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  1. Hi, sorry for the trouble. But The patch broke the Flamewave Wings. I thought it was just me but other people are having the same problem. You can check for yourself in showroom and try to equip the wings to see how it looks and it doesn't appear to be equipped. Can any Dev confirm that this is being fixed? Those wings are extremely expensive. yea the problem is within the code. Checked to see if more were having the same problem. Can any Dev or Mod's help?
  2. Here is my 5 cents. If people bought these items from the AH and did NOT exploit the npc affected, they should have been able to keep the items since its wasnt an exploit to buy from AH directly. They still spent hard earned Gold (which is still currently nerfed in the game) to buy those items, even the tortoise outfit which was being sold through AH and people bought also got removed. How many players lost up to1k gold buying it?. The buyer should not be punished. But hey all I can really say at this point is express my disappointment. This was poorly handled when the error wasn't the
  3. Before i could get a few spectral gem chests in a few hours but now it takes forever to get one to drop. If it was nerfed why? Sorry I can't help but feel a bit frustrated right now. Is there any chance to increase the drop rates before the event is over?
  4. Step 1 Solo Queue Iron tech Forge Step 2 farm the npc's before the first boss. Step 3 before facing the boss get out and reset dungeon Rinse and repeat
  5. The only solution i see is to patch up the merchant/ fix the prices and just let it go. This could have been avoided if the roll back was done within 24 hours. But its too late to do anything about it now. There are positive sides to what is happening though, i ask that you explore what that positive is before making a choice about quitting. I havent seen the marketplace at reasonable prices in years. It can help new players the way it is now.
  6. The other option is to simply fix the merchant and to move on. The only real negative side to this whole mess is that it hurts the whales egos. But look at how the economy is booming and also how Gold has VALUE again. Sure it wont last forever and eventually things will be inflated again. But as it is now, its actually a HUGE Gold sink which sorta fixes nc's past error where whales cashed in a past event. Does this really hurt nc soft itself though? Im looking at the pros and cons of the situation. It brought back alot of players and it also made pet pods available at c
  7. Sorry but no, people will rage quit. Especially those that farmed over 3k gold in msp. I would be one of those that quit. You have no idea how annoying farming pet gems and msp over and over is. Its TIME spent through manual labor. You're asking people to accept that loss? I sure as hell wont. its TOO LATE for a rollback
  8. well they better prepare for a MAASSIVE wave of support tickets for pet gems, a weeks gold progression dailies weeklies + refunds of money for the summer blessings chests etc if they go that route. Because thats the chaos that also awaits them. At this point the best thing they can do is fix the merchant and forget about it. The game will recover
  9. Um after the mods announcement on the forums combined with f chat... they do now.... and not to mention youtubers spreading the information. I don't know where you got your info but you're wrong. The numbers of those that know are much much higher. I'd say around 80% of the player base
  10. Its too late for a roll back. People will lose 1 week of progression in game especially farming those annoying pet gems in nyraka not to mention the gold earned during that week and the upgrades. You're basically telling people who stayed away from the merchant to accept a weeks loss. They will rage quit instead. A roll back is worse than the current "bug" which isnt a bug at all but a misstype in how much an item is worth. Its not an exploit nor is it cheating because the problem was on NC's side not the players side. The only logical thing to do is accept that it is what it is.
  11. PVP is easy to do and awards great things. And the Gold Nerfs hurts not only old players, but new players as well. Its as simple as that
  12. Good luck trying to reach them! Someone needs to show them the math with detail on how impactful the Gold nerfs were. Yesterday I did my usual fishing and my daily income from the daily challenge were also spent. To add insult to injury they nerfed the Gold even more with the new weekly changes with the last patch. At this point you're forced to either do msp (good luck getting into groups there since they ask for Grand Celestial + weapons), or just log in for only weeklies and raids. One other problem that came with the Gold nerfs is that f8 has slowed down by al
  13. There are many reasons for this, but mainly to give lower levels a chance to grind. I went in on my HM 16 and the mobs there can 2-3 shot me. But even with my hm 22 fm they still hit really hard but i can hold my own on her. (i just cannot auto because i die... every time especially thanks to screen freezes.) Can you please try and nerf this a bit? It would really help.... ALOT....
  14. the lagg is soooo bad.... i died alot because of screen freezes.... it really does need more channels... Something similar happened during a halloween event a few years ago and the extra channels fixed the lagg.
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