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  1. Battlegrounds Balancing

    Yea, cause making the game no fun for new people keeps the game running... nice logic mate.. More people will spend money on the game if they keep it fun for everyone, then more people play and you earn more money.. You don't focus on making the game fun for only the small group of people who pay a lot... cause eventually they will also get bored and quit... and then you got nothing.
  2. I reported this to support 48hours ago -.-'
  3. Some matches you get no rating, and then your ranking in lobby is diff from f11.. Sometimes your ranking is higher then it should be other times it's lower.. And it stays that way even if you keep playing, till the bug happens again then the diff between both ratings changes So it can be that you are like 1600 in lobby, and get 1600 opps.. but are listed at 1700 rank at f11 but also the other way around..
  4. The title says it all... ncsoft really seems to care a lot about this game.. Never played a game where bug like this wouldn't get hot fixed within a couple hours... And then the support lol, you mail with a question and get an answer on something you didn't even ask.. Even if you then repeat the question again and point out that their answer makes no sense for the question you asked, they still give the same stupid copy paste answer which isn't an answer to your question...
  5. How is this even possible?

    well can agree with that but still people shouldn't be allowed to change the game into th eway they want it to be.. or it has to be an official game feature ofc.
  6. How is this even possible?

    Nah it's also a bug with bns, but ill report it trough a ticket aswell to be sure
  7. How is this even possible?

    The mod said if you think someone is cheating, don't really have any evidence for that and afaik bugs should be posted on the forum.
  8. How is this even possible?

    If the skill would actually require the right stance like the skill description says this wouldn't work.. So there must be a problem with that because it does work And yes I read the forum, it does what I explained a few times now.. Switch an ice bar skill to fire bar... making it so you don't have to switch bar to use all 3 ice aoe's u need to wallbang
  9. How is this even possible?

    it is, it makes wallbang so much easier then having to switch between bars lol..
  10. How is this even possible?

    sadly im too laggy to record while pvping lately so yea..
  11. How is this even possible?

    There's something like this for kfm aswell but dno exactly how that makes anything diff cause don't play kfm Guess they forgot to add proper checks after changing the classes
  12. How is this even possible?

    It's more of a bug that can be used to cheat..
  13. How is this even possible?

    Check bnsbuddy forum, what I mean is moving fire stance X (tornado/snowball) with ice stance X flash freeze.. Then you got all skills you need to do a 100-0 wallbang on your fire bar and don't have to switch to ice inbetween combos... You cannot do this ingame… only by editing files. "fm-ice-normal-simp-mode-changes.1059" That's the name of the topic in the "buddy addon XML" section
  14. How is this even possible?

    good joke, that's what makes wallbang hard the having to switch bars while timing your cc's.. having them all on the same bar makes it way too easy and is unfair... I don't like having to change either, but if they make the class that way I gotta accept it and not change the game the way I want it to be.