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  1. kd works, the other cc's don't. gotta keep the others for the right moments, there are moment they are vulnerable to them and u can basically hit them for free
  2. exactly, other regions are much more stable.. EU is just impossible to play most of the day, if the latency would be affected by other things other regions should have this aswell I assume ;/ yet they don't..
  3. and 1 stun, if you have low enough ping that's instant air and 95% damage xD Besides that, you got cat recall KD, 2 kd/daze, c daze, V kd, cat pin, kd over time, and can kd people that counter/block with 1 You can literally keep ccing people forever as sum if they have no escapes. And this is in 1v1 arena, in 6v6 it's even more ridiculous cause they 2 hit you in air combo and have 6 hits left + can instant cat pin after
  4. My ping to other servers is perfectly fine, yet bns EU servers are really totally ridiculous.. I already made many topics about this before, and it's only getting worse.. Where the spikes used to be like from 60/80->150, it's now going up to like 400/600.... And as you can see my ping to other servers is totally fine and stable :s Really what is this? why the servers always has to be laggy for me? Wonder how many people actually are blessed with a stable ping in this game.. bet not many. Edit: I live 270km from the server, my ping from buddy is 20 usually... but ingame… And as you can see it's not because my fps drops either, im having 120 fps and 600ms ...
  5. Ya and while were at it, nerf summoner instant cat air and damage in air... why would summoner be able to do 6000% of your hp worth of damage in a single air?
  6. Genuine question about wind summoners in arena

    it's obviously just BS, if I play my sum and I have a lower ping then my opp they just cant tab before I air them.. while others can... It's not even pvp or being good, its all about your ping/fps.. The "top pvpers" are blessed with a good enough ping/fps to tab it before they can air you... lucky few who are blessed by rngesus with a stable game... while 99% has to deal with lag all the time ever since the amazon servers....
  7. this is how broken this game is

    Well can do lots of dungeons before it happens, but in raid it seems to happen really soon.. And if everyone always has to restart the raid wont get anywhere A lot of people from raid groups already quit the game cause it's just tilting to have the whole team die cause of the servers not responding or someone lagging.. And ncsoft still didn't acknowledge there even is a problem with the EU servers lol. even though it's been horrible ever since the amazon servers.
  8. this is how broken this game is

    At the start of the raid im around like 50 fps... but after a few hours it drops to like 30 lol... Might try some 1080 when the game is back on see if that makes some difference, cause other games work just fine its only bns causing problems constantly.. Both FPS/Ping wise... Can also ping anything else perfectly low&stable, but bns eu…
  9. this is how broken this game is

    in raid? hard to believe rly, at mushin sure... that sounds about accurate... but in raid.. no way. Also 1440p btw? or 1080?
  10. Comparing warlock sanctum with warden V, just WOW HAHA Do you even take yourself serious? What 5 sec with how much cd? vs 15sec with how much? ye, totally comparable.. Warden is just broken, they literally can facetank a full group of whale, ults, vt badges without having to give a f. about anything. And when people say "people just don't know how to play against warden" that's utter nonsense aswell, WARDENS DONT KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE CLASS THEMSELVES.... They don't even know how to combo or chase people down with it, all they know is V -> spam 4. And even then they can faceroll everything.
  11. Ofcourse its broken, everyone knows this... even the wardens... those who claim it isn't are just trolls. It's the same type of players that rerolled from gunner to warden the moment they nerfed gunner.. They know they gonna get nerfed eventually, but for now they like talking out of their a... just let em be, they bad players who can only play broken classes the moment warden gets nerfed you'll never see 95% of them again.
  12. Good, hope the rest of Europe will do the same.
  13. BnS Performance

    Don't use "use all cores" on bnsbuddy… it doesn't work properly.. It just duplicates the load across your cores, instead of splitting it over the cores... If it was as easy as adding a command line even ncsoft would have done this.
  14. Treasuere tove a rip off or not?

    If a casino had a payout rate as bad as trove it would be closed right away... And no it's not weird to compare this to a casino, cause it's straight up gambling and everyone knows this... Everyone also knows kid's shouldn't be allowed to gamble, and yet ncsoft doesn't check if it's adults who pay them or kids. If a casino would be caught allowing kids to gamble, this would mean a giant fine and that the casino would be closed.