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  1. The Real Issue With This Event

    I was actually saddened there wasnt another event like that this year. I actually enjoyed it. Spent alot of moments pvping.
  2. I have an issue that is driving me a bit nuts. Recently got a big screen Smart T.V. But now the game looks slightly blurry, even the letters are hard to read in game. And the characters look like they have rough edges instead of smooth. Is there a setting I should know about that could fix this?
  3. Like I said previously. The Moml is for kaari only. The first boss is free for all. I join moml groups when it is not advertised as both bosses. I usually ignore the two bosses momls. The way it has been for 2 years is Moml for the boss that you summon. I care not if the shards cost gold. You wont get both bosses and i care not if you leave. Personally I dont really need the gem loot there neither on my main or alts and will always pass on those anyways, but its the feather that people NEED to upgrade their stones (Which is another horrible system that doesn't make sense.) Sometimes I am short 1 feather for that one Ascension stone and i bid on the feather dropped from mane to buy the stone. And if someone in party needs second boss i help them out to get their loot from that. But the way it has ALWAYS been is first boss = free for all. second boss = the moml holder. And that is final, and I am sure I am not alone. People are bidding on momls because there is an internal war going on ingame when it comes to both bosses. Its not about toxicity. Its about what is and has always been the rule. This whole issue could be fixed if the orb requirement was removed. It was bad then and it is still bad now. Plus the queues would be much much faster if its removed.
  4. Boss 1 is Free for all. People will and STILL have a right to bid on the first boss whether you like it or not. You did not summon the first boss. And it took GROUP effort to burn down the bosses HP. Stop being greedy. Your loot comes from what YOU summon with the orb.
  5. Before Patch the standard was Kaari= Loot for orb holder. It was done out of courtesy. not obligation. Mane has always been free for all. This is the truth no matter how many times and words you use to try and twist it. I am a veteran in this game and I know this to be so. You wont change my mind. I will continue to roll on manes loot like i have been for the past several years and pass only on Kaari. Have a good day. And stop trying to change tradition.
  6. This has been the rule since Cold Storage launched. You only get the loot for the boss you summon. Had a guy wanting to report me because i rolled on a feather on mane. Took me by surprise that he was crying that it was his loot when it was not. His loot was on the Kaari boss. Aside from that I did 80% of the dps in the dungeon. Next time I think I may just solo it. But seriously, the orb you use is for Kaari and that is the loot people get for their orb. Not the free boss Mane.
  7. Sorry I meant f9. And to be honest, i cannot answer that question because i just do it knowing that there are risks. Sometimes you get lucky sometimes you don't. It really depends. But the risks of getting nothing and losing all that gold is still present.
  8. You're not a whale. A dolphin or a tuna maybe. A whale are those that buy the entire game without any effort. I do my dailies on seven toons which gold helps me fund trove through f9.
  9. Make earth summoner great again

    Maybe the summoners i faced simply lack skill or are still getting used to the new skills. I take back what i said in the last post.
  10. New launcher

    Ok, im still using the old version then. Can you give me a step by step on getting the new one? Sorry if i ask for too much. Edit: On second thought Ill keep using the old one till the new one is fixed or mandatory... Reading some of these posts were cringy.
  11. New launcher

    What does the new ;launcher look like? I didnt download anything from any website and i logged ingame just fine? The launcher did update by itself though and tried to get me to download something. I just clicked X and re-launched the launcher and it downloaded an update and now im the character selection screen...
  12. New class Archer. LOOKS GOOD! :O

    Will that engine relieve some of the stress on my computer or should i worry and upgrade my specs? Game is heavy enough on my machine and i already burned down one graphic card. (Costed 300 bucks to replace it.) Im currently running with 2gb GDer5 EVGA geforce GTX 1050
  13. Make earth summoner great again

    You had your moments. Now your reign of terror is ending. It was a long time coming. Be grateful you still have your cats. All jokes aside. Yea summoners feel...weak now when i face them in 1v1. But I would be lying if I said i wasn't smiling.
  14. As much as i hate afkiers and as one of those who leaves groups just because i dont wish to feed a lazy player when I actually do effort, I have to say I disagree with your solution. There are many ways this can be abused by whales who only want fast runs. It would basically screw over alts and new players alike as people would kick players with not so endgame gear. I feel your pain, I do, but this is a bad idea. Best thing to do is report those accounts via a GM ticket.
  15. Realmrift sooo brainded now...

    Does the 4k HP food still work? I havent logged in game yet.
  16. Can't See Snowflake Skill Effect in Arena 1v1

    Not sure, the one i saw was in Korea, so maybe it just hasnt been implemented in NA yet? Or perhaps it was intended but theres a bug? Hoping for a mod to clarify more on this.
  17. Is there something i'm missing? Can't seem to see the skill effect in 1v1 Arena. is there a setting that allows for it? I could have sworn i watched a BD from korea doing 1v1 , but can't remember which video, but can someone help ? In case you are wondering its these effects: Thanks in advance.
  18. B&S II, B&S S, B&S M, B&S Revolution

    ... you're doing it wrong. It's supposed to be more like: "Do you not have tablets!?" fixed it for you.
  19. B&S II, B&S S, B&S M, B&S Revolution

    I do hope nc soft is watching the backlash companies like blizzard is receiving. They lost alot of money after their mobile only announcements. The other thing people don't seem to understand is that playing on a small screen all day is tiring. The mmo experience was best on a PC because of the big screen in which we could experience the world more. That isn't the case for cell phones. I wanna be looking straightforward and not "down". Ill be personally skipping all mobile games.
  20. BUG REPORT: Pressing 4 After Dying in BG Disconnect

    Im gonna keep this in mind. I thought revive charms could only be used in dungeons. Will experiment with crafted ones. Thanks for the advice! Edit Sorry for my rant last night. Was sorta frustrated ><
  21. ok, after this happened AGAIN today for the 3rd straight day, and trying to log back in I find myself DEAD in mushins tower. I press 4 again and guess what? I can't rejoin the BG in which NC soft itself is to blame for the disconnect in the first place. But wait, there's more , i can't join any other bgs for a few minutes. But nope there is more,. apparently a few more of these diconnects and i could get a ban? Seriously THIS IS A BUG related to pressing 4 after dying in BGS. This is NOT the players fault. This blame is entirely on NC-Soft. Sorry, im angry cause now I have to wait to re-join bgs, and heavens know the bug strikes again tonight. Please fix this, and let the Devs and Admins and game masters know that there is a bug related to pressing 4 (release after dying) in battlegrounds that randomly disconnects the User. And since they aren't resurrected after logging back in; pressing 4 there would "Decline" by default from rejoining the BG.
  22. Producer’s Letter – December 2018 Update

    Good move. Though if its possible, can you just give us the 8 slots for weapons in December? As for the rest of the patch, take your time as long as it can fix the bugs.
  23. Shameful Golden Harvest "event".

    yea I missed out on the 11 ap last year. Whats the difficulty on getting it this year? Where do i get the matts for the items ?
  24. Idea: Red Dragon Crux Event

    I was wonder for the next events if its possible to do one involving red dragon cruxes as a reward. Is this even possible to do? Any chance the devs may be planning something like this in the future? Or least add red dragon cruxes as a reward for future events? Any thoughts from the community?
  25. Idea: Red Dragon Crux Event

    considering that they discontinued the "upgradeable" versions of a few of those accessories and replaced them with un-upgradeable ones, i doubt they will reduce the cost. But who knows, maybe they might do it. All I know is that the cruxes could be the next major event similar to pet auras and hongmoon energies. They recently also did the weapons. Now what is needed is the accessories.