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  1. thanks for the response @Hime Yes I tested it on my gunner alt and she is doing the same thing. I recorded a few clips to be more clear on what I mean. For example in this this clip, I manually Place my Forcemaster into the middle of a group of mobs (And even attack one to see if it keeps attacking the mob i manually attacked (Away from where i initially began the AI (clicked play button.) but instead of her fighting the mobs, she runs back to where I initiated the AI. I did the same thing with my gunner,
  2. When I park a toon in an area in ebonrealm, it used to be that my character would fight ANY mobs near it. But now it seems it has been limited to a certain zone. Even if the mob is 2 meters away, the character ignores it and goes back to the area where it was originally parked, and then it attacks the mobs near that zone. Why was this change not mentioned in the patch notes? in the screenshot below you see my character RUNNING away from the mobs attacking her. Oh and when i manually attack a mob while the AI is turned on, the AI tries to run away from the mob im manua
  3. I aint doing the event. For me its a blessing because I can focus on other things in the game. Its great to take breaks from events because otherwise that leads to burnouts and ultimately not wanting to play at all. Using this time to gem my alts since they are the main ones feeding my main resources.
  4. I agree with ferals, there should be more ways to complete the weeklies. Thrones of Oblivion could have been added as well since that raid is still a bit of a challenge but it is doable. Would also give people an excuse to make more parties for it since these days waiting for a party sometimes takes an hour or two. But this recent change is not friendly for new players or players who need to upgrade their weapons. How are people who are still in aransu or Grand celestial supposed to get their weapon upgrades now? I am sorry but as a Vet player who played since laun
  5. Im running bns on 1050 GTX EVGA (not ti though). Will it run fine with UE4 upgrade?
  6. Was wondering, if instead of every 6 months, call 2 arms could be every 2 months? it actually also gets f8 more active :).
  7. Was wondering if there will be an event where the dungeons were nerfed for a whole month which made them soloable like the call to arms event a few months back. Was hoping for some news on this.
  8. Hi, sorry for the trouble. But The patch broke the Flamewave Wings. I thought it was just me but other people are having the same problem. You can check for yourself in showroom and try to equip the wings to see how it looks and it doesn't appear to be equipped. Can any Dev confirm that this is being fixed? Those wings are extremely expensive. yea the problem is within the code. Checked to see if more were having the same problem. Can any Dev or Mod's help?
  9. Here is my 5 cents. If people bought these items from the AH and did NOT exploit the npc affected, they should have been able to keep the items since its wasnt an exploit to buy from AH directly. They still spent hard earned Gold (which is still currently nerfed in the game) to buy those items, even the tortoise outfit which was being sold through AH and people bought also got removed. How many players lost up to1k gold buying it?. The buyer should not be punished. But hey all I can really say at this point is express my disappointment. This was poorly handled when the error wasn't the
  10. Before i could get a few spectral gem chests in a few hours but now it takes forever to get one to drop. If it was nerfed why? Sorry I can't help but feel a bit frustrated right now. Is there any chance to increase the drop rates before the event is over?
  11. Step 1 Solo Queue Iron tech Forge Step 2 farm the npc's before the first boss. Step 3 before facing the boss get out and reset dungeon Rinse and repeat
  12. The only solution i see is to patch up the merchant/ fix the prices and just let it go. This could have been avoided if the roll back was done within 24 hours. But its too late to do anything about it now. There are positive sides to what is happening though, i ask that you explore what that positive is before making a choice about quitting. I havent seen the marketplace at reasonable prices in years. It can help new players the way it is now.
  13. The other option is to simply fix the merchant and to move on. The only real negative side to this whole mess is that it hurts the whales egos. But look at how the economy is booming and also how Gold has VALUE again. Sure it wont last forever and eventually things will be inflated again. But as it is now, its actually a HUGE Gold sink which sorta fixes nc's past error where whales cashed in a past event. Does this really hurt nc soft itself though? Im looking at the pros and cons of the situation. It brought back alot of players and it also made pet pods available at c
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