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  1. This update is terrible.

    You mean so they can tell me to make a forum post about it? Which can then be ignored and deleted like usual? cause ncwest can't do ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ anyway, only copy paste Korean updates This update killedthe Korean server and they still dumb enough to release it here aswell
  2. Title says it all.. This update is terrible, why do you change classes this much but don't give us a chance to reroll to another class with keeping the same gear? Been gearing this char since launch … it's way too much work to start over, but some classes changed so much it's like playing another char... Rly, what a f-in shitty company.
  3. RNG fix

    When people act like rng boxes aren't gambling And in fact, online gambling IS banned in many places, cause it's hard to check them... unlike normal casino's who have to follow very strict rules on payout rates..
  4. Please make us as ridiculous as all other classes... pvp gear for fm is just terrible rly... It only makes life a lot harder if you're an fm :/ everyone at high ranking can just dodge our badge... because our combo is much slower and more complex then any other class.. this while other classes can just 1 hit us, or at least kill us in a single, easy to hit air... And I know a lot of people gonna cry, but try playing fm in 6v6 before u speak. Everyone can do an easy 2 key combo from far away while we need to use double the keys, get close AND WE'RE VULNERABLE ONCE WE GRAB THEM IN AIR!! And if our air fails, we got nothing... our inferno does barely any damage... while skills like vine whip do 300k+.. while they already have one of the easiest to hit 100-0 air combos...
  5. PING .... EVERYDAY!!

    If you do a trace, and earlier hops have problems... but the final one doesn't, it means you can ignore the hops inbetween and only look at the last hop.. So yes, the roundtime and packetloss of the last node is all that's important, unless the delay builds up from a certain node And didn't list everything I done, I made like 100 topics by now which usually get ignored anyway so ye xD And im having these spikes like 90% of the day last 3 weeks or so, it didn't use to be this ridiculous.. Before my spikes were up to like 150 max ;/ this 500+ is something recent.. And I know a lot of people who lag aswell, but not everyone... Usually would think it's routing, but the ping traces seem fine and I literally tried 6 different paid vpn's by now they all don't help Oh, and I traced an IP I got from support, an ncsoft server.. Even there my roundtime was max 30 ms... which should never be 500 ms ingame ;/ Then I thought, maybe something is wrong with my client, cause it all just doesn't make sense... but reinstalling it also didn't change anything ..
  6. PING .... EVERYDAY!!

    its not even just peak hours anymore last weeks its been like all day, used to be like that for a long time tho.. And sometimes its fine for a week, then after maintenance it starts again :/
  7. PING .... EVERYDAY!!

    But I also said, in NA I don't have this... it has to process the exact same skills and stuff tho :/ And at good times my ping is like that aswell, but I keep getting spikes even up to like 500-600 ms.. At NA its like 180-220, so within 10% of 200.. which seems to be the base.. not a few hundred % increase.. Also contacted my ISP, for the 100th time cause bns support said my ISP DNS server might be causing a problem... But they said everything was fine, so then changed my dns to google dns and also tried and both have the exact same problem I just keep getting spikes :/
  8. mess in the classes

    Right, ncsoft does things cause the community wants it, not to earn money... nice trolling
  9. PING .... EVERYDAY!!

    zzzz you again. you don't know what you're talking about dude. obviously it shows my network is stable, if my network wasn't stable my ping would be high.. And you keep saying it's not ping, yet everytime it gets higher my skills respond slow af or not at all... obviously a network issue cause as you can see my fps is 120 my pc is fine. And if it just how bns worked, all other people would also have this problem and i'd also have this problem if I play NA... which I don't have.
  10. Blade&Soul Activity

    try queing for something lol. most of the day everything is dead so many people quit by now, and that wouldn't have happened if ncsoft would actually listen to people.
  11. When will ncsoft finally look at this problem. It's the same every day. it's so tilting rly. And my ping to any other place is perfectly fine. The distance to the server is 272km... my ping to NA on the other side of the world is lower :s and doesn't have these ping spikes... Tried 6 vpns….
  12. mess in the classes

    Ofc they think they can milk the class more that way, it's sad but ye :s
  13. Blade&Soul Activity

    Bad servers, constant lag/ping spikes. Dead pvp cause ncsoft ignores server problems for years, and keeps adding broken classes to pvp. 6v6 is just ridiculous, some classes are total tryhard while others 1hit people or just can't die... Bad optimization No proper farm methods for f2p people, too much rng and p2w.. And ncsoft never listens to it's players anyway, unless u paid enough... then you can get free coins, free rerolls, get items switched to other chars etc..

    tried like 6 vpn's by now, they used to help a bunch but last months even that doesn't..
  15. PSA Windows 10 Updates...

    Try rerolling the last windows updates next time it causes a blue screen.. Control panel, programs and features, installed updates.. If you can figure out which causes it, google the KB+number see what it does.. Had the same problem not long ago, turning off xhci controller in the bios fixed that for me. But ofc you can have a totally diff problem + went back to win 8 myself now, so much better.. windows 10 is just annoying all recent updates causing problems ;/ Also something there has a memory leak -.- over time my memory usage gets ridiculous and pc starts lagging.