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  1. Another Dungeon Difficulty Rant

    This is precisely my rant as well. I posted something similar here: Harder Dungeons for less Gold? That does not sound rewarding. (For now im playing wow classic) and only doing an event on my kfm character for the badge. ) BNS would have been better off being subscription based. There is still time to save the game if the devs decide to get rid of pay to win and decided instead on a subscription. If the game needs money to survive a subscription is a better system. Make all items easily attainable ingame because we know that certain items also sell in the HM store. This is whats killing the game. The more difficult it becomes to get geared the more frustrating the game becomes. Almost feels like a carrot on a stick.
  2. Additional Dungeon and Daily Challenge Changes Coming

    Any chance of nerfing the buffed mechanics on the lower dungeons? Its supposed to be easy mode. Pre patch normal mode was easier than what those dungeons are at now. It feels more like those "nerfs" were actually buffs. And to add insult to injury those dungeons which were buffed had their gold nerfed. Another idea would be to replicate what you guys did with cold storage and heavens mandate with old content/dungeons. Buff them all and put the gold rewards per dungeon to be 10. Recycling old dungeons was a very GOOD idea. (id like to face poharan again, and relive the classic 45 nostalgia days) 1. It would give players a chance to spend more time in the game. Thats what actually generates the company money. The more time people spend inside the game the more the company earns. Its a win win here. 2. It would give players more choices (and variety) to grab their resources from. it would make it possible for new players to easily gear up /catch up. While at the same time they spend more time in the game. But dont feel like chasing a carrot on a stick. (which is what the game feels like at endgame. Just when you are about to reach endgame gear, new gear shows up and the grind never ends. It gets old after awhile which is why it is wise to wait a bit more before throwing out new content. Gives players a chance to catch up and sit on endgame gear for a few months. ) What Devs needs to take into account is the TIME people spend inside a game. If you make it longer per dungeon with lower rewards; people will get tired and move on to the next big thing. People have lives outside of the game and dont have the time to play 12 hours a day. The game forces you to play on alts in order to progress. 45-60 minutes per alts; thats alot of time when we have other things to do irl, and not to mention: sitting around all day can give you health problems. (I recently been having an Edema problem, which is the result of too much time on the computer. An edema can cause heart failure for those who do not know. Real life issues like these forces one to leave the game entirely and focus on physical activities or resting your feet.) Its my 5 cents and also my genuine concerns. I love this game, and no other game can compare to the combat system of it. But the more difficult it becomes to progress and the more time it takes to progress. Eventually it all leads to a burn out. Im glad some things are getting reverted back to what it was pre patch. But not everything is reverted back, and thats a problem still for new players. NC west does NOT have to follow the format of korea. NC West can do their own thing. Im sure you guys can cook up new things as well. Have a good one Cyan, and thanks for the updates.
  3. I missed out on registering by one day ><. There is still time before the patch comes out. I didn't know about it till recently. Is there anything NC can do to extend it slightly?
  4. [B&S] Blade and Soul Performance Issues

    My bad, yea mushins tower is alot better now. BM feels better as well and less laggy. Though it still has some fps problems but its more tolerable now.
  5. Alot of us have been having major problems since the last patch performance wise. I get alot of screen tearing and micro freezes. before the patch this wasnt a problem, but after they added BM and KFM third specs, the perfomance of the game dropped dramatically. Is there any plans to fix performance issues? Kerropi goes a bit deeper into this topic: [B&S] Blade and Soul Performance Issues
  6. Nothing good last long here (Sacred Longgui key)

    AND this is why i bought 400 keys with MC's before the patch dropped. Sacred orbs are gonna sky rocket now.
  7. SF growing problem

    really? Im gonna have to try that on my sf with aransu 3. cause last I checked i did poorly on my sf.
  8. Yes!!! this somewhat fixed it for me. Its now back to how i was playing it. Its somewhat blurry again but the fps has increased. Thanks alot man!
  9. its currently at 250%. Previously I played it at 225%. I increased it slightly to see if it would make it bigger. I play on a 55 Inch big screen t.v with hdmi cable on an asus custom made gaming desktop. It used to be that when I scaled it in display settings it would look slightly blurry but still playable and the fps would be around 100 sometimes at 120. However now everything is actually looking super clear, less blurry, but with 30 fps and when I launch the game while the game loads, the bns icon (as you see in the screenshot in the OP) is smaller along with a few other things. It should be the size of the red circle (Which i highlighted with ms paint). Been trying to fix this for quite a few hours also messing with the dpi settings. No luck so far >< Even the word "Skip" during ingame cinema is extremely small. Whatever i accidentally did must have scaled down the game app alone.
  10. Its possible... All I know is that it all happened while i was inside the game, i pressed something on the keyboard and all of a sudden everything was stretched and magnified. Then i shut down the game and restarted the pc to try and fix the problem. But everything was different and my fps dropped dramatically. When I launched the game the launcher was smaller than normal. I will also note that some icons on the desktop (Outside the game) also appeared smaller than normal as well. ugh, trying to fix it made everything even worse. Now im getting 14fps max ><
  11. That didnt solve it. >< . Even gave me an error when i tried to relaunch the game. But thanks for the reply though. Still getting the same and slightly even worse fps tho ><.
  12. I don't know what I did. I wasnt paying attention while ingame but somehow i accidentally hit a short cut while I was ingame and changed the game size. I used to have 100fps but now i have between 30-50fps. I restarted the computer to try and fix it; but the fps and even launcher was different, Example, now when im launching the game it appears smaller. Previously it would be the size of the red circle. (See screenshot below) . Before the change the game was slightly blurry but it was a tradeoff to obtain 100 fps now the fps dropped from 100 to around 30-50. Please help... trying so hard to get it back to how it used to be.
  13. Thank you.. Just wanted to be clarified cause the update was a bit confusing.
  14. Jumping off ship, my final words.

    IMO the game would have been better if it was subscription based. The game would have been more fun, because items in game wouldnt be an issue because they would have been easier to get. Let's take WOW for example, (back when it was great) it was subscription based but you could easily get geared to decent end game raiding levels because items weren't a pain to grab. I would do some dailies and spend the rest of the day having fun doing other things. In BNS however; Nowadays you need up to 5 -10 toons just to try and catch up and it can take months where in wow (a subscription based game) you could have geared up in a matter of weeks at your own pace. When I first began playing bns several years ago, this wasnt an issue though. the grind was less and I had fun doing other things in game. The endless grind just feels like a carrot on a stick. Almost reached that end game soul? Too bad, here is another tier of soul to upgrade and it will take you a years or two to get it. Personally as a gamer it has left me rather burnt out and questioning whether or not to continue playing. I did invest in trove next week but aside from trove, I may take a minor break after the current event. You are correct, there is just too much to upgrade at this point and instead of the game being fun, its becoming a stressful repetitive grind. Another weapon upgrade just kills it for me to be honest and im at aransu 9 and been stuck at A9 for awhile now. But now soon there will be yet ANOTHER tier above GC. Its so frustrating because no matter what I do, I can't catch up. And I have 7 toons! I think NC needed to pause atleast 1 year more before throwing the next content so people could catch up without p2w. But sadly this is what happens with non subscription based games. I dont know what else to say, but this is simply how I feel. I am sure many others feel the same way.
  15. I live in the Caribbean, however it is also part of United States territory. What should I choose as a region? North America would be the choice since the island i live in belongs to the U.S in a similar way as Hawaii. Im choosing U.S because of this reason. Will this affect my account in any way?