarely use in pvp. I dont just RMB the entire fight. I have to iframe, press tab, while holding down 2 with my middle finger. My right hand spams both RMB and LMB. The RMB just happens to have simple mode activated so it also casts the spells i dont normally cast.I have pulled off insane damage this way on my fm alone. I guess you do have a point. Though most of my rant goes for false accusations and the people attacking me for using simple mode. Here is a pvp video i made with my FM. The dislikes shows people's distaste towards simple mode. I dont blame them for feeling the way they do. However, attacking me because of simple mode isn't right either. Im just trying to enjoy the game and have fun while trying to make friends. But personal attacks is a huge turn off. But again I do understand many points of views here.
  14. Simple Mode in 1v1 PVP

    I understand what you mean. I used simple mode yes. But the guy accused me of using something called bns buddy. Which irritated me because i only use what the developers allows us to use ingame. (My post was kinda two rants in one. Sorry for the confusion. One rant was for the accuser and the other was for those hating on me cause i use simple mode. I lost count how many name calling i received when I made a pvp video awhile back. Its a game, and fighting over something like simple mode is really pointless.
  15. The Real Issue With This Event

    I was actually saddened there wasnt another event like that this year. I actually enjoyed it. Spent alot of moments pvping.
  16. I have an issue that is driving me a bit nuts. Recently got a big screen Smart T.V. But now the game looks slightly blurry, even the letters are hard to read in game. And the characters look like they have rough edges instead of smooth. Is there a setting I should know about that could fix this?
  17. Like I said previously. The Moml is for kaari only. The first boss is free for all. I join moml groups when it is not advertised as both bosses. I usually ignore the two bosses momls. The way it has been for 2 years is Moml for the boss that you summon. I care not if the shards cost gold. You wont get both bosses and i care not if you leave. Personally I dont really need the gem loot there neither on my main or alts and will always pass on those anyways, but its the feather that people NEED to upgrade their stones (Which is another horrible system that doesn't make sense.) Sometimes I am short 1 feather for that one Ascension stone and i bid on the feather dropped from mane to buy the stone. And if someone in party needs second boss i help them out to get their loot from that. But the way it has ALWAYS been is first boss = free for all. second boss = the moml holder. And that is final, and I am sure I am not alone. People are bidding on momls because there is an internal war going on ingame when it comes to both bosses. Its not about toxicity. Its about what is and has always been the rule. This whole issue could be fixed if the orb requirement was removed. It was bad then and it is still bad now. Plus the queues would be much much faster if its removed.
  18. Boss 1 is Free for all. People will and STILL have a right to bid on the first boss whether you like it or not. You did not summon the first boss. And it took GROUP effort to burn down the bosses HP. Stop being greedy. Your loot comes from what YOU summon with the orb.
  19. Before Patch the standard was Kaari= Loot for orb holder. It was done out of courtesy. not obligation. Mane has always been free for all. This is the truth no matter how many times and words you use to try and twist it. I am a veteran in this game and I know this to be so. You wont change my mind. I will continue to roll on manes loot like i have been for the past several years and pass only on Kaari. Have a good day. And stop trying to change tradition.
  20. This has been the rule since Cold Storage launched. You only get the loot for the boss you summon. Had a guy wanting to report me because i rolled on a feather on mane. Took me by surprise that he was crying that it was his loot when it was not. His loot was on the Kaari boss. Aside from that I did 80% of the dps in the dungeon. Next time I think I may just solo it. But seriously, the orb you use is for Kaari and that is the loot people get for their orb. Not the free boss Mane.
  21. Sorry I meant f9. And to be honest, i cannot answer that question because i just do it knowing that there are risks. Sometimes you get lucky sometimes you don't. It really depends. But the risks of getting nothing and losing all that gold is still present.
  22. You're not a whale. A dolphin or a tuna maybe. A whale are those that buy the entire game without any effort. I do my dailies on seven toons which gold helps me fund trove through f9.
  23. Make earth summoner great again

    Maybe the summoners i faced simply lack skill or are still getting used to the new skills. I take back what i said in the last post.
  24. New launcher

    Ok, im still using the old version then. Can you give me a step by step on getting the new one? Sorry if i ask for too much. Edit: On second thought Ill keep using the old one till the new one is fixed or mandatory... Reading some of these posts were cringy.
  25. New launcher

    What does the new ;launcher look like? I didnt download anything from any website and i logged ingame just fine? The launcher did update by itself though and tried to get me to download something. I just clicked X and re-launched the launcher and it downloaded an update and now im the character selection screen...